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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Amon's revolution grows stronger by the day. First, he attacked the bending arena! Then it was discovered that Hiroshi Sato was the mastermind behind the Equalist gloves and mecha tanks! And most recently, Amon ambushed Councilman Tarrlok, took his bending, and nearly captured the Avatar as well! Everyone is on edge, wondering where will Amon strike next?
Naga and Pabu are seen curled up in a courtyard on Air Temple Island. Cut to a shot of Korra lying asleep in bed with her hair all undone, as Mako watches over her. He holds her hand, while Asami watches silently from a doorway. She looks down sadly and leaves. Cut to Tenzin entering his room, where his wife and children are all sleeping in one bed. He sits next to the bed and places his hand on Pema's stomach, as both she and Jinora open their eyes.
Jinora [Sits up in bed.] Daddy, you're home. We waited up for you. Is Korra okay?
Tenzin Yes, she's fine, sweetie. [Picks up Ikki as she wakes up, and embraces her.]
Ikki I was scared. I thought she wasn't coming back.
Tenzin [Fatherly.] I'm sorry you were scared, but everything is going to be fine now. I promise.
In the dining hall at Air Temple Island, Korra chows down on food while sitting at a table with Bolin, Mako, Asami, Tenzin, Lin, and Pema.
Korra Mmm. Mmm. The food tastes amazing, Pema. I'm finally starting to feel like myself again.
Pema [While standing up to retrieve Korra's cleaned plate.] We're so thankful you're home safe.
Asami [Standing up to assist Pema.] Let me help.
Tenzin Korra, I realize you've been through a lot, but I need to know everything that happened.
Korra Well, first off, Tarrlok isn't who he says he is. He's Yakone's son. [Tenzin and Lin appear shocked.]
Lin It all makes sense now. That's how Tarrlok was able to bloodbend us without a full moon.
Tenzin But how did you escape? And where's Tarrlok?
Korra Amon captured him, [Close-up of her serious face.] and took his bending.
Tenzin [Shocked.] What?
Korra Yeah, he showed up out of nowhere. He almost got me, too.
Tenzin This is very disturbing news. Amon is becoming emboldened. Taking out a councilman, almost capturing the Avatar ... I fear Amon is entering his endgame.
Bolin, Korra and Mako exchange glances of concern. Cut to Asami and Pema washing dishes in the kitchen. Pema suddenly doubles over and cries out in pain.
Asami [Grabbing Pema's shoulder in concern.] Pema, are you all right?
Pema The baby is ... just kicking, really hard, is all. I'm fine.
Asami [Close-up of her concerned face.] Should I get Tenzin?
Pema No reason to worry him, it's nothing.
Mako walks into the kitchen carrying a teapot.
Mako Can I get some hot water? Korra needs more tea.
Asami [Angrily.] You're a firebender. Boil it yourself.
Asami continues washing her dish as both Mako and Pema stare at her with confusion.
Pema [Brightly.] I'm- gonna step out in case you two want to talk. [Grimaces as she leaves.]
Mako [Confusedly.] Is there something we need to talk about?
Asami I've noticed how you treat Korra. How you acted when she was missing. [Drops dish and washcloth in the sink and turns to face him.] You have feelings for her, don't you?
Mako [Defensively.] What? No! She was taken by a crazy bloodbender! How did you expect me to act?
Asami [Puts her hand to her chest.] I like Korra. [Moves it away from her chest and turns away slightly.] But you've been keeping the truth from me this whole time.
Mako [Confusedly.] The truth? About what?
Asami [Angrily.] You're really going to make me say it?
Mako Yes! Because I don't know what you're talking about!
Asami The kiss, Mako. [Close-up of her face.] I know.
Mako [Shocked.] I- Well I- [Sighs; angrily.] Bolin told you, didn't he?!
Asami [Just as angrily.] Don't blame your brother for what you did. Do you have feelings for Korra or not?
Mako Look, things are crazy right now. Can we deal with our relationship problems later? [Places his hand on hers.]
