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The scene opens with Oogi flying toward the Republic City spirit portal. The sky is covered in a warm morning light and the portal is shining in the middle of the crater, slightly illuminating the destroyed area, with the city and the surrounding mountains in the background. Spirit vines are covering some of the buildings. Tenzin is sitting on the head of Oogi while Korra and some of the airbenders are sitting in the saddle.
Korra Thanks for coming, everyone.
The view cuts to a close-up of Tenzin and the others; Ikki is on the left side and is admiring the view before them while Meelo is sleeping next to her. Korra and Ryu are on the right side, both of them looking down and viewing the sight as well. Tenzin is speaking to Korra.
Tenzin [Glancing to Korra.] The airbenders and I are always at your service, Korra. Especially when it comes to matters concerning the spirits.
Korra [Looking off to the side, concerned.] I just hope you can help me convince them that the Avatar is -- and always will be -- the bridge between the physical and spirit worlds. After the battle last night, I'm afraid the spirits think I've turned my back on them.
Ikki jogs her elbow into Meelo's side who stirs at the sudden contact, his eyes closed.
Ikki Meelo, wake up!
Meelo [Sleepy; confused.] What? Where are we? Did we crash?
Ikki No, we're about to enter the Spirit World for the first time! Don't you want to be awake for it?!
They look at the portal which is glowing in a yellow and green light in the center of the crater which is covered in spirit vines, as Oogi flies closer toward it.
Ikki [Rambles; excited.] This is so exciting! I can't wait to see all the beautiful spirity flowers and spirity rainbows and spirity spirits and ...
Meelo [Yawns.] I suppose ...
The group flies through the portal, entering the Spirit World. They fly above the clearing, the sky now a dark blue and gray, and all the plants withered away, the ground covered in gray color.
Ikki [Gasps.] Oh, no ...
Everyone watches the scenery, worry spread on their faces, as Tenzin keeps flying the bison. Ryu and Meelo look on disinterested.
Meelo [Annoyed; to Ikki.] What a spirity letdown! Thanks for waking me up for nothing, Ikki!
Oogi lands, and the airbenders dismount. Korra and Tenzin stand in the front while getting a closer look.
Korra [Looks around.] I don't understand ... When Asami and I came here, the flowers were all blooming. There were spirits everywhere. And now ...
Tenzin [Joins her.] ... They're gone.
Disappointed, Korra lets her head down and closes her eyes. Tenzin tries to comfort her and lays his hand down on her shoulder.
Tenzin Jinora told me about you and Asami. I know this place was special to you both. [Smiles.] I'm very happy for you, by the way.
Korra [Looks up, smiling.] Thanks, Tenzin.
Meanwhile, Jinora has gotten into a lotus position and is trying to meditate. Kai stands behind her, looking into the distance while he speaks.
Kai How did this happen? Who's powerful enough to do this to the Spirit World?
Jinora Only the spirits are.
Kai [Confused.] But it doesn't make sense. Why would they destroy their own environment?
Korra joins the two, speaking to Kai.
Korra To protect themselves. It's a warning. I think the spirits are trying to tell us they don't want humans to step foot in their realm ever again.
Nearby, Ikki is crouching on the ground and is looking at a flower.
Ikki [Touching the flower.] But the portal is still open. There's nothing stopping people from coming here.
Korra [Warns Ikki.] Ikki, don't touch that!
Despite her warning, it's too late. The wilted flower, now a vine, shoots up to Ikki's left arm, pulling her, and moving along her arm, as it's trying to ensnare it.
Ikki [Screams.] Ah! Korra, it's got me!
Korra rushes to Ikki's side and quickly cuts through the plant with firebending. More vines rise from the ground and try to capture the group. Ryu and Tenzin try to hold them off with airbending, as Kai's legs are covered by vines.
Ryu Get off of me, you stupid spirit flowers!
Tenzin Everyone, back to Oogi!
Kai Help!
Before the vines can fully ensnare him, Kai is being saved by Jinora who grabs him with a glider.
Jinora [To Kai.] Gotcha!
Meelo [Fleeing from the incoming vines on his air scooter.] This is the last time I visit the Spirit World!
The airbenders manage to get on Oogi and watch as Meelo rides onto Oogi with his air scooter while Korra holds the vines off with her firebending. Shortly after, Oogi flies off toward the spirit portal.
Tenzin Yip yip!
Quickly flying through the portal, Oogi roars, as the group returns to Republic City. Worried, Tenzin looks at the others; the boys are trying to regain their breath; Jinora is sitting in the back and looking after the portal while Korra and Ikki are looking ahead.
Tenzin Is everyone all right?!
Korra [Concerned; to Tenzin.] Uh, Tenzin? We have another problem ...
Both of them look down where they see several tanks on the way to the portal, their steam covering the air.
Korra What are the United Forces doing here?
Down on the ground, General Iroh is holding a megaphone and stands in a car. Airships of the police force are flying above him toward the spirit portal.
General Iroh [Shouts.] Metalbenders! Set up a perimeter!
At his order, a couple of metalbending police officers set up a huge perimeter out of metal around the portal. Iroh watches them, as he is approached by Korra.
Korra General Iroh, you need to draw back your troops!
Iroh Hello, Korra. We're here on President Raiko's orders. After last night's battle, he wants the portal on lockdown.
Korra [Irked, gesturing at the jeeps a short ways away.] I'm trying to smooth things over with the spirits and parking the military outside the portal is only going to anger them more.
Iroh My goal is to keep the peace, not incite the spirits.
Tenzin If that's so, then withdraw and let the Air Nation keep watch over the portal.
Ikki Yeah! Nobody's better at restoring peace and harmony than us!
Iroh, raising his hand to his chin, takes a moment to think about the proposal.
Iroh Hmm ... [Raising his eyes to Korra and Tenzin.] I'm sorry, but I have my orders. If you really want the United Forces to leave, I suggest taking it up with Raiko.
Korra [Turning unhappily and walking away from Iroh, the airbenders following.] Oh, you bet I will.
The scene cuts to Lin Beifong's office in the police headquarters building. She sits at her desk, Mako and Bolin standing before her, as she reads a report.
Lin Beifong [Finishing summarizing its findings to them.] ... After Tokuga was attacked by a dragon-eel spirit, he and the Triple Threats fled in vehicles heading west, while the spirits returned into the portal. [Pauses, examining the paper more closely.] What does this last part say? I can barely make out the handwriting.
