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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Ba Sing Se has fallen. After Zaheer and the Red Lotus toppled the Earth Queen, the city descended into chaos. Meanwhile, Korra and Asami tried to escape their captors, but crashed in the desert. After getting to safety, they met up with Lord Zuko, Tonraq, and Beifong. Back in Ba Sing Se, Zaheer freed Mako and Bolin, giving them a vital message to deliver to Korra, but will the brothers find her in time?
The scene opens to the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se, covered with fire. An airship takes off in the background. A man stole the Earth Queen's luxurious vase. Another man stole her painting, while people are running in background.
Mako I can't believe it! The Upper Ring is in chaos!
Looter [To a Royal Earthbender Guard.] Don't try to stop us; we're taking back what's ours.
Royal Earthbender Guard Stop you? [Takes off his helmet.] I'm gonna join you. [Points his spear.] I know where the good stuff is.
The group runs off. Cut to Mako and Bolin where looters run past them.
Bolin Should we do something?
Mako This isn't our battle. [Walks out.] We have to deliver Zaheer's message to Korra immediately.
Bolin Right. Okay, find Korra, deliver message. [Aerial view of palace.] Yeah, this should be easy. We just got to get out of the city and get to the desert, then somehow find her in the vast expansive wasteland that goes on for thousands, and thousands, of miles. [Sighs.] This isn't gonna be easy.
Mako [Sees a flying airship.] We need an airship.
The brothers run to the docking bay and enter an airship, where looters are stealing airship components.
Mako Excuse me, may I have your attention please? I'm with the Republic City Police and I need to commandeer this airship to help the Avatar.
The looters, after listening to Mako, resume their activities, oblivious to the brothers.
Bolin Let me give it a shot. [To looters.] Hey, the Queen's gold's on the third floor of the palace, second door on the right! [The looters listen in delight and run out; smugly to Mako.] You just got to know how to talk to 'em, bro. [The brothers run to the controls.]
Mako What, they took everything. I mean, who rips out a transmission radio?
Bolin Some folks just do not have respect for other people's property. [Stretches.] Now let's steal this airship!
Mako You know how to fly this thing?
Bolin Technically speaking, no. But, c'mon, how hard could it be?
A glass lens falls off the control. Bolin confidently pushes a lever with his right hand, causing the airship to skid forward across the airstrip as citizens scatter.
Mako Up! Up!
Bolin I don't see any up button. I see levers and switches, oh, there it is. [The airship rises.]
Cut to the airship flying above Ba Sing Se, which is engulfed with flames.
Mako The whole city is falling to pieces.
Bolin [Worried.] Mako, our family's down there.
Mako [Takes over the controls.] Move over, we're getting them out.
Bolin Oh, you think just because you dated Asami, you know how to fly this better than me?
Mako Yeah.
Mako pilots the airship above their paternal family's house and opens the hatch. Once they arrive, Bolin slides down the hatch, enters the home via the window, and discovers the family still in the house with no apparent attempts at leaving.
Chow Bolin? What are you doing here?
Bolin I came to get you guys out. This whole block is about to go up in flames. Come on, Mako and I have an airship on the roof.
Tu We can't. Grandma won't go.
Yin This place is my whole world. I will not leave! [Walks up to Bolin.] Oh, but I'm so glad my little Bolin has come back to visit. Sit down, would you like some tea?
Bolin [As smoke seeps through the door behind.] Grandma, we don't have time for tea.
Chow Mom, please!
Yin [Obstinately.] No! I can't abandon the place where I raised my family. It's my home.
Bolin Grandma, there's one thing Mako and I've learned from all our years on the street. It doesn't matter where you go. [Cut to Yin, with tear-filled eyes.] If you have your family with you, you'll always be at home.
Yin [Firmly.] I'm not going.
Bolin Fine! [Slings his grandmother over one shoulder.] You leave me no choice. [To rest of his family.] We're rolling out!
Yin Wait. [Takes portrait of Hou-Ting.] Okay, let's go!
Bolin walks out of the house. The entire family climbs up to the airship. Cut to the airship leaving the house before the fire consumes everything.
Tu Thanks for getting us out of there. I mean, I probably could have handled it myself if you guys didn't show up, but, thanks.
Yin [Hangs the portrait of Hou-Ting.] May she rest in peace. [To Mako.] This airship is nice. Is it our new home?
Mako No, Grandma. I'm not sure where we're gonna take you, but right now, we need to find Korra.
Chow Did something happen to the Avatar?
Mako [Pulls out a map.] I'm afraid so. [Opens the map.] Her airship went down somewhere in the desert. She was coming from a military base near the Misty Palms Oasis and heading to Ba Sing Se. If we retrace her route back to the base, we should find the wreckage.
