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Table of Contents

Book 1: Peace

Book 2: Hate

Book 3: War

Book 4: Death


Zhuge Liang

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Head of the Dai Li
82 BG - 89 AG
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Long Feng

My Life

All of my personal servants share the name Joo Dee. It's kinda odd. That's all you need to know so go away. Like now. AWAY.

Avatar Roshi

Avatar Roshi is a Fanon I've been working on for the past month. It's just a way to pass time, but you can read it if you want. Each book is only two chapters long, to conserve space for editing and side notes to be added later.

The story is about Avatar Roshi, who is Yangchen's predecessor that I gave the name "Roshi" to. He's a master firebender and an apprentice airbender.

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