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This article is about the title. For the princess met by Team Avatar, see Yue.
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Yue was the princess of the Northern Water Tribe until 100 AG.

Tribal Princess is the title held by the daughter of the Northern Water Tribe's chief. This title most recently belonged to Eska, the daughter of the late Chief Unalaq. In the final years of the Hundred Year War, the title was held by Yue, daughter of Chief Arnook. The princess resides in the Northern Water Tribe Royal Palace.[2]

The Tribal Princess has questionable power and rights. Although her position grants a significant measure of cultural prominence and the ability to influence her people, it is beyond social standards for the princess to even make decisions regarding personal issues. For example, marriages are arranged, a practice that is held to high regard and considered a moral obligation for the princess. The Tribal Princess is not guided by a procession of guards or carried in a palanquin, unlike the Fire Nation Princess. However, she is often attended by a group of servants; Yue was frequently transported across the city in a boat by a waterbender.[2]

Like the Chief himself, the Tribal Princess does not have the same power that the royalty of the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom have, a result of the tribe's weak political structure. She is, however, a great influence to her tribe as Yue described her ceremonial role as "a duty to her people".[2]

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  • Yue was the daughter of the Northern Tribal Chief, while Katara and Sokka were the children of Hakoda, the Southern Tribal Chief. Even though they held this title, with Sokka even calling himself the prince of the Southern Water Tribe in an attempt to impress Yue, a claim Katara found laughable, they were still considered mere peasants compared to the family of the chief of the Northern tribe.


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