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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Benders, be on alert! After coming face to face with Amon, leader of the Equalists, Avatar Korra discovers a terrifying truth: this masked mad man has the ability to take away a person's bending, permanently. Benders of Republic City are counting on their young Avatar. But is she prepared to face such a frightening foe?
The episode opens up at night in Korra's room with her sleeping. As a shadow passes the doors, she quickly shoots up in her bed, alarmed. Soon after, an Equalist chi-blocker breaks through the window, while two more break in through the door. Korra jumps out of her bed and kicks a downward fire arc through the air. She kicks another arc in the air toward them. The chi-blockers dodge it and come at her, but Korra blasts two shots of fire to keep them at bay. The chi-blockers avoid her attacks, while one leaps up in the air while spinning like a top in an attempt to kick Korra's head, but Korra blocks the hit with her arm, and fires several fists of fire. While Korra is distracted from keeping two of the chi-blockers away, the other somersaults and uses chi-blocking on her back, before kicking her to the ground on her knees while she lets out a shout of pain. Fatigued, Korra sees Amon walking toward her as she hears footsteps.
Amon After I take your bending away, you will be nothing. [Reaches hand toward Korra's face as she watches with fear.]
Korra wakes up with a frightful scream, beads of sweat running down her face and gasping for air, revealing that it was all a nightmare. She looks at Naga, who licks her right hand to comfort her before resting her head on Korra's lap.
Korra It's ... it's all right, Naga. I just had a bad dream. [Korra rests her head in her arms on top of Naga's head, petting her.]
The camera flashes toward City Hall where the United Republic Council meets. Inside the representatives are sitting around a "U" shaped table sharing in discussion.
Tarrlok There is a madman running around our beloved city, threatening to tear it apart. We need to create a task force whose sole mission is to find Amon and bring him to justice.
Tenzin [Opposing.] Absolutely not. A move that aggressive would only further divide benders and nonbenders.
Fire Nation councilwoman Tarrlok, I'm inclined to agree with your proposal, but who would even [Slightly skeptical.] head up such a task force?
Tarrlok [Stands up and bows.] It would be my honor and privilege to accept such a duty.
Tenzin [Accusingly.] This is just another one of your ploys to gain more power, isn't it? [Pounds the table lightly.]
Tarrlok All I'm trying to do is help. Think back, forty-two years ago, Republic City was threatened by another dangerous man. Yakone. [Points a finger at Tenzin.] Your father wasn't afraid to deal with him head-on.
Tenzin This.. is a completely different situation ... [Stands up as well, and angrily points his finger at Tarrlok.] and how dare you compare yourself to Avatar Aang!
Tarrlok [Close-up of Tarrlok's serious face.] Amon is not going to stop with the bending triads. [He turns to look at the other three representatives as the scene cuts to them as they glance at each other.] Eventually, he will come for all us benders. Our friends, our families. Vote for this task force and I will stop Amon before it's too late. All in favor?
Tarrlok raises his hand and the Fire Nation representative raises her hand as well. After a brief glance at each other, the Southern Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom representatives also raise their hands. With that, Tarrlok slams a gavel down on a platform to close the meeting and smiles mischievously at Tenzin while he glares at him. Cuts to later during nighttime, at Air Temple Island, light, happy music plays as Korra practices airbending stances. The music becomes static and soon after, Amon's voice is heard.
Amon Good evening, my fellow Equalists. [Cut to Korra as she stops her practicing and sharply looks at the radio as she hears Amon.] This is your leader, Amon. [Cut to her as she slowly turns to look at the radio with fear on her face.] As you have heard, the Republic Council has voted to make me public enemy number one, proving once again that the bending [Close-up of Korra's frightened face.] oppressors of this city will stop at nothing to quash our revolution. But we cannot be stopped. Our numbers grow stronger by the day. You no longer have to live in fear. [Close-up of Korra's eyes as sweat drips down her face.] The time has come for benders to experience fear. [The radio returns to static.]
Later, Mako is walking in a more industrialized part of Republic City. He throws one end of his scarf over his shoulder and looks up in the direction of a trolley which is being boarded. He runs toward the trolley, crossing the street without looking. Meanwhile, a moped is driving down the street. The rider of the moped, Asami, sees Mako and quickly tries to stop, though she still crashes into Mako while he screams and tumbles over. She wheels the moped over to Mako, while he picks himself up off the street.
