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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Republic City is at war! After discovering that her father, Hiroshi Sato, is working with the enemy, Asami turns against him, and following another defeat at the hands of the Equalists, Lin Beifong resigns as Chief of Police. With the Equalist army growing stronger, who will help the Avatar stop Amon and restore balance to the city?
The episode opens with a ferry sailing toward Air Temple Island. Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin, leaning slightly over the railing with Pabu perched on his shoulder. He looks toward the island with an excited look upon his face. Mako and Asami, her arm wrapped around Mako, are standing behind Bolin, watching the island as well. Cut to a far off shot of Air Temple Island and the ferry pulls up at the port. The scene switches to a back shot of Korra, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo standing on the dock, waving at the people on the boat. Naga stands on the dock as well.
Ikki [Excitedly.] You're finally here! [One Air Acolyte throws the anchor in the water while two others let down the ramp to allow the passengers to get off the boat.] Welcooome to Air Temple Island. [Close-up of Ikki's face.] Your new home.
Meelo [Cut to Meelo.] Yes, welcome to [Pointing at himself.] my domain.
Bolin [Frontal shot; Bolin is carrying his duffel bag over his right shoulder, and Mako and Asami descend the ramp behind him.] Well, aren't you sweet, [Slightly leans forward.] little monk child.
Pabu jumps down from Bolin's shoulder and runs in between Meelo's legs before running to the right. Meelo bends over and looks through his legs at Pabu. He stands erect again.
Meelo [Pointing at Pabu.] What's that fuzzy creature?
Pabu and Naga sniff each other's nose; Pabu erects himself on his hind legs, and gently touches Naga's nose with his left front paw.
Jinora [Voice-over.] That is a fire ferret. [Frontal shot of her and Meelo as Jinora recites the facts with a finger up in the air.] An arboreal mammal common [Turns toward her brother.] to the bamboo forests of the central Earth Kingdom.
Ikki [Jumps out from behind Jinora; gasps in delight.] He's cuuuute!
Ikki squees and runs off screen toward Pabu. Meelo airbends upward while an irritated Jinora plugs her ears by putting a finger into each of her ears to silence Ikki's shrieks. Cut to Pabu who hisses at Ikki and runs under Naga. The girl follows suit as she continues giggling with joy. Meelo descends down to jump on Naga's head, grabbing and pulling the polar bear dog's ears backward.
Meelo [To Naga.] Yip yip! Fly sky bison! Fly!
Naga does not react to Meelo's antics and Ikki continues to chase Pabu around the dock. Cut to Korra looking at the children.
Mako [Walks toward Korra.] Thanks for sending the Air Acolytes to help us with the move.
Asami [Agreeing with Mako.] Yes, they've been amazing. [Places a hand up with praise.] Such tireless workers.
Cut to a side view of the boat as are seen two Air Acolytes carrying several trunks of luggage. They are heard them grunting as they walk down the ramp.
Korra [Looking at the large stack of cases in surprise as the pair carry them off the boat.] Oh, I thought you were only bringing a [The pair of Air Acolytes stumble a bit causing the luggage to threaten to topple onto her while Korra reacts slightly by shrieking that word but the Air Acolytes manage to balance themselves in time.] few things.
Mako Trust me, [The Air Acolytes re-orientate themselves and they walk toward the island.] it could've been worse.
Korra No problem, everyone here wants you guys to feel welcome.
Cut to the gates of Air Temple Island. Naga playfully chases Pabu around as the group strolls behind them and walks toward the temple. Ikki runs around with her hands outstretched as she sings and hums gleefully. Cut to a side view shot of Asami, Mako, and Jinora. Asami looks down at Meelo with confusion as he grins at her.
Meelo You're pretty, can I have some of your hair? [Holds out his hand.]
Mako [To Asami; jokingly while winking.] Looks like I have some competition.
