"A wise king once told me, "We Are One." I didn't understand him then. Now I do."
— Kiara in The Lion King 2.
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Hi, I'm Azulazulazula. Please message me if you have any questions.

Favorite Episodes

Season One


1. The Siege of The North, Part 2

2. The Storm

3. The Siege of the North, Part 1

4. The Waterbending Master

5. The Blue Spirit

6. The Southern Air Temple

7. The Great Divide

8. The Fortuneteller

9. Imprisoned

10. Jet

Least Favorites

1 is the one that I like least; 10 is the one I like best of my least favorites.

1. The Northern Air Temple (Least favorite in the series)

2. The Waterbending Scroll

3. The Warriors of Kyoshi

4. The King of Omashu

5. The Winter Solstice, Part 1

6. The Winter Solstice Part 2

7. The Deserter

8. Bato of the Water Tribe

9. The Avatar Returns

10. The Boy in the Iceberg (It's only down here because it's the pilot...if it wasn't it's be 3-6)

Season Two


1. City of Walls and Secrets (Favorite in the series)

2. Tales of Ba Sing Se

3. Return to Omashu

4. Zuko Alone

5. The Earth King

6. Appa's Lost Days

7. The Chase

8. Avatar Day

9. The Library

10. Lake Laogai

11. The Crossroads of Destiny

12. Bitter Work

13. The Desert

14. The Drill

15. The Guru

16. The Avatar State

17. The Swamp

Least Favorites

1. The Serpent's Pass

2. The Blind Bandit

3. The Cave of Two Lovers

Season Three

1. Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into The Inferno

2. The Beach

3. Nightmares and Daydreams

4. The Ember Island Players

5. The Puppetmaster

6. Sokka's Master

7. The Awakening

8. Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King

9. Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters

10. The Western Air Temple

11. The Painted Lady

12. Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang

13. The Southern Raiders

14. The Avatar and the Fire Lord

15. The Headband

16. The Runaway

17. The Day of Black Sun, Part One: The Invasion

Least Favorites

1. The Firebending Masters

2. The Boiling Rock, Part 2

3. The Day of Black Sun, Part Two: The Eclipse

4. The Boiling Rock, Part One

My favorite season is season 2, mainly due to the Dai Li's conspiracy.

Favorite Characters

1. Azula (I am a huge Azula fanboy, and have gained some fame and/or notoriety for it.)

2. Ozai (Not sure why he's so hated...he was one helluva antagonist)

3. Iroh

4. Sokka

5. Appa

6. Katara (Former hater...big time)

7. Toph

8. Aang

9. Ty Lee

10. Yangchen

Least Favorites

1. Zuko

2. Teo

3. Long Feng

4. Kuruk

5. Mai

6. Anyone from the Dai Li

7. Bumi (Simply because he beat Azula in the Avatar Tournament...IN THE SWEET SIXTEEN)


1. Tokka

2. Azulaang

3. Zutara (No hate.)


5. Chanzula (In a summer romace sorta way)

Least Favorites



3. LongToph

4. Sukka

5. Ty Lokka (Metal is a powerful person.)

People who are my buddies.

The Cerulean Knife

The Princess of...Darkness, was it?


There were 887...



Hama? Katara? Pakku?

My fellow temporary non-Kataanger

Haru, Natsu, uh...Autumnu, Winteru!



The King of children's toys.........oh. No, legos. :P

She formerly loved Avatar. But she's moved onto Isabella. :(

There once was a mysterious wanderer. . .and then she joined the wiki. XD

A modernized Harry Potter...

Heen and Oweather dude...


The Southern Water Tribe? Maybe? c wut i did thurr?

Korra, for the modern world.

This girl likes cheaters...

A mere child, but very powerful.


Jump My currently active fanon. Toph Beifong was framed for murder and she goes to extreme lengths to prove her innocence. Expected to be finished October 9, 2012.

Rebel - Semi-inactive. The story of a young man, who was imprisoned in Ba Sing Se, escaping his imprisonment and fleeing the city, to live a free, peaceful life.

AEiB - Discontinued. An after the war fanon, which tells the story of what happens directly after the series, and a long time after.

DISCONTINUED AND DELETED: Avatar: The Evil Within and A Life of Death.

A:TEW - The story of Ava, the Avatar succeeding Korra, and his fellow-Avatar, Sana, who has been turned evil through Energybending. Deleted due to hatred by the author.

ALOD - The story of a young girl with a fatal disease living her final sixty days on Earth. Will be rebooted.


This user knows Azula is the most intelligient, deep, astounding character existent in this universe, and all others. All those who bash her, frankly, don't know what a true character is.

This user finds Ozai to be a much better character than people give him credit for, and sees him as the best main antagonist he's ever seen.

This user thinks Iroh has much wisdom to offer, as well as tea and fun, not to mention his uncanny ability to kick ass.

This user thinks Sokka is a great comic relief character, but lacks the development and backstory of the others.

This user finds Appa both incredibly endearing and adorable, and wishes he could be his pet.

This user used to hate Katara but now sees her as a great, kickass character.

This user thinks Toph is overrated, but is still a deep character, with amazing bending abilities.

This user recognizes Aang as the most complex and remarkably multi-dimensional character he's ever known, and thinks that, especially for a twelve-year-old, he was/is a damn good avatar.

This user thinks Ty Lee has the most unique and creative fighting style he's seen, and her bubbly nature makes her the most endearing of the bunch.

This user thinks Korra is a decent avatar, but could have been much better. Aang would have blown Amon and his little *#&@( henchmen out of the water and saved RC like that (after all, he did save the world) and he would have done it four years before Korra did. Korra's not a bad avatar. But Aang's certainly better.

This user finds Momo to be annoying, pesky, and overrated.

This user respects Zuko despite him being his least favorite character.

This user thinks Long Feng should &#*)@E#*#$&@ in the &#(&#)@(@.

This user hates Mai due to her betrayal of Azula and lack of any character depth, aside from two minutes in The Beach.

This user loves "City of Walls and Secrets" because it gave Ba Sing Se the best introduction possible, and the crap with the Dai Li was the most complex, devious plot he has seen on a kids' show in his life.

This user adores "The Beach" because of its giving us a brief glimpse into the villains' pasts, including mi'lady's, Azula.
This user adores Pema because she is cool-headed, funny, and real on every level.

This user supports Tokka.
Katara and Zuko hug.png This user ships Zutara because Zuko and Katara are meant for each other.
Jinora.png This user loves Lil' JJ because she is funny, toddler-esque adorable, and a kickass airbender.

This user supports Korrasami because after reading A Minute, written by Lady Lostris, I feel it is impossible not to ship it. Oh, and also, if anybody has any homophobic comments they want to share with me, fair warning: I will lash out at you, and there will be hell to pay in that sense. You've been warned.
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