Asami Oh, no! [Runs toward Mako.] I'm so sorry. I didn't see you. [Takes off her helmet.]
Mako [Gets into a sitting position and rubs the back of his head; somewhat angrily.] How could you not see me? I mean I was ju-juu ... [Glances at Asami, while she is throwing her hair back.] uh, I was ... I- I ... wow. [Coughs.] I was ... [Clears throat and blushes.]
Asami [Clutches Mako's arm.] Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Ugh, I'm such an idiot. [Helps Mako to his feet.]
Mako Don't worry, I'm fine. My brother hits me harder than that every day in practice. [Brushes himself off.]
Asami Wait, I recognize you. You're Mako, right? You play for the Fire Ferrets.
Mako Yeah, that's me.
Asami [Facepalms lightly.] I am so embarrassed. [Side-view as she reaches out hand to shake Mako's.] My name is Asami. Let me make this up to you somehow. Uh, how about I treat you to dinner? Tomorrow night, eight o' clock, Kwong's Cuisine. [Returns to her moped.]
Mako Uh, Kwong's? I don't have any clothes nice enough for a place that classy.
Asami [Puts her helmet back on.] I'll take care of that. All you need to do is show up. [Puts goggles on.] So ... it's a date?
Mako Uh, yeah, I guess so. I'll see you tomorrow night.
Asami gets back on her moped and drives away taking one brief glance behind her. Mako watches her ride away and grins widely, lovestruck. Later, at sunset on Air Temple Island, Tenzin's family and Korra are about to eat dinner. Before eating, they bow their heads as Tenzin starts a prayer.
Tenzin We are grateful for this delicious food, for happiness, for compassion, and ...
Tarrlok [The camera pans to the left to show him standing in the doorhole.] I'm not interrupting, am I? [Bowing.]
Tenzin This is my home, Tarrlok. We're about to eat dinner. [Turns and stands up to face Tarrlok.]
Tarrlok Good, because I am absolutely famished. [Tenzin narrows his eyes while glaring at him.] Airbenders never turn away a hungry guest, am I right?
Tenzin [Sighs.] I suppose. [Takes a seat and glances at his wife, Pema, who scowls at him. He raises his hands, palms facing forward while shrugging, giving her a helpless look.]
Tarrlok [Walks over to Korra.] Ah, you must be the famous Avatar Korra. It is truly an honor. [Bows.] I am Councilman Tarrlok, representative from the Northern Water Tribe.
Korra [Stands up and bows, with Tarrlok bowing as well in acknowledgment.] Nice to meet you. [They both kneel in a sitting position.]
Ikki [Leans over the table toward Tarrlok.] Why do you have three ponytails? [Sniffs the air.] And how come you smell like a lady? You're weird.
Tarrlok Well aren't you ... precocious? [He directs his attention to Korra, although Ikki continues glaring at him.] So, I've been reading all about your adventures in the papers. Infiltrating Amon's rally, now that took some real initiative.
Korra Oh, thanks. I think you're the first authority figure in the city who's happy I'm here.
Tarrlok Republic City is much better off now that you've arrived.
Tenzin [In a protective tone.] Enough with the flattery, Tarrlok. What do you want from Korra?
Tarrlok [Holds up his hand.] Patience, Tenzin. I'm getting to that. [He directs his attention to Korra while Tenzin glares at him.] As you may have heard, I am assembling a task force that will strike at the heart of the revolution and I want you to join me.
Korra [Surprised.] Really?
Tenzin [Leans forward; surprised.] What?!
Tarrlok I need someone who will help me attack Amon directly, someone who is fearless in the face of danger. [Gestures to Korra.] And that someone is you.
Korra Join your task force? I can't. [As surprise lights Tenzin and Tarrlok's faces, Korra takes a sip of her drink.]
Tarrlok [Surprised.] I must admit, I'm rather surprised. I thought you'd jump at the chance to help me lead the charge against Amon.
Tenzin [Somewhat quietly.] Me, too.
Korra I came to Republic City to finish my Avatar training with Tenzin. Right now, I just need to focus on that.
Tarrlok Which is why this opportunity is perfect. You would get on the job experience while performing your Avatar duty for the city.
Tenzin [Somewhat annoyed.] Korra gave you her answer. It's time for you to go.