Ikki [Lifts her hands up as they stopped walking.] And now for the grand tour. [Speaks quickly as she points at each area.] The flying bison sleep in those caves down there. [Turns around.] And that's the temple Grandpa Aang built. [Turns around.] And that's the greenhouse where we grow the vegetables we eat. [Turns around to grin at them. The teens turn their heads back toward Ikki; cut to a close up of the airbender with a wide smile on her face.]
Bolin I have a couple of questions. [Ikki stop smiling and looks at him as he tries to mimic her quick talk.] Is this an all vegetarian island? [Points at a direction.] Is that where you train airbending? [Grabs his shirt.] Do we have to wear Air Acolyte clothes? Do we each get our own sky bison? And final question, how many trees are on this island? [Bends down to look at Ikki.]
Ikki [Thinks and answers quickly with her hands behind her back while rocking back and forth slightly.] Yes. Yes. No. No. Ten thousand five hundred and fifty two. [Long pause from the others as they blink at Ikki in surprise.]
Mako So, where are we going to be staying?
Meelo You're a boy. [They turn toward Meelo.] Boys have to stay on the boys' side.
Jinora [Puts her hands together.] I'd be happy to show you to the men's dormitory. [Jinora and Mako walk away.]
Bolin I'm a boy! [Follows the pair.]
Korra Meelo, why don't you go with the boys too?
Meelo [Looks up at Asami and moves away.] We shall meet again soon, beautiful woman. [Runs after the brothers and Jinora.]
Korra [To Asami as they walk.] Ikki and I will take you to your room this way.
Scene changes to show the outside of the girls dormitory before changing to the corridors where Korra, Asami and Ikki are walking.
Ikki [To Asami.] Asami, did you know Korra likes Mako?
Korra stops in her tracks as her eyes grow wide open in horror. Cut to the inside of her head as her face contorts in a dramatic background where Korra inhumanly screams at Ikki in horror, fire burning and lightning striking behind her before returning to reality. Korra looks around with fear as Asami looks uncomfortable with the topic.
Asami [Surprised.] Oh. [Shifts her eyes around.] Uh, no. I wasn't completely aware of that.
Korra grabs Asami's arm and drags her further along the corridor. Back shot of Korra as she slides open the doors, and moves to the side, smiling and gesturing to Asami in an inviting manner to enter the room. As Asami enters, Ikki walks up to the room to follow them, but Korra goes in after Asami and turns around, glaring at Ikki while slamming the doors shut in front of her, making her step back.
Ikki [Surprised and angrily.] Hey!
Korra [From behind the door; just as angrily.] Run along, Ikki!
Ikki looks down and moans sadly. Suddenly, she looks up and acts out like an angry cat with glowing white eyes, making some cat noises as she claws at the air before growling at the doors and folding her arms in annoyance while looking away. Inside the room, Korra sighs and scratches her head awkwardly.
Korra [Sighs.] So, [Walks toward Asami.] here's your room. [Camera pans to show the room.] I know this is a little rustic compared to what you're used to.
Asami I think it's really charming [Walks to the window.] and the best part about it, nothing here reminds me of my father. [Turns her head to look at Korra.] Thank you for your hospitality. [Someone bangs on the door.]
Korra [Annoyed; Asami's eyes widen at Korra's outburst.] Ikki! I swear [Turns slightly to face and point at the door.] if you don't leave us alone, I'm gonna- [Tenzin slides open the doors. Cut to Korra's blanched out face; slightly higher pitched tone.] Uh, Tenzin! [Closes eyes in embarrassment; attempt at normal voice.] Come right in.
Tenzin [Side-shot as he walks toward them.] Good day, ladies. Asami, welcome to the island.
Asami [Bowing down at Tenzin.] Thank you for having me. [Tenzin bows down to her.]
Tenzin [To Korra.] Beifong's replacement, Saikhan, is going to be inducted as the new Chief of Police later. I think we should both be there.
Cut to the outside of the Police Headquarters, a large crowd standing at the front with Saikhan at the podium.
