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The scene opens into a blazing yellow light, punctuated by flowing swirls of pale yellow and green. Two women emerge from the light, holding hands and glancing in the direction of the other, smiling. Once they leave the portal behind, they emerge into the clearing, with its dark sky streaked with purplish clouds above, its floor of pink, open-toothed flowers and gnarled, ancient trees, and its high sheer walls of ice with white-bluish spirits roaming around. The woman on the left, Asami, leaves her companion, Avatar Korra, behind, momentarily lost in amazement at the sight; she runs a short distance away as Korra speaks.
Korra Welcome to the Spirit World.
Asami Sato [Still looking around, smiling widely.] I can't believe I'm actually here.
Korra [Walking to Asami's side and extending a hand, a bluish bird spirit landing gently on it.] The Spirit World is a pretty unpredictable place. You never know when the ground might drop right out from under you. So, stay close. I don't want us to get separated.
Asami [Glancing to Korra and the spirit, smiling.] Me either ...
As she pauses, the frame moves behind them for a spread of the scene before them. The world opens onto a wide valley. Its floor is dotted with rocks and smoothly flowing groves of trees and populated by a few spirits grazing on the valley floor. A path fenced in by standing stones leads into the woods on the right, while a river, complete with oversized mushrooms and an antlered serpent spirit, runs down the left side. Among the spirits flying in the sky, which becomes increasingly red toward the horizon, is the dragon bird spirit that Korra carried to its mountaintop nest three years prior, flying directly toward them.

Korra and Asami are silent for a moment, gazing at the view, before Asami breaks the silence.

Asami So ... where do we start our vacation?
The next few shots are presented as a montage. Korra and Asami, all smiles, climb onto the back of the dragon bird spirit, which beats its wings as it takes to the air again; the two walk down a grassy path under the shadows of tall lily pads under the watchful eyes of several spirits as the dragon bird spirit flies off into the distance; they hop from cap to cap over a forest of oversized mushrooms; they dive deep into the water of a spring, the light filtering around them into shades of pink, purple, and blue; they sit on a blanket, looking up at a waterfall in the fading light, the water twisting like a fluttering ribbon as it makes its way to the pond below.

Some time later, the two find themselves standing before a short, weathered cliff. After looking up at it, they glance at each other.

Asami You thinking what I'm thinking?
Korra Race you to the top!
The two set their packs on the ground and begin the competition. Two quick shots zoom on Asami's foot, pushing off a crumbling foothold as she climbs, and Korra's hand, grasping a handhold. Leading the race by a few feet, Asami looks to her right where Korra is a little bit below her.
Asami Looking a little slow, Avatar!
Korra I'm going easy on you!
In that moment, the cliff begins to shake. The unexpected motion catches them by surprise, and they hold tightly on to their precarious places on the rock.
Asami Wh-what's happening?
Korra [As it sways suddenly more violently.] Whoa!
The shot cuts to the opposite side of the rock itself; Korra and Asami have been climbing on the back of a spirit, whose body makes up the monolith itself. As it straightens itself, it opens its massive, jagged jaw and speaks.
Rock spirit Who dares climb upon me?
Korra I'm sorry, noble spirit! We didn't realize --
Rock spirit I should've known -- pesky humans!
The spirit's arms, not physically attached to the rest of its form, rotate around to its back, where its hands grab Korra and Asami between its thumbs and index fingers, lifting them off itself.
Korra [Annoyed.] I'm not pesky, I'm the Avatar!
Rock spirit Even worse! I didn't complain when you kept the Northern and Southern portals open -- [It brings the two around to its face, looking specifically at Korra.] But creating a new one has gone too far. The human and spirit worlds should have remained separate.
Korra [Awkwardly, smiling nervously.] The new portal was kind of an accident --
Apparently having heard enough, the spirit flings them away from him, sending them flying through the air, screaming.
Rock spirit Leave my realm and never return!
Asami [As both of them tumble.] Korra!
Korra Hang on! I got you!
As they begin to fall to the ground, Korra airbends herself around to face Asami and bending a cushion between Asami and the rapidly approaching ground. When the impact comes, Asami's back is to the air cushion, and the impact, while still a hard one, is lessened. As the dust settles, Korra, lying face-down on the ground, raises herself on her arms, looking at Asami.
Korra Asami! Are you okay? Talk to me!
In response, Asami sits up and spits the dirt from her mouth. Korra lets out a sigh of relief and sits up as well.
Korra [Downcast.] What a disaster ... I wanted our first big getaway to be perfect, not almost get us killed. I'm sorry.
Asami [Dusting herself off.] We've been through a lot worse together. And I'm not going to let one disgruntled spirit ruin all the fun we had. You shouldn't either.
Korra You're right.
Asami [Standing and helping Korra to her feet.] But unfortunately, we lost all our supplies, so we should probably think about heading back to the city.
Korra Sure ...
As a breeze begins to blow, Asami maintains her hold on Korra's hand. Korra looks up at Asami.
Asami Before we go, there's one last thing I want to do on our vacation.
As they look into each other's eyes, Korra's disappointed expression changes to a soft smile. As the breeze blows around them, carrying leaves tinted red in the pinkish light of sunset, they kiss. They separate after a few moments but stay close to each other, their noses touching and their eyes shut as they hold hands and enjoy the moment, smiling contently.
