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Iroh frequently played the tsungi horn.

The tsungi horn is a musical instrument used in the traditional music of the four nations. The curved and highly polished horn is cast from metal, and is believed to have originated in the Fire Nation.[1]


  • Iroh was a talented player of the tsungi horn. He played it once on board Zuko's ship,[2] and a second time in the Jasmine Dragon.[3]
  • Aang had some experience in playing the instrument, though he admitted to not being very good at it.[4]
  • Zuko was very gifted at playing the tsungi horn, however, he adamantly refused to play on his ship's music night.[5][6]
  • A member of The Flamey-Os played the instrument during the secret dance party in the beach cave.[4]


The real life counterparts in terms of appearance to the tsungi horn are the sousaphone and the French horn. The Track Team created the instrument's unique sound by superimposing characteristics of the trombone to the duduk,[7] a double reed instrument from Armenia, through a process called convolution.


  • The musical instrument is sometimes heard in the score during the series, usually when Team Avatar is in sudden danger, such as when they stole the waterbending scroll from the pirate ship boutique,[8] any time the Blue Spirit appears, and most often during Zuko's themes.
  • The tsungi horn appears on the show more often than any other instrument.


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