Bolin Oh, it says: Then, in a surprising turn of events, Korra and Asami kissed. The end.
Mako [Glancing at Bolin, embarrassed and annoyed.] I asked to finish the report, not write a romance novel.
Bolin It seemed like pertinent information the chief should know about.
Lin [Still looking at the paper.] Well, what do you know ... ? [Rising up out of her seat and shoving the papers in Bolin's face, prompting him to lean back slightly.] But next time you fill out a police report, it better be readable, rookie! Your penmanship looks like possum-chicken scratch!
Bolin Sorry, ma'am.
Mako There's one more thing, Chief -- We think Tokuga was hired to attack the airbenders.
Lin [Interested.] Hired? By who?
Mako Korra has a hunch that it was Wonyong Keum.
Lin A hunch based on what?
Mako [As Lin sits back down.] She and the airbenders had a run-in with him at the portal a few days prior to Tokuga showing up.
Bolin Yeah, Korra said that this Wonyong guy threatened the airbenders if they didn't get off his land. [Adding, emphatically.] No one threatens my Opal!
Lin So you're buying into Korra's cockamamie theory?
Mako It's plausible. I was thinking we could bring Mr. Keum in for questioning and --
Lin [Slamming her hand on the desk, angry.] You will do no such thing!
Mako Why not?
Lin [Turning her eyes to look out the window behind her.] Wonyong Keum is Republic City's most powerful and well-connected land developer.
Mako That doesn't make him above the law.
Lin No. But it makes him very difficult to get to. [Glancing back at them again.] Unless you bring me some hard evidence that Keum is in tight with the Triple Threats, I'm not going near the guy. Understood?
Mako Yes, Chief.
The shot jumps to the main area of the floor outside Lin's office, as Mako and Bolin walk down a carpeted land flanked by desks and working officers.
Bolin Guess that lead's a dead-end.
Mako Maybe not. Time to pay our twelve-toed friend a visit.
The scene cuts to the interior of a prison cell, where a prisoner lies on his bed, reading a book. His bare feet, closest to the frame, bear six toes on each foot. A voice calls from outside the frame.
Mako Hey, Ping.
Ping [Looking up from his book and seeing Mako and Bolin standing on the other side of the bars.] How are my two favorite officers doin' on this fine day?
Bolin Doing great! Thanks for asking.
Mako We're trying to track down your boss and I thought you might be able to point us in the direction of the Triple Threats' new hideout.
Ping [Casually picking at his feet, his tone amicable.] I wish I could help you boys out, I really do. But the thing is, Tokuga made the Triple Threats change hideouts every few days. I got no idea where he's holed up now.
Mako I hate to break it to you, but Tokuga's not coming to save you. You don't owe him your loyalty anymore. Give us the info we need, and I'll talk to Beifong about getting you some better accommodations.
Bolin [Half-hiding behind Mako, apparently unnerved by Ping's feet.] And some socks.
Ping [Rising and walking to the bars, looking straight at them.] I'm being straight with you. It's not like Tokuga's' sending me messages in here.
Mako Come on, Ping! I know you're holding out!
Ping Mako, you gotta relax. All this police work is really stressing you out.
While Mako has this exchange with Ping, Bolin is glancing off into empty space, hand on his chin, lost in thought. After a moment, he speaks up, wondering aloud.
Bolin Mako, remember how when we were kids, Lightning Bolt Zolt would use us to pass secret messages between Triad members?
Mako Yeah ... ?
Bolin Maybe Tokuga's doing the same thing!
Mako [Turning to Ping, more confidently this time.] What do you say, Ping? Does that sound about right? Is Tokuga using kids to relay info to all the Triple Threats?
Ping [Averting his gaze, beginning to sweat.] I mean ... maybe ... I couldn't really say for sure ...
Mako [More than satisfied.] I'll take that as a "yes".
Having gotten what they came for, the two leave Ping in his cell and walk back down the hall toward the exit.
Mako That was some good thinking back there, Bolin. You might make a pretty good cop after all.
Bolin [Rubbing the back of his neck.] Thanks! I'm learning from the best.
The scene changes to a construction site: earthbenders clear ground by piling lose dirt into a mound; two metalbenders pile-drive an I-beam into the ground; and a person uses a hummingbird-mecha suit to plasma-cut high above the ground. The frame moves away from these snippets of work, pulling back to show Asami and Zhu Li on a nearby rooftop, surveying the scene from above, the sounds of the site carrying faintly up to their vantage point.
Asami If everything stays on schedule, we should be able to move in the first group of evacuees in a few months.
Zhu Li [Holding a blueprint.] Hopefully I can convince them all to be patient for a little while longer.
Hearing a noise behind them, they both turn to see Raiko and Wenyan speaking to a group of refugees.
Asami What is Raiko doing with those evacuees?
Zhu Li My guess? He's trying to save his job.
Raiko [To the evacuees, not having noticed either Asami or Zhu Li.] I know this has been a trying time for all of you, and that's why I've fast-tracked this new construction project! I'll be working around the clock to get you into your new homes just as quickly as possible.
Evacuee woman And how quickly will that be?
Raiko Well ... A project of this scale ... It doesn't just happen overnight --
Wenyan [Speaking over the suddenly unsure Raiko, his tone and expression overly enthusiastic.] You'll be sipping refreshing watermelon juice from your balconies by the end of the month! Guaranteed!
Evacuee man So soon? That's great!
Evacuee woman Thank you, President Raiko!
Evacuee child I love watermelon juice!
Wenyan [Walking over to a large picture covered by a sheet.] A life of safety and security will soon be yours at ... [Dramatically pulls the sheet away, revealing concept art of the future building's appearance.] The Raiko Residencies!
Group of evacuees [All at once, regarding the picture.] Ooh ... Beautiful!
At this point, Asami and Zhu Li approach Raiko. He takes their sudden appearance in stride.
Raiko [Gesturing to them.] Look everyone, it's Asami Sato and Zhu Li Moon! They're overseeing the construction of your new homes.
Zhu Li President Raiko, a word please?
Wenyan [Still smiling far too widely.] Let's get a photo!
As the four of them pose with the image behind them, the two women confront him, speaking under their breath.
Zhu Li You need to tell your advisor to stop making promises you can't keep.