Saikhan It was an honor serving under Chief Beifong for so many years [Cut to a close-up on him along with the councilmen and policemen.] and I wish her a speedy recovery. It is with great humility that I take her place as the new Chief of Police. Republic City is facing a threat like none the world has ever seen but there is one man who's been effective against Amon's revolution, Councilman Tarrlok. [Tarrlok nods his head as reporters take his picture.] That is why for all matters involving the Equalists, I will report directly to him. [Korra and Tenzin turn their heads to Tarrlok with surprise.] The police department will lend any and all available resources to the councilman and his task force [Slams his fist down on the podium.] until we quell this insurgency.
Korra [To Tenzin.] What is that weasel snake Tarrlok up to now?
They look at Tarrlok with disdain, and the camera cuts to a shot of the council chairman. Cut to an overview shot of the police headquarters, before focusing on Tarrlok again. As the crowd disperses after the inauguration, he gives the Fire Nation councilwoman a hands, who leaves with the other council members; he bows after them in their direction.
Tenzin [To Tarrlok; accusingly.] Tarrlok, I don't know what you did to get Chief Saikhan in your pocket but I highly doubt it was legal.
Tarrlok Oh, Tenzin. [Turns to him.] Always the conspiracy theorist. Did you ever consider Saikhan simply recognizes my talents and wants what is best for this city? [Tenzin grunts in disgust as Korra walks toward them.] Well, Avatar Korra. Long time, no see. Now that your little pro-bending distractions are over, I look forward to your return to my task force.
Korra Ha! [Folds her arms.] Forget it! There's no way I'm rejoining your vanity project.
Tarrlok That is unfortunate to hear, but I'm sure you'll come to your senses as you have in the past.
Korra Don't hold your breath, bub. [Pointing at Tarrlok.] You know, Tenzin's been right about you all along. [Points at herself.] You played me, [Points out in the distance.] you played Beifong, [Points at Tarrlok again.] and now you're playing the new Chief too. [Swipes her hand aside, and walks up to Tarrlok.] Well, I got news for you. [Points at him.] You need me, [Points to herself.] but I don't need you. I'm the Avatar.
Tarrlok [Side-view; somewhat scornfully and mockingly.] You're not, in fact, the Avatar. [Korra's face softens with surprise; cut to a frontal shot of Tarrlok.] You are merely a half-baked Avatar in training, which reminds me, how is your airbending going? [Side-view of Korra's face, as she looks at him with a sad expression.] Made any significant progress with that? [Korra looks down in defeat, clenching her teeth; close-up of a smug Tarrlok.] I didn't think so. [Frontal shot of a dejected Korra as Tarrlok turns away; somewhat angrily.] If you will not be part of my task force, then you had best stay out of my way.
He leaves as Tenzin places his hand on Korra's shoulder to comfort her, as she looks in Tarrlok's direction in anger. Aerial shot of Oogi flying over Republic City. Closer shot of Korra sitting on the saddle.
Korra [Frustrated.] I don't understand what's wrong with me. I've memorized nearly all of the practice forms, but I still can't produce a single measly puff of air! [Downcast.] I'm a failure.
Tenzin [Frontal shot of him holding the reins.] No you're not. You just need to work through this airbending block.
Korra [Sarcastically.] Amazing advice. I'll get right on that.
Tenzin [Slightly annoyed.] I wasn't finished yet. You see, Aang not only had his bending teachers, but also his past lives to call upon for guidance. Have you ever made contact with your past lives?
Korra No, of course I haven't. Didn't you get the memo from the White Lotus? I'm a spiritual failure, too.
Tenzin You may have made a connection without realizing it. [Close shot of Korra.] Perhaps something you mistook as a dream?
Korra Maybe. I had a few weird hallucinations, [Shot of Tenzin from the back.] but I hardly even remember them.
Tenzin [Turns toward Korra in surprise.] And did you see any previous Avatars in these visions?
