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Tu Zin is a small, abandoned village located near a mountainous region of the southern Earth Kingdom. It was the scene of a conflict between Team Avatar, Zuko and Iroh, and Azula. Located west of the Xishaan Mountains[2] and north of Zeizhou Province,[3] the settlement is situated in a small, deserted valley some distance from the expansive Si Wong Desert.


This boomtown quickly came to be after rare and valuable metals were discovered in the nearby mines. In a short amount of time, earthbenders from all over the Earth Kingdom came here to mine for the valuable metals. For years Tu Zin was a thriving town that flourished with commerce.[1] By the early 3rd century BG, Tu Zin was significant enough to serve as a landmark to define the borders of Zeizhou Province to its south.[3] Tu Zin's golden age ended when the mines dried up, however, and people began to leave. By the late Hundred Year War, all settlers had abandoned the town to search for new opportunities elsewhere in the Earth Kingdom, leaving behind several possessions and leaving the town to decay. The place became a deserted ghost town.[1]

In 100 AG, Avatar Aang arrived at this town while fleeing from Princess Azula. Sleep-deprived and exhausted, he finally faced her here and was moments away from fighting her when Prince Zuko interrupted their standoff. He too had been following the Avatar by trailing his sister. Both siblings were intent on capturing Aang for themselves and fought each other as they chased Aang through the rotting buildings.

Duel against Azula

Azula shielded herself from multiple attacks with blue fire.

After knocking out Zuko, Azula cornered Aang and was only stopped from her attempt to end him by the timely intervention of Aang's friends. Zuko's uncle, Iroh, also joined the fray, and soon Aang, his friends, Zuko, and Iroh were all battling Azula. They quickly cornered her and when she saw that she was overwhelmed, she "surrendered" to the group. This was just a diversion, however, and she blasted Iroh with her blue flames while they were distracted by her plea. The four remaining benders, Aang, Zuko, Katara, and Toph, attacked Azula simultaneously with their native elements, but Azula blocked the attack with a fire shield. The resulting explosion set most of the ruined town ablaze, allowing Azula to escape. Zuko furiously drove away the Avatar and his friends despite their attempts to help him heal Iroh.[4]

Afterward, Zuko cared for his wounded uncle in a ruined shack located on a hill outside of the city. This was also where Iroh continued Zuko's training, teaching him about the four nations and the redirection of lightning.[5]



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