Fire Nation emblem

The trebuchet operators were large, muscular mercenaries hired by Admiral Zhao for the Siege of the North.[1] They worked on the decks of Fire Nation ships, where their strength was used to load the trebuchet nets with heavy boulders. They carried large hammers that were used to fire the trebuchets, which also came in handy as weapons.[2]


Trebuchet operators

The operators defending their trebuchet against Aang.

When Aang went to disable one of the ships during the Siege of the North, he first destroyed the five trebuchets that the operators were supposed to man. Aang destroyed the first trebuchet by sending an air blast down from the top of it. The second one was destroyed by putting a hammer in the chain so that it created a hole in the ship once launched. Aang destroyed the third and the fourth by tying the nets of the trebuchets together so that when the trebuchet in front launched, the one behind it smashed into the one in front. Aang was about to destroy the fifth one with a hammer, but was stopped by the leader of the trebuchet operators, who swung his hammers around on chains. Aang dodged the leader of the trebuchet operator's hammers for a while until Appa came, picked up the leader, and dropped him into the water. Waterbenders quickly thrusted an iceberg spike through the ship, suspending it in the air, before finally destroying the last trebuchet.[3]



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