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The turtle crab is a hybridized creature known to inhabit the shores of the Fire Nation.


Prior to his ascension to the Fire Nation throne, Ozai and his family frequently went on a vacation to Ember Island. During one of these trips, while they relaxed on the beach, Zuko saw a hawk trying to catch a turtle crab and ran over to it. He grabbed the turtle crab in his arms in an attempt to save it, but soon realized he was starving the hawk. Before he could make a decision, a giant wave washed them both out to sea.

After the Hundred Year War, Zuko went to see an imprisoned Ozai, who referred to this incident as evidence of Zuko's indecisiveness.[1]


The turtle crab has the head, claws, and legs of a crab, and the shell of a turtle. Its head, claws, and legs are primarily red, whereas its shell is mainly green in coloration.


The turtle crab tends to be calm and gentle. They are often preyed upon by eagles despite their hard shells.


As the name suggests, the animal is a cross between the crab and the turtle. Crabs are crustaceans that are typically found on beaches and in rock pools, while turtles are ancient reptiles that first appeared in the Triassic period; there are two to three hundred species of turtles in existence today.


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