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Toph, as the only person on the team who can repair the broken path of rock, must lead her friends across the Serpent's Pass while wary of the serpent's cries, which can shake rock walls and destroy the path ahead.


  • Up arrow key – Jump
  • Down arrow key – Destroy one block of rock beneath Toph (additional information below)
  • Left arrow key – Move leftward
  • Right arrow key – Move rightward
  • "1", "2", or "3" – Create or repair one block beneath Toph (additional information below)


Trials of Serpent's Pass characters

It is up to Toph to protect the game's characters.

Toph, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Than, Ying, and Than's sister begin the game standing on a single ledge. It is Toph's duty to assure her companions' safety by guiding them across the Serpent's Pass; however, no one but she can advance unless the path on which they walk is even. In order to make the path even, Toph must stand atop the rocks that are not on the same level as her friends and either raise them or lower them accordingly. If the rock that Toph must handle is above the plane on which her friends stand, the player is made to press the down arrow key while Toph stands on the rock until it is level; adversely, if the rock that Toph must handle is below, the player must rapidly press the "1", "2", or "3" key. Doing so raises the gauge of chi in Toph's body. When this gauge is full, the rock will rise one level. Each key produces a different formation of rock: "1" creates a square block, "2" a triangle rightward-sloping, and "3" a triangle leftward-sloping. These different rock formations come in handy based on the situation.

Every block of rock is subject to crumble while a character stands upon it, thus creating a division in the path that Toph must repair. This occurrence is not a complete detractor for the player; hidden randomly within these rocks are tokens, which have an in-depth explanation in the below section.

Level stats screen

Points per level are totaled on the Level Stats screen.

When Toph has done whatever was necessary to level the rocks to her companions' path, the party will advance to the left end of the screen, where, once every character has reached it, the level ends and the player is taken to the Level Stats screen. Points are awarded per character who made it to the end of the level; the amount of points is decided by how long it took for each character to make it to the end. If the entire level is completed quickly, the game awards the player a "Challenge Bonus". The combined total makes up the player's points.

If any character reaches the lowest level of rock and falls into the lake below, the game is over and the player has lost. The blocks of rock below the characters' feet is, as earlier mentioned, subject to crumbling; keeping these rocks from falling to low levels is crucial to keeping every character from hitting the lake.


Different tokens with unique properties are located beneath rocks throughout the game and can be collected to benefit Toph on her journey. These tokens and their uses are:

  • Earth Token – Toph's chi level grows more swiftly when the player presses the "1", "2", or "3" key, making it so that less time is necessary to create new blocks of rock.
  • Air Token – Aang will rescue one person in the group when the character would normally die: falling into the lake. Three Air Tokens can be held by Toph at one time; Toph begins the game holding two.
  • Clock Token – The timer stops for a short period of time, allowing the player to gain more points upon victory of a level.
  • Gold Token – The player's number of points increases.

Only Air Tokens can become inventory; the other three immediately take effect when Toph makes contact with them. Furthermore, contact with tokens by characters other than Toph does nothing – only when Toph touches them do they go into effect.


Sokka glitched into rock

The glitch leaves Sokka stuck in suspended animation.

Sometimes when Toph raises a rock from beneath her feet while another character stands on the same rock, the other character will remain at the same level he or she was at before the rock was raised, causing him or her to remain in suspended animation until the player moves Toph back to the rock above which stands the frozen character and lowers the rock until Toph is level with him or her again. Raising the rock at this point will usually return the glitched character to his or her normal state.

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