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Alexa Hailey
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Javanese (local language), Indonesian (national language), English (still learn)

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Rhien, Imel, Angelie, Phanie, Trixa, Nona, Melda

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Aang, Toph, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Princess Yue, Suki, Iroh

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"Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang", "The Ember Island Players", "The Puppetmaster"

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May 9th '12

About Me

Hello! ChieXa here! ChieXa is not my real name. But, you can call me iChie or with my some other unreal name, Lexa and Izzy. I'm qiute new here. So, I need your help to adapting myself here. I love to be here. Because, everyone is so nice. They're so friendly. I love to be their friend.

I'm new english learner. And i still have a messy grammar. But, i hope you guys can understand.

Why Use Toph's Images?

Okay, that's question is made of my self. And, will be answer by myself too. Alright, alright, too long waiting will make you bored. So, why am i use Toph's images is because i'm just like who is Toph in Avatar : The Last Airbender series.


These are my quite new friends, and my quite new buddies.

Wanna be my friend? Message me!


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"I'm waiting for the next day!"
— my status on May 17th 2012.
"Bored. No one to talk to."
— my status on May 14th 2012.


My Opinion
This user thinks Toph is my favorite female character.
This user thinks Aang is a great airbender.
This user thinks Katara is a wise girl.
This user likes Sokka , because he is a funny buddy.
This user thinks Suki is a strong girl.
This user thinks Zuko is my favorite male character.
This user thinks Iroh is a wise uncle.
This user thinks Yue is a beautiful girl.
This user thinks Mai has a beautiful voice.
This user thinks Ty Lee is a cute girl.
This user thinks Appa is the best animal ever.
This user likes Momo , because he is a funny little fellow.
This user thinks Azula is a bad guy.
This user thinks Ozai is the worst leader ever.
This user thinks airbending is the most interesting bending.
This user thinks waterbending is the most attractive bending.
This user likes earthbending , because it's so cool.
This user agrees that firebending is the most powerful bending.

Favorite Quotes

"Even if it was, nothing beat air!"
Aang in Bending Battle on "Super Deformed Shorts" series.
"Our strength comes from the Spirit of the Moon; our life comes from the Spirit of the Ocean. They work together to keep balance."
Yue to Team Avatar in "The Siege of the North, Part 1".
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