Korra This has been a wonderful few days.
Asami The best.
The scene moves further ahead in time as Korra and Asami, on their way back to the spirit portal, walk through a forest with spirits flying around and above them.
Korra Remember when we first met, and you took me racecar driving?
Asami I remember how terrified you were.
Korra Was not! [They come to the edge of a river.] Anyway ... what I remember the most was how relieved I felt.
Asami Relieved?
Korra Yeah. My whole life, I was always told I was too wild, too emotional, too intense. But it turned out you could be just as intense as me. I've never had anyone in my life who got me the way you do.
Asami [Looking away, somber.] The three years you were gone were the longest of my life. I think that's when I realized how much you meant to me. I almost told you in one of my letters.
Korra Why didn't you?
Asami You'd already been away for so long ... I guess I was scared if you didn't feel the same way, then maybe you'd never come back. How about you? When did you know how you felt?
Korra After I was poisoned ... you were there for me when I couldn't even be there for myself. [Turns to face Asami.] But I was so messed up back then. My mind was in a million different places. I didn't know if how I felt about you was real or not. But it wasn't an accident that you were the only one I wrote to when I was gone.
Asami [Placing her hand on Korra's shoulder.] I'm glad you did.
The dragon bird spirit approaches Korra and Asami through the sky.
Korra Looks like our ride's here.
Asami [As the spirit lands in front of them.] How does this dragon-bird keep knowing where to find us?
Korra I think it can sense where I am. Not every spirit hates me.
Asami [As she climbs onto the spirit's back.] I wish we could stay longer. Once we're back in the city, I doubt we'll have a moment to rest.
Korra [The spirit takes off.] Maybe our vacation doesn't have to end just yet ...
She leans forward and whispers into the spirit's ear.
Asami What do you mean? Korra, where are we going?
Korra It's a surprise.
The spirit arrives at the North and South portals.
Asami Wait, these portals won't take us back to Republic City.
The scene moves ahead in time to Korra and Asami getting off the spirit, which has landed somewhere in the South Pole.
Korra I thought we could visit my parents before we head back.
Asami Your parents? It's just ... I mean, they're great, but I don't know if --
Korra It'll be fine! They're going to be thrilled when we tell them about us. Come on!
The scene focuses on the Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace, where they are received by Tonraq and Senna.
Tonraq [As he hugs his daughter.] Korra, what a surprise! We didn't expect you. I thought you were still on vacation.
Senna [After hugging Asami.] What did you think of the Spirit World, Asami?
Asami It was quite an adventure -- but we had to cut our trip a little short.
Tonraq Why? Are you two all right?
Korra We're fine, dad. Nothing we couldn't handle together.
Senna [As she places the hand in her daughter's shoulder.] How about we talk over dinner? You girls must be starving.
The scene changes to Korra, Asami, Tonraq, and Senna eating dinner at a table in a room within the palace.
Korra It smell delicious, mom.
Senna Thanks, sweetie. So, I'm excited to hear all about your trip.
Korra [She looks at Asami.] Well ... [She looks at her parents.] it was ... fun. Really fun.
Tonraq and Senna look at each other, with strange faces.
Tonraq [Looking at the girls.] Sounds ... fun.
Korra [Nervous.] I'm just going to come out and say it ... wow, I didn't think I'd be this nervous.
Senna Whatever it is, you can tell us.
Korra So, as you know, Asami and I have been friends for a long time ... and, well ... [Asami puts her over Korra's.] ... I mean, I'm just surprised as anyone ...
Korra and Asami look at each other in a happy glow, while their hands are still together.
Asami Your daughter is incredible. And I'm so thankful she feels the same way about me.
Korra What we're trying to say is ...
Korra and Asami We're together.
Tonraq and Senna look at them with surprise as they take in the news, but a few seconds later, they are delighted.
Tonraq [Leaning forward.] That's not what I expected to hear, but I couldn't be more pleased!
Senna [Clasping her hands together.] It's wonderful! [Hugging Korra.] I'm so happy for you two.
Korra [Hugging back her mother.] Thanks, mom.
Senna also hugs Asami while Tonraq stands up from the table.
Tonraq So, who else have you told?
Korra You two are the first. But I guess once we get back to Republic City, everyone will know.
Tonraq Just be careful, Korra. It's best to keep your personal life private.
Korra [With an angry face.] What's that supposed to mean?
Senna I think what your father is trying to say is: not everyone will be so accepting.
Korra So? That's their problem. I don't care what they think. I'll tell whoever I want.
Tonraq Just don't get ahead of yourself, Korra. Sometimes you get a little too excited and --
Korra I've dealt with a lot of narrow-minded people. I just didn't realize you were one of them.
Senna Korra ...
Asami [Linking with Korra's arm, trying to comfort her.] Maybe we should go.
Korra Good idea.
Korra takes Asami by her hand and leaves the place. However, Tonraq and Senna follow them to the door.
Senna But you just got here.
Tonraq Korra, please. I didn't mean to upset you.
Korra Too late for that!