Cut to Si Wong Desert at daybreak as everyone in the airship inspect the desert, looking for the wreckage. Some soon become bored and tired.
Tu Guys, it's the wreckage! [Mako and Bolin walk up to their cousin.] I found it! [Points to wreckage.] There!
Mako That's a Ba Sing Se airship, all right. But where's the rest of it?
Bolin I don't know. But there's some tracks.
The airship follows the tracks created by the sand-sailer. Cut to outside the Misty Palms Oasis where Druk is resting, but flies off upon seeing the airship land heavily.
Bolin See, I told you. Landing is hard.
Cut to the Misty Palms Oasis where numerous spirits have gathered around the iceberg. The family walks up to the iceberg.
Female relative [Sighs.] Spirits!
Bolin Okay, guys. We think Korra found her way back here. [Pabu crawls onto his shoulder.] Now let's split off into teams and scour the town. Yes, we'll need your help too, Pabu, now just give me a second while I- wait, Pabu? Pabu! [Hugs his pet while laughing in joy.]
Yin [To Chow.] Why is Bolin hugging that big rat? [Chow shakes his head.] Eww, [Turns away in disgust.] now he's kissing it!
Bolin [Kissing Pabu.] I'm never gonna let you go again!
Tu Guys, look out! Giant dog beast thingy!
The relatives all scatter, leaving Mako alone, while Naga pounces atop him, licking him.
Mako Okay, all right, Naga. It's good to see you, too. Gah! Stop! You're licking my mouth. [Pushes Naga away, spitting in disgust.]
Bolin [As Korra and Asami run out of the cantina.] Asami! Korra!
Mako You guys are okay!
Bolin and Mako run forward, hugging Asami and Korra respectively. Korra was slightly taken aback by the hug, but returns the favor.
Mako [Stops hugging Korra; awkwardly.] Sorry. I was just- It's so good to see you.
Korra It's really good to see you, too. [Turns to Bolin.] Both of you.
Lin Good. You guys aren't dead.
Mako Don't get all mushy on me, Chief. [Bows.] Tonraq. Sir. [Tonraq nods to him.]
Bolin [Slides toward Lord Zuko.] Oh my gosh, it's Lord Zuko! I can't believe it. [Tries to suppress his laughs of excitement.]
Mako Uhm, [Pulls Bolin aside.] forgive my brother. We're just really honored to meet you, Sir. [Mako and Bolin bow in respect to Zuko.]
Zuko [Bows back.] It's a pleasure to meet you as well.
Yin [Walks up to Asami.] You must be the Avatar. [Asami smiles awkwardly.] Mako told me so much about you. You are even more beautiful than I imagined.
Mako [Leading Korra to his grandmother.] Uh, actually, that's Asami. This is Avatar Korra. Korra, this is my grandma, Yin.
Yin [Holds Korra by the hand.] You are very muscular for a woman.
Korra Uhm, thanks. You too?
Yin What lovely young women. Mako, why aren't you dating any nice girls like them? [Korra and Asami grimace and smile in awkwardness.]
Asami Uh, so what happened to you two? Where have you been?
Mako We were captured by Zaheer and taken to Ba Sing Se. We were there when the Earth Queen was overthrown.
Korra What? How did you escape?
Mako Zaheer let us go.
Korra What? Why would he do that?
Bolin Because he wanted us to find you and deliver a message.
Mako Zaheer is headed to the Northern Air Temple as we speak. He said he's gonna wipe out the new Air Nation and everyone in it. Unless you turn yourself over to him.
Korra listens to the news in disbelief and worry.
Korra Zaheer's threatening innocent lives just to get to me.
Tonraq He could be bluffing.
Mako He's already taken out the Earth Queen. I don't think he bluffs.
Korra We need to radio Tenzin and warn him that the Red Lotus is coming.
Mako I agree. Unfortunately, we don't have a radio on the airship.
Tonraq There's a portable radio on the jeep, but the signal will never make it to the Northern Air Temple.
Lin We need to get to a place that has a strong radio transmitter. The Metal Clan will have one.
Korra Let's go. We'll radio Su on the way. Hopefully she can get a hold of Tenzin at the air temple by the time we get to Zaofu.
Cut to Zaofu, where the airship and Druk approach the dock. Team Avatar dismount with Suyin and two Metal Clan escort awaiting them.
Korra Did you have any luck getting through to Tenzin?
Suyin [Worrying.] No one's answering. What if Zaheer's already up there? I should never have let Opal go.
Lin It's going to be okay, Su.
Suyin I hope so.
Cut to the radio room, where a radio operator adjusts the controls.
Radio operator We have a strong signal, but no one's answering.
Korra [Getting impatient.] I can't just sit around here while a madman is on his way to the Northern Air Temple. We have to do something.
Suyin I'll ready my airship. With a full force of the Metal Clan security backing us, we can take them. [Leaves the room.]
Mako We'll never make it up there before Zaheer.
Korra There might be another way to stop him. It's a long shot, but Zaheer is always meditating into the Spirit World. And I know exactly where he goes: Xai Bau's Grove. If I can find him there, maybe I could somehow trap him.
Lin We can't protect you in there. I don't like it.
Korra I'll be fine. I have to try.
Asami I'll watch over her as she meditates.
Bolin I guess, in the meantime, Mako and I will stay here and try to get through to the temple.
