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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Korra is now the first metalbending Avatar! After training with Su Beifong, Korra quickly picked up the new skill, and Bolin is hoping to follow in her footsteps. Meanwhile, the airbender Zaheer is closing in on Zaofu. By his side are the lavabender Ghazan, the waterbender Ming-Hua, and the combustionbender P'Li. But what do these mysterious criminals want with the Avatar?
The scene opens to Zaofu, where Korra is sparring with Wing. He fires two meteorites at her, but she dodges them and sends her metal cable at him. He dodges it twice, traps it on the ground, and bends it back at her. The impact of the cable knocks Korra to the ground.
Wing [Fist pumps.] I can't believe I'm sparring with the Avatar! [Camera pans down to his twin brother.]
Wei [Referring to Bolin. Bored and frowning.] I can't believe I'm stuck with her friend.
Camera angle changes to an aerial view of the practice area and Wing earthbends a trail toward Korra who jumps and dodges. Bolin stands in front of Wei.
Bolin Hang on, I think I got it. Let me just try this. [Attempts and fails to bend a meteorite.] Nope, okay maybe- [He is cut off as he gets nailed with a slab of metal by Wei.]
Wei Trial by fire. It's the best way to learn metalbending. [Bolin ducks as a meteorite is sent toward him. He quickly bends a pebble at his attacker, directly hitting his forehead.] Agh!
Mako [Approaches the scene with Asami.] Whoa. Nice shot, Bolin! [Wei grabs his forehead with both hands and makes little moans of pain.] But I thought you were supposed to be practicing metalbending, not earthbending.
Wei [Rubs his red forehead.] Yeah, cheater. [Crosses his arms.]
Bolin Mako, metalbending is extremely difficult. No one gets it right away, if they can get it at all! It's not normal! [Cut to Korra, as she is able to dodge Wing's attacks and knock him to the ground with her cables.]
Korra [Jumps.] Woo-hoo! [Flexes her muscles.] Metalbending champion!
Bolin Oh sure. She's the Avatar.
Asami Guys, it's time to get cleaned up. Tonight is Opal's farewell dinner.
Bolin [Sadly.] Oh, now I have to say bye to Opal? This is the worst day ever! [Slumps his shoulders and walks away sulkily.]
Cut to Opal's farewell dinner, as the chef walks over and gives Opal her plate.
Opal Thanks for making my favorite meal.
Chef I'm really going to miss you, Opal. No one appreciates my raw veggie wraps like you do. [Walks away to serve the remaining plates of food.]
Bolin [To Opal.] Every time I eat raw kale, I'm going to think of you.
Opal You're so sweet.
Bolin This stinks! We were just starting to get to know each other, and now you're off to the Northern Air Temple.
Opal We'll be together soon. You guys are coming up after finding more airbenders, right?
Bolin Yeah, but that's ... in the future. Ugh, I hate the future!
Opal [Holds up a piece of kale, which Bolin bites into.] Until then, we'll always have kale.
Varrick [To Bolin.] Kid, can I give you some relationship advice?
Bolin [Swallows.] Umm, no.
Varrick Well, your loss. [Sits straight in his chair and camera pans further left to reveal Asami next to Varrick.] Zhu Li! [Snaps his fingers.] bring the, uh, thing. [Zhu Li appears in a flash next to Varrick and hands him a contraption from a bag.] Check out my latest invention: [Cut to a close-up of the device with a knob in the center and a red, yellow, and green indicator on top.] an airbender finder. [Camera pans back to the dining table to reveal Korra sitting next to Asami.]
Korra [As Asami takes the machine from Varrick. Points her fork at the device.] Wait, that can find airbenders? [Asami points the device toward Korra. Camera switches to Asami's point of view as she moves the device up and down but nothing happens.]
Asami [Korra looks confused.] Uh ... [Camera pans out to the trio.] I think [Hands the gadget back to Varrick.] it's broken.