The scene moves ahead to later in the evening. Korra and Asami are driving a snowmobile away from the Royal Palace and toward the Southern Spirit Portal.
Korra I'm sorry about my parents. Sometimes they can be so ... insensitive.
Asami They were just being overcautious. And I kind of understand where they're coming from.
Korra You do?
Asami Listen -- I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to be with you at all. So if you wanted to tell the world about us, I'd be right behind you.
Korra parks the snowmobile near the grove of trees surrounding the portal, before the two women dismount and start walking toward it.
Asami But there's a selfish part of me that wants you all to myself ... at least for a little while longer. I guess that's why I was hesitant to tell your parents in the first place.
Korra [Now looking guilty.] I'm such an idiot. You were trying to tell me you didn't want to go and I just steamrolled over your feelings. My dad's right, I do get overexcited. I'm sorry.
Asami [Turning to look at her, smiling.] It's all right. I'm excited too. But what we have, it's kind of like the Spirit World -- it's special and rare. And not everyone is going to see it that way.
Korra Asami, no matter what anyone says about us, I'll have your back. You can count on that.
Asami Same here.
Korra and Asami enter the portal. Cut to the new portal in Republic City, daytime. Korra and Asami emerge from the portal to hear someone yelling somewhere to their left, and glance in the direction of the voice.
Wonyong Keum You have ten seconds to vacate this area, or I'll call the police!
The frame moves to the edge of the crater containing the portal to reveal the speaker, Wonyong Keum, and a small group of Air Nomads, including Jinora, Kai and Opal. Both Keum and the Air Nomads glare at each other. Behind Keum, a trio of builders are surveying the land, while a group of spirits, including the dragon eel spirit, hover near the Air Nomads.
Wonyong Ten ... nine ... eight ...
Jinora You can keep counting, but we're not going anywhere!
Kai Yeah!
Opal You tell him, Jinora!
Wonyong [Walking toward Jinora.] Listen, young lady, you and your air associates need to go back to your island. This is my property!
Jinora This land is sacred now! It belongs to the spirits.
Korra Looks like our vacation's officially over.
Korra and Asami start walking up the slopes of the crater toward where Wonyong and Jinora are arguing, Korra soon pulling ahead of Asami. As they do so, Jinora takes notice of them and runs over.
Jinora Korra, you're back!
Korra What's going on?
Jinora We were having a nice, quiet meditation session around the portal when that guy showed up, yelling at us to leave.
Korra Who is he?
Wonyong [Stepping forward.] Wonyong Keum. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Avatar Korra.
Asami [Distastefully.] What are you doing here?
Wonyong Miss Sato? Why, I almost didn't recognise you. The last time I saw you --
Asami I was fourteen and you'd just walked out on an important deal with my father.
Wonyong That was business, nothing personal. And I'm very sorry to hear what happened to your father.
Asami I don't want your condolences.
Unnoticed by anyone, the dragon eel spirit starts flying toward where Korra, Asami and Wonyong are talking, as Wonyong turns toward Korra.
Wonyong Anyway -- Avatar Korra, if you would be so kind as to escort these interlopers off my land.
Jinora Korra, don't listen to him. He's trying to turn this whole area into an amusement park! He wants to build a road so he can drive truckloads of tourists into the Spirit World!
Wonyong [Amused.] She makes it sound so crass. This will be a state-of-the-art experience for the discerning traveller! The Spirit World is a wondrous and beautiful place -- everyone should have the opportunity and access to experience it, don't you think?
Korra [Unsure.] Well ...
Asami [Angry.] The Spirit World is a beautiful place. And that's why people like you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near it!
Wonyong [Takes out the land deeds and brandishes them in her face.] You can yell at me all you like, but it won't do any good. Keum Enterprises owns this land. And these deeds give me the right to do whatever I want with it.
Dragon eel spirit [Suddenly appearing right in front of Wonyong, who yelps and recoils in shock as the spirit glares at him.] You're just another human who refuses to respect the sacred. You think a piece of paper gives you the right to ravage and plunder the Spirit World?
Wonyong does not reply, and the dragon eel spirit turns toward Korra.
Dragon eel spirit I urge you to close the portal, Avatar. It was never meant to be here and humans like this man will only exploit it.
Korra Not long ago I came to you for help and you said spirits wouldn't get involved in human conflicts -- why are you so interested now?
Dragon eel spirit [Turns to look at the new portal.] Because now there is a portal to the Spirit World in the middle of a metropolis. I have no choice but to protect my kind.
Korra I understand you want to keep the spirits safe. We all do. But shutting the portal isn't the answer.[Addressing the assembled Air Nomads and spirits.] And I'm not just saying that because I almost died when this portal was created. I truly believe that this new spiritual energy will have a harmonious effect on the people of Republic City.
Having heard her decision, the dragon eel spirit flies a short distance away from Korra toward the Spirit Portal, before turning around to look at her.
Dragon eel spirit Very well, Avatar. I can't force you to close the portal. But I will hold you responsible for keeping it safe.
The spirit then dissipates. As Korra watches it go, Asami walks up and places a hand on her shoulder, causing Korra to turn and look at her with a smile.
Asami You won't have to protect it alone.
Opal Yeah. We're all here to help.