Asami And the "Raiko Residencies"? Really? Have you already forgotten that we brought this idea to you?
Raiko [Ignoring them.] Always a pleasure, ladies.
Wenyan [Escorting Raiko away from the image and the group.] Thank you all for coming. Remember, a vote for Raiko is a vote for the future!
Raiko's quick escape is unexpectedly cut short by the landing of a flying bison in front of him; riding on its back are Tenzin and Korra.
Korra Raiko, we need to talk!
Wenyan I'll deal with this, sir. [Stepping forward to meet her, holding a hand out as she jumps from the bison.] The president is extremely busy. If you want to speak with him, you'll need to make an appointment, just like everyone el --
Korra, evidently having none of this, casually metalbends a thin band over his mouth, gagging him. She walks past him as he moans under the gag, trying to free his mouth.
Korra You. Shut it. [Reaching Raiko with Tenzin, she points a finger in the former's face.] The portal is sacred land. You can't turn it into a military base.
Tenzin [While Wenyan continues to struggle in vain with the gag.] Call off the United Forces.
Raiko I most certainly will not.
Korra [As Zhu Li and Asami move to stand behind her.] If you don't, you're looking at another spirit crisis on your hands. Who's going to vote for you then?
Raiko [Crossing his arms, the group of refugees behind him.] We wouldn't have a crisis if you hadn't created that portal in the first place.
Korra I didn't exactly do it on purpose! Kuvira's spirit weapon was out of control. I had to save the city!
Raiko And in doing so, you destroyed these poor people's homes. Entire neighborhoods were leveled in the blink of an eye. [Turning to address the group behind him.] The Avatar claims to have your best interests at heart ... but while you were all returning to the city and picking up the pieces, guess where Avatar Korra was? On vacation!
Korra No, it wasn't like that.
Korra's denial of Raiko falls on deaf ears in the group of evacuees.
Evacuee man What kind of Avatar takes a vacation in the middle of a crisis?
Evacuee woman Disgraceful!
Evacuee child Avatar Korra ruined my life!
Raiko [Pointing a finger in Korra's face, her eyes following it in confusion.] Because of your recklessness and selfishness, these people's lives have been shattered. And as usual, I'm left to deal with the consequences.
Asami You have some nerve for such a coward. When Republic City needed a true leader, Korra stepped up.
Tenzin That's right. If it hadn't been for her, we'd all be living under Kuvira's dictatorship right now.
Korra [Her head fallen to her chest, downcast.] It's okay ... Let's go.
The three turn and walk away from Raiko, giving up on convincing him. They head for the mobile trailer acting as Asami's on-site office.
Asami [Speaking over her shoulder to everyone.] Someone really needs to put Raiko in his place. Tenzin, you should run for president -- Raiko wouldn't stand a chance against the son of Avatar Aang. You'd win in a landslide.
Tenzin [Pausing outside the door.] No, my days in United Republic politics are behind me. Leading the Air Nation is my priority now. But there's someone else much more capable of leading the United Republic -- [He turns his head to look at Zhu Li.] Zhu Li.
Zhu Li Me ... ?
Asami [Agreeing, with a wide smile.] If you were able to keep up with all of Varrick's ridiculous demands, leading the Republic will seem easy.
Korra That's a great idea!
Zhu Li [Considering.] It's an intriguing proposal ... I've been so focused on the evacuee crisis, the thought hadn't crossed my mind.
Tenzin That's exactly why you would make such an exemplary leader -- you're so compassionate to the needs of others.
Korra And you and I would make a great partnership. I'm tired of butting heads with Raiko. It would be nice to have a president I see eye-to-eye with.
Zhu Li [Still contemplating, eyes on the ground.] I ... don't know ... [Raising her gaze to the others again.] But thank you. I'll take it under advisement. [Turning away from them, talking over her shoulder.] Tenzin, we should get back to the camp. The new shipment of food and supplies is coming in from Ba Sing Se, and I want to make sure it gets dispersed in a timely fashion.
Tenzin Lead the way.
Asami [Calling after them.] See you soon, President Moon! [To Korra.] See? It has a nice ring to it.
Having seen Tenzin and Zhu Li off, Asami and Korra walk into the trailer; its interior, mostly empty, consists of a few notice boards hung on the walls and a single desk on its far side.
Korra I went back to the Spirit World this morning ... [Turning toward Asami as she closes the door.] That beautiful field of flowers we walked through ... It's a wasteland now.
Asami [Taken aback.] It is ... ? That's awful.
Korra [Sitting on the edge of the desk, eyes downcast.] When you and I stepped through that portal, I thought my life was finally changing for the better. But now that we're back, it feels like nothing's any different -- Raiko's still impossible to deal with, the city's still a mess, and now the people are starting to turn on me again.
Asami I know one thing that's definitely different.
As she says this, Asami steps toward Korra and gently puts a hand on her knee, causing Korra to raise her eyes to Asami's. Asami draws closer to Korra, their faces just inches apart; a long moment passes as they gaze into each other's eyes.
Asami [Softly.] There are always going to be problems to deal with. But as long as we stick together, we'll be able to overcome anything.
Korra [Emotional.] Asami, I ...
Asami Yes ... ?
Korra suddenly pulls away, hiding her blushed face.
Korra I know you have a lot of work to do. I'll let you get back to it.
Korra stands and walk to the door. Asami follows, stopping at the top of the steps and watching as Korra walks away without so much as a backward glance. Asami sighs, clearly disappointed by the passing of the moment.

The next few panels show Mako and Bolin driving a police wagon through a street in Republic City.

Bolin [Voice-over.Republic City -- a metropolis in turmoil. Like a wild moose-lion, crime runs rampant. Innocent citizens go about their days, oblivious to the fact that a shadowy force threatens their very existence. The city's only hope lies with two brothers -- 
The next panel focuses on Mako and Bolin as they sit in the wagon, where Bolin is revealed to be giving his narration in real time as they drive.
Bolin -- Both are on a search for justice ... and themselves.
Mako Okay, enough with the narration. We're not filming a mover.
Bolin [Clenches his fists in excitement at the idea.] But maybe we should! Varrick could make a docu-mover about us. We could call it: Mako and Bolin: On the Beat. or how about, Good Cop, Bad Cop?
Mako Let me guess, I'm the bad cop in that scenario?
