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The Triple Threat Triad headquarters is the base of operations for the Triple Threat Triad, Republic City's most notorious organized crime faction. It is disguised as a restaurant and located on a minor roadway near Central City Station.[1]


In 167 AG,[2] when Toza was a competitor in pro-bending, he came to the Triple Threat Triad headquarters to collect a bribe from Shady Shin, agreeing in return to throw that evening's match. Mako and Bolin were present at this exchange, and expressed differing opinions about the morality and justification of this covert act. Afterward, Shady Shin warned the siblings that if they could not collect enough bets to compensate for the ten thousand yuan bribe given to Toza, he would abandon them on the streets.[3]

Years later, Bolin agreed to help Shady Shin with some security work for the Triple Threats after being told he would receive compensation. However, when the two arrived at the headquarters, the group of mobsters was ambushed by a band of Equalists, who took the five present benders captive.

At that moment, Mako and Korra arrived at the headquarters in search of Bolin. While Mako sneaked up to the front door, cautiously peeking through one of the windows in the door, Korra forsook all discretion and walked right up to the door before brutally kicking it down. They discovered that the building was abandoned, with all the furniture having been pushed over. As Mako called for his brother, they heard the roar of an engine. Exiting the building through the back door, they were just in time to witness a group of Equalists take off with Bolin and several triad members.[1]

Six months after the Anti-bending Revolution, Mako and Asami ventured to the headquarters, seeking the triad's help in catching those who had been sabotaging Future Industries' shipment of mecha tanks to the Southern Water Tribe. They struck a deal with the triad's new leader, Viper, wherein Mako promised him that Korra would restore Shady Shin's waterbending abilities. Asami also promised a new line of vehicles from Future Industries in the group's deal.[4]


Located in downtown Republic City, the Triple Threat Triad headquarters looks much like the buildings that surround it. It is six stories tall and has a straight, dull gray facade with multiple windows on every floor save the first. The windows are rectangular with slightly rounded tops. The bottom-most floor has all the entryways, and the main entrance has steps that lead up to a small porch with a wooden floor, roof, railing and door, which has two diamond-shaped windows. The door can easily be knocked down, as demonstrated by Korra. Thugs usually guard this doorway.

Inside triad headquarters

The first floor of the building is relatively simple in design, with many wooden tables and chairs.

The first floor of the building's interior has many wooden tables and chairs. The tables are circular and have four legs. There is generally at least one chair to a table, although they are often of differing sizes and designs. This floor has a back entrance that opens to an alleyway sidewalk.

The walls and ceilings of the building are filled with grand and ornate designs, typically of orange, green, or brown color. A rectangular design pattern is common on the walls of the first story. The design patterns of the ceiling are more squared-off and simplistic, consisting of brown lines and an orange background. Although most patterns are geometric and have symmetry, some tend to be more circular, wavy, and irregular. A large circle is painted on the wall of the first floor, and a curved line is above it. This floor has at least two mirrors.[1]


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