Wonyong [Walking up to Korra and angrily raising a finger at her.] This still doesn't change the fact that you are all trespassing on my land! I want you out of here immediately!
Korra Oh yeah?
Korra closes her eyes and enters the Avatar State. Opening her now glowing eyes, she uses airbending to ascend a few meters off the ground atop a swirling vortex of air, before looking down at Wonyong and the builders as the winds blow against them, the developer covering his face with his arms.
Korra Leave. NOW!
Wonyong Let's get out of here!
Wonyong and his building crew jump into their vehicles and hurriedly flee from the scene. With them gone, Korra leaves the Avatar State and descends gently back to the ground as the vortex dissipates.
Jinora [Impressed.] I doubt he'll be back anytime soon.
Korra [Closing her eyes and smiling.] Sometimes a little Avatar intimidation goes a long way.
The scene transitions to nighttime in the streets of Republic City. The Triple Threat Triad and the Creeping Crystal Triad are fighting each other. The Creeping Crystal Triad is on the offensive, attacking the Triple Threats with rocks as the triple threats defend using water and fire.
Jargala Show these good-for-nothing Triple Threats who owns these streets!
Creeping Crystal Triad member Where's your new leader, Triple Threats? I bet he's too scared to show his face!
As the Creeping Crystals taunt their foes, the panel moves to show a young man with slicked back hair and wearing a brown trench coat stood on a fire escape, watching the battle. One of the Triple Threat members is then launched into the air with a rock pillar.
Creeping Crystal Triad member We got them on the ropes! Let's finish them off!
Two Toed Ping [Defending himself with fire punches.] Boss, the Creeping Crystals got us outnumbered! What do you say we skedaddle?
Tokuga That strategy might have worked for your old leader, but not me. This fight isn't over until I say it is.
Tokuga unsheathes his hook swords, and jumps off from a balcony into the fight. He swings on a pole and dodges rocks flung at him from the Creeping Crystal Triad. He lands, and uses his hook swords to grab two opponents by the legs and flips them over, before narrowly dodging a bolder Jargala throws at him.
Jargala The Triple Threats might as well give up now, Tokuga.
Tokuga Make us.
Several members of the Creeping Crystal Triad send smaller rocks at Tokuga, who deflects them with his hook swords. He sheathes his swords, and darts toward Jargala, and begins chi-blocking her.
Jargala Ah!
Tokuga approaches several other Creeping Crystal members, and chi-blocks all of them.
Creeping Crystal Triad member [Groaning.] He chi blocked us!
Tokuga Looks like the Creeping Crystals are the ones who should give up.
Jargala Make us.
Tokuga My pleasure, Jargala.
Tokuga is about to strike with his hook swords, when he is disrupted by sirens blaring. The shot widens to show police airships and cars approaching. Lin Beifong swings down from one of the approaching airships.
Tokuga Time to go, Triple Threats!
Jargala This isn't over, Tokuga! Creeping Crystals -- retreat!
Lin Beifong [To Viper, running away from her.] Where are you running off to?
Viper [Being caught by Lin's metal cables.] Aw, man ...
Bolin [Stepping out of police car along with Mako.] Freeze! Police! I always wanted to say that.
Mako [Attacking Mushi with fire.] Can you just stay focused on taking down the triads?!
Bolin I'm on it, partner!
Bolin [Chasing after Two Toed Ping with rocks.] You're not getting away that easily!
Ping [As he's hit with a rock and falls over.] Ah! Go easy on me, copper! I ain't done nothin'!
Bolin [Surprised.] Two-Toed Ping ...?
Lin [As Mako and Bolin lead a handcuffed Mushi and Two Toed Ping into the police van.] Take these knuckleheads in for booking and get them ready for questioning.
Mako You got it, chief.
Ping Mushi.
Mushi Ping.
Ping Tough break, huh? [To Bolin in the front seat.] So how you been, Bolin? I haven't seen you in forever.
Bolin I'm good, I'm good ... Was busy helping save the city from Kuvira, then I got this great job on Chief Beifong's Triad Task Force as Mako's partner.
Mako Temporary partner.
Ping Hey, Mako! Long time, no see!
Mako Quiet, Ping.
Ping What? I can't say hi to my two favorite former Triple Threats? I'm really impressed -- you two really made something of yourselves. [To Mushi.] I knew these guys when there were just a couple of nobodies! Never imagined they'd become bigtime cops. Makes me proud.
Bolin Thanks, Ping.
Mako [Groans.]
The scene transitions to the temporary police head quarters. We see the outside of the building, which is smaller and much less decorated than the original police headquarters.
Lin [Voice-over.] Enough stalling, Ping. Start talking!
The next panel cuts to inside of the questioning room in the building, where Ping sits at a table in front of a yellow tiled wall, across from Lin.
Lin I want info on the Triple Threat's new leader. What's his name?
Ping You're not getting a peep out of me.
Mako [Entering the questioning room.] Chief, I think I got something.
Lin What is it? [Walks over to Mako, they whisper among each other, turned away from Ping.] You think this old ruse is really going to work?
Mako [Whispering back.] Trust me. Doesn't take much to fool Ping.
Ping What are you whispering, Mako? Want to let me in on it?
