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Tsemo is a girl who developed airbending abilities following the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG. As one of the first new airbenders to actively seek out the Air Nation, she quickly proved to be a prodigy.[1]


After Harmonic Convergence, Tsemo gained airbending abilities. She was one of the first to actively seek out the Air Temple, and proved to be an excellent student, adopting traditional Air Nomad garb and styles to better speed up her training.

Only a short while after the failed invasion of the United Republic of Nations, she was considered to have almost attained the title of master. However, Tenzin was hesitant to give her the title, as despite her tremendous skill, she had not integrated that well into the Air Nation. She had not made many friends, as she was much more driven to train than to socialize. Tenzin tried to connect Tsemo with Avatar Korra and her own friends so she could see the value in being part of a larger community. Tsemo gravitated toward Asami Sato, who she saw as being driven toward training and excellence in the same way as herself.[1] At the same time, Tenzin tasked another new airbender called Rinzen with getting Tsemo to open up a bit and connect with the world.[2]


Tsemo is a naturally curious person and is naturally proud of herself. She values excellence in herself and in others; however, prioritizing training over socializing makes it hard for her to make friends.[1]


Tsemo is an airbending prodigy, and has proven to have enough skill to almost be named a master just a few years after joining the new Air Nation. Her fighting style involves using gusts of wind whipped from her fans.[1]


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