Tonraq We'll help Su ready the airship.
Korra, Asami and Tonraq walk out of the room, leaving the brothers alone with their grandmother.
Yin I'm going to take a nap.
Cut to the garden, where Korra meditates, crossing over to the empty Xai Bau's Grove.
Korra Zaheer! Come out! Face me! Leave the airbenders out of this! [Notices a figure approaching her from behind.] There you are.
Iroh Please don't hurt me, Korra. I'm just an old man.
Korra Iroh? What are you doing here?
Iroh I was just out searching for a new teapot to add to my collection. But instead, I found you. [Chuckles.] In the Spirit World, you always seem to find something you don't know you were looking for. [Notices Korra's troubled expression.] You look troubled.
Korra I am.
Iroh Sit. [Both sit.] What is on your mind?
Korra There's a maniac on the loose and he's threatening to destroy the new Air Nation. I don't know what to do.
Iroh Just because you are the Avatar, doesn't mean you will have all the answers.
Korra I know many Avatars have needed guidance. But I'm the only one since Avatar Wan that can't get help from my past lives. I wish I could talk to Aang.
Iroh You know, Zuko and Aang were close friends.
Korra Lord Zuko, of course.
Iroh Yes, my nephew. Their relationship started off [Shakes his hand.] a little rocky, but they grew to become lifelong friends. Best friends.
Korra Thank you! Thank you so much. You're right about the Spirit World. I came here looking for someone else, but I'm glad I found you.
Korra returns to her physical body.
Asami Did you find Zaheer?
Korra No, he wasn't there. But there's someone I need to talk to. [Walks to Zuko, preparing to mount on Druk.] You're leaving? Aren't you coming to the air temple with us?
Zuko I'm sorry, but I can't. I'm going back to the Fire Nation. If it's true that the Red Lotus is targeting the nations' leaders, I need to protect my daughter.
Korra I understand. You have to keep the Fire Lord safe. But before you leave, I was wondering if you could help me with something.
Zuko I was often Aang's counsel and I'd love to be yours.
Korra That just it. You knew Aang better than anyone. I was wondering if you knew what he might do if he were in my situation.
Zuko Hmm. Rebuilding the Air Nation was Aang's biggest dream. He would be beside himself with joy with what you've done. And if he accomplished that goal, he might have sacrificed anything to protect it.
Korra So he would give himself up to save the Air Nation?
Zuko I don't know for sure. The airbenders might have been closest to Aang's heart, but, as the Avatar, he was concerned with people of all nations. No one knew better than Aang that in times of turmoil, [Reaches out to hold Korra by the shoulder.] the world needs its Avatar the most.
Korra Thanks. Your uncle was right. It was helpful talking to you.
Zuko Wait, you spoke with my uncle?
Korra Yes. In the Spirit World. A couple of times actually. [Zuko listens with surprise as Mako runs toward.]
Mako Guys. We got through to the air temple.
The trio run to the radio room, where Bolin is using the radio.
Meelo Who is this?
Bolin [Irritated.] I told you, it's Bolin!
Meelo [Nose picking.] Bolin's not here right now. Can I take a message?
Bolin No! I'm not looking for Bolin, I am Bolin! Gah, look, I need you to find your dad.
Meelo He's outside with the bison. Did you know we found a whole herd full of baby bison?
Bolin No, a whole herd? Really?
Korra [Pushes Bolin aside.] Meelo, this is your commanding officer. Go get your dad, now!
Meelo [Salutes.] Yes, sir!
Korra Come on, come on!
Tenzin Hello? This is Tenzin.
Korra Tenzin! Listen to me carefully. Zaheer is on his way to the temple. He's coming for the airbenders. You have to get everyone out of there immediately. Drop everything. Leave! Now!
Tenzin Oh no.
Korra [Cut to Tenzin at the Northern Air Temple radio room.] What? What is it? Tenzin! Tenzin, what's happening?!
Tenzin It's too late. [Looks at the airship with the Red Lotus.] He's here.
Cut to the airship where Zaheer and P'Li are standing. Cut to the airship, which is making circles around the air temple.
Meelo [Turns and looks at Tenzin.] What is it, Daddy?
Tenzin [Looks at the airship. Turns to Meelo.] We need to get everyone out of here. [Grabs his glider. Turns to Meelo.] Stay close to me.
Tenzin jumps out of a a window and opens his glider as Meelo follows him. Finally they are landing on a garden where Bumi, Kai and other four airbenders looks at the flying airship.
Bumi [Turns to Tenzin.] What's going on, Tenzin?
Tenzin It's Zaheer. [Camera focuses on Tenzin.] Round everyone up! We need to get to the bison and evacuate immediately!
Camera shows Bumi, Kai, and another airbender start running as the airship is flying behind them. Cuts to the airbending training area where Daw and another airbender are training until Kai suddenly shows up.
Kai Guys, we got an emergency. We're evacuating the temple. [Waves.] Come on.
Kai, Daw, and another airbender start running when lava appears underground and blocking their way.
Kai Look out!
Kai, Daw, and the other airbender eject themselves back. In the next frame the Camera shows Ghazan smiling.