Tarrlok Very well. [Stands up to leave.] But, [Chuckles slightly.] I'm not giving up on you just yet. [Waggles finger at her.] You'll be hearing from me soon. [Bows.] It has been a pleasure, Avatar Korra. [Begins to walk out of the room.]
Ikki [Stands up and waves.] Bye-bye, ponytail man!
Councilman Tarrlok scowls at Ikki's farewell and grunts in distaste as he walks out. Meanwhile, Mako is at Kwong's Cuisine, staring in awe. He clutches his scarf and checks his sleeves. He sighs at his results and walks in.
Server Ah, welcome to Kwong's Cuisine, Master Mako. [Bows.]
Mako Uh, "Master"?
In a back room, the server who greeted Mako as he walked in unfolds a shirt from a box and dresses it on Mako. The server pulls up Mako's pants, ties his shoes, styles his hair, and gives him a formal-looking jacket to wear. Mako examines the clothes with pleasure. He grabs his red scarf from the table behind him and puts it around his neck. The server glances at it and starts to pull it off, when Mako prevents him from doing so by catching the server's wrist.
Mako The scarf stays.
Server As you wish, sir. [Bows.] This way please. [Holds his arm to the side and leads Mako back into the restaurant area.]
Asami [Sitting next to Mako as he takes a drink.] I am such a big pro-bending fan. I caught all of your matches this season.
Mako All of them? Wow. Honestly, there were a few I wish you hadn't seen.
Asami Oh, don't be ridiculous, you're amazing. I can't wait to see you play in the tournament.
Mako Yeah, well, ah, maybe next year.
Asami What do you mean? You made it in.
Mako It just isn't in the cards for us right now.
Asami [Puts her hand on top of Mako's on the table.] Tell me. [Close-up of Asami's face.] What's the problem?
Mako We don't have the cash to ante up for the championship pot. So, it looks like we're out of the running.
Asami That's not fair.
Server [Carries two silver colored plates with dome lids.] Pardon me, Ms. Sato. [Lifts up the lids; Mako's eyes widen with shock.] Your main course.
Mako Ms. Sato? You wouldn't happen to be related to Hiroshi Sato, creator of the Satomobile?
Asami Yeah. He's my dad.
Mako [Surprised.] Get out of town!
Asami I'm serious. [Picks up cup and takes a sip of her drink.] You want to meet him?
Mako Meet the most successful captain of industry in all of Republic City? Yeah, I'll take you up on that.
Back on Air Temple Island, Bolin comes singing a light tune with Pabu on his shoulder.
Bolin [Cheerfully.] Hello, fellow teammate!
Korra Hey, Bolin. [Rubs Naga's chest.]
Bolin Missed you at practice this week.
Korra Yeah, sorry about that.
Bolin Nah, that's all right. We're probably out of the tournament anyways unless some money miraculously drops out of the sky by tomorrow. Anyways, the reason I came by was to give you this. [Holds out a cupcake and a rose. Pabu climbs off his shoulder.] Ta-da!
Korra Wow, thanks. [Takes Bolin's gifts.] What's this for?
Bolin [Rubbing his chin.] Uh, oh I can't remember now. Oh yeah, now I remember. You saved me from Amon!
Korra Oh, that? [Shrugs.] It was no big deal.
Bolin No big deal, are you serious? I was totally freaking out when he was coming at me with his creepy mask all, "I will take away your bending forever." [Acts like a zombie trying to comically replicate Amon while Korra looks at him with a worried expression.] I mean that is.. scary stuff; I still can't sleep well.
Korra Mhmm.
Council page Delivery for Avatar Korra. [Carries in a large basket of items surrounded by flowers and sets them next to Korra.] Tarrlok sends his compliments and urges you to reconsider his offer.
Korra Tell him I haven't changed my mind.
Council page Mhmm ... [Bows and walks off.]
Bolin Who's this Tarrlok guy? Is he bothering you? Huh, 'cause I could have a word with him. [Punches fist into his other hand.]
Korra [Somewhat amused.] Heh, no it's not like that. He's just some old guy who works with Tenzin on the council.
Bolin Oh, good. Good, that sounds better. I like that better.
The scene switches to a Satomobile being lifted so workers can examine it in a factory. The factory contains several rows of Satomobiles in an assembly line. Hiroshi Sato and his daughter, Asami Sato, stand side by side, while Mako stands in front of them for conversation purposes.