Bolin Well, I certainly can't be. I'm the boyish charmer. You're the brooding, mysterious, older brother. I'm sorry, but you're not a good enough actor to play against type.
Mako Neither are you. You think being Nuktuk was a stretch?
Bolin Hey! That role had a lot of range! [Narrows his eyes.] Why are you so cranky, anyway? Is it because your two ex-girlfriends are dating each other now?
Mako [Annoyed.] What? No! Why would I have a problem with that? I think it's great that Korra and Asami are together.
Bolin [Unconvinced.] You don't seem so cool with it.
Mako [Looking ahead.] Skoochy!
Bolin Don't change the subject.
Mako I'm not -- look, it's Skoochy. You know, the kid we're out here looking for?
The panel shows Mako looking at the steps to the entrance of an apartment building, where a number of street children, Skoochy included, are loitering around.
Bolin Ooh! Right!
As the wagon approaches, one of the children notices it and points at it.
Street kid Coppers! Everyone split!
The street kids take off running in every direction as the wagon screeches to a stop, and Bolin jumps out of it.
Bolin Skoochy! Wait! [Giving chase.] It's me, your old pal Bolin! *huff huff* I just want to talk!
Skoochy [Running into an alley.] Have to catch me first!
Bolin Not a problem ...
Bolin earthbends a wall spanning the width of the alley from the ground, right in front of Skoochy.
Bolin Nowhere to go now!
Skoochy That's what you think!
Skoochy keeps on running, before jumping up and grabbing onto the top of the wall with one hand, quickly climbing over it and waving to Bolin as he does so.
Skoochy See ya around, slowpoke!
Bolin Aw, come on!
Skoochy lands on the other side of the wall to find himself facing Mako, who had come round the other end of the alley to cut him off.
Mako Not so fast, kid.
Mako grabs Skoochy by the front of his shirt and holds him against the wall.
Skoochy Hey, hey, hey! Hands off the duds.
Mako [Not listening.] It's been a while, Skoochy. How you been?
Skoochy Doin' fine until you two mooks showed up.
As they talk, Bolin earthbends the wall out of the way and comes over to the pair.
Bolin Oh, good, you got him. He gave me the slip!
Skoochy What do you want, anyway?
Mako Word is you might know where the Triple Threats' new hideout is.
Skoochy And how would I know that? Been livin' on the straight and narrow these days.
Mako [Letting go of Skoochy.] Yeah, right. Then where'd a street rat like you get such nice clothes?
Skoochy I found 'em.
As he listens, Bolin's expression steadily becomes more angry.
Mako I've seen your arrest reports. I know you've been running numbers for the Triple Threats for a while now.
Skoochy So what if I have?
All of a sudden, Bolin runs in and grabs Skoochy's shirt, now looking furious.
Bolin [Shouting.Quit lying! Answer Mako's question!
Mako, visibly shocked at his brother's aggressiveness, moves forward and breaks the two up.
Mako Whoa, whoa. Go easy, Bolin.
Skoochy [Smoothing out his clothes.] Yeah. Don't get yourself all in a tizzy.
Mako [Turning to Skoochy.] Listen, I was in your shoes once, thinking the Triple Threats was my only chance to make something of myself. I know you're just looking out for number one, but there comes a time you have to grow up and realize you have a responsibility to help others.
As Mako speaks, Skoochy looks to the side, considering his words.
Mako The guy you're working for -- Tokuga -- he's very dangerous. People could die if we don't find him. So please, I'm asking for your help. Point me in the right direction. Do the right thing, Skoochy.
Having heard Mako's speech, Skoochy turns to the side and starts to walk away.
Skoochy Last I heard, the Triple Threats were holed up in an abandoned warehouse at the docks -- pier thirty-one. [Takes off running.] But you didn't hear that from me!
Mako I won't say a word.
As Skoochy leaves, a smiling Bolin comes over to Mako and throws an arm around his brother's shoulders.
Bolin Sorry I lost my cool, bro. I had it all backwards -- I'm the bad cop and you're the good cop! Who woulda guessed?
Mako Let's just find Tokuga. I'll radio Beifong for backup.
The scene changes to outside Asami's office at the construction site, where Asami can be seen through a window, sat at her desk and looking over a blueprint. The silhouettes of Jargala and two of her subordinates move past the window, before Asami turns away from her blueprint to look out the window.
Asami Hello ...?
Still looking out the window, Asami pulls open one of the desk's drawers and reaches inside with her right hand, just as the Creeping Crystal members come to the door and open it. Jargala's two subordinates enter the office first, followed by their boss, who walks in and sits on the edge of Asami's desk, crossing her legs as she does so. Asami's right hand remains in the desk drawer as she narrows her eyes at Jargala, clearly unhappy with her intrusion.
Asami Can I help you?
Jargala [Friendly.] Actually, we're here to help you, sweetheart. [Glances at the blueprints.] This is quite the construction project you're overseeing. It would be unfortunate if you weren't able to complete it.
Asami [Coldly.Don't threaten me. And don't call me sweetheart.
Creeping Crystal member [Angrily clenching his fists.] Do you know who you're talking to? Jargala Omo, leader of the Creeping Crystals. Show some respect.
Jargala [Smiling.] It's all right. She didn't mean anything by it. [To Asami.] You've got moxie -- a quality women in this city could use more of, am I right?
Asami [Still hostile.] What do you want?
Jargala I'm offering you a chance to work with me.
Asami Thanks, but I'm not looking for any new business partners.
Jargala [Getting off the desk and backing away.] Think of it more as a professional courtesy. Tokuga and the Triple Threats are making a play for all the turf this side of the river, including the land we're standing on right now. Now, the Creeping Crystals are happy to provide you protection in exchange for a small, monthly fee.
Asami [Standing up.] I already told you -- [Falls into a combat stance, now wearing an electrified glove on her right hand.] -- not interested.
Jargala [Amused.] Cute weapon. You know how to use it?
Asami I'm happy to give you a demonstration.
Both Creeping Crystal members have gone into fighting stances of their own, but Jargala turns away from Asami and heads toward the door.
Jargala Maybe next time. Come on, boys, let's go.
Creeping Crystal member We're leaving?
Jargala Obviously Miss Sato isn't thinking straight. Let's give her a couple of days to reconsider my generous offer.
Jargala and the two Creeping Crystal members leave the office, shutting the door behind them as they go. As soon as they are gone, Asami sits down and breathes a sigh of relief.