Varrick [Angrily.] It's not broken. She needs to [Waves his hands around in a bending motion.] airbend into it! [Grabs the airbender finder.] How else do you expect the thing to work? [Varrick does not look pleased. Cut to the other side of the dining table where Mako strains to hear the conversation.]
Mako [From a long way across the table.] What's going on? I can't hear anything. I hate sitting down here! [He grabs his glass and camera pans down to reveal Aiwei watching his outburst. Notices Aiwei next to him, staring at him awkwardly.] Uh, not because of you.
Aiwei [Dryly.] I can tell you're lying.
Mako slumps in his chair and sips his drink with an embarrassed expression, as Suyin taps her glass to get everyone's attention. A metallic object tapping against the glass three times is heard. Camera pans back to the middle of the table again and Suyin has stood up with a glass raised.
Suyin Everyone, if I could have your attention please? Tonight, my beautiful little girl leaves for the Northern Air Temple. [Places a hand on her necklace.] Opal, none of us could be more proud of you. You're an incredible daughter, sister, friend, [Lays a hand on her daughter's shoulder.] and soon to be [Suyin bends down a bit and Opal rests against her mother's shoulder.] airbending master. [Suyin gives a kiss on Opal's head. Cut to Huan, Wing, and Wei who watch the slightly emotional scene. The twins sniffle and Huan rolls his eyes. Raises her glass up high.] Here's to Opal. May she help lead us into the new era! [Everyone raises their glass for a toast.]
Scene fades to the docking bay at sunset and Opal's airship taking off. Cut to Opal standing at the window of the ship and waving goodbye to her family and friends. Camera angle changes to an aerial view of the docking bay where a small crowd is looking up at the airship and some are waving to Opal. Cut to Kuvira behind the group as she pulls out a radio from a metal bag near her hip.
Kuvira [Into a walkie-talkie.] Lock it down for the night. [Cut to Korra, Lin, and Bolin. The latter stops waving and looks a little sad.]
Lin [Gives Korra a smile.] We'll head out first thing in the morning.
Bolin sighs solemnly and follows her leave, as Korra walks next to him, with her arm resting on his back in comfort. The duo walks away and the metal petals of the city start to close. Cut to an aerial view of all of Zaofu where all the metal flowers close in harmony. Scene changes to a Zaofu guard patrolling the guest houses at night. Cut to an aerial view of the surrounding parks and the guests houses as various guards walk up and down the perimeter. Below, we can see a small group running across a trail in the park toward a bridge. Cut to Zaheer and his gang quietly peering out from under the bridge. In the background, a guard has a metallic staff in hand and he looks down at the bridge for a few seconds before walking off. Zaheer waves his hand and signals to everyone to continue moving forward. Cut to another guard patrolling the sheltered walkway as the bad guys use the cover of darkness to sneak past the walkway undetected. They head toward a guest house in the far end. Cut to Bolin in his pajamas with a blanket over him in his bed, snoring. Pabu is curled up on top of the blanket and the fire ferret perks up with a squeak.
Bolin [Mumbling.] Kale, kale, kale ... Opal ...
Pabu wakes up. The fire ferret leaps off the bed and hops over to the nearby window sill and looks out, noticing the four criminals. He paws against the glass and squeaks loudly in alarm in an attempt to wake his owner jolting Bolin awake.
Bolin What? [His pet continues to shrill.] What's going on? [He sinks back and lays down to his pillow in annoyance.] Pabu, sleep!
