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The turkey duck is a small white bird native to the Earth Kingdom, found in the capital city of Ba Sing Se or roaming the streets of Makapu Village.[1] The turkey duck is generally friendly, but will not hesitate to attack if provoked.[2]


A pair of turkey ducks were roaming the streets of Makapu Village when Team Avatar first entered the small town. Later, a turkey duck was being chased by a young girl from the village as Sokka strolled down a street attempting to disprove Aunt Wu's predictions. Frustrated from the failure of his attempts, he kicked a rock which subsequently hit a nearby turkey duck, which proceeded to attack Sokka by flying at him and pecking his head. Two turkey ducks were outside of Aunt Wu's fortunetelling establishment as Katara exited after her second palm reading and, following the eruption of Mt. Makapu, there was a pair of turkey ducks perched on the wall of igneous rock which Aang had created by cooling the lava.[1]


The turkey duck has two talons, two wings, a yellow bill, and a stubby fan-shaped tail. Besides the gray feathers that encircle both its eyes, the only color on the duck is a strip of red wattle around its bill. The turkey duck has a loud, distinctive warble.


The turkey duck has a gentle nature, preferring to roam around its habitats, though when provoked, it will defend itself by repeatedly pecking its attacker's head. As scavengers, they can usually be found hunting and eating.


As the name implies, this animal is a cross between a duck and a turkey. Duck is the umbrella term for the common water fowl, which includes geese and swans, while the turkey is a large bird in the genus Meleagris.

The many different breeds and species of duck make it difficult to make a direct correlation with the duck seen in Makapu Village, although the red skin over its bill, which is similar to that of the turkey from which the bird takes it name, also resembles the skin over the bill of the Muscovy duck.



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