Hiroshi Sato What do you think of my little operation here?
Mako It's very impressive, Mr. Sato.
Hiroshi Sato Please, call me Hiroshi. So, I understand you're dirt poor.
Mako Uh, well ...
Hiroshi Sato Young man, it is nothing to be ashamed of. I too came from humble beginnings. Why, when I was your age, I was a mere shoe-shiner, and all I had to my name was an idea; the Satomobile. [Briefly cuts to a Satomobile.] Now, I was fortunate enough to meet someone who believed in me and my work ethic. He gave me the money I needed to get my idea off the ground and I built the entire Future Industries empire from that one selfless loan. [Raises his hands toward the assembly lines.]
Asami Dad, stop bragging. Just tell Mako the good news. [Her dad chuckles.]
Mako What good news?
Hiroshi Sato Well, my daughter passionately told me all about your hard earned success in the Pro-bending Arena. And about your team's current [Puts his hand on Mako's shoulder.] financial stumbling block. Now, I'd hate to see you lose your chance at winning the championship just because you're short a few yuans. That's why I'm going to sponsor the Fire Ferrets in the tournament.
Mako Are you serious?
Asami He's serious. My dad's going to cover your ante for the championship pot.
Mako Tha-that is good news.
Hiroshi Sato There's just one catch. You all have to wear the Future Industries logo on your uniforms.
Mako I'll tattoo it on my chest if you want, sir. [Points to his chest and smiles while both Hiroshi and Asami chuckle.] Thank you both so much. [Shakes Hiroshi and Asami's hands.] I promise the Fire Ferrets will make the most of this opportunity.
Back on Air Temple Island, Tenzin walks past a luxurious Satomobile wrapped in a ribbon with Ikki and Meelo playing inside.
Ikki [Making car noises.] Out of the way Daddy, we're driving here! [Tenzin shakes his head at the gift.] Beeeeeeep beebeebeeeeep!
Meelo Beep-beep.
Tenzin walks on to where Korra is practicing airbending stances on a round platform with a Yin-Yang symbol.
Tenzin I see Tarrlok's gifts are getting more and more extravagant.
Korra [Sighs.] Yeah, that guy doesn't know how to take "no" for an answer.
Tenzin Korra, are you ... doing all right?
Korra Yeah, I'm fine. [Pauses her training.]
Tenzin [Takes a seat on the stairs leading to the training platform and points to the spot next to him.] Why don't you take a break? [Korra walks toward Tenzin and takes a seat.] I'm glad you turned down Tarrlok, but I just want to make sure your decision was for the right reason.
Korra I'm just really focused on my airbending right now is all.
Tenzin [Muses over her answer.] Right, that's what you said. You know, it's okay to be scared. The whole city is frightened by what's been going on. The important thing is to talk about our fears, because if we don't, they can throw us out of balance.
Korra looks away with a slightly sad face, visibly hit by the impact of Tenzin's words. Tenzin stands up.
Tenzin I'm always here for you, if you want to talk.
Tenzin walks away, the scene shifts to show a saddened Korra leaning against the door of the mansion on Air Temple Island.
Council page Avatar Korra! I have something for you.
Annoyed, Korra jumps down from the railing she was sitting on, and earthbends the page around 180 degrees, and sends him off by kicking him in the back.
Korra It doesn't matter how many gifts Tarrlok sends, I am no​t joining his task force.
In the background, Ikki and Jinora are seen playing a game of Pai Sho. They look up from their game to see what is happening.
Council page It's not a gift, it's an invitation.
Korra [Surprised.] To what? [Gives an angry look to the page and grabs the papers out of his hands and starts reading them.]
Council page Tarrlok is throwing a gala in your honor. [Bows lightly.] All of Republic City's movers and shakers will be there. The councilman humbly requests your attendance.
Korra frowns at the paper, music kicks in as the scene now scrolls down from the night sky to show the City Hall with two huge banners with the picture of Korra on them. Shortly after, Korra, Tenzin, Pema, Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo enter the City Hall building dressed in gala clothing. The kids run off. The other attendants start clapping as they notice Korra walking in. Pema starts wandering off and socializing with the people in the background. Korra looks around stunned, standing next to Tenzin.
Korra I can't believe this is all for me.

I'm not sure what Tarrlok's plotting, but keep your guard up. It's not like him to throw a party just for the fun of it.

