Treetop Trouble is an online game hosted by It revolves around the first book of Avatar: The Last Airbender, specifically the tenth episode, "Jet".


Sokka, having escaped from his Freedom Fighter captors, must navigate through the forest and make it to the Fire Nation occupied village before the exploded dam drowns its residents. To accomplish this mission, Sokka has to dodge archers' arrows as well as evade Jet's grasp.


  • Up arrow key – Climb up ropes
  • Down arrow key:
    • Crouch
    • Climb down ropes
  • Left arrow key – Move left
  • Right arrow key – Move right
  • Left and right arrow keys – Escape from Jet (additional information below)
  • Space-bar – Jump
  • Ctrl – Throw boomerang (additional information below)
  • "P" – Pause the game


Sokka begins the game with seven lives. A life is lost each time Sokka falls from a platform. In addition, a time meter, depicted as a trail of gunpowder leading to explosives, measures the amount of time Sokka has to complete the game. The game ends automatically when time runs out or when Sokka loses all of his lives.

Treetop Trouble gameplay

Sokka throws his boomerang.

Along the way to Gaipan, archers will shoot arrows at Sokka, knocking him back and possibly pushing him from cliffs. Sokka can attack these archers with his boomerang; the boomerang can also be used to free vines that allow Sokka to travel across pitfalls. At certain times, Jet will appear and try to capture Sokka; the player can get Sokka to escape from Jet by pressing the left and right arrow keys repeatedly. If Sokka evades Jet's capture, Jet will simply disappear.

Sokka can collect golden, boomerang-shaped object for extra points. Also available are hourglasses which freeze the countdown, granting Sokka extra time to complete the level. At certain points, Sokka will reach checkpoints, usually marked by a sign. If Sokka loses a life, he will be returned to the most recent checkpoint, instead of starting at the beginning.

At the end of game, the total points will be displayed. If the game was completed successfully, two bonuses will be added on: one for the time it took to complete the game, and a second, larger bonus for warning the village.

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