Asami [Yanking her hand away; somewhat coldly.] Well there might not be any relationship to worry about later. [Marches out of the kitchen.]
Mako Asami! [Groans in frustration.]
Cut to Tenzin walking through a courtyard, as Lin comes up from behind.
Tenzin Lin, um, I, I- I need to ask you a favor. It would mean the world to me ... but I-I know it could be a- a potentially awkward situation; furthermore, - [Lin interrupts.]
Lin Spit it out already!
Tenzin Will you stay here and watch over Pema and the children while I meet with the council? With everything that has happened lately, I want to be sure my family is in safe hands.
Lin [Puts her hand on Tenzin's shoulder.] Of course I'll help, old friend.
Pema walks up, holding Meelo.
Pema [With suspicion.] I didn't realize you two were out here.
Tenzin Pema! Ye- yes- yes, Lin has agreed to help out around here and keep an eye on things while I'm away.
Pema Thank you! I could use the extra pair of hands. [Gives a laughing Meelo to Lin.] Would you mind giving him a bath? He's filthy.
Meelo sticks out his tongue and blows a raspberry at Lin, while continuing to laugh.
Lin [As Tenzin mounts his sky bison; yelling out to Tenzin angrily while holding Meelo away from herself.] This is not what I signed on for!
Tenzin Thank you, Lin! Oogi, yip yip.
Tenzin takes to the sky on Oogi. Lin turns her head back to Meelo, who is picking his nose.
Meelo I gotta poo! [Lin holds him farther away from herself.] Really bad!
Meelo grunts and Lin quickly metal bends a cable around his waist to avoid touching the soiled child. Lin makes a disgusted face and hurriedly carries him away. Cut to a large house in Republic City, before cutting to a room inside. The Fire Nation representative of the United Republic Council is pacing nervously about the room, while her husband is absorbed in a newspaper.
Councilwoman Do you know where my keys are? I can't find them anywhere!
Husband [Reading the newspapers; uninterested.] No, dear.
Councilwoman [Pulling them out of her purse.] Oh, found them!
Husband [Uninterested.] Good, dear.
Councilwoman Don't wait up for me; this council session will probably go late into the night. [Hears a knock at the front door and rushes to answer it.]
Husband [Uninterested.] The door, dear.
The councilwoman opens the door to find two men in uniforms standing on the front step, one of which is actually Amon's Lieutenant in disguise. He quickly gives a sly smile before looking normal.
Lieutenant We're here to fix a spider-rat problem. [Holds up spray hose and poison can.]
Councilwoman I didn't call an exterminator.
The Lieutenant electrocutes her with the spray hose, which is actually disguised Equalist equipment. Both step into the house as a thumb of her body collapsing onto the ground can be heard.
Husband [Worried.] Dear?
Cut to Tenzin landing on the roof of City Hall on Oogi. He dismounts and walks around the dome, where several workers are cleaning the glass. They nod at each other as Tenzin passes. He walks a few steps further, but pauses as he hears the fizz of electricity. He ducks in surprise as an electrified disk spirals over his head, and spins midair as another barely misses him. He lands on his feet as the Equalists in disguise drop to the ground and seize his wrists with bolas. Tenzin dodges their attacks, and airbends himself high into the air with an air sprout. The Equalist who was still standing on the ground is flung backward against the concrete wall by a gust of wind; he slumps down against it. Switch to a looking up short of Tenzin riding his air spout and the two Equalists holding onto their bolas for dear life as they are spun around. Unable to hold on any longer, they release their grip and are flung onto a nearby rooftop. Tenzin lands back on the ground as the door opens and the council page comes out.
Council page Aah! [Covering his face as the wind dies down, and lowers his arms.] Ah, I'm so relieved to see you!
Tenzin The other council members. Are they all right?
Council page [Looks worried.] I'm afraid not! I just received a call from Chief Saikhan. They've all been captured!
Tenzin This can't be happening.
Council page [Holding his hands out toward him.] The leadership of Republic City is in your hands now.
Tenzin and the page hear the sound of nearby explosions and run to the edge of the roof to see bombs falling onto the city from airships.
