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September 7, 1996


American English, learning Spanish

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Welcome to my user page, !

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My wiki-story

Back in May of 2011, I began a wiki about the Legend of Korra to challenge this great wiki. I regret doing so, and by now I've put it behind me. Much of the practices carried out there simply mimicked the ones here, and 6,177 edits later, I became bored, and I felt more and more that what I was doing was not constructive.

You can guess what happened next, on December 8th, 2011, I wrote this blog, and began editing here. A wise decision on my part, it was commended by almost everyone here.

I began editing consistently, and I received some kind compliments (of which I'm not too deserving), and six days later, on December 14th, 2011, I was granted with rollback rights, when Vulmen urged me to do so. I'd like to thank everyone who may have given such great compliments.

Real life

In real life, I'm a laid back high school (soon to be college) student living in the great state of Illinois. I enjoy drawing, running, biking, and playing games; I also write sometimes. I'm involved in my school track and cross country teams. Running has recently become an extremely important part of my life, so if you're reading this and you run, leave me a message and we'll compare times and whatnot! I also like Italian food, and I work at my local Pizza Hut; which on some planet could be considered Italian. I've enjoyed watching Avatar from the moment I first watched the first episode air live.


I've tried, but I don't see it happening. But, I really enjoyed my time on this wiki, which was about a solid year and a half. If you're interesting in keeping in touch with me I'm always available on Facebook!

My username

My username is actually drawn from the name of my local newspaper, The Annawan Times, which I wrote for about a year when I was 12. I live in an extremely small town called Annawan, so Annawan is actually the name of a town. "Annawan" comes from "Annawon", which means "chief" in the Algonquin native American language.


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