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The trebuchet operators were large, muscular mercenaries hired by Admiral Zhao for the Siege of the North in early 100 AG.[2] They worked on the decks of Fire Nation cruisers, where their strength was used to load the trebuchet nets with heavy boulders. They carried large hammers that were used to fire the trebuchets, which also came in handy as weapons.[3]


Trebuchet operators

The operators defending their trebuchet against Aang.

These operators were hired by Admiral Zhao to man the trebuchets that adorned the Fire Nation ships during their naval assault on the Northern Water Tribe in early 100 AG. After firing a volley of fireballs at the city, the operators were confronted by Aang, who immediately swept several off their feet with a blast of airbending. Seeing their compatriots incapacitated, several other operators prepared to attack the Avatar with their hammers, but their attacks were quickly dodged by Aang and instead resulted in the destruction of two trebuchets. The remaining operators attempted to contain the Avatar, but they were unable to do as he destroyed two more machines and caused significant damage to their ship. The leader of the trebuchet operators, Kukick, confronted Aang as he attempted to destroy a fifth machine. Using his two chained sledgehammers, Kukick struck several blows that the Avatar was able to dodge, until he successfully trapped Aang against a beam from the remaining trebuchet. Kukick's success was short-lived, however, due to the arrival of Appa, who promptly lifted Kukick into the air and dropped him into the water.[4]



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