Council page [Grabbing head and wailing.] It is a tragic day indeed!
Cut to Air Temple Island. Lin is standing in the courtyard with Tenzin's children and the White Lotus sentries, as the Equalists airships fly in overhead.
Lin All right, kids, time to go inside.
Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami rush in to see what is going on. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo walk back into the house.
Korra We heard explosions, what's going on?
Lin Republic City is under attack.
Cut to Hiroshi Sato, looking at a photograph of himself, his wife, and Asami as a child. He snaps the picture shut and tucks it away in his jacket pocket, before walking toward Amon, who is watching the city from the windows at the front of the airship.
Hiroshi Sato I've dreamed of this day for so long.
Amon Yes, the time has come for the Equalists to claim Republic City as their own.
Hiroshi Sato turns and looks at Amon. Cut to Republic City from across the bay, as smoke rises and sirens and explosions are heard. Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami get off of Tenzin's boat and run off the dock.
Asami Where did you say you parked the car?
Korra It's right around here somewhere. [Looks around and spots the car.] There it is.
Team Avatar runs to the Satomobile, which has crashed into a pole.
Asami [Sarcastically.] Wow, nice parking job.
Korra Hey, you guys got arrested and left me alone with the car! I made it very clear I don't know how to drive.
Bolin All things considered you did a great job! [Grabs the parking tickets off the windshield.] But how are we going to pay for all these parking tickets?
Mako [Mako grabs the parking tickets out of Bolin's hand, crumples them up, and burns them. Bolin gasps in horror.] Relax, the city is under attack. The police have more important things to worry about.
Asami [Asami opens the trunk and takes out an electrified glove.] This'll come in handy. [Opens the driver's side door and sits down. Mako goes to sit next to her. Asami looks at him disdainfully.] Why don't you sit in back? With Korra.
Mako I think I will. [Asami starts the car. Bolin sits in front with Asami.]
Korra Everything all right?
Mako [Turning his head to the side; sarcastically.] Yeah, everything is terrific ...
Bolin [As Asami backs up very fast.] Car! Oh, we're good.
Cut to outside police headquarters before switching to a control room inside.
Male telegraph operator #1 [To Saikhan.] Chief! Air unit seven was just taken out by an Equalist airship. They've crashed into the harbor!
Saikhan Send a river rescue unit.
Female telegraph operator Chief, all the river rescue ships have been sabotaged!
Saikhan What?
Tenzin [Opens the door and enters.] Chief Saikhan.
Saikhan Tenzin, am I glad to see you. I was afraid you'd been captured too.
Tenzin I'm the only Council member left. What's the status?
Saikhan Amon has launched simultaneous attacks across the boroughs. The police are trying to regain control but we're spread too thin.
Tenzin [Strokes his beard pensively; to the clerks.] I need to send a wire.
Male telegraph operator #2 To whom, Councilman?
Tenzin The general of the United Forces.
Cut to the halls of Police Headquarters, as people run in both directions. The camera pans up to the air vents, where smoke pours out. Amid the smoke, people cough and fall over.
Male telegraph operator #2 Councilman, your wire has been sent.
Female telegraph operator Chief, the phone lines just went dead!
Saikhan and Tenzin glance at each other as an alarm goes off. The power goes out, silencing the alarm. Saikhan turns on a flashlight.
Saikhan Catch. [Throws another flashlight to Tenzin.]
They both search the room with their flashlights. Tenzin notices smoke coming out of a vent.
Tenzin Saikhan, the vents. [Saikhan metalbends the vent shut as the people in the room begin coughing.] We need to evacuate immediately. Everyone stay close to me.
Cut to a smoke-filled hallway, where Tenzin walks down with an air dome to protect Saikhan and his workers. Cut to the headquarters' entrance, where Tenzin's party escapes the smoke and Tenzin stops airbending. Everyone in Tenzin's party gasp and the camera show an aerial view of six mecha tanks surrounding the entrance.
Tenzin Not these mecha tanks again!
