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Uncle Iroh's Adventure Guide is a supplement book for Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game. It consists of a collection of adventures and custom mechanics focused on Jasmine Island, the legendary home of a special type of jasmine tea beloved by Uncle Iroh. The book's digital version is scheduled to release in summer 2024, while the physical version will be released in September 2024.[1][2][3]

The supplement book will feature Jasmine Island, a new canonical location in the world of Avatar, and it will provide adventures that span all five eras, from the Kyoshi Era to the Korra Era.[3]


Join Uncle Iroh as he guides you through a series of exciting adventures focused on the mysterious Jasmine Island. This supplement recounts Jasmine Island's history, inhabitants, and conflicts exploring all the island has to offer. Play the adventures that span all five eras independently or as an ongoing campaign featuring multiple generations of heroes across several eras. The book also features four new playbooks, a bunch of NPC legends—including Lu Ten, Iroh's son—information on Jasmine Island, and mechanics for generational play.[3]


Setting information[]

The book features background and lore relating to Jasmine Island, an independent island west of the Earth Kingdom and southeast of the Fire Nation. This includes the individual locations on the island, new characters, and new creatures that can be brought into a campaign.[4]


  • The Architect[5]
  • The Authority[5]
  • The Bound[2]
  • The Broken[2]



Five new adventures,[3] which can be played individually or part of generational play.[2]

  • An adventure in the Kyoshi Era featuring pirates[5]
  • An adventure in the Hundred Year War Era where Lu Ten tries to protect the island[6]
  • An adventure in the Aang Era featuring Iroh on a White Lotus mission[6]
  • An adventure in the Korra Era with heroes siding with a revolutionary movement that seeks to fight against megacorporations trying to exploit the island for its resources[6][5]


The adventure guide will introduce "generational play" to the game. This allows for campaigns to span several eras, with heroes passing their journeys on to the next generation.[2][3]


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