Korra I saw Aang. It seemed like he was in trouble. What do you think it means?
Tenzin Hmm, I don't know. [Strokes his beard.] But I urge you to meditate on these visions. [Further shot of the sky bison flying toward Air Temple Island.] I believe Aang's spirit must be trying to tell you something.
Fade to evening as the camera points toward Avatar Aang's statue. The scene turns into night time as the camera pans to show Korra sitting on the ledge on Air Temple Island, staring at the statue of Aang on Memorial island, tears rolling down her cheeks.
Mako [Searches for her; off-screen.] Korra? You out here?
Korra turns her head toward the voice and wipes away her tears as Pabu comes out from the bushes. Cut to a bush as Pabu's head peeks out and chirps.
Bolin [Yelling off-screen as Pabu runs toward her and climbs onto Korra's shoulder, wrapping himself around her.] Korraaa!
The ferret stops in front of Korra and starts licking away her tears. Bolin, Asami, and Mako find her and Pabu runs back to Bolin and climbs up onto his shoulder.
Bolin There you are. [Reaches down so Pabu can climb onto him; worried.] Are you okay?
Korra [Trying to act normal and shrugs.] I'm fine.
Mako [Persistently.] Come on, what's wrong? You can tell us.
Korra [Cut to a close-up of Korra as she sighs.] How am I suppose to save this city when I can't even learn airbending? [Turns her head.] I'm the worst Avatar ever! [Turns her head back and hangs her head down.] I just feel ... alone.
Asami [Cut to a close-up of Asami and Mako.] No, that's nonsense! You're amazing!
Mako [Agreeing with Asami.] Yeah and remember. Aang hadn't mastered all the elements when he was battling the Fire Nation. He was just a little kid.
Bolin [Pipes in.] And he wasn't alone. He had his friends to help him. Look, the arena might be shut down but we're still a team. The new Team Avatar!
Mako We got your back Korra, and we can save this city. [Asami, Bolin and Mako place their hands on each other.] Together.
Korra [Stand up, encouraged.] Yeah, let's do it!
Places her hand on top and Meelo suddenly descends and airbends down, farting on top on their hands as they express their shock and disgust by widening their eyes.
Meelo [Raises his arm, grinning.] Yeah, let's do it! [Continues to fart while speaking in confusion.] What are we doing? [The new team laughs heartily while Meelo grins goofily.]
Scene changes to the gates of the temple to a night view of Republic City as the camera slowly pans out to reveal Bolin looking at the city.
Bolin [In a deep, dramatic voice.] Get ready, Republic City. [Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin as the rest assemble. Korra leads Naga next to Bolin and Mako stands on the other side.] You are about to be patrolled by Team Avatar.
Mako [Asami approaches the team wielding an electrified glove.] Asami, you always know how to accessorize your outfits.
Asami I figure one way to fight Equalists is to use an Equalist weapon. [Conducts electricity from the glove.]
Korra All right, [Punches palm.] Let's ride.
Camera pans out to reveal Mako, Asami, and Korra already seated on Naga.
Bolin [Jumps onto Naga.] Naga away!
Naga bends down, causing the New Team Avatar to slide off her and fall on top of each other. Naga growls and shakes her head. Cut to an embarrassed Korra as she stands up and places her hand on her head. She narrows her eyes in dismay as they look to the side.
Korra All right, scratch that. [Turns to her team.] Any other ideas?
Asami [Cut to Asami as she stands up and flips her hair.] Hmm. [Rests a hand on her chin in thought.] I think I have the answer.
A garage opens, the headlights from a car shining on Mako, Bolin, and Korra. Asami starts up the car and drives out of the garage. The car swerves and stops in front of them.
Asami You think this'll do?
Mako, Bolin, and Korra smile at her and they all jump into the car.
Mako [Impressed.] I like the new Team Avatar's style.
Asami changes gears and they drive off to patrol the city. The radio begins to speak.