The scene changes to the inside of a bar, currently being used as a hideout by the Triple Threat Triad. Five triad members, including Shady Shin and Zhen—a grey-haired balding man—are currently in the middle of a card game.

Triple Threat #1 Word is, that spirit really did a number on him ...
Triple Threat #2 Doesn't even look human anymore, from what I hear ...
Zhen Like some kind of freak. [Pushes chips forward.] Raise. One hundred yuans.
Triple Threat #1 I fold.
Shin Me too. Zhen wins again.
Shin and the other triad members lay their cards down as Zhen gathers a large pile of chips from the center of the table.
Zhen Tokuga got what was coming to him, if you ask me. When that kid took over the Triple Threats, he promised us all that this triad would rule Republic City -- but so far, all we've done is lose ground to the Creeping Crystals and nearly get wiped out by a bunch of spirits.
Shin But I heard Tokuga's working on a big score. I bet he'll come through.
Zhen If you believe that, you're more naive than I thought, old friend. Sure, I had my problems with the way Zolt and Viper ran our triad in the past, but I never doubted they had my back. Can anyone say the same about this new kid? Right now, Mushi and Ping are in the slammer and Tokuga's done squat to get them out.
Triple Threat #3 [Thoughtful.] Zhen has a point.
Triple Threat #4 Tokuga left them high and dry.
Zhen I mean, what do we really know about our new leader, anyway? He joins up a few months ago, fresh off the boat. We don't even know why he came to Republic City or who he might be running from.
Shin Yeah, but Viper vouched for the kid.
Zhen Exactly. And now Viper's dead.
At this, Shin's expression becomes troubled, and he can think of nothing to say. Unbeknownst to the triad members, Tokuga walks into the doorway of the bar, having evidently overheard the conversation.
Tokuga You want to be next, old timer?
Zhen's expression turns to horror as he recognizes the voice, and he quickly jumps up from his chair as Tokuga's tentacle arm lunges toward him.
Tokuga Where are you going? [Grabs Zhen around the neck with his tentacle, before lifting him up and slamming him down onto the table.] Sit back down!
The table splits in half from the impact, while all of the triad members previously sat at it back away in alarm. Tokuga reaches out with his tentacle and wraps it around Zhen's neck once again.
Tokuga [Addressing the other Triple Threats.] Take a good look, everyone. This is the new face of your leader. So you better get used to it, because I'm not going anywhere.
The scene changes to show Mako, Bolin, Lin and two metalbender cops at the docks, peeking at the warehouse Skoochy told Mako and Bolin about from around the corner of a wall. As they investigate, Tokuga gives a speech to the other triad members, with his words displayed on the panels of Lin and her team.
Lin [Speaking into a walkie-talkie.] Everyone get in position. I'll lead the recon team in. Don't make a move until I give the go-ahead.
Tokuga That spirit intended to kill me. Instead, I've become stronger ... quicker ... [Lin's team heads toward the warehouse.] ... and the changes are more than just physical. My mind is sharper and clearer than it's ever been. You could say, I've had an awakening. [Lin's team takes position next to the warehouse doors.] I've seen beyond my initial vision for the Triple Threats. I realized my plan for us was too small ... and far too limiting. [Lin uses seismic sense to check the interior of the warehouse.] Fighting with the Creeping Crystals over a few city blocks isn't worth our time and effort ...
Lin [Into walkie-talkie.] I picked up at least a dozen people on the lower level. Get ready to move.
Tokuga ... and serving as someone else's muscle is beneath us. From now on, we call the shots. [Lin bends the warehouse doors open.] My new aim is for the Triple Threats to seize control of Republic City and become the most dominant triad in history.
The scene changes to the Triple Threats' hideout, as Tokuga continues strangling Zhen and giving his speech.
Tokuga We will possess enormous financial and military power.
Shin Sounds great to me, boss. But where are we gonna get all the money and weapons you're talking about?
Tokuga I've made an arrangement with Wonyong Keum to become our new benefactor, so our money problem is solved. And there's a weapons depot outside the city where the police are keeping all the tanks, airships and mecha-suits from Kuvira's failed invasion. There's a whole army's worth of equipment just sitting there, waiting for us to put it to good use.
The scene changes back to Lin and her team as they move down into the lower level of the warehouse, Mako bending a small fire in his hand to light their way.
Tokuga Soon, the police, President Raiko, even the Avatar ... they will all answer to me.
Lin [Kicking down a door with her metalbending.]  Police! Everyone freeze!
Mako Er, chief?
Lin and her team are revealed to be stood at the entrance to a room filled with clothed mannequins wearing sinister-looking masks as Tokuga continues his speech, uninterrupted.
Tokuga But in order for us to evolve, the old regime must die. And the first to go will be Chief Beifong and her triad task force.
Mako [Ripping off his sling as he realizes what is about to happen.] Everyone out, now!
Tokuga We will prove to Republic City that the Triple Threats are a force to be feared. This city will belong to us!
As Tokuga concludes his speech, the mannequins in the warehouse detonate in a series of large, fiery explosions as all of Lin's team, bar Mako, desperately run for their lives.
Bolin MAKO!
Mako grits his teeth and thrusts both his arms forward, using his firebending to contain the heat and flames of the explosions and prevent them from reaching him and the others. Before long the flames dissipate, leaving only the burning remains of the destroyed mannequins. The danger averted, Mako gasps in pain before slumping against the doorframe, clutching his injured arm as Bolin comes over.
Bolin [Concerned.] Are you alright?
Mako More or less. [To Lin.] I'm sorry, Chief. I thought our lead was solid.
Lin It's not your fault. Tokuga was one step ahead of us. But I won't let him outsmart us again. [To her metalbending officers.] Sweep what's left of the room. See if Tokuga left behind any cluse where he might be hiding.
As Lin gives these orders, Mako and Bolin have already left the room and are making their way back up the stairs.
Mako They're not going to find anything down there. But there's still one last lead we haven't followed up on yet.
Bolin Wonyong Keum? But Beifong said --
Mako I don't care what she said. Tokuga almost killed us. If Wonyong knows something, then he's our only shot at tracking down Tokuga.
The scene then changes back to the Triple Threats' hideout, Tokuga still addressing the triads.
Tokuga But in order for our takeover to be successful, I need to know you're all behind me. Victory will only come through unity.
