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This article is about the criminal. For the merchant, see Tu.

Tu was a criminal who managed a storage for stolen goods in a Earth Kingdom village. He was an associate of Jiang's river pirates.


Around late 99 AG, Tu met his cousin Oh, who informed him of a hostile encounter with Team Avatar, relating that a "waterbender girl with hair loops" had stolen a valuable scroll from his crew.

In spring 100 AG, Tu was contacted by the river pirate Jiang and tasked with storing stolen medicine as well as Earth Kingdom Army uniforms while she was searching for a way to bypass a Fire Nation blockade of the nearby river. In accordance with their deal, Tu protected the goods for two weeks until Jiang arrived once more, informing him that she intended to take her cargo. He let her into his storage but reacted surprised and suspicious when Jiang told him that she had found a genuine waterbender to aid the mission.

Tu promptly addressed the young waterbender, threateningly stating that her kind was seldom seen in the southern Earth Kingdom and that she resembled the thief described by his cousin Oh. When the girl inquired if he was "suggesting something", Tu replied that he might. When noting that his cousin had told that the waterbending thief had been traveling with the Avatar, the girl threateningly launched an icicle at his desk, and matter-of-factly stated that she had no connection with the Avatar.

To defuse the situation, Jiang then intervened, telling Tu that the girl was one of the pirates and requesting that he help them to load the cargo onto some carts.[1]



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