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The Triad of the Golden Wing was a daofei gang that dominated organized crime activities in Ba Sing Se's Lower Ring around 295 BG. Founded and led by the former second-in-command of the Yellow Necks, Mok, the triad consisted of former rural bandits as well as urban criminals who ran protection rackets and factually ruled the entire city block of Loongkau. With the secret and duplicitous assistance of Earth Kingdom minister Wo, the Triad of the Golden Wing quickly grew powerful until it was tracked down and destroyed in a raid by Avatar Kyoshi. Its members were consequently apprehended by Ba Sing Se's "peace officers".[1]


The triad was autocratically led by Mok, who was assisted by a number of so-called "elders", most importantly his long-time associate Wai. Gang members were ranked according to the time they had spent in the triad as well as achievements; senior daofei were granted a number of perks such as access to better-quality weaponry. The long-time triad members mostly relied on axes and hatchets, while junior members often had to use whatever was available, including rusty and unwieldy dao broadswords.[1]

Notable members


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