Police dispatcher Unit two sixteen, cancel that ten fifty-eight at Harmony Tower. Come back to the station, over. [Cuts off.]
Asami My dad had police scanners installed in all of his cars. I guess now I know why.
Police dispatcher Calling all units, Level Four Alert. Jailbreak at headquarters. Officers down, electrocuted. Chi-blockers and Equalist convicts are still at large armed and dangerous. [The team looks at the radio with intent.] Last seen heading east. I repeat, Level Four Alert. Equalist jailbreak! [Asami stops the car as a truck and several Equalist motorcyclists rush through the traffic.]
Bolin [Shouts.] Chi-blockers!
Mako [Yelling.] That's them! [Camera zooms in quickly.]
Korra [Pointing to her left.] Let's get 'em!
Asami changes gears and begins the car chase. Cars twirl and stop from crashing into the truck as it plows through the street. Asami dodges the cars and still tails the chi-blockers but a massive truck blocks their way.
Asami Korra! Bolin! Give me a ramp! Now!
Korra and Bolin earthbend a massive ramp that sends the car soaring into the air before landing safely, resuming their chase. Mako uses his lightning and strikes one of the chi-blocker's motorcycle, making the chi-blocker fall to the ground. Bolin earthbends earth darts, hitting the wheel of another motorcycle, causing the chi-blocker to fall. Asami dodges the fallen cyclist. The rest of the chi-blockers begin to use a smoke screen and move right in front of them. Not being able to see, Asami puts on her goggles and notices the chi-blockers turning to the right.
Asami Help me out! We gotta make this turn!
Korra and Bolin earthbend a giant, angled curve, making the car swerve up before landing back onto the street and they resume the chase.
Asami They don't know we made the turn. Okay, get ready.
Asami changes gears and the car gains speed to ram the motorcyclists, flinging them into the air before landing on top of the bonnet. Mako firebends but his arm is wrapped up by the Equalist's bola. Mako uses his other arm, but it becomes wrapped up as well. The other Equalist jumps in front of Bolin and chi-blocks his arm before he can even attack, making him the fall back into his seat with pain. Asami electrocutes the chi-blocker with her glove, causing the Equalist to fall onto the back seat.

The first Equalist attempts to pull Mako out of his seat, but Korra grabs his shoulders and pulls him down, causing the Equalist to fall over onto the car, where Asami electrocutes him. Mako chucks the unconscious Equalist to the back and prepares to do another lightning strike. Asami drives the car closer to the truck so the driver is visible and Mako shoots his lightning at the driver. The driver becomes unconscious and the truck begins to swerve before tumbling to its sides, hitting the lamp post before it stopped. Photos are taken by reporters as the team waits for the police to arrive. Korra smiles as Tarrlok approaches them.

Tarrlok [Sternly.] Avatar Korra, what do you think you are doing?
Korra [Mockingly.] Oh, hey Tarrlok. Nice of you to show up finally. Here, we captured the escaped convicts for you.
Tarrlok [Angered.] What you did was tear up the city and impede the real authorities in their pursuit of these criminals.
Korra [Raises one eyebrow.] Hmm, that's funny. [Places her finger on her cheek.] I didn't see your little task force or the cops the whole time. [Folds her arms and she looks away.] If it wasn't for Team Avatar, [Inspects her fingers.] they would've gotten away.
Tarrlok [Points at her in fury.] This is your last warning. Stay out of my way! [He turns back and drives away while Team Avatar smiles in victory.]
Cut to the outside City Hall.
Tarrlok [Voice-over.] Republic City stands as a beacon of freedom, but the Equalists are using that freedom to tear it down. [Changes to show Tarrlok speaking to the council.] The law I have proposed would make it illegal for anyone to be a member of the Equalists or even be associated with them. It also puts into effect a curfew, ensuring all nonbenders are in their own homes by nightfall.
Tenzin This is going too far, Tarrlok! [Stands up.] You can't punish all nonbenders for the actions of a few! [Swings his hand on to the side.]