Tarrlok [Walks toward Korra and Tenzin making overdone gestures.] So glad you could make it, Avatar Korra. [Meelo runs behind Korra and Tenzin. Addresses Tenzin.] If you'd excuse us, the city awaits its hero. [Walks off with Korra.]
Tenzin starts looking around and notices Meelo. His head turns blue in surprise and he gasps.
Tenzin Meelo! No, that's not a toilet! Oh dear. [Walks toward Meelo in shame while covering his eyes. The scene shifts to Korra and Tarrlok.]
Tarrlok Korra, it's my pleasure to introduce Republic City's most famous industrialist, Hiroshi Sato.
Korra Nice to meet you.
Hiroshi Sato [Bows.] We're all expecting great things from you.
Korra Right, [Looks down sadly.] greatness.
Mako [Walks toward Korra with Bolin next to him and Asami Sato holding his arm. Korra frowns and narrows her eyes when she notices this.] Hey, Korra!
Hiroshi Sato [Gestures to Asami.] This is my daughter, Asami.
Asami It's lovely to meet you. Mako's told me so much about you.
Korra [In a clipped tone.] Really? Because he hasn't mentioned you at all. How did you two meet?
Bolin [Leans over toward Korra and talks quickly.] Asami crashed into him on her moped.
Korra [Slightly concerned.] What? Are you okay?
Mako I'm fine. More than fine. Mister Sato agreed to sponsor our team; we're back in the tournament!
Bolin [Excitedly.] Hehe, isn't that great?
Korra [In a unexcited tone.] Yeah, terrific.
Tarrlok [To Lin Beifong walking by.] Chief Beifong, I believe you and Avatar Korra have already met.
Lin Beifong [To Korra in a harsh tone while glaring at her.] Just because the city's throwing you this big to-do, [Leans in slightly.] don't think you're something special. [The camera zooms out as both Korra and Lin glare at each other.] You've done absolutely nothing to deserve this. [Walks away.]
Korra glares at Lin as she leaves, though her look saddens as Lin Beifong walks away. Tarrlok and Korra are now seen walking toward a stair, where a lot of reporters are waiting downstairs. Many guests are present in the background. As soon as the media notices Korra, they rush for the stairs and start bombarding her with questions.
Tarrlok If you'd be so kind, they just have a couple of questions.
Korra But ...
Tarrlok pushes her forward.
Reporter #1 Avatar Korra, you witnessed Amon take away people's bending firsthand. How serious a threat does he pose to the innocent citizens of Republic City?
Korra [Clears throat.] I think he presents a real problem. [She sounds slightly confused while saying this.]
Tarrlok is seen in the background smiling, as his plan to force Korra into his task force seems to be working.
Reporter #2 Then why have you refused to join Tarrlok's task force? As the Avatar, shouldn't you be going after Amon?
Korra Well, I ...
Reporter #2 Why are you backing away from this fight?
Korra [Offended.] What? No! I've never backed away from anything in my life!
Reporter #3 You promised to serve this city, aren't you going back on that promise now?
Reporter #4 Do you think pro-bending is more important than fighting the revolution?
Reporter #5 How do you think Avatar Aang would have handled this?
Korra is clearly starting to get confused, annoyed, and intimidated by this bombardment of questions.
Reporter #2 [Cuts to a close-up of Korra's face; voice-over.] Are you afraid of Amon?
Korra [Yells.] I am not afraid of anybody! If the city needs me then ... [Gestures to Tarrlok.] I'll join Tarrlok's task force and help fight Amon.
Tarrlok [Rushes forward to put his arm on Korra's shoulder and yells.] There's your headline, folks.
As cameras start flashing, Tenzin looks down in disappointment and being powerless. Bolin and Mako look at each other, confused. The other guests in the scene also look confused except Asami, who is still smiling and looking forward while holding Mako's arm. Tarrlok smiles mischievously as Korra looks down with a sad expression when she realizes that she has been tricked. Scene changes to show the outside of the City Hall. Shifts to Korra, who is twiddling her thumbs and looking sad.
Tarrlok My fellow task force deputies, tonight we will execute a raid on an underground chi-blocker training camp located in the Dragon Flats borough. According to my sources, there is a cellar underneath this bookstore, [Points at a blueprint of a bookstore.] where Equalists train chi-blocking in secret.
