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"I feel for you all. You've been through so much. And I'm sure that you're tired, frustrated, and angry that your homes and neighborhoods have been destroyed. This is a time of great change for all of us in Republic City. But a wise man once told me that change can be good or bad, depending on your point of view. So maybe we could all look at this as a new beginning. I promise to work my hardest to make sure everyone has a place to live soon. My hope is that the rebuilt Republic City will be full of new possibilities for all of us. Together, we can forge a bright future, living in balance with our planet, evolving into our best selves, and becoming who we truly want to be!"
Korra speaking to the people of Republic City.

Turf Wars Part One is the first installment of the Turf Wars trilogy, released in comic book stores on July 26, 2017, and in mass market retailers on August 8.[1] It was available for early purchase at the San Diego Comic Con on July 20.[2]


Relishing their newfound feelings for each other, Korra and Asami leave the Spirit World ... but find nothing in Republic City but political hijinks and human versus spirit conflict!

A pompous developer plans to turn the new spirit portal into an amusement park, potentially severing an already tumultuous connection with the spirits. What's more, the triads have realigned and are in a brutal all-out brawl at the city's borders– where hundreds of evacuees have relocated!

In order to get through it all, Korra and Asami vow to look out for each other– but first, they've got to get better at being a team and a couple!


Korra and Asami Sato enter the Spirit World through the Republic City spirit portal, ending up in a meadow from which they admire the landscape before them. After welcoming Asami to the Spirit World, Korra reminds the former to remain close to her, given the unpredictability of the realm. Asami asks where they start their vacation as a dragon bird spirit flies toward them. The two begin their vacation and fly on the dragon bird spirit to a field of oversized greenery, before heading to a field of giant toadstools and subsequently to a lagoon.

The rock spirit is mad because Korra and Asami were climbing him and threw them far away.

Eventually, the two stop before a large rock formation and decide to compete against one another in a climbing race to the top. Asami gains the upper hand and teases Korra about her lack of speed, to which the latter remarks that she is merely going easy on her. Suddenly, the outcrop begins to rumble and a giant rock spirit reveals itself, demanding to know who dared to climb upon his body. Korra begins to apologize but is interrupted by the spirit, who remarks that it should have been obvious that the culprits were "pesky humans". The spirit plucks them off his body by their collars, and Korra, having taken offense to the spirit's description as "pesky", reveals herself as the Avatar, further displeasing the spirit who claims that the Avatar is even worse than a regular human. Stating that despite remaining complacent over the Avatar's decision to keep the two polar spirit portals open, the creation of a third portal is unacceptable, and the two realms should have been kept separate. The spirit ignores Korra's remarks that the formation of the third portal was an accident and flings the two away, ordering them to leave his realm forever.

After talking about their feelings, Korra and Asami share a kiss.

In midair, Korra uses airbending to attempt to cushion her and Asami's fall, but the two land on the ground roughly despite her efforts. On the ground, Korra asks Asami if she is okay, relieved to see the latter sit up before Korra laments that the ordeal was a disaster, as she wanted their first getaway to be perfect but nearly got them killed instead. Asami dismisses Korra's apology, stating that they have gone through worse situations and that one disgruntled spirit should not ruin their trip, to which Korra agrees. Asami helps her up, pointing out that they lost all of their supplies and that they should probably be heading back to the city. Before they head back though, Asami says there is one more thing she wants to do on their vacation, and it makes Korra blush, right before they share a kiss and agree that it has been a wonderful few days.

On their way back, Korra reminisces of the time Asami took her out to race car driving, saying that she is relieved to have gotten to know someone who could be just as intense as her. Asami states that the three years that Korra was gone were the longest of her life and that she almost told her about how much she had meant to her in one of her letters. Korra asks why she did not, causing Asami to express how scared she was that Korra would not feel the same way and never come back. The two talk about how they found out about their feelings for one another, and Korra recalls how Asami took care of her after she was poisoned. She says that she was confused during her recuperation, and that it was not an accident she only wrote to Asami, who replies that she is glad about that. They are interrupted by the dragon bird spirit that arrives, prompting Asami to ask how it keeps finding them. According to Korra, it can sense where she is, stating that not every spirit hates her.

As they mount the spirit, Asami expresses her wish to stay longer, because they will barely have a moment's rest back in Republic City. Korra has an idea, and instead of flying back to the city, she instead asks the spirit to fly them to the Tree of Time so that they can visit Korra's parents. Asami is hesitant, but Korra assures her that her parents will be thrilled when they tell them about their relationship.