The mecha tanks hold up magnetic arms that attract the metalbender's police uniforms. Two metalbender officers get captured with this magnetism and Tenzin tries to save Saikhan by pulling on him with an air current. However, the magnet is too strong and captures Saikhan.

The three mecha tanks deposit their metalbender officers into a truck. One mecha tank fires a pincer cable at Tenzin, but he airbends the cable down and continues attacking the mecha tank. Two mecha tanks fire cables at Tenzin, who once again deflects them with airbending. A mecha tank charges toward Tenzin and fires a pincer cable at Tenzin, knocking him against the wall of police headquarters. Tenzin uses an air wheel to soften his fall. He looks up and the camera changes to his point of view, as he sees the truck drive away.

Tenzin Saikhan, no!
Tenzin looks up as he sees a burning police airship falling out of sight behind a building. He sees the telegraph operators being captured by Equalists on the City Hall steps. His vision blurs and goes black as the mecha tanks close in. Cut to an aerial view, as six mecha tanks surround Tenzin and close in. Cut to a street, where Asami drives around a corner and floors the gas pedal. Bolin earthbends two ramps in front of the car.
Asami Jump!
Team Avatar bails out of the car before the ramps launch it into the air and knock one mecha tank into another. The four mecha tanks close in on Team Avatar. Mako, Bolin, and Korra engage the tanks with their bending. A mecha tank is attacked with fire, while the one to its left fires a cable, only to be knocked back by a stone slab. The first mecha tank fires a cable at Bolin, who dodges it by launching himself away. Mako attacks a mecha tank, only to be grabbed by a cable and electrocuted. Mako grabs the cable and redirects the electricity at the mecha tank. The electricity courses through the tank as its lights go out and it slumps on itself. Korra melts the nearby snow into two water streams and dodges one of the cable and runs up one of Bolin's ramps and bends the water into the exhaust pipes of another mecha tank. It begins malfunctioning and Bolin uses earthbending to knock it over. Two Equalists have just carried Tenzin to a truck and set him down when Asami electrocutes one from behind. She takes out five more Equalists as they attack her, nimbly dodging their attacks before electrocuting them. Tenzin groans and stands.
Tenzin [To Asami.] Thank you.
Tenzin joins Mako, who is dodging a mecha tank's attacks. Tenzin positions himself beneath the tank and airbends it high into the air, sending it flying into the dome of City Hall. Cut to a view of the battle through a spyglass, before cutting to Hiroshi in Amon's airship.
Hiroshi [To Amon.] Tenzin has escaped once again. I can't stand to see Asami fighting alongside those benders.
Amon We'll capture them before long and you will have your daughter back.
Cut to Korra rushing up to Tenzin.
Korra Are you all right?
Tenzin I'm fine. Thank you, kids. Another moment later and I would have been on my way to Amon.
Mako Uh, guys ... look.
He points down the street, where an Equalist airship can be seen arriving at Air Temple Island.
Tenzin Oh no.
Cut to the airship as the hatch opens and the Lieutenant and a group of chi-blockers can be seen inside. They look down at the island as a metal hook and cable fires from above their heads and attaches to the temple's stone steps. The chi-blockers use harnesses to slide down the cable to the island. The White Lotus sentries are watching and charge forward to confront them. Cut to Lin standing in the courtyard, as Tenzin's family watches from the balcony.
Lin Everyone, hide inside and remain calm. [Pema screams in pain; Lin turns around to face her.] Pull it together, Pema! Didn't I just say "remain calm"?
Ikki [To Pema, who is leaning over with her hand on her stomach.] Mommy, what's wrong?
Pema [In pain.] The baby's coming!
Jinora [Putting her hands over her mouth.] Oh no!
Meelo Not now, baby!
