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The Tale of Toph and Katara[]

Scene fades to an exterior shot of Team Avatar's house. Shot cuts to a mirror, in front of which, Aang, whose head is covered with shaving cream, shaves his head with his shaving tool. Camera pans left to show Sokka in the mirror to show he has little facial hair, which he cuts off using the end of his machete. He clicks his tongue. Camera pans left again to show Katara in the mirror as she fixes together her hair loopies. Once they are placed, she smiles and the shot cuts back to show the whole room, with them all in front of the mirror. Scene changes to a dark room, where Toph lies on her bed, her blanket sloppily lying over her and her hair in a mess. Light cuts through the darkness as the door opens, and Katara enters the room and gasps at the sight.
Katara Toph! Aren't you gonna get ready for the day?
Toph gets up, causing her messy hair to fly around. She spits on a nearby vessel which spins upon impact. Cut to Katara's face as she looks shocked, before cutting back to Toph as she gets to her feet and brushes a large amount of dust off her sleeping dress.
Toph I'm ready.
Katara You're not gonna wash up? You've got a little dirt on your ... everywhere, actually.
Toph You call it dirt, I call it a healthy coating of earth!
Katara Hmm ... [Thinking.] You know what we need? A girl's day out!
Toph Do I have to?!
Katara It'll be fun!
Cut to the outside of a large building, where Toph and Katara stand near the entrance. Two women in robes walk out and smile at each other.
Toph The Fancy Lady Day Spa? [Sarcastically.] Sounds like my kinda place.
Katara Are you ready for some serious pampering?
Toph Sure, Katara, whatever you say. As long as they don't touch my feet.
The two girls walk inside the building. Cut to inside of the building, where Katara sits smiling, having her feet scrubbed. Shot cuts again to a close-up of Toph's dirt-filled foot as the attendant tries to scrape the massive amounts of dirt off her feet. Shot cuts to a close-up of Toph's angry face.

Cut to a shot of a hallway inside the spa as suddenly an explosion erupts from one of the doorways, due to which, the frame becomes crumpled. An attendant flies out and hits the opposite wall, Toph having earthbent out of annoyance. Scene changes to Toph and Katara taking mud baths. An attendant with arms full of fresh towels walks over to Toph. Cut to Toph's face as she inhales air, and exhales, earthbending the mud on her face, creating a scary appearance, which scares the attendant, who runs away. Katara and Toph laugh, as the mud around Toph's mouth forms a large smile.

Scene changes to a pile of rocks in a sauna which Toph and Katara are occupying. Toph kicks the ground, bending another rock from another pile, making it fly onto the pile of hot rocks. Katara, using waterbending, splashes the hot rocks with some water creating steam. They both sigh in relief. Scene changes to Toph, who has a lot of make-up on her face walking through the streets of Ba Sing Se.

Toph Well, that wasn't so bad. I'm not usually into that stuff but I actually feel ... girly.
Katara I'm glad. It's about time we did something fun together.
Cut to a shot of the two crossing a bridge over a creek. As they do, they pass three girls going the other direction. Shot cuts to Katara and Toph from behind the girls.
Girl with umbrella Wow, great make-up.
Toph Thanks.
Girl with umbrella For a clown!
The three girls laugh, Toph's smile is replaced by a frown as she and Katara stop walking. Katara puts her arm over Toph's shoulder, attempting to console her.
Katara Don't listen to them, let's just keep walking.
Shot cuts to the face of Star, who is one of the three girls.
Star I think she looks cute. Like that time we put a sweater on your pet poodle monkey.
Third girl Good one, Star.
Katara [Angrily.] Let's go, Toph.
Toph [Sarcastically.] No, no, that was a good one. Like your poodle monkey. [She laughs.] You know what else is a good one? [She earthbends the bridge, removing a circular part above which the three girls are standing, causing the girls to fall into the creek below. Cut to Katara's face from the hole.]
Katara Now that was funny.
Katara waterbends a wave that sweeps the girls as they scream. Cut to a shot of Toph walking away from the bridge as Katara jogs to catch up.
Katara Those girls don't know what they're talking about.
Toph It's okay. One of the good things about being blind, is I don't have to waste my time worrying about appearance. [Cut to a close-up of Toph's face.] I don't care what I look like. I'm not looking for anyone's approval. I know who I am. [She stops walking, and she cries a bit.]
Katara That's what I really admire about you, Toph. You're so strong, and confident, and self-assured. [Toph sniffs.] And I know it doesn't matter, but ... [Keeps her palm on Toph's shoulder.] You're really pretty.
Toph [Turning to Katara, smiling.] I am?
Katara Yeah, you are.
Shot cuts to show both of them walking.
Toph I'd return the compliment, but I've no idea how you look like. [Katara laughs.] Thank you, Katara. [She punches Katara's shoulder, her way of showing affection.]
Katara Ow!