Lin [Turning back to Ping.] Mako was just having a little chat with your triad buddy. He said you masterminded the attack on the Creeping Crystal Triad.
Ping Mushi told you that? He's a liar! I didn't mastermind nothin'! It was all Tokuga's plan!
Lin Tokuga, huh? Now that wasn't so hard was it?
Ping [Sighs.] Great. Now I'm a dead man. And I don't mean that in a metaphorical kinda way.
Mako Why do you say that?
Ping Here's the deal: When downtown got destroyed, so did the triad's turf. The Triple Threats, The Red Monsoons, The Agni Kais, The Terra Triad -- we all scattered. [The scene cuts to show Tokuga dueling with Viper as Ping continues to narrate over the scene.] "This kid, Tokuga, he took advantage of the chaos." "He bumped off our old leader, Viper. Then started recruiting members of the other traids. Anyone who didn't fall in line, didn't live long."
Mako [We cut back to the questioning room in the temporary police headquarters.] And now he's trying to take out the Creeping Crystals and claim their turf.
Lin I think Tokuga just shot up to the top of our most-wanted list.
The scene transitions to a temporary refugee camp in daytime, Republic City; row's of yellow tents line a field barred off by barbed wire fence. A voice narrates over the scene.
Zhu Li [Voice-over.] If I could have your attention, everyone! [Scene changes to show the airbenders and Kya inside of one of these tents.] We have another big day ahead of us. A new shipment of relief supplies came in from Ba Sing Se, so we need volunteers to cook, as well as pass out clothes, cots, and blankets. And Kya, if you could help the healers at the medic tent -- they're short handed today.
Kya Absolutely, Zhu Li.
Zhu Li These evacuees have lost everything. So let's make them feel as comforted as possible. I appreciate all your help and I know the evacuees do too. Let's get to work!
As Zhu Li is speaking, Korra and Asami enter the tent and are soon noticed by those inside.
Airbenders [Multiple speaking.] "Good to see you again!" "Korra's back!" "Hey Asami!" "Hello Korra!"
Korra Hi, everybody!
Ikki Tell us about the Spirit World!
Airbenders [The scene shifts to show Tenzin smiling.] We missed you! How was your trip?
Tenzin [Hugging and greeting Korra.] I hope you're both feeling refreshed from your well-deserved vacation.
Korra We are, thanks. How are things here?
Kya [To Asami.] Welcome home!
Tenzin We still have new evacuees returning every day. The camp's bursting at the seams. Without Zhu Li whipping things into shape, the situation would be much worse. [At this, Korra waves to Zhu Li, who responds with a smile and a playful salute.Her leadership has been very impressive, which is more than I can say for President Raiko.
Korra Why? What did he do?
Tenzin [Angrily.] Nothing! That's the issue. He hasn't even bothered to come down here and see the problems firsthand. He's too preoccupied with his own reelection.
Korra He's never been the most compassionate guy.
Tenzin Most people aren't happy he surrendered to Kuvira. At this point he's so unpopular a flying lemur could run against him and probably win.
Meelo [Holding up Poki.] Yeah! Poki for President!
Asami [As Korra pets Poki's head.] What can we do to help?
Kya The evacuees I've spoken with are so grateful for what Korra did to save their city. I think an appearance from the Avatar would go a long way in lifting everyone's spirits.
Tenzin Great idea, Kya.
Korra [Peaking out of the tent.] If you think it'll help, I'm happy to meet some people. You'll come with me Asami?
Asami Actually, I ... ... I think I'll stay here and talk to Zhu Li about some practical things I can do to help.
Korra [Holding the tent flap open but turning back inward, looking at Asami.] So lifting people's spirits isn't "practical"?
Asami [Glancing to the side awkwardly.] No, it's just ... they want to see the Avatar, not me. Do you what you're best at. Inspire people.
Korra [Turning away, disheartened.] Okay.
Asami [Looking glum.] Okay.
Tenzin [Happily.] Okay then! Korra, I'll join you. Come on.
Tenzin puts his hands on Korra's shoulders and gently pushes her out of the tent. Asami watches them go with a sad look as Kya looks at her. The scene transitions as Korra and Tenzin leave the tent.
Korra So many displaced ... it's heartbreaking ...
Evacuee Is that ...? It's really her!
Korra Hello.
Evacuee Avatar Korra!
Evacuee Thank you, Avatar! You're the best!
Evacuee Our hero!
Korra [As a crowd of people fills in, applauding for her.] I'm so sorry about what happened to all of you. If there's anything I can do to be of service, please let me know.
The next page displays five panels of evacuees making requests that surround a central panel showing Korra being overwhelmed by all of the requests.
Elderly female evacuee [Holding up a tea cup.] Firebend my tea! It's cold!
Child evacuee [Holding up a stuffed flying bison.] Kokee lost her eye. Can you find it?
Elderly male evacuee Could you please come say hello to my wife? She's ill and I know it would mean so much to her.
Evacuee couple We were separated from our dog during the evacuation and haven't seen him since. Can you help find him?
Evacuee father Can you talk to president Raiko? Tell him we all need homes -- real homes.
Evacuees [Speaking over each other.] "Please Avatar!" "Please!" "Avatar! We need your help!"