Cuts to the meditation room where Kya is meditating with Opal and three other female airbenders. A door sound disturbs them and they turn toward it.

Bumi [Worried.] It's Zaheer! We have to leave.
Cuts to Bumi and the others run outside. Opal screams as Ming-Hua grabs her from behind and menaces her with an ice spike.
Ming Hua No one's going anywhere, or she gets it.
Scene shifts to Tenzin and his family running across a bridge. Zaheer soon lands in front of them.
Zaheer Good. The entire family is here.
All the airbenders are rounded up in the courtyard by Ming-Hua, Ghazan, and Zaheer.
Zaheer It's a pleasure to finally meet a true airbending master.
Tenzin What is it you want from us?
Zaheer Nothing at all. In fact, if everyone cooperates, you will all walk out of this situation unharmed.
Tenzin Then what are you doing here?
Zaheer I want Korra, and I'm tired of chasing her.
Tenzin You're using us as leverage.
Zaheer Yes.
Tenzin [Stands.] I will never let you get to Korra.
Zaheer Unfortunately, you don't have a choice.
Tenzin Yes, I do.
Tenzin pushes the three criminals away with airbending.
Tenzin Jinora! Get everyone out of here. Bumi, Kya, help me hold them off! [P'Li shoots near Tenzin, but he uses his airbending to protect the group.] And stay out of her line of sight! Go, go!
The airbenders all run away. P'Li fires a beam at the exit, though everyone has evacuated. Cut to a overhead shot of the hall as the airship exits while the criminals approach Aang's children. Cut to the frontal shot of the siblings, as Kya bends water from a fountain and forms a ring around her. The Red Lotus ready themselves and Zaheer throws a gust of wind before the scene changes to the airbenders escaping, reaching the end of the sheltered route. They look at the stable and Kai gestures for them to move out, though they are forced to retreat when bombarded with combustion beams.
Pema It's too dangerous. We'll never make it to the stables with her up there.
Cut back to the hall, where Zaheer somersaults, avoiding Tenzin's air blast. He constantly avoids Tenzin's attacks by jumping to new heights. Before reaching the roof, Tenzin manages to land a hit on Zaheer, but he is still able to run off, avoiding the master's attack. Zaheer makes it to the houses attached to the wall, which Tenzin follows, attacking him with a close-range blast which was blocked. Zaheer rises and lands onto the protective wall. Tenzin follows and attacks him from behind, knocking him off balance. Zaheer manages to regain his ground and somersaults, kicking a blast of air a the meantime. Tenzin avoids the attack and fires two quick air blast, which Zaheer avoids by somersaulting above him. Zaheer lands successfully and sends an air kick.