Two Air Acolyte midwives rush to help Pema and lead her inside, leaving the kids watching in concern. Cut to the White Lotus sentries watching as the chi-blockers run up the steps. They begin bending at them as a cable from a second airship buries itself in the steps immediately below them. More chi-blockers swing down, followed by the Lieutenant. Cut to Lin standing guard in the courtyard, as she listens to booted feet running. The Lieutenant and a group of chi-blockers race up the steps and charge. Lin uses her cables to take out two chi-blockers, before grabbing another Equalist with the cable. An Equalist runs up to her, which she intercepts with an earth column. She bends out another earth column and shoots the projectile to an Equalist's face. She groans and slams the floor, creating three earth columns that send the Equalists flying into the air. Cut to Pema in bed, as an Air Acolyte puts a cloth on her forehead.
Pema The children, where are they?
Air Acolyte woman Don't worry. They're in the other room, totally safe.
Cut to Lin fighting the Lieutenant. He intercepts her cables with his batons, sending a current through them to knock her over. The Lieutenant stands over her and raises his electrified kali sticks.
Jinora [Flying in from behind on a glider.] Stay away from my dad's ex-girlfriend! [She uses her staff to blow the Lieutenant away over a nearby roof.]
Lin Jinora! You shouldn't be out here!
Ikki [Arriving on an air scooter and knocking several Equalists over.] Get off our island! [Knocks down several more Equalists and joins Lin and Jinora.]
Lin Girls! You need to go back inside this instant!
Meelo jumps down from the roof.
Meelo Taste my fury! [He farts on an Equalist's face, knocking him unconscious.]
Lin Meelo! Be careful!
Meelo sends three other blasts from his hands and rear, and makes a small air shield around himself to send the remaining Equalists flying. Close-up on Meelo, who has a drip of snot in his nose and an awkward slow motion face.
Lin Never mind.
Cut to the Equalists bound and in a row in front of Lin, the children, and the White Lotus sentries.
Lin [To the head sentry.] Take these Equalists and lock them in the temple's basement! [To the children.] Nice work, kids. [Oogi's grunt is heard and the kids rush out to the center of the courtyard.]
Jinora Dad!
Oogi lands and Tenzin and Team Avatar dismount. Tenzin embraces his children.
Tenzin Oh, thank goodness you're all right!
Meelo [Climbs onto Tenzin's shoulder and pulls on his father's head.] We caught the bad guys.
Tenzin [To Lin.] You let them fight? Do you realize what could have happened?
Lin I would have been toast if it weren't for your kids. [Folds her arms.] You should be proud. You taught them well. [Tenzin looks over his shoulder at Meelo and down at Jinora and Ikki.] Go on, be with your wife.
Cut to a hall, which Tenzin runs down, when he hears the cry of a baby.
Tenzin Pema! [Walks into the room with Pema holding a baby and smiles.]
Pema Tenzin.
Tenzin [Sits down on the bed and puts his hands on his wife's shoulders.] I'm here, Pema.
Pema Our new son. [Hands the baby to Tenzin.]
Tenzin [Puts his finger on the baby's chin and it coos.] Hello. [Meelo, Ikki, and Jinora peer into the room.] Come, meet your new brother.
Meelo [Walks into the room with his sisters.] A brother? Well it's about time!
Ikki [To the baby.] Welcome, I'm Ikki, and this is Jinora and Meelo. We have a super great family and we're so happy that you're a part of it.
Jinora What're you gonna name him? [Puts her hands together in excitement.] Can I pick?
Pema We already chose a name. [Rests her head on Tenzin's shoulder.]
Tenzin Rohan.
Lin, Korra, and Mako watch the scene from near the doorway.
Korra [Takes two steps forward; sadly.] I'm so sorry to interrupt, but more airships are coming.
Tenzin looks down at Rohan.
Ikki [Worried.] Everything's not gonna be fine, is it, Daddy?
Cut outside to Bolin and Asami. Korra, Tenzin, Lin, and Mako join them and they look at the incoming airships.
Korra What do you want to do, Tenzin?
Tenzin [Sighs.] I need to protect my family, and get them as far away from this conflict as possible. If Amon got his hands on my children ... I hate to even think of it.
Lin If you're leaving, then I'm going with you.
Tenzin But-
Lin No arguments. You and your family are the last airbenders. There's no way in the world I'm letting Amon take your bending away.