Back outside the window, P'Li and Ghazan ducks down an alley between two guest houses while Zaheer and Ming-Hua hide under a window. Zaheer directs his gang onward to the adjacent bedroom window: Korra's. They crouch down beside it, and Ming-Hua raises a water tentacle up and forms a small sickle at the end. She uses the ice sickle to scratch the glass and carves a hole into the window with water bending. Cut to the inside of the room that Ming-Hua is attempting to break into and we see Naga sleeping in front of the bed. Camera pans right to Korra in her pajamas, deeply asleep. Camera returns back to the sickle on the window as it makes a complete circle. Water encases the cut glass and it pulls away quietly off-screen. Another water tentacle arm holding three red darts is soon raised. Naga awakens and growls, but she is quickly knocked out by shirshu-spit darts. Korra wakes up to the sound of her whimpering, as Zaheer bends a blast of air into the window. She avoids it and jumps out of her bed, attempting to firebend, but she is hit by a dart as she lands. Ghazan and P'Li enter and pick her up as she loses consciousness. Back to Bolin's room, as Pabu leaps onto the bed to get his owner's full attention.
Bolin [As Pabu chatters.] Huh? What? Oh, Pabu. [As the fire ferret jumps back to the window.] It's not play time right now. Okay, we are seriously going to have to have a talk- [Sees an unconscious Korra being held by the fleeing fugitives.] What the heck?! They've got Korra. They've got Korra! [Mako wakes up in the other bed and they quickly exit their room.]
Mako [Blasts fire at the gang.] Let her go! [Bolin sends at a boulder shortly after Mako's attack, but P'Li absorbs the fire, while Ming-Hua stops the boulder with waterbending. She sends a line of water at the brothers, but Mako counters it with more firebending. P'Li and Zaheer attack, which Mako and Bolin also avoid. They hide behind a pillar. Mako yells to the guards at the top towers.] They've got Korra!
An alarm begin to blare loudly, and two guards activate the spotlights and direct their beam down on the criminals.
Ming-Hua So much for the element of surprise.
Ghazan Back-up plan.
P'Li turns and fires a blast at each spotlight before curving a third around the pillar Mako and Bolin are using for cover, sending them flying to land outside Asami's door. She runs out to help them.
Mako We can't let them take her.
Asami I don't think they're going to get far. Look!
One of Zaofu's guards attacks the group, but is easily overpowered. The criminals try to flee, but are stopped in their tracks as they are surrounded with slabs of metal, bent by Lin Beifong. Wei and Wing add onto the pile, backed up by Kuvira and more guards.
Kuvira We have you surrounded. It's over. Release the Avatar!
Lava begins to flow out from underneath the pile, evidently bent by Ghazan. Lin uses a rock pillar to propel herself away from the deadly lava, and Kuvira and another guard do the same with their metal cables. The metal cage holding the criminals slowly falls apart under the magma.
Bolin No way! That guy is lavabending! That's awesome ... ly not good for us.
The Beifong estate courtyard has become a battleground. The Metal Clan and Team Avatar are pinned down by P'Li while Ghazan and Ming-Hua protect her from retaliatory attacks. Cut to the point of view of Korra, who has regained consciousness but is still paralyzed.
Zaheer I'm going to create some cover. We've got to get out of here!
He begins to airbend a mask of smoke from Ghazan's lava but is caught by the wrist by a cable of one of the guards, who is able to reel Zaheer off the platform. Ghazan sends a lava bomb at the guard who breaks cover to go after Zaheer, but it is blocked by another guard with a metal slab. Bolin, Mako, Lin, and Asami take cover together behind a slab of metal in order to avoid the criminals' attacks, firing off some of their own. P'Li notices them and arcs a combustion blast to hit them, but it is blocked just short of connecting by another metal slab bent by Suyin and her twin sons, who join them.
Lin [To Suyin.] How did they get in here? [Everyone ducks reflexively as a combustion attack detonates nearby.]
Suyin I don't know, but we're not letting them escape!
They look over, as three guards use more metal slabs to create a bridge to get to the criminals. Ghazan knocks the guards off with earthbending.
Asami There's no way to cross that moat.
Suyin [Looks up at the ceiling dome.] We don't need to cross it. Lin and I can drop in from the dome on cables.
Lin [Sarcastically.] That's a great idea. Except we'll get blown up the second that third-eyed freak sees us. [Another blast explodes as if to prove her point.]
Suyin She's a combustionbender. If one of you can stun her, her powers will be knocked out temporarily.