Shin We're behind you, boss. A hundred and fifty percent.
Triple Threat #1 Yeah, I'm on board!
Triple Threat #2 We all are! Triple Threats rule!
Tokuga [Lifting Zhen off the floor.] And what about you, Zhen? Are you willing to evolve with us, or do I need to put you down like an old dog?
Zhen [Coughing.] I'm ... I'm with you!
Tokuga Good. Now prove it. I have an important job for you.
The scene changes to a picture of Wonyong Keum's office building the next morning. It then moves into the ground floor of the building, where Mako and Bolin are stood at the reception desk.
Mako We need to speak with Mr. Keum.
Receptionist Do you have an appointment?
Mako Uh ... no. This is a police matter. It's urgent.
Receptionist If you don't have an appointment, I can't help you.
Two security guards approach Mako and Bolin and gesture for them to leave.
Security Guard #1 Please follow us, Sir.
Mako Fine. We're leaving.
The brothers make to leave, but the security guards continue to hover around them, prompting Mako to turn to the first one with an annoyed look.
Mako Back off. I said we're leaving.
Security Guard #1 Actually, can we ask you a question?
Mako Excuse me?
Security Guard #1 Is Mr. Keum in some kind of trouble?
Mako [Puzzled.] What do you mean?
The two security guards give each other a look, as if in silent agreement over something, before they turn back to Mako and Bolin.
Security Guard #1 Mr. Keum hasn't showed up for work the past couple days. We haven't informed his employees yet. We don't want to alarm anyone.
Mako Your boss has been missing for two days and you didn't think to call the police?
Security Guard #2 Mr. Keum's a private man and doesn't like to involve the authorities, so we've been investigating on our own. We've checked his home, but his wife hasn't seen him either.
Bolin [To Mako.] You don't think --
Mako Tokuga.
The scene changes to outside Asami's office at the construction site, where Korra gives a questioning glance at the new presence of security guards as she approaches Asami's office. One of the security guards stops her before she can enter.
Security guard Can I help you?
Korra Yeah. I'm here to see Asami.
Security guard Is Miss Sato expecting you?
Korra [Frustrated.] Can I just see my girlfriend, please?
Asami opens her office door upon hearing Korra outside.
Asami [To the security guard.] It's all right, you can let her in. [To Korra.] Good morning, Korra.
Both women enter the office, Asami closing the door behind her.
Korra Morning. What's with all the hired muscle?
Asami Just a precaution.
Korra Because of what happened to Mako and Bolin?
Asami No, I hadn't heard ... are they all right?
Korra Tokuga set a trap for Beifong and the task force. Nearly blew them all up. But they all made it out in one piece, thank goodness.
Asami [Heading over to her desk and looking at some things on it.] I had a small scare last night too, but nothing like that. A few triad thugs showed up and threatened me unless I paid them off.
Korra recoils in shock at this news, before rushing over to Asami and taking both her hands, worry all over her face.
Korra What? Are you okay?
Asami [Grinning uneasily.] I'm fine. Please don't make a big deal out of it.
Korra The Triple Threats are out of control!
Asami It wasn't them. It was some woman named Jargala, leader of the Creeping Crystals.
Korra [Clenching her fists together.] You don't need all this security. I'll pay this Jargala lady a visit and I promise she'll never bother you again.
Asami [Putting a reassuring hand on Korra's arm.] I said, don't make a big deal out of it. I can handle this myself.
Korra [Stubbornly.] But I want to help you.
Asami I don't need your help.
Korra [Turning away from Asami and folding her arms, upset.] Okay. Fine.
Asami [Apologetic.] Korra, I didn't mean it like that. It's just ... I don't want you to feel like you have to be on Avatar duty every time I have a little problem.
Korra I'm not doing it out of duty. I care about you, Asami. More than I've ever cared about anyone. If anything happens to you ...
Asami takes one of Korra's hands into her own and rests the back of her other hand against Korra's cheek. Korra holds Asami's hand against her cheek in place, smiling.
Asami It won't. I got this.
Korra and Asami hold each other in a tight embrace, resting their foreheads against each other, before breaking apart and holding hands.
Asami But I would like to take you out, if you're not busy tonight.
Korra [Blushing.] I'd love that.
Asami How about eight o'clock at Fan's Dumplings? Maybe a romantic turtle-duck boat ride afterwards?
Korra [Happily.] Sounds perfect.
The scene changes to the evacuee camp late in the afternoon where the evacuees are queuing up in front of Zhu Li, Varrick, Tenzin, and Kya. They are getting impatient waiting for the food supplies.
Evacuee #1 Where's our food? You said it would be here by now!
Zhu Li I know, I know. Please, be patient. The supplies should be here soon. [Quietly.] I hope ...
Evacuee #2 You've been telling us to be patient all day! I'm sick of being patient!
Evacuee #3 Yeah!
Evacuee #4 We want to eat!
Varrick [Anxiously.] What do we do? This horde already devoured my whole supply of varri-cakes! [Whipping out another one from his coat pocket and licking his lips.] My whole supply, except one ... [Caressing the cake against his face.] I saved your deliciousness all for me.
Zhu Li, Tenzin, and Kya stare at Varrick, unimpressed by his antics. He glances back at them as he unwraps the cake.
Varrick What?! You can't expect me to work on an empty stomach! [Shoving the cake into his mouth.] Mmmm ... get into my mouth ...
Zhu Li It's all Raiko's fault we're in this mess. He assured me those supplies from Ba Sing Se would sail through customs. I swear, he's holding things up just to spite me.
Varrick is still munching on his cake, crumbs falling out of his mouth.
Tenzin This is unconscionable, even for him.
Zhu Li This morning, Raiko was acting like he had the evacuees' best interests at heart. What a hypocrite. I guess he only wants to help people when it suits his needs.
Varrick holds the flap of the tent open for Zhu Li and motions for her to enter.
Varrick I can't stand seeing my Zhu Li getting so bent out of shape! Why don't you come inside, sweetheart, and massage your troubles away.
Zhu Li That's so thoughtful of you ... I guess I could use a break.
Upon entering the tent, Varrick immediately sits backward on a chair, expecting Zhu Li to give him a massage.
Varrick I'm especially tight in the shoulders. And don't go easy! I like a lot of pressure.
Zhu Li *Cough* *cough* Excuse me?
Varrick looks up to see Zhu Li standing in place with her arms crossed, giving him a cold glare.