Tenzin Thank you, Lin. Korra, I want you to leave this island and hide for the time being.
Korra [Determined.] I'm not giving up.
Tenzin I'm not asking you to. I sent word to the United Forces. They will be here soon. And once my family is safe, I will return. With the reinforcements, we can turn the tide in this war.
Korra What you're saying is, we need to be patient. [Sighs.]
Tenzin [Puts his hand on Korra's shoulder.] You're learning well. [Korra brightens up. Cut to Korra embracing Tenzin, as he and his family prepare to leave.] Stay safe, Korra.
Korra You too.
Lin Tenzin, if we're leaving, we'd better do it now.
Tenzin [Airbends himself onto Oogi.] Oogi, yip yip!
The sky bison fly away from the island, as Korra and the team look up at them. Two Equalist airships begin to chase them, as more airships invade the island. One airship shoots out a cable near the team and Equalists come down on the island. The White Lotus guards run in front of Korra and her friends and take their stances.
White Lotus sentry #1 Go! We'll hold them off!
Korra [Leaps onto Naga.] Everyone, climb on! [Mako, Bolin and Asami hop onto Naga.] Let's go, girl!
Naga runs away as more Equalists come down and encircle the White Lotus sentries, spinning their bolas as they begin to fight. As Team Avatar runs away, Bolin looks up and points at the Lieutenant.
Bolin Mustache guy!
Lieutenant slides down the slope and jumps off to attack them. Naga jumps up and uses her right paw to smack the Lieutenant off of the cliff face as they run past.
Korra Nice one, Naga!
Naga runs to the pier and jumps into the water. Korra waterbends a large water bubble around them as Naga swims to safety. The camera pans up to show Republic City under siege. Cuts to Oogi trying to evade the Equalist airships, but they are coming closer to them.
Lin [To Tenzin.] They're gaining on us!
Tenzin [Cracks his reins.] Faster, Oogi!
Oogi speeds up, but an Equalist airship shoots out a large net at them. Lin metalbends her cables to break the net apart and wraps her cable around the rope. She stands and looks at the family with sorrow as they look at the airships in fear. She looks away before turning back at them.
Lin Whatever happens to me, don't turn back!
Tenzin [Turns his head to Lin.] Lin, what are you doing?!
Lin runs and jumps off Oogi, reeling herself up and landing on the airship. She takes her stance and rips off a large section of the airship's metal skin. There is an explosion and it begins to fall into the harbor below. Lin metalbends a panel to catapult herself to the other airship. She begins to rip apart the airship when Equalists come up behind her. They wrap their bolas wrapped around her body and feet, electrocuting her into unconsciousness. The last airship turns back as the family gazes at it in shock.
Meelo That lady is my hero.
Tenzin [Sadly.] Yes, she is.
Oogi flies to safety. Cut to a large drainage pipe near the bay, where Korra and the team watch in dismay as Air Temple Island is raided. Mako places his hand on Korra's shoulder.
Mako Korra, we should get moving.
Mako escorts Korra into the tunnel. Asami looks disdainfully at them before she too, walks with them into the tunnel. Cut to an Equalist airship hovering over Air Temple Island, where it is raining. The camera pans down to a group of Equalists. Closer shot of Lin kneeling in front of Amon.
Amon Tell me where the Avatar is and I'll let you keep your bending.
Lin [Defiantly.] I won't tell you anything, you monster.
Amon Very well. [Walks behind Lin. Dignified, Lin closes her eyes and Amon takes away her bending.]
Lin falls to the ground, unconscious. Cut to Iroh, general of the United Forces, standing at the bow of a ship.
Messenger General, I just received a wire from the Avatar. She says Amon and his forces have gained control of the city. How do you want to respond?
Iroh Tell her we will be arriving in three days' time. And that I look forward to winning back Republic City, together.
Messenger [Saluting.] As you wish, General Iroh. [Hurries away.]
The camera pans back to show the United Forces fleet. Cut to credits.






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