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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] The Red Lotus has captured the Avatar. Korra gave herself up in exchange for the airbenders, but Zaheer double crossed her, while Ghazan trapped Team Avatar at the temple. All seems lost until Bolin saved their lives by lavabending. But he's not the only one with new skills. Zaheer unlocked the ancient airbending ability of flight. Will Team Avatar save the Air Nation and Korra before it's too late?
The scene opens to the cave where the Red Lotus held Korra as captive, chained and suspended in the middle of the cave with Zaheer and company standing in front of her on a viewing platform. Korra tries to break free of her chains.
Korra [To Red Lotus; enraged.] When I get out of here, none of you will survive!
Zaheer You won't get out, unless the Metal Clan has taught you a way to bend platinum. [View focuses to a Red Lotus member suspending the poison in mid-air.] Once we administer this poison, your body will naturally react, forcing you into the Avatar State in an effort to keep you alive. Sadly for you, you'll be entering it for the last time.
Korra [Switch to a close up of a desperate Korra.] No! The Avatar Cycle.
Zaheer [Calmly.] Yes. When we dispatch you in the Avatar State, the cycle will end. [Camera zooms out to a full shot of the platform to include Ming-Hua and Ghazan.] So we lucky few, this band of brothers and sisters in anarchy, are witnessing the beginning of an era of true freedom. Together, we will forge a world without kings and queens, without borders or nations, where Man's only allegiance is to himself and those he loves. We will return to the true balance of natural order. And though you will never again be reborn, your name will echo throughout history: Korra, the last Avatar.
The scene zooms out, revealing Jinora's astral projection eavesdropping on the conversation. Jinora returns to her body, which was left behind with the other airbenders who are all chained to the floor of a cave.
Opal Did you find any way to escape?
Jinora No. Not yet. But don't worry, we'll find a way out soon.
Daw They might not make it that long. [Bumi and Kya are shown lying unconscious.]
Ikki Korra will come and save us, right?
Jinora I think we're gonna have to do this on our own.
The group turns back to see two Red Lotus guards securing the entrance. Cut back to Zaheer's cave.
Zaheer Administer the poison.
The sentry bends the poison, splitting it into four portions and attaches a portion to each limb. He metalbends, causing the poison to diffuse into Korra's skin. Throughout the administration, Korra screams in agony and her eyes begin to glow momentarily.
Zaheer Get ready. As soon as she's in the Avatar State, take her out.
Ming-Hua bends the tips of her water arms into ice, while Ghazan bends the floor beneath Korra into lava. Korra continues resisting the poison, entering and exiting the Avatar State.
Ghazan Wait. Why isn't she staying in the Avatar State?
Zaheer Give it time. She can't resist for long.
Cut to Lefty and Oogi flying across the mountain range.
Kai The place where I saw them taking the airbenders is around here.
Mako That's got to be where they took Korra.
Kai [Notices a cave with five Air Nomads carved on the wall.] That's it. Down there, Lefty.
The team lands in front of the cave and dismount, with Tonraq and Bolin supporting Tenzin.
Tenzin Find the airbenders, and my family.
Suyin Don't worry. I'm not coming out without our children and the rest of your people.
The team enters the cave while Tenzin looks on. Cut to Zaheer's hideout where Korra continues resisting the poison.
Zaheer It's working.
Korra continues entering and leaving the Avatar State, beginning to hallucinate.
Amon I told you, Korra. [Zaheer's face cracks up and falls off, revealing Amon's mask beneath the skin.] The world doesn't need you anymore.
Unalaq [Ghazan's head turns 360 degrees, changing into that of Unalaq's.] The time of the Avatar is over, Korra. Give up.
Vaatu [Ming-Hua morphs into Vaatu.] You're too weak to resist, and I'm stronger than ever. There's no use fighting. Let go.
Amon, Unalaq, and Vaatu Let go. Let go. Let go.
Cut to the Air Nomad caves where the airbenders are detained. Jinora nods to her sister.
Ikki I'm thirsty!
Meelo I gotta go pee.
Daw Me too.
Red Lotus sentry #1 Hey! Keep it down over there, or you're all gonna end up like them. [Points at Bumi and Kya.]
Pema Sir, please. We just ask some water. There are children, and a baby here.
The sentry glances at his partner, who shrugs, before he brings the water to the airbenders. Jinora airbends at the sentry, covering his face with his robes, which causes the keys to fall off. Meelo airbends, throwing the keys to Opal, who catches and hides it out of view.