Disagreeing with Tonraq's advice for extra precaution, Korra storms off with Asami, waving off her father's apology.

As expected, Tonraq and Senna are excited to see their daughter again, not in the least because they expected their vacation to last longer than it did. He asks if the girls are alright, causing Korra to respond that they are fine and Senna invites the girls over to dinner. As they sit down to enjoy dinner, conversation starts out a little stiff, as Korra is still a bit hesitant, before she finally comes out to her parents and tells them about her newfound relationship with Asami. Tonraq and Senna are definitely excited and happy for them, but do council caution about telling everyone, with Tonraq saying it is best to keep her personal life private. Korra dismisses it, but Senna mentions how not everyone will be as understanding as they are. Tonraq tells her that she should not get ahead of herself, saying sometimes she gets too excited, causing Korra to call him narrow-minded. Asami decides that it is probably best for them to leave, which they immediately do. Tonraq still tried to apologize to his daughter, but she waves this off.

On their way to the Southern portal, Korra apologizes to Asami for the way her parents reacted. Asami does not mind and says that she understands their reasoning and explains why she was hesitant about meeting Korra's parents. Hearing that, Korra feels bad for having rushed Asami and comes to understand what her father has told her earlier but Asami tells her that she feels the same way about their relationship, telling Korra that what they have is special and rare, and that not everyone will agree with it. Both promise to have each other's back before they enter the portal.

Jinora refuses to get off Wonyong Keum's land, claiming it now belongs to the spirits.

Back in Republic City, the pair notices the commotion and joins the airbenders, who have gathered together to protest around the portal. Upon seeing Korra and Asami, Jinora rushes over to them, informing them about a man showing up and demanding them to leave the portal. Korra asks who he is, as said person walks over to them and introduces himself as Wonyong Keum. He recognizes Asami and offers her his condolences, which she dismisses bluntly. He then moves on to tell them that he plans to turn the area around the spirit portal into a tourist attraction, saying that everyone should have the chance to experience the Spirit World. Not pleased with his intentions, Asami yells at him that people like him should not be allowed to be anywhere near the portal before they get interrupted by the dragon eel spirit who threatens Wonyong, calling him "another human who refuses to respect the sacred." He claims that a "piece of paper" does not give him the right to ravage and plunder the Spirit World.

The spirit asks Korra to close the portal, insisting that the portal was never meant to be and that humans will only exploit it, after which Korra asks why the spirits were suddenly interested in human conflicts. The spirit tells her that now there is a portal to the Spirit World in the middle of a metropolis, the spirits must be protected. Korra understands, telling the spirit that everybody wants to keep the spirits safe but that the new spiritual energy will have a harmonious effect on the citizens of Republic City. The spirit concedes eventually, but also tells her that while he can not force her to close the portals, she is going to be held responsible for keeping the portal safe before leaving. Asami tells Korra that she will not have to protect it alone, and the airbenders support her. Still angry about them for trespassing, Wonyong shouts at the group to leave, making Korra go into the Avatar State and scare him and his construction workers away.

The Creeping Crystal Triad face the Triple Threat Triad in a battle for territory.

Some time later that night, two opposing groups can be seen fighting against each other, one of them being the Triple Threat Triad. The opposing group, the Creeping Crystal Triad, manages to outnumber them and gain the upper hand. Unknown to them, a man is watching the fight in secret, looking down from a ladder of a building. Two Toed Ping, who tries to hold his ground along with the other Triple Threats, addresses him, suggesting to retreat, but he dismisses the idea quickly, before jumping down and coming out of his hiding spot. He smoothly deflects the attacks but is caught off-guard by a boulder which sends him on the ground.

However, he quickly manages to recover and is confronted by three opponents. Their leader, Jargala Omo, addresses him by his name and tells him that the Triple Threats better back down. The unknown, whose name is revealed to be Tokuga, refuses and dodges their attacks before he chi-blocks them. When he is about to strike again, the sound of sirens interrupts him, making him look up to see a police car driving toward them, as well as an airship heading for them, from which Lin and her metalbenders jump down. Tokuga and Jargala order their respective triads to leave and the triads escape the scene. Lin catches a fleeing Viper while Bolin and Mako manage to get hold of Two Toed Ping, escorting him to the police car where he greets a fellow named Mushi.