Camera fades from the blueprints to a view of the bookstore from above while a large car with a water tank and filled with task force members in a kneeling position drives toward its location. Once stopped, the task force members jump out and up against the wall. Korra peers through an opening at the bottom of the wall and sees several men and woman training and learning chi-blocking techniques. On the opposite wall lays a large poster with a portrait of Amon staring over the room. Korra has a flashback to her dream at the beginning of the episode where Amon is reaching toward her. Korra gasps with fear, but puts a resolved look on her face. She stands up and looks at Tarrlok for the signal. Tarrlok nods and raises his hand to show his fingers outstretched. He closes them into a fist, shows his outstretched palm again, closes his hand into a fist again, and flashes two fingers this time. A task force member unwinds the top of the water tank and bends the water out. Another member bends the water toward him and to another task force member and another until all the waterbenders have water at their disposal. Two members of the task force are shown with water ready for the signal to attack. The camera flashes to Tarrlok holding his hand out behind him, where a waterbender is holding the water waiting for a signal.

Korra breathes in and out and the scene changes to inside the room of chi-blocker trainers and trainees. Water floods the room and freezes, with the people inside yelping in surprise. The task force earthbenders break through the wall, causing several chi-blockers and trainees to leap back. Three task force earthbenders attack the people by throwing bricks. One earthbender pushes up a block of earth and slams it into a person slamming them into a wall. Tarrlok and Korra enter the room. Tarrlok throws someone against the wall using waterbending and freezes their head to the wall. A chi-blocker throws two grenades that have green gas filtering out of them, while another opens the door and escapes. Korra freezes the two grenades in ice and the leaking smoke clears up.

Korra I'm going after those two.
Korra kicks open the door the two chi-blockers left through and runs down the corridor. She trips over a wire and crashes to the ground. A chi-blocker leaps out from a space in the ceiling and tries to grab Korra. Korra quickly gets up and kicks a large rock up from underneath the chi-blocker, hitting him in the chest. She falls back from the left over momentum, but another chi-blocker comes from behind her swinging a bola. Tarrlok blasts a stream of water at the chi-blocker and freezes him to the wall.
Korra Nice timing. Thanks, Tarrlok.
Tarrlok We make a good team, Avatar.
Korra Yeah, we do. [Crosses her arms and gives him a demeaning look.]
The scene switches to a group of reporters, flashing cameras, and the people who participated in the task force standing over several captured chi-blockers. After another flash from a camera, Tarrlok is seen ushering a chi-blocker into the back of a police truck with several task force members on the side. Another flash reveals a row of task force members with Korra at the front with an annoyed look, Tarrlok answering a reporter's question through a microphone, the chi-blockers in the middle, and another row of task force members on the other side. The picture turns black and white and is zoomed out to show the same picture in a newspaper. Toza is sweeping his gym, while Bolin makes two plates of earth hover above his hands using earthbending and Mako is reading the newspaper.
Bolin No Korra for practice again?
Mako [With a grim expression.] Doesn't look like it.
Bolin slumps and sighs, throwing the two plates of earth at the wall. The scene switches to a room full of reporter with Tarrlok on stage behind a podium and Korra at his side.
Tarrlok Avatar Korra has bravely answered the call to action. With the two of us leading the charge, Republic City has nothing to fear from Amon and the Equalists.
Female reporter Question for the Avatar! [Stands up.] Amon remains at large. Why have you failed to locate him?
Korra [Comes closer to the microphone, while Tarrlok takes a step back.] You want to know why? Because Amon is hiding in the shadows like a coward. [Grabs microphone.] Amon, I challenge you to a duel! No task force, no chi-blockers, just the two of us tonight at midnight on Avatar Aang Memorial Island. Let's cut to the chase and settle this thing, if you're man enough to face me. [Puts the microphone down and walks off stage, as the reporters buzz with questions asking for details and standing up to get attention.]
The scene changes to the park where Mako and Asami are riding inside a carriage.
Asami I know it sounds weird to say this, but I'm really glad I hit you with my moped.
Mako [Chuckles.] Uh, me too.
Asami I forgot to ask. Why didn't you accept the new silk scarf I bought for you last week? You didn't like it?
Mako No, it was really nice, but this scarf was my father's. And it's all I have left of him. I just feel like ... [Shrugs.] Like it keeps me safe.
Asami I'm so sorry. I lost my mother when I was very young. [Looks up when Mako grabs her hand.]