Red Lotus sentry #1 Oh, so you just called me over to attack me? Fine! Now nobody gets any water. [Drinks from the skin and walks out.] I don't know how we ended up in daycare while everyone else gets to watch the Avatar being destroyed. I can hold a bowl of poison!
Opal takes the keys and unlocks her cuffs.
Red Lotus sentry #2 Hey! What do you think you're doing?!
Before the sentry can act, he is knocked out cold by a rock. Cut to the attacker, which reveals to be Team Avatar. The other sentry bends two rocks at the team, who were protected by Suyin's bent wall. When the attack stops, Asami leaps over the wall and stuns the sentry.
Opal Mom!
Suyin [Hugs her daughter.] Oh, honey, I'm so glad you're safe.
Bolin [Throws Suyin aside.] Me too. [Hugs Opal while Suyin glares at him.]
Asami proceeds to free the remaining airbenders. Lin supports Bumi, while Kya is supported by two other airbenders. After Asami frees Jinora, she walks off, revealing Kai standing behind her.
Jinora [Running toward Kai, relieved.] You're alive! [Hugs Kai.] I can't believe it.
Kai Why? Just because I was blown out of the sky, and fell hundreds of feet down a cliff? Don't you know it takes more than that to get rid of me? [Grins, while Jinora nudges him on the shoulder.]
Lin We have to get these two out of here now. They don't look so good.
Bumi What are you talking about? I feel great! [Slumps down, coughing weakly.]
Tonraq You guys get everyone out of here. I'll search for Korra.
Mako We're going with you.
Jinora You don't have to search for her. I know exactly where she's being held.
Cut to Zaheer's cave where he waits for Korra to enter the Avatar State. Korra finally enters the state, creating a dome of air around her.
Zaheer Now! Destroy the Avatar!
Ming-Hua sends an ice shard to Korra, who destroys it by breathing fire. Korra struggles and pulls off the chain on her right arm, swinging it toward Zaheer, followed by Ming-Hua. Zaheer dodged the attack, but Ming-Hua was caught off-guard and slammed against a wall, losing her water appendages in the meantime. Ghazan erupts lava toward Korra, who swings the chain around her arm before directing the lava flow with airbending back to Ghazan, causing him to retreat to avoid the lava. Korra rips off the chains on her legs and airbends herself away before propelling herself with firebending to rip off the final chain. She lands in front of Zaheer and bends four boulders and circle them around her before airbending to push the boulder away. The Red Lotus retreats to avoid the attacks. Korra breathes fire in fury while Tonraq, Mako and Bolin enter the cave.
Tonraq Korra!
Korra breathes fires toward Zaheer, who dodges the attacks and flies out through the open roof. Korra propels fire from her feet and gives chase.
Tonraq We have to help her.
Bolin [Blocks Ghazan's attacks.] Look out!
Mako [To Tonraq.] You help Korra, we got this.
Zaheer flies out of the cave with Korra giving chase. Korra sends two boulders toward Zaheer. Zaheer dodges the attacks, but is pushed off by Korra. Zaheer grabs Korra and tosses her away, slamming her against a column, while Tenzin witnesses the fight. Korra slides down the column and charges toward Zaheer, who follows suit. Korra leaps across columns to regain her ground and circles a pillar, breaking it in the meantime and sending it to Zaheer, who dodges the attack. Cut to the surface.
Ikki Daddy!
Tenzin Oh, thank goodness you're all right. [Hugs his children.]
Pema Honey, are you okay?
Tenzin I'll be fine.
The airbenders walk out of the cave, placing Kya and Bumi onto the ground. Tonraq runs out of the cave.
Tonraq We have to help Korra.
The whole group looks at the fight, with Korra slamming two pillars toward Zaheer, who dodges the attack. Korra sends three rocks at Zaheer and charges toward him.

Cut to the caves where Mako firebends to Ming-Hua, who dodges the attacks and swings out of view. Mako chases her while his brother engages Ghazan. Bolin sends two rocks at Ghazan, who blocks the attack before using his wall against Bolin. Bolin smashes the attack, but Ghazan hides behind the wall and catches him. Bolin regains his ground and throws Ghazan away, who retaliates with two rocks. Bolin dodges the attacks, and smashes a rock.

Bolin What are you smiling about?
Ghazan I was just remembering the last time we fought. [Directs lava to Bolin.]
Bolin [Stops the lava flow.] Well, a lot has changed since then.
Bolin directs the lava back to Ghazan, who dodges the attacks. Bolin winks smugly.
Ghazan So that's how you got out of the temple. Not bad. Let's see what you got!