Mako Bolin can land a shot.
Bolin I can?
Suyin You have to take her out right before we drop down.
Bolin I do?
Cut to the top of the dome.
Wing Open the hatch. [It opens to reveal them standing directly above the battlezone.]
Suyin If we get in trouble, metalbend us up.
Wing [Into a walkie-talkie.] We're in position.
Mako Copy that. It's Bolin time.
Bolin All right. Bolin time. Bolin time! [Bolin fires a boulder at P'Li, but she ducks and avoids it. The criminals immediately start firing attacks toward Mako, Bolin, and Asami's slab. Attacks go back and forth.] I can't get a clean shot!
Mako You have to!
Wing [From his walkie-talkie.] Are we a go?
Mako No go!
Wing Copy that, we're a go.
Mako I said no! Wait! [He is too late. Suyin and Lin drop down. Mako peers back at the criminals, who are preoccupied with the guards. P'Li looks up and sees Suyin and Lin.] Bolin, take the shot!
P'Li  grins and gets ready to fire as Bolin gets up and quickly launches a tiny pebble at her. The pebble hits her dead-centre in her third-eye tattoo, knocks her head back, and causes her attack to explode right above her team. The explosion knocks the criminals down. Cut to Mako who cheers on the success of Bolin's attack, which allowed Suyin and Lin to land safely.
Mako Haha, nice job, little bro!
Lin picks up Korra and travels with her sister back up toward the dome. Ming-Hua traps her leg with water, but Mako blasts fire at her to break her hold and divert her attention. Meanwhile, Zaheer is busy fighting two guards, but looks up and sees Lin escaping with Korra.
Zaheer No!
Zaheer flies up on his glider in pursuit of Lin. He blasts air at the chief, but she manages to avoid it. Just as Zaheer is about to reach her, Suyin swings Lin out of the way and metalbends the metal shards that make up her necklace at the glider, piercing its wings, and sending Zaheer spiraling down. Cut to a frontal shot of the sisters as they continue their ascend.
Lin Thanks.
Switch back to an overhead shot of Zaheer's descend. As he nears the his companions, he folds his gliders and lands safely next to his team using his airbending.
Zaheer We've failed!
Zaheer angrily airbends a huge cloud of smoke; when it clears, the lava has cooled, and there is no sign of them. Cut to the top of the dome.
Lin Where did they go?
Suyin They can't be far! [Into a walkie-talkie.] Guards, search the entire estate!
Cut to Suyin's office, where Korra lies on the couch, waking up.
Aiwei [Voice-over.] This should neutralize [His hand slides under Korra's head and a green bottle is placed at her lips.] the shirshu toxins.
Aiwei tilts the bottle so some of the liquid flows into Korra's mouth. Cut to a side-view of Korra's hand as it slowly twitches and she lifts a finger. Cut to a wider view of the Beifong sisters looking down on the Avatar. Suyin rests her right hand on her chest in relief, though Lin angrily turns to her half-sister, her fists clenched to her sides.
Lin [To Suyin.] How could you let this happen?! [Korra brings a knee up.] You assured me this was one of the most [Korra tries to sit up.] secure places in the world.
Suyin It is. I don't know how this happened. Obviously this was a well-planned operation, so [Frowns at Lin.] don't blame me.
Kuvira We searched the entire estate. There's no sign of them.
Lin Well, keep looking! [Kuvira gives a bow and departs. Aiwei stands up.]
Aiwei It would seem they had some inside knowledge of Zaofu. They must've been working with someone.
Korra [Sighs.] The- [Puts a hand on her head and sits up.] the guards. It had to be one of them.
Aiwei I agree.
Suyin Question them all! Whoever betrayed my city will suffer the consequences!
Suyin storms off and view changes to the open petal city at day time. Cut to an interrogation room, as Aiwei is seated at one end of a small table, with a guard at the next. Shot gradually shifts as Aiwei asks each question, indicating an elapse of time.