Tenzin [Grabbing Korra's arm to lead her away.] Let's get you out of here, Korra.
Korra No, wait. I have an idea. [She earthbends a giant pillar out of the ground underneath her feet, creating a stage for herself.] Everyone, please! Listen! I feel for all of you. You've been through so much. And I'm sure you're tired, frustrated, and angry that your homes and neighborhoods have been destroyed. This is a time of great change for all of us in Republic City. But a wise man once told me that change can be good or bad, depending on your point of view. So maybe we could all look at this as a chance for a new beginning. I promise to work my hardest to make sure everyone has a place to live soon. My hope is that the rebuilt Republic City will be full of new possibilities for all of us! Together, we can forge a bright future, living in balance with our planet, evolving into our best selves, and becoming who we truly want to be!
Evacuees [Applauding as Tenzin looks on proudly.] Thank you, Avatar! To the future!
Korra and Tenzin enter the tent where Zhu Li, holding a clipboard, stands in front of Asami, who is sitting at a desk, drawing up plans.
Zhu Li [Turning to Tenzin and Korra.] Sounds like a visit from the Avatar was exactly what the evacuees needed.
Tenzin Korra really knows how to inspire a crowd. She even inspired me.
Korra [Awkwardly scratching the back of her head with her right hand.] Now I just have to figure out a way to make good on my promise to find all those people new homes.
Zhu Li [Smiling softly.] Funny you should say that. Asami just started drawing up some plans for new housing developments.
Asami [Has not looked up at Korra.] The quicker we can get people back to some sense of normalcy, the better.
Korra [Pulling up a chair next to Asami.] I totally agree. Want to show me what you have in mind?
Asami Sato [Turning to look at her with a smile.] I'd love to.
The frame enlarges to also show Tenzin and Kya standing close to each other while Asami and Korra, their previous disagreement forgotten, happily discuss the housing plans in the foreground .
Tenzin [To Kya.] Those two make a good team, don't they?
Kya [Smiling knowingly.] They sure do.
Korra We have to show these housing plans to Raiko. I'm sure we could get money from the city to build it.
Zhu Li I'll set up a meeting.
The scene transitions to President Raiko's campaign headquarters, a tall brown building in Republic City. The next panel shows the top floor of the building, with Raiko and Wenyan, his campaign manager, talking in a corner of the room as the council page watches the scene while answering a phone call.
Council Page ... I'm sorry, the president is meeting with his campaign manager right now. Can I take a message?
Wenyan Get a load of your new campaign poster!
Raiko [Looking at the poster with a quizzical expression.] Hmmm ... I don't know ...
Wenyan But the slogan's perfect -- [As we look at the poster, which features a muscular Raiko only wearing a suit jacket delivering an uppercut to the Colossus.] -- "Vote Raiko -- he'll wallop tyranny with a knockout blow!
Raiko But isn't it a little misleading? Kuvira was defeated by the Avatar, not me.
Wenyan Listen, right now people think you're a coward who abandoned them and their city in its time of need. We need to project an image of strength and fearlessness.
Raiko All right, Wenyan, if you think it'll work ... [He hears a knock on the door.] Come in!
Korra, Zhu Li, and Asami enter the office, the latter having changed into her business attire.
Zhu Li We're here for your two o'clock appointment, sir.
Raiko Avatar Korra ... so you're finally done gallivanting around the spirit world?
Korra We need to talk.
Raiko Fine ... fine. But make it quick. I'm extremely busy.
Korra [Picking up Raiko's campaign poster and smirking.] Busy figuring out how to "wallop tyranny", are you?
Raiko [Blushing and sighing as he grabs the poster from Korra's hand.] That's ... it's not final yet. Now what can I do for you ladies?
Asami Korra and I were just at the evacuee camp -- the people living there need some real housing and they need it soon.
Korra Asami started drawing up some plans, but we're going to need funding.
Raiko Get in line. I've already diverted funds for additional police officers, on top of having to relocate the government. Not to mention all the infrastructure that needs repair. I'm sorry, but the city coffers are empty.
Zhu Li Sir, Republic City needs this. The longer people are displaced, the more unrest there's going to be.
Asami I'm happy to put up some of Future Industries' money for the project.
Zhu Li And Varrick Industries will match it.
Wenyan [Pulling Raiko aside.] A word, sir? They may have a point. Right now, the voters hate you. You're running unopposed and the polls say you have negative three percent support.
Raiko Negative three? How is that even possible?
Wenyan Never mind that. If you focus on giving all those people a place to put down roots again, they'll forget about the whole Kuvira debacle. Crowds will be lining up to thank you -- with their votes.
Raiko You may be on to something Wenyan. [Back to Korra, Asami and Zhu Li.] On second thought ... Asami, why don't you finish drawing up the plans? Bring them by in a few days and I'll take a look. I'm sure we can find the money somewhere.
Asami Thank you, Mr. President.
Korra [As she's walking out the door, she turns back to Raiko.] One more thing -- about the new spirit portal?
Raiko What about it?
Korra We ran into the owner of the land around it --
Asami -- Wonyong Keum --
Korra -- and he's trying to turn the whole place into some kind of amusement park. But if the city bought the land from him, we could turn it into a beautiful spirit sanctuary -- -- with public parks surrounding it.