By telling Two Toed Ping Mushi told Mako that he is the mastermind behind everything, Lin is able to trick him into revealing Tokuga's name.

On the way to the police's headquarters, Two Toed Ping makes small talk with Mako and Bolin during which the latter tells about his new job on the Triad Task Force as Mako's partner. Later, Ping is being questioned by Lin who asks about the name of the new leader of the Triple Threats. Mako enters the room, convincing Lin to trick Ping into telling them the truth by lying and saying that Ping's partner told him that he was the gang's leader, which works. Not happy with his slip-up and knowing that he is a dead man either way, Ping explains how the triads' turf got destroyed along with downtown. He further tells them about how Tokuga took advantage of the chaos and defeated Viper, thus becoming the new head of the Triple Threats, and how he went on to recruit new members of other triads. Figuring out his plan of taking over the turf of the Creeping Crystal Triad, Lin announces that Tokuga would now be their top priority.

The next morning, Zhu Li announces to the volunteers their next plan in aiding the evacuees at the evacuation camp, with some members of the Air Nation and Kya attending. Mid-speech, Korra and Asami enter the tent and are being greeted warmly by everyone. Tenzin tells them about the current condition and explains how it is thanks to Zhu Li's leadership that things are going well before he goes on about Raiko's involvement, noting that he is preoccupied with his reelection as his popularity has dropped drastically after he surrendered the city to Kuvira a few days prior. Korra and Asami offer their help and Kya suggests that an appearance of Korra as the Avatar would lift the spirits of the evacuees. Korra agrees to the idea, asking Asami if she wants to join her, however the latter declines, saying she would rather talk with Zhu Li about some practicalities. Taking offense at this, Korra retorts which results in a minor argument between the two. The moment gets interrupted, however, by Tenzin who urges Korra on to meet the crowd and offers to join her, as Asami regretfully looks away with Kya in the back glancing at her pitifully.

Korra holds an inspiring speech to the evacuees and talks about a bright future.

As Korra and Tenzin are walking through the camp, soon a huge crowd of evacuees quickly surrounds Korra and she apologizes for everything, offering them her service. Several evacuees make requests, making her nervous under the pressure. Tenzin joins her side and suggests they head back, however Korra has an idea and earthbends a podium, holding an inspiring speech and promising the evacuees to make things up, upon which the crowd cheers. Tenzin and Korra return to the tent where Asami has started to work on plans for new housing developments. Curious about what she has in mind, Korra joins her while Tenzin and Kya watch the two, stating that they make a good team. Korra suggests showing the plans to Raiko in order to get money from the city to realize the housing plans.

At President Raiko's campaign headquarters, he is discussing with a campagn manager about a poster. It depicts him taking down Kuvira's regime. He states that is is misleading, as Kuvira was defeated by the Avatar. The manager claims that people currently think that he is a coward who abandoned the city in its time of need and that they need to project an image of strength and fearlessness. Korra, Asami and Zhu Li then arrive at his campaign headquarters to ask him for funding for a housing project for the evacuees, but Raiko turns them down, telling them that the city is broke. Zhu Li and Asami offer money from Varrick Industries and Future Industries respectively to start the project. Raiko's campaign manager, Wenyan, interferes and convinces Raiko to help by explaining that this would help his approval ratings. Convinced, the president agrees to help with the project, assuring them that he will find the necessary funds. As they are leaving, Korra addresses the subject of the spirit portal, suggesting they buy the land from Wonyong Keum and turn it into a spirit sanctuary with public parks. Raiko rejects the idea, however, reiterating that the city is broke, and orders them to leave, angering Korra. Before the situation can escalate, Asami leads the Avatar out of the room, saying that they will find another way to protect the portal.

Kya tells Korra and Asami about her own "coming out" experience and each nation's view on same-gender relationships, noting that the Air Nomads were the most accepting out of all.

