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Tuyen is a girl native to the Earth Kingdom. She was approached by Meelo, who flirted with her.[1]


In 174 AG, Tuyen was selling flowers in a town to passersby when Meelo soared down to her. Upon being asked if she could be trusted, she answered affirmative and was subsequently urged to lean forward by the young airbender, who whispered to her that he was on a top-secret mission to locate the Avatar. Tuyen had not seen Korra, though she was impressed by the secrecy of the mission and the fact that Meelo had encountered "crazy things". After Meelo introduced himself, she was asked for her name, as he wanted to be able to call her something else than "beautiful". As she introduced herself, however, their conversation was interrupted by Ikki, who soared down to alert Meelo that Jinora was looking for him. Upon hearing that they were moving on, Tuyen offered Meelo a flower and wished him luck. As she passed him by, she ruffled his hair, leaving the blushing boy behind.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


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