Cut to Kya, attempting to redirect Ming-Hua's water appendages, but to no avail. Ming-Hua leaps up and attempts to land a hit on Kya, but she is able to dodge the attack. Ming-Hua freezes the tips of her appendages into ice blades and swings them toward Kya, slicing a statue into pieces, though Kya is able to dodge the attacks. As a blade nearly slices her, she breaks it off and throws it to Ming-Hua. Ming-Hua grabs the blade and throws it back to Kya, sending two more ice spikes in the meantime. Kya manages to break off two of the ice, though is knocked against the wall by the last fragment. Ming-Hua bends a water vortex and charges toward Kya, but she is able to send a large wave of water to Ming-Hua, knocking her off the cliff. Kya walks up to Ming-Hua, though is taken aback to find her bending the directed water into multiple water arms and return to the scene.

Kya No.
Ming-Hua smirks and uses her appendages to knock Kya back into the hall. Bumi jumps down to the first floor with Ghazan giving chase, melting the floor above. Once on the same floor, Ghazan erupts the floor into lava, forcing Bumi to land onto the hall. Ghazan bends the floor beneath Bumi into lava, but he is able to jump out of the way before it erupts. Ghazan directs the lava to Bumi, but he leaps to the wall and charges toward Ghazan with airbending, sliding beneath his legs behind him. He pounces atop the lavabender, grabbing him by the neck and pulling his hair before biting him on the shoulder. Ghazan screams in pain before launching Bumi off with an earth pillar.

Kya evades Ming-Hua's attacks before being thrown toward her brother. Both siblings gather in front of a statue of an Air Nomad to catch some breath.

Bumi I see you're having as much fun as I am.
Cut to the bison stable, where P'Li bombards the area with combustion beams. The scene changes to the airbenders hiding in the stable.
Kai I can't wait any longer. [Grabs his staff.]
Jinora Wait, what are you doing?
Kai Whatever I can. [Runs out.] Get to the bison! Get out of here!
P'Li fires a combustion beam at Kai, who narrowly misses the attack. The next combustion beam threw Kai off the cliff, though he is able to open his glider and take flight, avoiding multiple combustion beams. As he flies past P'Li, she turns her attention to the fleeing airbenders. Cut to Kai who flies back to the airship, sending an air swipe to P'Li, causing her to misfire and blast the cliff above. P'Li turns her attention to Kai and fires a combustion beam. Kai protects himself with an air ball, but is knocked out. Cut to the fleeing airbenders, where Jinora turns back.
Jinora [With tears on her eyes.] Kai! No.
Cut to an unconscious Kai, plunging down the mountain. Cut to the stable, where the bison took off without the airbenders when confronted with a combustion beam. The airbenders turn to look at the airship.

Cut to Bumi, who is knocked back with a water blast. His sister retreats to cover him, freezing her water to block Ghazan's rock, though the next attack shattered the ice. Bumi steps back and nearly loses his footing. Ghazan bends a large earth fissure, throwing the siblings off the temple. Bumi airbends and holds on to the ledge while grabbing his sister.

Bumi I got you.
Bumi groans before turning to see P'Li.
Kya Bumi, let go!
Bumi But we could die!
Kya We're gonna die if we hang on!
P'Li directs a combustion beam toward Bumi. Bumi hangs on before letting go, narrowly missing the combustion blast. Both siblings plunge down the cliff before their fall is cushioned by trees, and they land on the cliffside, unconscious.

Cut to Tenzin attacking Zaheer with an air blast, which Zaheer dodges. Tenzin jumps behind Zaheer to avoid an attack and counters by arching his back to throw another blast, knocking down Zaheer. Tenzin charges toward Zaheer, but is knocked off by a combustion blast. He cushions his fall with airbending, preparing for another attack, but was struck by Ming-Hua on his right and Ghazan on his left. He dodges barrages of attack by Ming-Hua, Ghazan and Zaheer, though was knocked down. As the Red Lotus surrounds him, he braces himself up and blows off Ghazan and Zaheer. He protects himself in an air sphere, but is blasted against a wall by P'Li. He props himself up, his clothing badly tattered and his face bruised.

Zaheer Give up. It's over.
Tenzin As long as I'm breathing, it's not over.
Tenzin strikes Zaheer with a close-range air blast, but misses. The scene pans to the wall, blocking the fight as the Red Lotus launch assaults against Tenzin.

Cut to Kai, who is licked in the face, causing him to regain consciousness. The scene zooms out and flips, revealing him hanging upside-down on a tree and the bison calf that licked him awake.

Kai Woah! [Free himself and lands onto the bison.] Thanks, buddy. Yip, yip! [The bison flies off.]
Cut to credits.






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