Back at Air Temple Island, Korra and Asami are enjoying the sunset. Kya joins them and compliments them for making a good couple, surprising them. When Asami asks her about how she knows, Kya admits that she had suspected as much since Tenzin had told her they went on a vacation together and mentions her first getaway with her first girlfriend. The two are surprised, causing Kya to state that she "doesn't exactly announce it to everyone [she] meet". Asking if they have told anyone else about their relationship, Asami answers that Korra's parents are very understanding about their relationship, though Korra adds that they were overly worried about what other people might say about it. Unsurprised, Kya tells them that it is Water Tribe tradition to keep personal things private and when asked by Korra how her father, Aang, reacted, Kya states that he was "nothing but supportive". She moves on to further explain each nation's views on same-gender relationships. She states that her father grew up in the air temples, where men and women did not hide who they loved. The Air Nomads were accepting of differences and embraced everyone, no matter their orientation. In the Fire Nation, for most its history, they were tolerant. But when Fire Lord Sozin took power, he decreed that same-sex relationships were criminal. Korra states that he was the worst. In the Earth Kingdom, even Avatar Kyoshi, who loved men and women, was unable to effect any kind of real progress. This is because the Earth Kingdom has been the slowest to accept change and the most militaristically repressive. Dejected, Korra expresses her fear of not finding acceptance, musing that her parents may have been right after all, though Asami retorts that things have changed and people are more accepting, at least in Republic City. Kya advises them that ultimately, the story is theres to tell and they will know when the time is right to share the news. The conversation gets interrupted by Mako and Bolin, who join them. Kya leaves the group, telling the couple that she is there for them if they ever want to talk. Reunited, the four friends catch up on each other's lives. Korra congratulates Bolin, who had joined the police force and told her about his first arrest. Bolin asks Korra have her and Asami's vacation went, prompting an awkward response from the two. The couple quietly debates whether or not they should share their news, as Mako notes the two are acting weird and Bolin wants to know the gossip. Just when they want to reveal their relationship to the brothers, Jinora's spiritual projection appears and informs them about the Triple Threats attacking the airbenders at the spirit portal.

The team makes their way to the spirit portal where Jinora and the airbenders are fighting against members of the Triple Threats. While Korra, Asami and Bolin help the airbenders, Mako charges at Tokuga, who quickly subdues him due to his injury. Bolin comes to his brother's aid, rendering Tokuga harmless by slicing his hook swords with lavabending. Before he can arrest him, however, Tokuga uses smoke grenades to obscure his escape.

Consumed by vengeance, the dragon eel spirit flies through Tokuga, consequently disfiguring him.

The fight around the spirit portal intensifies when several spirits, led by the dragon eel spirit, emerge from the portal and start attacking the triad members. Outmatched, the triad members cower in fear while Korra tries to persuade the dragon eel spirit to call the spirits off. The spirit refuses, noting that she has failed to keep the spirit portal safe. Korra explains that attacking humans will only instill more fear and worsen the conflict between spirits and humans, though her reasoning falls on ears. While turning dark, being consumed by vengeance, the dragon eel spirit states that since it were the humans who started the conflict, one of them must suffer the consequences, and it promptly launches at Tokuga, who has been watching them from a distance. Flying after the spirit, Korra pleads for it to stop its attack, though she abandons her quest when she sees Asami getting overwhelmed by triad members. Leaving the spirit, she flies down and saves Asami. Tokuga attacks the dragon eel spirit, but his weapons are useless against the spirit. Enraged, the spirit flies through him, consequently disfiguring him. The triads retreat and the spirits return to the Spirit World.

Regaining consciousness, Asami wakes up in Korra's arms and the two kiss passionately. The others join them, and Korra and Asami confirm their newfound relationship, much to everyone's happiness, although the news took Mako off guard. Bolin and Opal are excited, hoping to go on a double date. Mako is shocked, needing a moment to process it. Moving away from the topic, Bolin asks about the triad's attack, wondering why they attacked the portal instead of trying to take over the turf of the Creeping Crystal Triad. Korra answers that someone probably hired them to intimidate the airbenders into leaving, stating to have an idea who could have sent them.

Breaking into Keum Enterprises' headquarters, a furious Tokuga attacks Wonyong.

Wonyong is sitting at his desk as one of his assistant is knocked to the ground by fire, having been attempting to stop the intruders. Wonyong demands to know who dares. It is then that a now-disfigured Tokuga and his crew break in. He tells him that the Avatar shown up the to portal. Scared, Wonyong asks that happened to him. A furious Tokuga tells him that the Avatar summoned a bunch of spirits and ordered one of them to attach him. He slams Wonyong against a wall, angrily stating that becoming a "freak" was not part of the deal. Wonyong offers to pay him more money, double. As Wonyong is having trouble breathing, Tokuga claims that he is not getting off that easily. He is now taking control of Keum Enterprises an all of its assets. He states that they all work for him now.

