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The turtle seal is an animal that lives in underground ice caverns[1] and on icebergs near the North Pole.[2]


In the late 4th century BG, a group of turtle seals was resting on an iceberg near the North Pole that was visited by Jianzhu during his search for Avatar Kuruk's successor.[2]

During the Siege of the North, a group of turtle seals were navigating a system of water tunnels below the Northern Water Tribe capital. Prince Zuko observed as they came up from the icy water for air, before diving back in through a hole near the base of a wall. Zuko also went into the tunnel in an attempt to find an entrance into the city. When he emerged from the water at a cavern, several turtle seals were barking loudly. They momentarily ceased making noises when the annoyed prince ordered them to be quiet, but began barking again as he pushed past the group.[3]

A turtle seal followed Aang in Ba Sing Se as he was leading all the zoo creatures to their new home in the Agrarian Zone.[4]


The turtle seal is green with a hard shell around its midsection, providing some protection from its natural enemy, the polar leopard,[1] and four flippers that allow it to swim well in cold water. The creature has a long, sleek neck and its face is characterized by small black eyes, ears, and whiskers.


Turtle seals live in herds and especially enjoy swimming through the ice tunnels underneath the North Pole. They are piscivorous carnivores, eating fish, shellfish, squid, and other ocean creatures. Turtle seals will slide on their bellies across the ice until they find an opening, before diving in and swimming through underwater ice tunnels.[5] Considered lovable creatures,[1] they are not bothered by humans and will bark loudly and continuously when present as a large group.[3]


As the name implies, this animal is a cross between a turtle and a seal.


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