Zhu Li I thought I was the one getting the massage.
Varrick [Apologetic.] Uh ... right! Of course, Dear! For you, I'll be the best shoulder-kneader ever!
The two of them swap positions, and Varrick begins massaging Zhu Li's shoulders, causing her to lean against the back of the seat and let out a groan of relief.
Zhu Li Honey?
Varrick Yes, my love?
Zhu Li [Looking at him.] What would you think of me running for president?
Varrick I ... [Becomes enthusiastic.] love it!
Zhu Li [Turning around to face him.] Really? Korra, Asami, and Tenzin encouraged me to run against Raiko. But ... what if I end up losing to that imbecile? I don't know if I could handle it.
Varrick You won't lose.
Zhu Li [Unsure.] But if I win, suddenly all the problems plaguing the United Republic become my problems. I don't know if I could handle that, either.
Varrick Zhu Li, you are the most tenaciousbrilliantinspiring woman I know! The people love you! If you really want this, Raiko doesn't stand a chance.
Hearing his words, Zhu Li suddenly stands up and clenches her fist with a confident expression.
Zhu Li You're right. I'm in.
Varrick [Overjoyed, he hugs Zhu Li and lifts her off the ground.] Whoo-hoo! This calls for a celebration!
Zhu Li Put me down, dear.
The scene changes to a shot of Republic City's Harmony Tower in the evening, as a number of pedal boats resembling turtle ducks drift across a nearby lake. A clock indicates the time is quarter past eight. A smartly-dressed Korra is shown sitting alone at a table at a crowded Fan's Dumplings, her head in her hands as she glances unhappily to the clock on her right, waiting for Asami to appear. At half past eight, Asami has still not arrived, and a waitress approaches Korra to take her order.
Waitress It's an honor to have you dining with us this evening, Avatar Korra. May I take your --
Korra [Standing up and grabbing her glider staff.] Sorry. Gotta go.
Korra dashes over to a phone booth and rings Asami's number but gets no response. Suspicious, she rings Mako and Bolin, with Mako picking up on his end. 
Mako Mako here.
Korra Mako, it's Korra. I need you and Bolin to meet me at Asami's new office.
Mako Everything alright?
Korra [Nervous.] Could be Asami stood me up, but I doubt it. I have a bad feeling she's in trouble ...
The scene moves ahead to the entrance of the construction site. Mako and Bolin are already there and turn around as Korra, still in her date attire, lands next to them, having flown in on her glider staff. The trio quickly notices that the area surrounding Asami's office is covered in boulders and cracked earth and run toward the office building, Korra swiftly taking the lead.
Korra Asami?! Asami!
The three of them enter the office to discover it destroyed; boulders and rocks are everywhere, the walls are cracked in several places, the windows are shattered, Asami's desk has been knocked over, and four of her security guards are lying on the floor.
Korra Oh no ...
Bolin Looks like there was a fight ...
Mako You think?!
One of the security guards lets out a groan of pain and sits up, before Korra runs over and crouches by her side.
Korra What happened? Where's Asami?
Korra, Mako, and Bolin help the guards up to their feet.
Security Guard #1 Not sure ... we were ambushed ...
Mako Did you get a look at who attacked you?
Security Guard #2 No, they came out of nowhere.
Korra [Turning to Mako with a clenched fist.] I know exactly who did this -- the Creeping Crystal Triad. Do you know where we can find them?
Mako Yeah, but --
Korra [Cutting him off.] Then let's go.
Korra takes off toward Mako and Bolin's police car, the two brothers running after her.
Mako Korra, wait! How do you know it was the Creeping Crystals?
Korra I just do, okay? I'll explain on the way! Now drive!
The trio jumps into the vehicle and drives off, Mako at the wheel.

The scene changes to the Creeping Crystals' hideout: a lounge-like room lit up by a number of luminous green crystals, some mounted on the wall, others formed into a chandelier. Jargala and one of the triad members who threatened Asami earlier are playing a game on a billiards table underneath the chandelier, while the other member of the trio is sitting at a nearby bar watching the game. Other triad members are sitting in comfy chairs arranged around a fireplace.

Korra [Kicking the door open.] I'm here for Jargala!
Mako [Running toward her.] Korra, hold up!
The two Creeping Crystal members who were with Jargala earlier assume fighting stances while earthbending a number of crystals around them, which they launch at Korra.
Creeping Crystal Member You'll have to get through us, first!
Korra [Stopping the crystals with her own earthbending.] Not a problem!
Korra indiscriminately earthbends the crystals at every triad member in the room, all of whom hurriedly take cover behind the room's furniture. Korra and Jargala walk up to each other, both women glaring at one another.
Jargala [With a hand on her hip, looking annoyed.] I don't take kindly to people barging in on me. Especially the Avatar.
Korra [In a combat stance.] Where's Asami?
Mako and Bolin run up behind Korra and take up fighting stances of their own.
Jargala Asami Sato? You got the wrong place.
Korra [Moving closer to Jargala, angrily.] I know you threatened her! Where is she?
Jargala [Backing away and gesturing to the rest of the room.] I'm telling you, she's not here. Don't believe me? Take a look around.
Korra Fine. We will.
The scene changes to a wide exterior shot of Air Temple Island. Two sky bison are flying around the temple. In the background, Republic City and its spirit portal light up the evening skyline.
Jinora [Voice-over.] It's not fair. Raiko's abusing his power.
The view cuts to an interior shot of Air Temple Island where Tenzin and his family are eating dinner. Tenzin is seated at the head of a large table with food spread out on it; Meelo, Jinora, and Ikki are sitting to his right while Pema and Rohan are seated to his left.
Jinora The United Forces have no right to occupy the land around the portal.
Ikki Yeah, now the spirits won't ever want to come back. And I don't blame them. I'd stay away too if there were a bunch of mean benders and tanks and metal walls where I lived.
Tenzin Raiko's decision doesn't sit well with me either, girls. But Korra and I spoke with him and he's made up his mind. The good news is, Zhu Li has decided to run for president. But in the meantime, I'm not sure what the best course of action is.
The view cuts to a tired-looking Pema as she tries to feed Rohan his dinner.
Pema I'm sure it will play itself out. Sooner or later, Raiko will realize it's impractical to keep the United Forces there permanently.
