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"Unfinished Business" is the first chapter of The Shadow of Kyoshi. It takes place almost two years after the events in The Rise of Kyoshi and follows Avatar Kyoshi on her quest of tracking the Triad of the Golden Wing, a group of daofei outlaws in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se.[1]




Kyoshi is in Loongkau, a slum in the crowded City Block of Ba Sing Se's Lower Ring. Her neck itches from the aftermath of a fight with gang members involving a garotte coated in ground glass. While she incapacitated the gang's elders, she spared the young wire man as he reminded her of Lek.

The Avatar passes through a narrow, darkly-lit hallway, taking note of the dense population and poverty in the area. She pauses near a vat of spoiled mango pomace, and finds the spot she needs. She bears her own passage down to where she needs to go, reminding herself that Jianzhu's tactical manuals noted that most casualties happened at doorways and stairs in enclosed fights. Her earth platform turns hard as stone and bursts through the clay tiles and rotting struts of wood, before she repeats.

Kyoshi descends fourteen stories before she comes crashing down in an empty expanse, illuminated by glowing crystals. Kyoshi finds Mok sitting behind a desk, and sarcastically greets him. The former deputy leader of the Yellow Necks grows enraged, and Kyoshi explains that she came to investigate after hearing rumors about a new boss in Loongkau who sounded very familiar. She asks about their group being called a "triangle," and Mok angrily replies that it is called the Triad of the Golden Wing. The men who Kyoshi had bypassed on the middle floors come into the room, surrounding her and brandishing axes and daggers. She asks them to stand down, surrender their weapons, and march themselves to the nearest courthouse for judgment. The men laugh, and Mok refuses. Kyoshi asks if all of the triad is here, and Mok commands the triad to tear the Avatar apart. As they charge from all directions, Kyoshi draws one of her fans.

Production notes


  • An excerpt from the chapter was released by Entertainment Weekly on May 5, 2020.[2]


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