The Tale of Iroh[]

Scene changes to an overhead shot of a marketplace in Ba Sing Se. Cut to a shot of the street, as Iroh goes toward a shop to buy a basket, and examines a basket kept.
Shop owner If this is for a romantic picnic, may I suggest this lavender one? [He points to another basket.]
Iroh No, it's not a romantic picnic, but it is a special occasion. [He hands a coin to the owner, and takes the basket. As he goes, he sees a vase that contains a moon flower. He slides the vase into the shade, which causes the flowers to bloom instantly.] The moon flower likes partial shade. [He bows to the shop owner and walks away.]
Shot cuts to Iroh examining another shop which sells musical instruments. The sound of a crying child catches Iroh's attention and he turns around to see a boy sobbing the middle of the street and his mother trying to console him.
Boy's mother Shhh. It's okay. Shhh.
Iroh [He takes an instrument from the shop, and starts singing, walking toward the boy. Iroh gets down on one knee near the boy as he begins to sing.] Leaves from the vine, falling so slow. Like fragile, tiny shells, drifting in the foam. Little soldier boy, come marching home. Brave soldier boy, comes marching home.
The boy's frown instantly turns to a smile as he reaches up and pulls Iroh's long beard, causing Iroh to groan while the boy laughs. Iroh smiles and pats his beard. The boy's mother takes her son by the hand and leads him away as Iroh stands and looks at them with a smiling look on his face.

Scene changes to a courtyard as Iroh enters. Four boys are in the courtyard, playing earthbending ball. One of the boys hits the ground with his foot and the ball shoots up and comes back down. He kicks it and follows up with some earthbending. A patch of earth rises to create a path for the ball as it rolls along. Another player earthbends to stop the ball before it reaches the goal. This causes the ball to launch up and into the direction Iroh is standing. He dodges the ball just in time, but the ball breaks through the window directly behind where he was. A crash and a loud voice can be heard from inside.