Tarrlok [Shot back.] That kind of cowardice will cause our city to fall into Amon's hands. We must pass this law. All in favor? [The councilmen raise their hands as Tenzin sighs angrily while Tarrlok smiles mischievously.]
Changes to the streets of Republic City where Team Avatar are resting and eating their dumplings, when the radio suddenly starts buzzing.
Police dispatcher All available units, please respond to the fifty six hundred block of Dragon Flats borough. Equalists have taken to the streets, consider them armed and dangerous. Proceed with caution. [Team Avatar moves into the car. Bolin jumps besides Asami.]
Bolin I call front!
Mako [Lets Korra go first.] After you.
Korra What a gentleman, [Mako helps Korra into the car.] thanks!
Both jump into the car, smiling at each other as Asami adjusts the mirrors, narrowing her eyes at them in disdain before starting the car and driving off to the Dragon Flats borough, where police airships are circling around an area plunged in darkness.
Korra Why is the power out?
The car swerves around the corner and stops. Asami takes off her goggles as they look at hundreds of nonbenders protesting at the metalbending police officers who are holding them behind a blockade.
Asami [Confused.] Wait a second, these people aren't armed or dangerous.
Korra [Concerned.] Sure doesn't look that way. [They turn to see Saikhan speaking through a microphone.]
Saikhan All nonbenders, return to your homes immediately.
Male #1 Yeah, as soon as you turn our power back on. [Cries of protests in agreement began to stir.]
Saikhan Disperse, or you will all be arrested.
Female #1 [Holding a child.] You benders can't treat us this way! [Her other child tugs at her skirt and points at Korra.]
Child #1 Mummy, look! It's the Avatar! [People turn around and rush toward Korra.]
Female #1 [To Korra.] Please, help us! You're our Avatar, too!
Korra [Looking at the people in sadness, she strides forward, pushing two metalbender officers aside.] Everyone, please stay calm. I'm gonna put a stop to this. [Turns along with her friends as they search for Tarrlok who is talking to a task force member.] Tarrlok, you need to turn the power back on and leave these people alone.
Tarrlok [Sternly.] Avatar Korra, you and your playmates have no business here.
Korra We're not going anywhere. You don't have the right to treat these innocent people like criminals.
Tarrlok [Lifts his hand.] This is an Equalist rally. [Points at the people.] There is nothing innocent about it.
Asami [Stand up to him.] They're not Equalists, they're just normal people who want their rights back.
Tarrlok [Furiously.] They are the enemy! [To the metalbending offices.] Round up all these Equalists!
Metalbending officers begin to earthbend, removing the legs from the barriers and forcing the people back as they coil the barriers around them. The metalbenders slam their legs into the ground, causing large mounds of earth to rise underneath the nonbenders, lifting them off the ground. Fear begins to spread through those not caught, and they start running away. The police force prepares to put people into the police trucks, while Team Avatar looks on aghast.
Korra [Running toward the people.] Stop!
Korra earthbends the mounds of earth down so every one can escape. Tarrlok snarls at her, and turns to see Asami watching her. He bends a water whip to grab onto Asami's wrist. Asami turns and looks up at him.
Asami [Angrily as she struggles to be free.] Hey! Let me go!
Tarrlok [Shouting.] You're under arrest!
Mako [Shocked.] What? [Points at him.] You can't do that!
Tarrlok [Asami is grabbed by the task force.] Actually, I can. She's a nonbender out past curfew [Pointing at Asami.] and her father is a known Equalist conspirator.
Mako [Furiously.] Let her go!
Tarrlok [To the metalbending officers while pointing at the brothers.] Arrest him and his brother! [The metalbending officers coil their cables around the brothers and pull them in.]
Korra [Shouts angrily.] Tarrlok! [She earthbends two massive rocks on either side of her.]
Tarrlok Unless you want to join your friends in prison, I suggest you put those down and go back to the Air Temple.