Aiwei What is your full name? [Camera fades to a close-up of Aiwei as he questions a second guard.] Where were you last night? [Camera fades again to another shot of Aiwei questioning yet a different guard.] Do you have any knowledge of the people who tried to kidnap the Avatar? [Camera fades to a young male guard.]
Xu Guan My name is Xu Guan.
Second guard [Shot gradually shifts to an older male guard.] I was patrolling the south wall of the Beifong estates.
Third guard [Shot shifts to another younger guard.] I have absolutely no knowledge of the people who tried to kidnap Korra.
Aiwei looks back at Lin and shakes his head, signaling that this man is not the culprit. Korra looks at Lin defeatedly and Lin nods to Aiwei to question the next suspect. Cut to a view of Varrick's hands on the table.
Varrick What was I doing last night? [Camera pans to Varrick's face.] Same thing I always do. From nine to ten, I checked my body for ticks. Lyme disease is a serious killer. [Cut to everyone else in the room looking at him with disbelief.] Then I did my nightly [View changes to Varrick standing up with a leg on a chair and exercising while demonstrating the workout.] Varrick calisthenics, followed by [Stops exercising.] thirty minutes of breath holding. I filmed the whole thing if you want to watch it.
Cut to Aiwei with a hand on his head. Korra has a hand on her mouth and she looks like she is about to laugh. Mako pinches his nose bridge from annoyance. Suyin has two hands clasped in front of her mouth.
Aiwei That won't be necessary.
Varrick and his assistant leave the interrogation room and close the door behind them.
Lin Maybe it wasn't a guard after all. Maybe it was someone a little higher up the food chain. Aiwei, why don't you question Su?
Korra Lin, stop! Your sister was not involved!
Suyin No, [Walks over to the chair.] I'll gladly be questioned. I have nothing to hide. [Sits down.]
Aiwei [Looks to the side, a little reluctantly.] What is your full name?
Suyin Suyin Beifong. I'm the daughter of Toph and [Glances at Lin.] the only sister to Lin, and I had nothing to do with the attack last night.
Aiwei [Turns to Lin.] She is telling [Korra sighs with frustration in the background.] the truth.
Korra This is a waste of time! Just bring in the next guard!
The next guard walks in and sits down.
Aiwei Give me your name and tell me where you are from.
Hong Li I'm Hong Li. I was born and raised here in Zaofu.
Aiwei Do you have any knowledge of the people who tried to kidnap the Avatar?
Hong Li No.
Aiwei [Stiffens and leans forward.] Did you help the attackers enter Zaofu last night?
Hong Li No, of course not.
Aiwei [Calmly.] You're lying.
Hong Li [Shocked.] What?! No, I'm not! [Suyin walks and storms up to him.]
Suyin How did they get in and out? [Grabs him by the armor and pulls him out of the chair and slams him against the wall.] Where are they now?
Hong Li [Fearful.] I don't know! I'm telling you, I didn't help them!
Suyin You're a traitor to the entire clan!
Aiwei I suggest we search his place.
Hong Li's eyes widen and quiver with fright. Cut to an apartment complex which is Hong Li's house, as they search for evidence. Cut to the inside of an apartment with Team Avatar and Aiwei searching for clues. Bolin walks to the kitchen and opens the oven before closing it in disappointment. He stands up and opens a small cupboard above. Cut to Mako's hands separating some papers on a desk and he picks up a small written note.
Mako I got something!
Bolin [Mouth stuffed with cookies.] What? [Bolin puts away the cookie jar and starts to eat. Everyone walks over to Mako.]
Mako [Reading the note.] It looks like it's from them. [Cut to a close-up of the writing on the note.] "Team assembled. Ready to rendezvous."
Asami [Hands Aiwei a book.] And look at this.
Aiwei [Takes the book and opens it as Mako leans over to look.] These are the guards' logbooks. All their schedules and routes are in here.
Korra That guard knows everything. [Closes the book.] We have to get him to talk.
