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ATLA and LoK

First published Story Wordcount Synopsis Status Reviews
2015·01·25 Aevum 06610 ...the only thought that you care to entertain is that some things are worth dying for; this one is, by far, the greatest reason of all... One-shot No official review
2014·11·22 And a Bottle of Rum Pirates and earthbending and Taang, oh my! Discontinued No official review
2014·01·26 Approval 05952 She's never needed their approval before. What's so different now? Discontinued No official review
2014·04·22 asylum 01831 – 02704 ...two people flee in the dead of night, carrying precious cargo between them... complete no official review
2014·01·01 At the Sea-Side Thirty-one one-shots for Tokka month 2014 Discontinued No official review
2014·08·01 Battles Tokka week 2014~! Discontinued No official review
2013·08·24 Birthday Wishes 01320 Toph always knows what to say - or do - to cheer Kyoshi up. Kyotoph, written for a request. One-shot No official review
2013·09·22 Blinding 00576 A short poem on the relationship of Toph Beifong Poem No official review
2014·02·03 Broken 01064 A small snippet of Toph's childhood One-shot No official review
2013·03·27 Cheated 02335 Toph's finally found love with someone who reciprocates - or does he? Not when she walks in on him, that's for sure... Inactive No official review
2012·12·26 Colours 02055 How will Aang explain the alien and abstract idea of "colour" to a girl who has never seen? One-shot 8.93/10 by Minn

9.9/10 by Mage

2014·01·24 Comfort 02754 Toph seeks out Sokka in the middle of the night. Can he make her feel any better? One-shot No official review
2014·01·24 Crassius quam aqua 01301 After all, it was her night. Wasn't it? One-shot No official review
2013·10·08 Different Stages 01311 A routine infiltration mission goes far off track, resulting in an injured Toph. One-shot No official review
2013·07·19 Drive-ins 45636 How can one simple offer turn into so much more? Toph never expected to watch a movie. She never expected a boy to explain it to her. And she never expected to fall in love with him. After all, love had never served her well in the past. Discontinued No official review
2013·05·22 Erosion 00900 A short Tokka drabble, written for Pegelia Von Borrador's birthday. Will Toph ever overcome her illness? One-shot 4.5/5 by Ty
2013·07·09 Femme mystérieuse 00998 She is an enigma; a mystery that she cannot help but wish to unwrap. Written as an option for Ty's 1,000 word one-shot contest. One-shot 8.8/10 by Ty

6.5/10 by Mage

2013·01·11 Friday, I'm in Love 04247 Based on The Cure's Friday, I'm in Love, this is a songfic set over several decades, in which Aang is trialled and tested. Songfic 4.3/5 by Ty
2013·09·01 Having Fun? 00819 Toph asks Kyoshi a simple question and she gives the wrong answer. Sometimes these things call for extreme measures, and, well, it's not like she's complaining. Kyotoph, femslash. One-shot No official review
2014·09·23 Inner Workings 00352 She always looks like she's plotting. [Lok] [Ming-Hua] One-shot No official review
2013·07·06 Interruptions 01272 He doesn't know why it irks him, but it does One-shot No official review
2014·01·21 Into the Ink A love story between two unwilling (and unwitting) characters. Discontinued No official review
2013·12·12 Land of the Bloody Unknown 00599 "That fateful night was one of many firsts. Her family, once oblivious, ate from the fruit and gained knowledge. She learnt the world was so much bigger than she had once thought. That some people were destined to be together..." One-shot No official review
2013·01·02 Landslide 14713 Toph's pregnant; can she cope? How will her friends react to a fatherless child? Complete 9.08/10 by OR

8.4/10 by MibuWolf
9.5/10 by Mage

2012·12·26 Learning A series of Taang oneshots and drabbles, focussing mostly on their friendship and potential romance Complete No official review
2013·01·09 Like an Earthbender 01348 Shameless Taang fluff (really, just an excuse to practise useless make-out sessions) One-shot 8.9/10 by MibuWolf
2013·09·02 Like Mother, Like Daughter 00376 Lin and Toph are more alike than she thinks. One-shot No official review
2013·07·28 Living 00626 Toph and Lin share a moment at Tenzin's wedding One-shot No official review
2013·07·29 Loops 00722 Toph's tiny, but ever growing secret One-shot No official review
2013·08·20 Meaningful 01526 Katara helps Toph deal with a difficult time One-shot No official review
2013·03·29 My Meathead 02046 Retrospective first-person, Toph looks back over her life years after the war. Is she happy? Did she find love? One-shot 4.8/5 by Ty