Mako Korra, listen to him. It's not worth it. [Korra reluctantly drops the rocks back down.]
Bolin [As the brothers walk into the police truck.] We'll be all right.
Korra [Calling back.] Don't worry, I'll call Tenzin. He can get you out. [Mako walks into the police truck, and looks up at Korra before the doors close on him. Korra looks on in dismay.]
Tarrlok So sad to see your little Team Avatar broken up. You had a good run.
Korra [Pointing at him.] This isn't over, Tarrlok.
Tarrlok Oh, I believe it is. [To the drivers.] Take them away. [Korra looks at the trucks before looking down in regret.]
Scene changes to the Police Headquarters, moving down to show Tenzin walking up to the front doors. He walks up toward Korra, who attempts to talk to the person behind the counter without success.
Korra [Calls out to get that person back.] Hey! [Fists hit the counter.]
Tenzin I came as fast as I could. Are your friends all right?
Korra [Frustrated.] I don't know! These knuckleheads won't tell me anything.
Tenzin [Reassuring her.] I'll take care of this. [Spots Saikhan walking. Saikhan notices Tenzin, and tries to walk away.] Saikhan, a word please.
Saikhan [Turns to them.] Councilman Tenzin, I'm pretty swamped at the moment. Can this wait?
Tenzin No, it cannot. Three of Avatar Korra's friends were wrongly arrested tonight. I'd like you to release them immediately.
Saikhan They're not going anywhere. They were interfering with police business.
Korra Your so called police business was rounding up innocent people and claiming they were Equalists. They should be released, too.
Saikhan All Equalists suspects are being detained indefinitely. They'll be freed if and when the task force deems they are no longer a threat.
Tenzin Those people are entitled to due process under the law.
Saikhan You'll have to take that up with Councilman Tarrlok.
Tenzin [Raises his pointer finger.] Oh, I plan to. At the council meeting, first thing in the morning. [Close-up of Saikhan's narrowing eyes.]
Korra [Cut to side-view of Saikhan and Korra, who points at the former.] You're officially the worst Chief of Police ever! [Places her hand to grip his chin, moving his head up and down.]
Tenzin [Grabs Korra away.] Calm down, Korra. [Cut to shot of Korra, Tenzin, and Saikhan's back.] I'll get this sorted out, we just need to be patient. [Cut to a side view of all three. Korra and Tenzin turn and start to walk away before Tenzin stops and turns.] But you really are the worst! [As he turns the leave again, he once more quickly turns back and points at Saikhan.] Ever! [Both he and Korra walk away.]
Cut to Air Temple Island where it is snowing. Korra lies on her bed, angry at herself and opens the window to look at Republic City. She turns to Naga.
Korra [Whispering.] Wake up, Naga. [Squats next to her.] Let's go.
Scene changes to City Hall. Korra rides on Naga as they come closer to the building. Korra slips down from Naga.
Korra [To Naga.] Wait for me here, girl. [Naga moves her head with concern, but Korra rubs her head against hers.] Don't worry, I'll be all right.
She walks away. Scene changes to show Tarrlok working with the council page before the window bursts open, blowing papers everywhere. You can see a decorative waterfall behind Tarrlok and the council page. They look up to see Korra standing at the window.
Korra [Sternly.] You and I need to talk. [Korra jumps in and walks up to Tarrlok, who's face contorts with anger.]
Tarrlok [To his assistant while looking at Korra.] Are any of the other council members here?
Council page I believe everyone has gone home for the night.
Tarrlok Then you should do the same.
Council page [Shifting eyes.] Are you sure, sir?
Tarrlok Leave us. [The council page looks at Korra before looking back at Tarrlok. He bows and quickly walks away.] You obviously have something on your mind? Spit it out.
Korra Don't you see? You're doing exactly what Amon says is wrong with benders. You're using your power to oppress and intimidate people!