Ghazan sends multiple lava sprays toward Bolin, changing the scene to the aerial fight. Zaheer dodges bent rocks before flying away. Korra bends more rocks at Zaheer and manages to catch up. Korra flies toward the arch, before propelling herself up with earthbending. She attacks Zaheer with multiple fire blasts, while Zaheer retaliates with air blasts, landing a hit and throwing her onto the floor. Zaheer zooms past Korra, tossing her off the edge. Korra regains her ground and bends a large boulder toward Zaheer, slamming it against a mountain. Zaheer narrowly manages to avoid the attack and flies back to Korra. Korra lands atop a pool of water and directs whips toward Zaheer. Zaheer manages to dodge all the attacks, but is struck on the right leg. Korra freezes the water, causing him to lose altitude. Korra charges toward Zaheer, but the poison acts up and causes her to crash onto the mountain. Zaheer manages to smash the ice on his leg and flies back to Korra, who attempts to breathe fire, but is stopped by the poison.
Zaheer You can't fight me and the poison.
Cut to the ground surface.
Kai I can fly up on my bison to help her.
Lin You'd never be able to keep up with Zaheer. He's too powerful.
Kai We have to do something!
Bumi How can he fly like that?
Tenzin He's unlocked powers of airbending that haven't existed for thousands of years.
Jinora There haven't been this many airbenders in one place for a long time either. We have power together. [To the airbenders.] Hurry, everyone form a circle! Follow me.
The airbenders follow Jinora and get into a circle. Jinora stands in the center and creates a small vortex that increases in size, while the airbenders create air gusts to the vortex, causing it to increase in size.

Cut to the cave where Mako chases Ming-Hua, breaking off her water appendages. Ming-Hua trips and loses her appendages.

Mako You have no water. It's over.
Ming-Hua Not yet.
Ming-Hua jumps into a hole, avoiding Mako's fire blast. Mako follows into the hole, landing in a lake of water. He lights his wrist, turning to see Ming-Hua behind with eight large water appendages.
Ming-Hua Now it's over!
Ming-Hua directs multiple water blasts at Mako, forcing the firebender to retreat. Mako stops for a while before leaping onto a stalagmite and shooting lighting at the water, electrocuting Ming-Hua. Cut to Mako looking in shock. Cut back to the cave where Bolin blocks Ghazan's lavabending with an earth wall before directing a lava flow to Ghazan. Ghazan leaps forward and lavabends, turning the wall behind Bolin into lava and directing it toward Bolin. Bolin retreats and leaps down, solidifying the lava. Ghazan intercepts Bolin and prepares to attack, but is stopped by Mako. Mako flies toward Ghazan, who tries to block Mako, but is knocked off by Mako's fire kick. Ghazan tries to regain his ground, but is constantly knocked back by the brothers.
Bolin Give up, Ghazan! You can't win.
Ghazan I'm never going back to prison. If I'm going down today, you're coming with me!
Ghazan punches the floor, causing rocks to fall down. He melts the walls around him and directs it downward.
Bolin Mako, hang on!
Bolin creates a platform and the two brothers ride out of the cave, where they watch the cave collapse. Both brothers run out of the cave. Cut to Korra resisting the poison. Zaheer zooms past her multiple times to fully knock her out.
Zaheer The poison has done its work. The Avatar Cycle will be over momentarily.
Zaheer starts to suffocate Korra, when he feels a gust of wind. He turns to see a large vortex approaching him. Cut to the surface where Mako and Bolin exit the cave, shielding themselves from the gust, where they see the airbenders at work. Cut to Jinora in the center of the vortex. Cut to the air where Korra, no longer held by Zaheer's bending, tumbles over. Zaheer flies out to grab Korra and tries to fly away, but is slowly being sucked in by the vortex. After multiple failed attempts to escape the vortex, he drops Korra and flies off, only to be caught by Korra who flails the chain and manages to catch him by the ankle. Korra drops down and flings Zaheer with her. The airbenders stop creating the vortex, while Korra succumbs to the poison and collapses. Jinora runs up to Korra, while the other airbenders look on with worry. Suyin and Lin trap Zaheer in an earth shell. Tonraq, Mako, Bolin and Asami run up to Korra.
Tonraq Korra. Sweetheart. It's me, Dad. Please hang on.
Korra reaches out to her father, but faints, causing tears to well up on Tonraq's eyes. Zaheer cackles.
Lin What are you laughing about?
Zaheer You're too late! The poison has been in her system too long. The Red Lotus has won!