Raiko Maybe you didn't hear me. The city's broke. Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do.
Korra [Yelling.] I bet if spirits could vote, you'd change your tune!
Asami [Ushering Korra out the door.] Come on, we'll figure out another way to protect the portal.
The scene transitions to Air Temple Island, with flying bison floating overhead while Asami and Korra, the former back in her casual clothing, stare at the sunset from the gazebo.
Asami Beautiful sunset ...
Korra [Looking at Asami and blushing.] It is.
Kya [Approaching the two.] I was hoping I'd run into you both.
Korra Kya! Hi ... what's up?
Kya [Warmly.] It's none of my business, but I wanted to say that you two make a beautiful couple.
Asami [In shock along with Korra.] How'd you know?
Kya I suspected something was up when Tenzin told me you two went on vacation together. I remember the first getaway I had with my first girlfriend. I'd never been so happy.
Korra I didn't know ...
Kya My friends and family all do. But I don't exactly announce it to everyone I meet. Have you told anyone you're together yet?
Asami Korra's parents. They were very understanding.
Korra Mostly. But they seemed overly worried about what other people would say.
Kya That's Water Tribe tradition for you. People like to keep family matters private. No one's going to disown you for coming out, but our culture would prefer you keep it to yourself.
Korra How did Aang react when you told him?
Kya He was nothing but supportive. [She continues on as we get flashbacks from the history of multiple nations. We're presented with a panel of two male Air Nomads holding hands with each other as other monks pass by, saying nothing.] "Remember, my father grew up in the Air Temples, where men and women didn't hide who they loved. The Air Nomads were accepting of differences and embraced everyone, no matter their orientation. [The scene changes to show two women being arrested by a Fire Nation guard.] For most of its history, the Fire Nation was tolerant too, but then Fire Lord Sozin took power. He declared that same-sex relationships were criminal."
Korra [Close-up, looking disgusted.] That guy was the worst!
Kya [Continuing her narration as we see a panel of the Earth Kingdom, and a picture of Avatar Kyoshi.] "Even Avatar Kyoshi -- who by all accounts loved men and women -- was unable to effect any kind of real progress. After all, the Earth Kingdom has been the slowest to accept change, and the most militaristically repressive."
Korra [Looking down.] Maybe my parents had a point. If Avatar Kyoshi couldn't find acceptance, what are the chances you and I will?
Asami A lot has changed since then. I feel like people are more accepting now, at least in Republic City.
Kya Ultimately, your story is yours to tell. You'll know when the time is right to share the news.
Korra and Asami lovingly gaze into each others eyes, as Mako and Bolin approach the gazebo.
Bolin Hey, Korra! Hey, Asami!
Mako We heard you were back.
Kya [Leaving the gazebo as Mako and Bolin enter.] Anytime you two need to talk, I'm here.
Korra Thanks, Kya.
Asami Yes, thank you.
Korra [As Mako and Asami hug behind her.] Look at you, officer Bolin. How's the force been treating you?
Bolin Great! I made my first arrest.
Korra Congratulations.
Bolin And Opal says I look way more handsome in this getup than my old Earth Empire uniform ... But enough about my exciting life -- how was your vacation? I want to hear all about it.
Korra [Looking nervously at Asami.] It was ...
Asami [Looking nervously back at Korra.] ... spirity.
Mako You two are acting weird.
Korra [Whispering.] Should we tell them?
Asami [Whispering.] We should tell them.
Bolin! Ooh! Tell us what? You got some good gossip for us?
Korra So ... Asami and I --
Jinora [Appearing as an astral projection.] Korra!
Bolin [Jumping back, startled.] Ah! Jinora, don't sneak up on me like that!
Jinora Korra we need help! A bunch of Triple Threats showed up at the portal! They're attacking us!
Mako Is there a young guy with them? Trench coat? Slicked back hair? Carries hook swords?
Jinora Yes, he's here!
Mako Tokuga ...
Team Avatar board a flying bison, with Jinora's astral projection trailing behind them.
Korra Who's Tokuga?
Mako The Triple Threat's new leader.
Asami We're coming, Jinora. Hang on!
The scene transitions to show the group approaching the spirit portal on their bison.
Mako [Holding a walkie talkie.] Come on in --
Asami You can't get through to the police station?
Mako No. Radio frequencies have been screwy ever since the portal appeared. We're going to have to handle this without backup.
The flying bison lands, as Jinora regains consciousness and uses airbending to deflect a firebending attack. Korra jumps off the bison while spinning her staff and knocks several Triple Threats back with a gust of air as she lands.
Triple Threat Triad members Ah! Whoa!
Tokuga [Looking onto the fight.] The Avatar ...
Mako I see Tokuga! You guys got your marks?
Asami Easily. [She lunges forward and shocks a waterbender for the Triple Threat triad, who grunts as he's hit.]
Mako [Chasing after Tokuga.] Tokuga ... ... you're under arrest!
Mako shoots out a burst of fire, which Tokuga jumps over before hooking his sword around Mako's sling.
Mako Huh? [As he's flipped over by Tokuga.] Ahh!