Jinora We need to do something now! The longer we wait, the less chance there is of the spirits returning.
Meelo [Raising one hand while pounding the other on the table.] We should get all the airbenders together and march on the portal!
Tenzin [Looking surprised for a moment, before smiling at his son's suggestion.] That's actually not a bad idea, Meelo. The airbenders could lead a peaceful protest march. It could rally the city behind us and pressure Raiko to withdraw the troops.
Jinora [Happily.] Let's do it!
Ikki [Excited.] Peace marches are the best!
Meelo [Dismayed.] I meant we should get all the airbenders together and attack ... but sure dad, we can try your idea first.
The scene changes back to the Creeping Crystals' hideout, where Korra, Mako, and Bolin are leaving while a smirking Jargala leans against the door frame with her arms crossed.
Jargala Told you she wasn't here. Now get lost, Avatar. Before we make you get lost.
Korra [Unimpressed and not looking at her.] I'd like to see you try.
Mako Enough, Korra. We searched the whole building. The Creeping Crystals didn't take Asami.
The trio reaches the police Satomobile and start piling in, continuing their conversation as they do so.
Mako But something's definitely going on. First Wonyong Keum goes missing, now Asami ...
Korra Wait. Wonyong's missing too?
Mako Yeah. Bolin and I decided to follow up on your hunch about Wonyong hiring the Triple Threats --
Bolin -- But when we tried to talk to him at his office, we found out he hasn't been seen in days.
Mako If Tokuga was working for Wonyong, maybe things went south between them.
The trio drives off, Mako at the wheel, Bolin in the passenger seat, and Korra in the back.
Korra Maybe it was the Triple Threats who took Asami!
Mako But why would they --?
He is cut off by the sound of buzzing from the vehicle's radio, and Lin's voice comes through it.
Lin Mako, it's Beifong. Are you there?
Mako Go ahead, Chief.
Lin I need every available task force member at the police depot, pronto! It's under attack by the Triple Threats.
Mako hits the sirens and guns the engine, turning the Satomobile to the right and driving toward the depot.

The scene changes to the depot, in the middle of a battle between the Triple Threats and the police. The Triple Threats have seized the depot and taken control of a number of tanks, mecha suits, and airships, while a group of six police officers attempt to contain them within the depot.

Shin [Using his mecha-suit's flamethrower.] Who needs bending when you got one of these babies?
Three more mecha suits blast the police officers with their flamethrowers, causing them to run away, as well as setting the surrounding area and a nearby police Satomobile ablaze.
Police officer #1 Look out!
Two more police officers let out yells of pain. As they flee, Tokuga, standing on one of the tanks, raises one of his swords into the air.
Tokuga Triple Threats, follow me!
Mako You're not going anywhere, Tokuga!
Hearing Mako's voice, Tokuga turns around to find Korra, Mako, and Bolin walking toward him, Korra and Mako clearing a path through the flames with their firebending and Bolin wielding his magma shuriken.
Mako Stand down!
Tokuga [Grinning.] I was hoping you'd show up, Avatar ...
Approaching Tokuga, Korra, Mako, and Bolin see his mutated form for the first time and react to it in horror, Korra letting out a gasp.
Mako Whoa ...
Tokuga [Jumping off the tank.] Don't act so surprised, Korra -- [Points at her with his tentacle.] -- you turned me into this!
Korra What? No, I didn't mean for that to happen. I was trying to stop that spirit!
Tokuga [Unconvinced.] I guess you should have tried harder. Your actions have consequences, Avatar. It's time you learned that.
Korra What's that supposed to mean?
Tokuga [Ominously.] You'll find out soon enough.
Korra grows worried upon hearing this, but it disappears when Mako walks up to stand beside her, raising his uninjured arm at Tokuga.
Mako You're the one who needs to answer for your actions, not Korra! Who sent you to the portal to attack the airbenders? Was it Wonyong Keum? Are you stealing all these weapons for him?
Tokuga No one owns me anymore. Mr. Keum works for me now.
Mako [Generating a flame in his hand.] Where is he?
Tokuga Look up, officer. He's been right over your head this whole time.
Korra [Looking up.] Is that ...?
Korra, Mako, and Bolin look up to see an Earth Empire airship drifting above them, with a bound and gagged Wonyong Keum being held at its door by a Triple Threat thug. Wonyong glances down, sees Korra, Mako, and Bolin, and lets out a muffled exclamation.
Mako [To Tokuga and his triad.] Release Mr. Keum immediately and surrender yourselves!
Tokuga And why would I do that? You're outnumbered and outmatched.
Mako You couldn't beat me and Bolin at the portal, and you couldn't kill us with your ploy at the docks. You're not going to win now.
Bolin Yeah, this is Team Avatar you're dealing with!
Tokuga [Smirking.] Not the whole team. Aren't you missing a fourth member ...?
Korra [Horrified.] No ...
Korra's expression changes to one of pure rage as she lunges toward Tokuga, her right fist drawn back.
Korra punches forward, airbending a huge blast of wind at Tokuga, who rolls out of the way of the attack before swinging at Korra with his hook sword. Korra jumps up to avoid the blow and firebends a flame in her raised right hand as she descends. Before she can attack, however, Tokuga grabs her around the wrist with his tentacle arm, causing the flame to dissipate, and throws her to the floor; Korra screams and grunts in pain as she lands.
Mako Korra!
Mako and Bolin run toward her, but two of the mecha suits move forward and blast them with electricity.
Bolin Ooh, that burns!
Mako Aargh!
Mako and Bolin collapse to the floor as Korra struggles up to her hands and knees, while Tokuga looks over the three of them.
Tokuga Now you and the police are going to back off and let me and the Triple Threats leave.
Korra [Standing up and entering the Avatar State.] Not a chance.
Tokuga [Pointing up.] You will. Or Miss Sato dies.
Korra looks up to see Asami being held by Zhen at the point of of a fire dagger in the doorway of another airship, her ankles chained and her wrists behind her back. Unwilling to risk her girlfriend's life, Korra leaves the Avatar State and looks up at her with an expression of despair.
Korra This is all my fault ...
The scene cuts to a shot of the Triple Threats, no longer opposed by Team Avatar, heading toward Republic City in their stolen mecha suits, tanks, and airships, as Tokuga, standing atop the central tank, raises his hook sword in triumph.
Tokuga It's time to lay claim to our turf!






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