Huge round angry face Hey!
Iroh It is usually best to admit mistakes when they occur, and seek to restore honor.
Loud noises are heard and all five of them look up, startled. Shot cuts to show the window as a very large body and head are visible through the hole.
Huge round angry face [Angrily.] When I'm through with you kids, the window won't be the only thing that's broken.
Iroh But not this time. Run!
Iroh and the kids run away in all directions. Shot cuts to Iroh, running down the marketplace street quickly. He hides in an alley, places the basket down, and the shot changes to a shot of him looking around the corner to see if he is being chased. He is surprised to hear someone talking to him. Shot cuts to behind Iroh, where a man holding a knife is trying to mug him.
Tycho You, give me all your money!
Camera pans down to show Tycho's poor stance.
Iroh [Confused.] What are you doing?
Tycho I'm mugging you!
Iroh [Confused.] With that stance?
Tycho [Looks at his stance in a confused manner.] Huh? What're you talking about? Just give me your money, old man!
Iroh [He shakes his head.] With a poor stance, you are unbalanced, and you can be easily knocked over. [He quickly grabs the arm of the mugger and disarms him, while pushing his attacker and knocking him to the ground. He smiles, while twirling the dagger in his hand, and helps Tycho to his feet.]
Iroh [Hands the knife back to Tycho.] With a solid stance, you are a much more serious threat. [Iroh demonstrates a proper stance, which Tycho attempts to imitate, but is still not assuming the correct form. Iroh walks over to him and holds his head still while he adjusts the man's stance with a light kick.] Much better! But to tell you the truth, you do not look like the criminal type.
Tycho I know. I'm ... [He sighs.] I'm just confused.
Shot cuts to a close-up of Tycho's hands holding a cup, while Iroh pours some hot tea for the man.
Tycho So you really think I could be a good masseur?
Iroh Of course!
Shot cuts to show the two still in the alley, sitting on the ground sharing some tea and talking.
Tycho This is so great. No one has ever believed in me.
Iroh [Smiling.] While it is always best to believe in oneself, a little help from others can be a great blessing.
Scene changes to a shot of a tree on a hill within the city as the sun is setting. Leaves fall from the tree as Iroh approaches it. Iroh places the basket he had purchased earlier down and removes his hat. He rests on his knees and piles some rocks at the tree's base. He removes several things from the basket and places them at the bottom of the tree, near to the pile of stones. He pulls out a sheet of paper and looks at it for a few seconds, closing his eyes, before placing it down as well. Finally he pulls two incense sticks, and lights them with his fingers by firebending. Shot cuts to show that Iroh has made a small memorial for his deceased son, Lu Ten.
Iroh Happy birthday, my son. [Cut to his face, as he starts to cry.] If only I could have helped you. [He sings, but his voice cracks due to him crying.] Leaves from the vine, falling so slow. Like fragile, tiny shells, drifting in the foam. Little soldier boy, come marching home. Brave soldier boy, comes marching home.
The camera zooms out, and fades to a message saying, "In honor of Mako," referring to Mako Iwamatsu.

The Tale of Aang[]

Scene changes to an overhead shot of Ba Sing Se, as Aang flies on his glider, searching for Appa. Shot cuts to a street, as Aang lands on it, twirling his glider back into a staff. Shot cuts to Aang walking down the street, which is lined on both sides with various cages and pens built into the rock. Aang passes each pen and looks in to see different creatures looking sad and depressed, his expression matching theirs. He stops for a few seconds and looks up into a cage with a group of dragon flies. Shot cuts to him looking down into another pen which is a pit to see an elephant mandrill lying on the ground, very bored. Shot cuts to a tigerdillo gnawing at the bars that keep him in. It looks up as Aang approaches.
Aang [Kneeling on one knee and holding his hand out.] Hey there, fellow. You look hungry.
The tigerdillo roars, causing Aang to jump back in surprise. The creature curls up into a ball and rolls in its pen as the zookeeper, Kenji, walks behind Aang, sweeping.
Kenji They are hungry. [Shot cuts to Kenji and Aang walking around in the zoo.] The Dai Li won't give me any money because the kids stopped coming. And the kids won't come because my zoo's nasty and broke.
Aang [Looking at a cage.] What kinda animal is that? [They both stop walking.]
Kenji Oh, that's a rabaroo. I wish I could get her a big open prairie like she likes. [Shot cuts to the depressed rabaroo.] I'd let her hop away to happiness.
Aang [Smiling.] Let's do it!
Kenji [Surprised.] Say again?
Aang There's a big open space right outside the walls of the city.
Kenji But how're you gonna transport all these wild critters?
Aang Don't worry, I'm great with animals.
Scene changes to a vessel being broken with a loud crash by some hog monkeys, who are wreaking havoc in one of the shops in the city, throwing pottery and breaking things. The owner comes in swinging a broom in an attempt to save his shop and manages to send one of them flying. Shot cuts to the creatures fleeing the shop and into the street just as an elephant mandrill comes stampeding down it while people run for their lives. Another group of people come running out of an alley covering their heads to escape the dragon flies that fly over them. A platypus bear enters the street and stands on its hind legs, swinging and growling as more people scream and run away. It pursues a group down an alley, as a tigerdillo comes rolling in and runs off in another direction. Cut to a shot of the rabaroo devouring cabbages from a pile. The shot cuts back to show that the creature is eating from the cabbage merchant's cart who is desperately trying to save his cabbages.
Cabbage merchant My cabba- [He is interrupted by a rabaroo looking at him with a cabbage in her mouth. She chews it, and returns to the cart to eat more. The merchant throws down the cabbages he holds in his hand, and goes back.] Oh, forget it.
Scene changes to some dragonflies harassing people on a street, as Aang runs from the rooftops of the houses, descends onto the street, and helps the people using airbending.
Aang [He scratches his head.] This was so much easier in my head.
Aang suddenly gets an idea, and snaps his fingers, as he pulls out the bison whistle from his shirt. He throws the whistle into the air, and using airbending, inhales a great amount of air. He catches the whistle, and blows it. Shot cuts to an overhead shot of Ba Sing Se to show a soundwave being emitted from where Aang is and through the city as the whistle's sound spreads. Shot cuts to the hog monkeys wreaking havoc, who hear the sound and run off. The dragonflies, who are harassing people, hear the sound and go to its source. The rabaroo, still devouring cabbages as the cabbage merchant sobs in the background, leaves the cart as she hears the whistle as well.