Jinora [To Suyin.] You can save her! The poison is metallic!
Suyin runs to Korra and holds her by the shoulder and forehead. She metalbends and pulls the poison from Korra's limbs, while everyone looks on in; worried. Suyin pulls the poison out of Korra's mouth, causing her to cough, before tossing the poison aside.
Korra Dad. You're alive.
Tonraq I'm here for you. [Hugs his daughter.] I'm never gonna let you go.
Zaheer No! No! You don't understand! The revolution has already begun. Chaos is the natural order of a- [Bolin gags him with a sock.]
Bolin [To Opal.] See what I did there? I put a sock in him, literally.
Opal Classic Bolin.
Bolin I do what I do.
Cut to a far shot of the entire group, before fading out and switching to Air Temple Island. Cut to the interior, where Asami takes a hairpin from her lips and inserts it into Korra's bunned hair.
Asami There you go. All fixed up for a formal Avatar appearance. [Passes Korra a mirror.] Take a look.
Korra [Downcast.] It's great. Thanks.
Asami [Side shot, revealing Korra in a wheelchair.] You know, nobody expects you to bounce back right away. It's only been two weeks. You need time to heal. [Korra glances at her expressionlessly; Asami holds her hand.] I want you to know that I'm here for you. If you ever want to talk, or, anything. But let's just try to enjoy this today; for Jinora.
Korra You're right. [Breathes deeply.] Okay, let's go.
Asami wheels Korra out of her room. Cut to the outside where airbenders are entering a building up a flight of stairs. Asami wheels Korra in front of a crowd, and Lord Zuko bows to her. Korra nods back. Her mother runs forward to hug her.
Tonraq [Walks up.] You look beautiful, sweetie. [Kisses Korra on the forehead.]
Tenzin You're looking stronger everyday, Korra.
Raiko I'd like to officially welcome you back to Republic City. I know that the last time we saw each other, it didn't end on the best terms. But I want to thank you for taking down those Red Lotus terrorists.
Asami We should go inside.
Ikki [Runs beside Asami.] I-I can help.
Meelo [Leaps onto Korra.] I want to ride with Korra. [Korra holds on to Meelo, smiling.] Jinora's already inside. Smells like shoe trees.
Ikki [As Asami wheels Korra to the foot of the stairs.] Sandalwood, Meelo.
Lin I got this. [Bends the floor around them; puts a hand on Korra's shoulder.] Hang in there, kid. [Moves the group up the stairs.]
Raiko She's not looking good.
Tonraq Neither would you if you'd gone through what she had.
Tenzin She'll be fine. She just needs time to heal. The poison took a great toll.
Raiko Of course. I'm just saying, with the Earth Kingdom in complete disarray since the loss of the Queen ...
Zuko And even with Zaheer locked up again, we still don't know how many Red Lotus members might be out there, hiding.
Raiko Exactly. With the world getting more and more dangerous, we need the Avatar now more than ever. Who will protect us while she's in a wheelchair?
Cut to the ceremonial hall where incense sticks are burning. Air Acolytes and many guests are seated, witnessing the ceremony, while airbenders stand on the stage. Jinora is in the middle, wearing a hood.
Tenzin Jinora, come forward. [Jinora bows and walks forward before kneeling.] Today, we welcome the first airbending master in a generation. And I couldn't be more proud of my daughter. [Jinora looks up and smiles.] When the existence of our people was threatened, when the Avatar's life hung in the balance, Jinora never gave up hope. Thanks to her leadership, I see a very bright future for the Air Nation. Of course, there would be no Air Nation without Avatar Korra: she opened the portals and somehow the world began anew for us. And she was even willing to lay down her own life in order to protect ours. There's no way we can ever repay her for all she's done. But we can follow her example of service and sacrifice. So while she recuperates, the Air Nation will reclaim its nomadic roots and roam the earth. [Pan to the airbenders, revealing Ryu within the group.] But unlike our ancestors, we will serve people of all nations, working wherever there is corruption and discord to restore balance and peace. Avatar Korra, I vow that we will do everything in our power to follow in your footsteps and bring harmony to the world. [Tenzin bows to Korra, who bows back.] Now, let us anoint the master who will help lead us in our new path.
Tenzin removes Jinora's hood, revealing her tattoos. Jinora removes the coat and stands up. The airbenders bend the smoke from the burning incense sticks, sounding the wind chimes around the hall. Jinora hugs her father. The audience claps while a tear rolls down Korra's cheek.
Cut to credits.






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