Mako and Asami stare at each other warmly, and she cuddles into Mako's side putting her hand on his chest, while Mako reaches up to hold it there.
Asami I feel so safe with you. [Squeezes Mako's hand.]
The trolley rides off into the park with the two inside passing two other couples. The scene changes to a bird's eye view of the Republic City dock. Tenzin passes the camera on his glider and lands on the dock where Korra, Tarrlok, and several others are.
Tenzin Korra, this is madness.
Korra [Wraps rope loosely around her arms and hands.] Don't try to stop me and don't follow me. I have to face Amon alone.
Tenzin [Addresses Tarrlok angrily.] This is all your doing!
Tarrlok I tried to talk her out of it too, but she's made up her mind.
Korra guides the boat out from the docks to Avatar Aang Memorial Island using waterbending.
Tarrlok We'll be watching the island closely. If anything goes wrong, I have a fleet of police airships ready to swoop down.
The camera glides down Avatar Aang's statue and at the base stands Korra with her hair being blown by the wind. The camera changes viewpoints to capture the front of the memorial building and Korra standing on top of it. At slight provocation, Korra gets into a battle stance. As the clock sounds midnight, Korra startles. The camera alternates viewpoints to show the skyline at night, most of the buildings still seem to be lit. Cut back to the statue again, eventually scrolling down toward Korra, while she sighs in relief as soon as she realized it was just the clock that startled her. Korra takes a deep breath to recover her focus and stares at the skyline as the lights start to dim she sits down, tired and exhausted from waiting in fear.
Korra [Yawns and talks to herself.] Guess you're a no-show, Amon. Who's scared now? [Stands up and walks away while stretching.]

As Korra walks past the base of the statue, a bola is thrown at her feet and Korra is dragged into the base of the statue. As soon as she reaches the center, she finds herself surrounded by a circle of twenty-one chi-blockers. She quickly spins and bends fire around her in an attempt to defend herself, but she is quickly overwhelmed as two whips entangle her hands from both sides, preventing her to move away, she uses her legs to kick some fire and earth around, but she is ultimately hit in the back by several punches from multiple chi-blockers. The scene fades to black.

Korra lies down on the ground with several chi-blockers behind her. Two Equalists take her by the arms and force her to sit on her knees. She looks up and notices Amon entering the area.

Amon I received your invitation, young Avatar.
Korra is frightened as Amon reaches out his hand in order to touch her face; she turns her face away. Amon bends his wrist so his hand is now with his palm facing upward as he grabs Korra by her chin and forces her to look at him. Korra looks at him full of fear.
Amon Our showdown, while inevitable, is premature. Although it would be the simplest thing for me to take away your bending right now, I won't. You'd only become a martyr. [Korra looks at him with anger.] Benders of every nation would rally behind your untimely demise, [Her expression changes back to fear.] but I assure you, I have a plan. And I'm saving you for last, then you'll get your duel, and I will destroy you.
Korra faints as Amon jabs Korra on her shoulder. During her unconsciousness, she sees a vision of Sokka, Toph, Aang, and Yakone.

The people in the vision all seem about the right age to be living in 128 AG. Aang charges toward the camera, ready to attack. Korra regains consciousness, as she sees a shady figure in an airbender's tunic running toward her.

Korra [Weakly.] Aang?
Tenzin [Yells.] Korra! [Grabs her by the shoulders and sits her up.] Korra, are you all right? What happened? Was Amon here?
Korra Yeah, he ambushed me.
Tenzin [Worried.] Did he ... did he take your bending away?
Korra [Creates a flame in the palm of her right hand, before closing it again.] No, I'm okay.
Tenzin [Relieved.] Ah, thank goodness.
Korra suddenly starts crying and embraces Tenzin and continues crying on his chest. Tenzin comforts Korra by putting his arms around her.
Korra [Still crying.] I was so terrified, I felt so helpless.
Tenzin [Gently.] It's all right, the nightmare is over.
Korra [Backs away a little, yet still crying.] You ... you were right ... I've been scared this whole time. [Wipes tears away.] I've never felt like this before and ... and Tenzin, I don't know what to do! [Takes cover in Tenzin's chest again.]
Tenzin [Gently.] Admitting your fears is the first and most difficult step in overcoming them.
The camera pans up. Fade to credits.






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