4.9/5 by Bray

2013·11·19 Nobility 01122 Azula learns what it means to be a coward, and what it means to be noble. One-shot No official review
2013·09·19 Non-Expectations 02650 Toph has always been unpredictable, but sometimes even Katara has no idea what to expect. One-shot 4.1/5 by Ty
2014·02·05 Of Burnt Badgermoles and Broken Dragons Azula never expected to leave the asylum; she never, ever expected anyone to care enough about her. But that's not the reason–it can't be. No one cares about her, and no one ever will. It makes no difference to her where she rots. Drabbles No official review
2014·06·10 Only One You There are very few things for Toph to regret; falling in love is one. Discontinued No official review
2014·06·14 —peace— 00215 Everyone's time comes. One-shot No official review
2013·04·26 Seasons 00276 A short drabble across four seasons and numerous years. Fluffy romance, ends with angst. Drabble 10/10 by Mage
2014·07·25 Secrets 03655 Little secrets are sometimes so obvious... A camping trip might be just what Toph needs, but there are other more pressing matters. Like the fact that she's just had a kid. Whose father is married. To another woman. Good grief. Tokka, ft. Lin and Suyin Beifong. Brief Kataang (+spawn) appearances One-shot No official review
2013·07·01 Seven Seaside Stones 04500 Seven unrelated one-shots in honour of Tokka Week 2013 Complete 8.91/10 by Ty
2014·03·29 Seven Everyone has a little sin within them Discontinued No official review
2013·05·27 Seven 'Shots 11600 Seven oneshots in a series, written for the 2013 Taang Week. Uses the prompts Regret, Balance, Manners, Family, Lies, Tattoos and Realisation. Complete 8.93/10 by Ty
2014·07·30 Sleeping Alone 00597 Korra doesn't like sleeping. It's not that she can't, but rather, she won't. Complete No official review
2013·04·19 Special Hell 01432 Written for OR's Second Comedy Writing Challenge One-shot 8.5/10 by Mage
2013·09·05 Strange Worlds 00558 Toph makes a hard decision regarding her future One-shot No official review
2013·10·17 Survive 00793 Soldiers are never the only casualties in war One-shot No official review
2013·09·02 Systems 00950 An unexpected wake-up call brings out a few unresolved issues between Toph and Lin. One-shot No official review
2014·04·03 Throwing Bricks 30 one-shots for Taang month 2014 Discontinued No official review
2013·12·01 'Tis the Season 25 one-shots written in the style of a serial fanon. Released for the holiday season! Ft. Tokka Discontinued No official review
2013·09·01 Tokka100 100 one-shots written for the LJ Tokka100 challenge! Discontinued No official review
2013·12·11 Toy Soldiers 00693 There is always a curse within a blessing... Toph discovers something she wish she could forget. She wants to close her eyes, but of course she can't... One-shot No official review
2014·01·01 Trick'ry 00231 It may have taken a great number of years, but Toph is a patient woman. Poem No official review
2013·06·18 Unaccompanied Bandits 03225 A Kyotoph, written on request for LavenderGazelle One-shot 4.7/5 by Ty

8.62/10 by Minn

2013·08·26 What A Tart! 00984 An unusual narrator provides interesting commentary into a sweet moment between Toph and Aang One-shot No official review
2013·03·01 When Past Meets Present Toph has gone through something dark, more traumatic than she has ever gone through before. Will she be able to rely on her friends to pick her back up when she inevitably crumbles? Discontinued 8.9/10 by Mage


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First published Story Wordcount Synopsis Status Outlinks
2015·03·13 The Àrnadalr Experiment She's been working, killing, far longer than she ever dreamed, desperate to rid herself of the guilt of a single death; the catalyst. Her sister. Her whole life, she's only ever had one mission she truly cares about: kill the Queen and avenge her sister. There's nothing that can get in her way. Right? Ongoing ffn


2014·12·26 aeviternity Elsa is a Sjelløs and a Hybrid—one without a Soul. One not entirely human. She should have died, she should never had lived beyond a few hours because how can you live without a soul?

Anna is the one who screwed up Elsa's life, and she vows to do everything she can to right it.

Ongoing ffn


2014·12·16 Breaking the Ice 04373 Anna is a forgetful klutz and accidentally leaves her skates behind after a practise. Even though she's supposed to be meeting her friends for pizza, she can't help but be mesmerised by the pale—fantastic—girl figure skating alone on the ice.

Naturally, she does everything in her power to ruin any chance at friendship because she's completely inept at being cool and suave and not Anna.

One-shot ffn


2014·11·27 Scarf 19,034 Elsa has a secret, but she's never been good at keeping them—at least, not where Anna is concerned. Complete ffn


2014·10·01 Snowflake 05169 The future can only get brighter, because there's no possible way it can be any darker. Elsanna AU. One-shot ffn


2014·10·31 Språket 17537 Elsa is the new girl, moved all the way from Norway. She doesn't like talking to people. Anna is the American who gives Elsa her first smile. And everything spirals from there. One-shot ffn


2014·11·17 Tiny Hearts "Anna adopting an adorable white Pomeranian who she loves dearly and who equally loves her back until one day she wakes up confused over the pressure on her stomach and the looming naked figure above her enthusiastically trying to wake her by saying "Anna! Anna! Play with Elsa! Anna! Play!" and Anna just going all "F*ck this isn't what I signed up for"." Ongoing ffn


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