Mako Let's go confront him with this evidence right now.
Aiwei No. [The teens are confused.] Let's give him a little time to sweat it out. He will talk eventually.
Aiwei walks away. Cut to Mako who forms a slightly suspicious look on his face as he watches the truth seer leave. Location changes to an overhead view of Team Avatar checking out the cooled down moat from last night. Naga is walking around, sniffing the rocks. A few Zaofu guards watch over the crime scene.
Mako I don't understand why we're not talking to that guard right now. [Camera changes to a close-up of team on ground.] Every minute we waste here, those guys get further away. I mean, how does a random guard get involved with a group of super criminals anyway?
Asami What do you mean?
Mako That guard is only eighteen years old and has lived in Zaofu his entire life. Zaheer and his gang have been in prison for more than thirteen years.
Korra I don't know, but we all saw the evidence. It's pretty overwhelming.
Varrick [Pops up from inside a hole, surprising the gang.] Maybe a little too overwhelming?
Bolin Hey, Varrick. What are you doing here?
Varrick Collecting pumice stones with Zhu Li. That lavabender did a lot of damage, but he makes a nice exfoliating rock, and when you got callouses like mine, you take all the pumice stones you can get your hands on. Or in my case, feet.
Varrick laughs, as Zhu Li rubs a stone against his foot, to Team Avatar's disgust.
Mako What were you saying about the evidence?
Varrick I was saying that I can smell a conspiracy when I see one. Look, if I was trying to set someone up, I would tell everyone he's guilty and then plant the evidence in his apartment as proof.
Mako Oh, you mean exactly like what you did to me?
Varrick Yes, just like that! Remember how great that worked? Well, not for you.
Mako You're right. All the evidence points to this guard, but maybe he's just the fallback.
Bolin But for who?
Mako For the only person who can truly keep a secret in this city: Aiwei.
Cut to Team Avatar, outside Aiwei's house. Bolin peeks into the window.
Bolin He's not home. Or he's hiding in there. [Gasps.] Or he's invisible. [Mako looks at him very skeptically.] Probably just not home.
Mako We have to get in there and find some evidence that links Aiwei to Zaheer, otherwise Su won't believe us. [Team Avatar walks in and begins to search. Asami flips through a book on a table.]
Asami It's just an empty book. [Bolin gains interest in a jar on Aiwei's bookshelf.]
Bolin Hmm, it's like a desert on a jar.
Mako Bolin, put that back! We don't want Aiwei to know we were in here if we can't find anything. [Bolin moves to put the jar back, but has forgotten where it was.] You forgot where it goes, didn't you? [Mako puts the jar back on its shelf a few inches from where it originally was. He moves onto the end of the bookshelf, as he sees some marks on the floor.] These look like scuff marks. I think this bookshelf slides open. [He slides the shelf aside to reveal a cellar.]
Korra What do you think is down there?
Bolin Could be a storage cellar.
Mako Or it could be how Zaheer got in and out.
Asami Aiwei's coming back! Quick.
The trio run off of the stairs and slide the bookshelf back where it was, as Aiwei enters.
Aiwei What are doing in my house? You are trespassing on the property of one of the highest-ranked officials in the city. You'd better have a good explanation.
Bolin We do. We do. We actually knocked on your front door and we thought we heard you say, [In a higher pitched voice.] 'Come in, I'm in the bathroom!' [Silence as Bolin changes back to his normal voice.] I don't even know why I'm saying that. You know I'm lying, and you don't even sound like that.
Korra We came here because things weren't adding up, and we thought you might have some answers.
Aiwei [Gestures to his couch.] Sit. If you want to talk, let's talk over some tea. [Pours green tea into a cup.] Now, what is not adding up exactly? Hong Li was clearly lying and we found evidence in his apartment.
Mako But don't you think it's weird how young he is? How did he ever get mixed up with this group?