Tokuga I hate to hurt a man while he's down, but in your case, I'm going to make an exception.
Mako [Groans.]
Bolin [Bending three pebbles in a circle as he steps in front of Mako.] Back off!
Tokuga You're going to need some bigger rocks.
Bolin merges the rocks into a lava boomerang. He flings it forward and uses it to cut off the hooks on Tokuga's hook swords.
Bolin You're going to need some new swords!
Tokuga throws down a smoke grenade, and uses the cover to escape.
Bolin [Coughing.] Tokuga gave me the slip.
Mako He can't have gone far. Thanks for the save -- [As Bolin grins at him.] -- partner.
Dragon eel spirit Spirits -- -- protect the portal!
Several spirits fly in from the portal, most of them in their darker forms. The airbenders, Triple Threats, and Korra and Asami look on in horror.
Korra You gotta be kidding me ...
The spirits begin attacking the Triple threat members.
Korra [As she airbends off a spirit.] Call off the spirits!
Dragon eel spirit No. It was your responsibility to keep this area safe, and you failed!
Korra [Gesturing outward, unknowingly pointing toward Tokuga.] Listen to me. You might think you're protecting your world, but you're not. Humans are already afraid of spirits -- attacking them is only going to make things worse!
Tokuga [Looking on at Korra and the spirit in the distance, unable to hear their conversation.] What's she up to ...?
Dragon eel spirit [Now darkened and having a black speech bubble.] These humans started the fight ... ... now one of them must pay!
Korra No! [Using her glider to float alongside the dragon eel spirit.] Please stop! [Hearing a scream below.] Asami ...? [Looking down to see Asami facing three Triple Threat members and being struck with a water stream, Korra drops her pursuit of the dragon eel spirit to tend to Asami.] Asami!
With Asami now on the ground, Korra lands in front of her just in time to deflect a large rock, heading for Asami's head, back at an earthbender.
Korra Back off!
The dragon eel spirit heads for Tokuga angrily. Tokuga chucks small knives at it, but they simply go through the spirit. The spirit strikes Tokuga, knocking him over. Elsewhere, Korra attacks Triple threat members with water and air.
Korra Asami, are you all right? Talk to me!
Dragon eel spirit [Poising to attack Tokuga again.] You wouldn't leave the spirit portal alone! Now you will live with the consequences! [The spirit passes through Tokuga, deeply paining him as Tokuga shouts in pain.]
Korra [Holding an unconscious Asami in hear arms] Oh no ...
Triple Threat Triad member Tokuga ...? What did that spirit do to you?
Tokuga [Weakly.] Help ... get me out of here ...
Triple Threat Triad member Triple threats, retreat!
Dragon eel spirit [Now in regular colors.] Spirits, return to our realm!
The dragon eel spirit flies back into the spirit portal, closely followed by the other spirits. Elsewhere, Asami regains consciousness.
Asami Korra ...?
Korra Thank goodness.
Korra lifts Asami and embraces her in a kiss. The panel zooms away from them as they break apart, revealing Mako, Bolin, Jinora, and Opal surrounding them with varying expressions of surprise.
Asami So, that thing we were going to tell you about earlier?
Bolin ... You and Asami are a couple?
Asami [As she and Korra stand up and look away from each other, blushing.] We are.
Bolin [Grabbing Opal's shoulder and pulling her close.] Woo-hoo! I knew you had some good gossip! Opal and I get the first double date, okay? We're free next Tuesday.
Opal [Grinning.] I'm so happy for you two. And no pressure about that date.
Jinora [Overjoyed.] That's wonderful!
Korra and Asami smile at each other in response to this supportive reception, before Korra turns to a visibly uncomfortable looking Mako.
Korra Mako? You all right?
Mako [With a shocked expression on his face.] You're both dating each other now ... That's cool ... I'm cool with it ...
Bolin [Jovial.] While Mako takes a minute to process all this, I have a question -- [His expression becomes serious.] -- what were the Triple Threats doing here? I thought they were after the Creeping Crystals turf, not the spirit portal.
Korra My bet is someone sent them to intimidate the airbenders into leaving -- [As the scene cuts to Wonyong Keum's office.] -- and I have a pretty good idea who did.
Wonyong's guard [Being attacked with fire.] Unghh! Boss ... I tried to stop him ...
Wonyong What the ...? Who dares --
Tokuga [Entering Wonyong's office.] You didn't warn me the Avatar might show up at the portal.
Wonyong [Looking back in shock.] Tokuga ...? Wh-what happened to you?
Tokuga [As the scene pulls back, revealing that Tokuga's face has been disfigured by the dragon eel spirit and he now has a tentacle for a right arm.] Korra summoned a bunch of spirits and ordered one of them to attack me. [Grabbing Wonyong, choking him and holding him against the wall with his tentacle.] When you hired me to do your dirty work, becoming a freak wasn't part of the deal.
Wonyong You want money? I'll pay double what I owe you! [Tokuga pulls him close.Ack! I can't ... breathe ...
Tokuga You're not getting off that easily. I'm taking control of Keum enterprises and all of its assets. [The panel zooms in on his eyes, fixed in a cold glare.] You work for me now.



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