Tarrlok [Tilts his head to the side.] And you don't?
Korra [Taken aback.] Of- [Determined.] Of course not!
Tarrlok Isn't that what you came here to do? Intimidate me into releasing your friends. [Korra glares at him.] See, that's what I admire about you, Korra. Your willingness to go to extremes in order to get what you want. It is a quality we both share.
Korra [Angrily.] You and I are nothing alike!
Tarrlok Look, I'll make you a deal. You fall in line and do what I say and I'll release your friends.
Korra [Shocked.] That's why you arrested them? To get to me?
Tarrlok [Close-up of Tarrlok creasing his brows.] I need your answer.
Korra [Short pause; seriously.] No. You might be able to manipulate Chief Saikhan into following you, but it won't work on me.
Tarrlok [Stands up and turns his back; angrily.] You will regret that decision.
Korra You need to be stopped! [Pointing at him accusingly.] You're just as bad as Amon!
Tarrlok [Eyes widen in rage.] I've tried to work with you, Korra, but you've made it impossible.
Tarrlok turns around, suddenly slicing a stream of water from the waterfall at her. Korra barely dodges, only a small section of her hair being cut. She rolls and earthbends at Tarrlok, forcing him back and causing him to hit his back on the wall. Korra raises her arms and holds it straight while shooting a blast of fire toward Tarrlok, who protects himself by waterbending a dome around him. He thrusts his hands forward repeatedly behind the dome, firing several ice darts toward Korra, who flips back to try and dodge them, but still gets grazed as she lands. She attempts to punch the ice darts away, but one catches her on her side, and she lifts her hands up to protect her head. Tarrlok continues to throw ice darts at her with a sadistic smile, but Korra earthbends a wall to protect herself. She thrusts her arm forward, earthbending the wall behind Tarrlok into him, causing him to fly through the wall into the council chambers. He tries to right himself, but trips over the railing and begins to fall, grabbing the railing with his hand, his hair loose over his face as he glares.
Korra [Walking through the hole in the hall.] Still think that I'm a half-baked Avatar?
She earthbends, causing Tarrlok to fall to the ground. She jumps off and punches the ground, causing a gigantic hole around her. She looks up at him with anger, breathing heavily.
Korra What are you gonna do now? You're all out of water, pal.
Tarrlok moves away in fear as Korra begins to firebend from her palms. She runs toward him intending to vaporize him, but she is halted by Tarrlok as he begins to perform bloodbending. Korra groans in pain as he continues, making her fall to her knees.
Tarrlok You're in my way Avatar, and you need to be removed.
Korra [Looks at her arms before looking at Tarrlok with shock, as he continues.] You're, you're a bloodbender?
Tarrlok Very observant.
Korra [Continues to struggle.] It's not a full moon! [He continues to bloodbend.] How- how are you doing this?!
Tarrlok There are a lot of things you don't know about me.
Tarrlok bloodbends her and flings her across the room into a pillar. Korra begins to lose consciousness as Tarrlok approaches her, until she faints. Visions come to where in a courtroom, Yakone bulges his eyes in pain, Sokka yells in pain from the bloodbending. Toph tries to metalbend her cables, but she too is bloodbent. Aang struggles to move closer to Yakone, who laughs at him, an expression of determination in his eyes. Korra sluggishly wakes up to find Tarrlok has binded her with ropes. She lifts up her head.
Korra Where are you taking me?
Tarrlok Somewhere no one will find you. [Korra's expression shows fury to him.] Say goodbye to Republic City, Avatar Korra. You'll never see it again! [Begins to close the doors as Korra firebends a breath of fire from her mouth, screaming in anger. Tarrlok manages to close it in time and slams a fist on the door before walking up to start driving.]
Korra [Screaming.] You can't do this! [Tarrlok starts driving.] Let me out! [Car begins to move.] Garh!
The car drives away from the City Hall as the camera pans up to show a crescent moon. Cut to credits.






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