Aiwei [Walks toward the bookshelf.] Perhaps through a relative, or maybe he was bribed. We will find out those answers in time. But if wasn't him, who do you think it was?
Asami We don't know.
Aiwei [Moves the jar back to its original spot.] You don't think I had something to do with this, do you?
Korra We're just looking for answers.
Aiwei And you think you've found something, don't you? [Notices the bookshelf has been moved. Pauses as Team Avatar looks at each other nervously.] You have no idea what is coming for you, Avatar.
Aiwei metalbends his stairs upward. Mako firebends at the new wall, but it has no effect. Korra metalbends into the wall, but only makes a small rupture.
Mako Come on, he's getting away!
Korra I'm still a little new at this, so back off! [Korra manages to break through the wall, and the gang run to the cellar and open the door, only to find a bomb, which promptly goes off, but Korra airbends to protect herself and her allies from the impact.] Ugh!
Mako He's gone.
Korra [Sees a small opening nearly covered by debris.] Look, he must've escaped through there! Help me clear it out.
Bolin and Korra do so with earthbending to reveal a tunnel entrance, as Lin and Suyin run into the room.
Lin What happened? We heard an explosion.
Suyin Where's Aiwei?
Korra Your trusted adviser is the one who betrayed us. He was lying about the guard.
Suyin What? No!
Korra We confronted him and he bolted through here.
Lin uses seismic sense on the tunnel.
Lin He must have collapsed the tunnel behind him.
Mako And he rigged an explosion to destroy any evidence that might have been here.
Korra This is where Zaheer got in and out. Aiwei was the traitor.
Suyin [Saddened.] I ... trusted him.
Kuvira [Runs in.] Is everyone okay?
Lin Aiwei is a fugitive. Get all available guards to search the mountainside, and find out where this tunnel exits immediately!
Kuvira obeys, and Lin walks over to comfort her sister. Cut back to Suyin's office, where the Beifong sisters and Team Avatar are sitting. Kuvira runs to the door.
Lin What did you find?
Kuvira We located the end of the tunnel, but there's no sign of him. Just some fresh tire tracks. [Leaves.]
Mako He had an escape plan all ready to go.
Suyin I trusted him with my life. I thought we were family, but it was all a lie.
Mako Whoever these guys are, they're more powerful than we thought, and more dangerous.
Korra That's why we have to find them. We're going to hold off our search for airbenders and hunt down Aiwei. Naga can track his scent.
Asami And I bet if we find Aiwei, we'll find Zaheer.
Lin No! We're not hunting this group. There could be other secret agents in other parts of the world looking for you right now! I'm taking you back to Republic City, where I can protect you.
Korra If I wasn't safe here, then I'm not safe anywhere. I have to stop them!
Lin It's too dangerous! You are not going!
Korra Stop trying to protect me! I'm the Avatar. This is my job!
Lin Don't lecture me about jobs!
Suyin Enough! Korra, listen to Lin.
Korra But ... they ...
Suyin Please. Lin's only looking out for you. I promise you, Aiwei and everyone he's working with will be brought to justice.
Korra Fine, if you really think it's best.
Suyin I do.
Lin Thank you, Su.
Suyin Everyone should get some rest tonight. I'll have my people prep your airship and you can leave first thing in the morning.
Cut to Team Avatar's apartment. There's a knock at the door. Korra opens it to find Suyin.
Korra Su.
Suyin You really think Naga could track Aiwei?
Korra Definitely.
Suyin Then, here. [Hands Korra keys.] There's a jeep packed with supplies on the east gate. It's all gassed up and ready to go.
Korra What? Why?
Suyin Because I want you to hunt down Aiwei and bring him back to me.
Bolin But you said -
Suyin I said what Lin wanted to hear and I bought you guys some time. Go. I'll deal with Lin in the morning.
Korra Let's get this guy! [Hugs Suyin.] Thanks.
Cut to Korra, riding on Naga, with the rest of Team Avatar in the jeep behind her. Cut to credits.






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