Production notes


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Series continuity

  • This story begins immediately after the last episode of The Legend of Korra, "The Last Stand".
  • When Korra warns Asami about the Spirit World, she tells her that the ground might spontaneously drop out, which happened to her and Jinora in "A New Spiritual Age".
  • The dragon bird spirit that Korra befriended in "A New Spiritual Age" takes Korra and Asami to various locations during their trip.
  • Korra and Asami visit a field with oversized green foliage that Korra also visited with Jinora in "The Guide" and with Zaheer in "Beyond the Wilds".
  • When about to leave the Spirit World, Korra recalls the time Asami took her race car driving in "The Aftermath".
  • Korra recalls her mercury poisoning, which happened in "Venom of the Red Lotus", and the letter she wrote to Asami, which happened in "Korra Alone".
  • The rock spirit references Korra's decision to keep the two polar spirit portals open in "Light in the Dark" and her subsequent creation of a third spirit portal in "The Last Stand".
  • Korra mentions having asked the spirits for help in the battle against Kuvira, which she did in "Operation Beifong".
  • Mako has the spiky hairstyle he sported throughout the first three books of The Legend of Korra, which was last seen in "Venom of the Red Lotus".
  • Mako's left arm is still in bandages due to the wounds sustained during the attack on the colossus in "Day of the Colossus".
  • Raiko's popularity dropped due to his surrender of Republic City to Kuvira in "Kuvira's Gambit."
  • During her speech to the evacuees, Korra tells them that "change can be good or bad, depending on your point of view", which is the same advice Tenzin gave her in "A Breath of Fresh Air".

Character revelations

  • Bolin has joined the police force and is working alongside Mako.
  • Kya has had girlfriends.
  • Fire Lord Sozin made same-sex relationships illegal when he took the throne.
  • Avatar Kyoshi was bisexual.
  • Viper has been deposed by Tokuga as the Triple Threat Triad's new leader.
  • Asami and Wonyong Keum know each other due to the latter having done business with Hiroshi Sato eight years prior.


  • When Korra stepped through the spirit portal in "The Last Stand", her backpack is green, but when she emerged from the portal in the graphic novel, it is greyish-brown.
  • Korra's belt buckle continuously changes throughout the graphic novel.
  • Despite Ikki having grown her hair out in Book Four: Balance and possessing this longer style in Turf Wars Part Two, her hair length reverts to the shorter style she had in the first three books of the series.
  • Korra asked Asami if she remembers "when we first met, and you took me racecar driving", though Korra first met Asami at the gala Tarrlok had thrown in her honor.
  • The color of the wingsuits' cuffs keeps changing from gray to yellow in the last few panels in the graphic novel.
  • Bolin and Mako's police officer gloves appear and disappear from one moment to another.
  • On page 19, Asami's thumb has Korra's skintone in the middle-right panel.
  • On page 23, the buttons on the left side of Wonyong's attire have vanished; they reappear on the following page.
  • On pages 27 and 74, Jinora is missing her glove and her hand tattoo.
  • On page 39, Pema's eyes are brown instead of green.
  • On page 42, Asami is suddenly wearing a green earring in her left ear, which she does not wear for the rest of the graphic novel.
  • On page 55, Kya's necklace disappeared in one panel.
  • On page 63, the seal of the United Republic of Nations is missing from Bolin's uniform.
  • On page 66, Asami is fighting a firebender in the upper panel but is nowhere to be seen in the center panel when the firebender and the other triad members run away.


  • The creation of the spirit portal in Republic City disrupted radio frequencies from working properly.
  • This is the first time in the run of either series that social views on same-sex couples are mentioned and explored.
  • Tokuga is the first known member of a bending triad to utilize chi-blocking, as well as the only human during Korra's time known to have been disfigured by a spirit.
  • The way the evacuees surround Korra and ask her superfluous questions is similar to how villagers approached Sokka, believing him to be the Avatar, and asked him for advice.[3]
  • On page 46, you can see the characters Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura from Naruto and Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon on the left front.[4]
  • Jinora fights a Triple Threat Triad firebender whose design is based on Irene Koh's boyfriend.[4]
  • On April 6, 2020, Dark Horse Comics conducted a live reading of Turf Wars Part One on Twitch, with Janet Varney and Seychelle Gabriel voicing their respective characters.[5] A second live reading, with Varney and Gabriel joined by fellow Korra voice actors P. J. Byrne, David Faustino, and Mindy Sterling, is due to take place on May 27.[6]


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