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Tulok was a waterbender pirate lord who led the Fifth Nation, an ethnically mixed people of corsairs, in the late 4th century BG.[1]


Tulok's family partially descended from the Southern Water Tribe and had served as heads of the Fifth Nation for several generations. As the Fifth Nation's fleet was very large, its command was split among Tulok and his brothers, who all answered to their father.[1] At some point, Tulok had a daughter, Tagaka, who became his lieutenant.[2]

After the early death of Avatar Kuruk in 312 BG, an old, weakened, and sick Tulok broke the treaty his grandfather had signed with Avatar Yangchen, stipulating that the Fifth Nation would leave the Earth Kingdom's southern coast in peace. When his followers started to raid the Earth Kingdom, Tulok was visited by one of Kuruk's former companions, Jianzhu, who requested that the pirates honor the old deal. Tulok just laughed at the request and spat blood on the ancient treaty.[2]

Soon after, Tulok's father led a part of the Fifth Nation's fleet on an expedition westward, out of their common turf in the Eastern Sea. After the splinter flotilla had rounded the Earth Kingdom's southern tip, it encountered the airbending master Kelsang, who summoned a massive storm to stop the pirates. The storm turned into a catastrophic typhoon that sunk most of the splinter fleet and killed much of Tulok's family, including all his brothers. As a result, he became the uncontested leader of the Fifth Nation though would remain terrified of Kelsang ever since. Fearing that the airbender always patrolled the western seas, Tulok never again dared to leave the Eastern Sea. Upon his death, leadership of the Fifth Nation passed to his daughter Tagaka.[1]


Like his father and daughter, Tulok was a waterbending master.[1]



Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Rise of Kyoshi[]

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Leader of the Fifth Nation
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