Hi ! I'm AcerEvan (also known as Acer), and I've been around on Wikia since 2010. My journey in this community has impacted me professionally as I grew up learning organizational stuff, English, and friendship here. I am looking forward to another journey of learning with all of you, guys. Hoping the best for our future endeavour!

What do I do on Wikia? Editing, of course. I was once an active fanon editor, but now I just find myself struck with the duty as a student piling. I'd love to help any side of the wiki, as best as I can.

Why Avatar? The series started in my country when I was six, and at first sight, I fell in love with it. Years passed, I found this wiki and started to join the community. Although my English may confuse some people, I learned a lot of things in the community. And now, not only the Avatar franchise that I love, but also the community here.

In Indonesia, it is 04:45, September 21, 2020 (Monday).

Thanks to Godsrule who inspires me to write this. :D

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