Shot cuts to Aang riding his air scooter down a street blowing the bison whistle. Cut to an alley, as Aang flies by on the main street, with a group of creatures following him, and a very slow turtle seal bringing up the rear. Shot cuts to Kenji talking with two guards at the wall.

Kenji But you have to open this gate.
Guard Or what?
Kenji [He points to a large stampede of creatures following Aang.] Or that!
Cut to a brief shot of the creatures following Aang.
Guard #2 [Yelling.] Open the gate!
Both the guards run in opposite directions, as the gate is opened. Shot cuts to show the gates opening from the street, as Aang flies down with the animals, before cutting to an overhead shot of the same. Aang stops blowing the whistle, jumps off his air scooter, on onto his glider, as the animals go out through the gate. The creatures go through the opening as he soars up and over the wall. On the other side, the creatures are shown coming out of the opening and starting to spread out in all directions as they run. Shot cuts to show Aang soaring down behind the running animals and hopping onto his air scooter again. As he rides, he punches the ground causing a large wall of earth to rise as he rides in a large circle creating a pen to block the running animals. Once he finishes, he jumps off his scooter and lands in the center of the pen he made. He earthbends again, causing a square portion of the ground to descend and creates a small pit. He turns around and brings his arms up high to cause some large pillars of earth to rise, making plateaus, turns, and punches outward which makes more walls to separate the animals.

Cut to a shot of the guards and Kenji going out, amazed. A group of kids, laughing and smiling, push past them and run toward the zoo. Shot cuts to show the entire the new zoo as people move around the newly formed pens and look the animals. Shot cuts to show the rabaroo drinking from a pond before looking up at one of the guests as three young rabaroos poke up from its pouch. Cut to Aang speaking with the zookeeper beside one of the pens.

Aang Well, Mr. Zookeeper, how do you like your new facilities?
Kenji Excellent job, Avatar. You should think about working with animals for a living.
Aang looks behind him as a guest's voice catches his attention.
Young guest [Pointing into one of the pens.] Mommy, Miss Snowflake got out of the house again.
Cut to a shot of a hissing cat in one of the pens.
Adult guest Fluffykins? [Cut to a guest's face.] What are you doing down there?
Shot cuts to show Fluffykins hissing at the elephant mandrill it is sharing the pen with. Cut back to Kenji and Aang.
Kenji On second thought, you should probably stick to saving people.
Aang laughs at Kenji's statement.

The Tale of Sokka[]

Scene changes to Sokka walking down a candle-lit street at night. Bored, he pulls his boomerang from its sheath, throws it into the sky, and catches it as it comes back. Shot cuts to him walking past a building and into the alley beside it. Sokka passes through some men struggling with their ostrich horses, and by the windows of the building, as he hears voices from inside. Intrigued, he turns and sticks his head inside the window.
Sokka What's this?
The shot cuts to show that the room is the Five-Seven-Five Society's classroom. There is a lady on the stage reciting her haiku to the rest of the ladies.
Lady on stage Through all the long night, winter moon glows with bright love, sleet her silver tears.
Sokka [Looking pleased.] Ahh, poetry.
Shot cuts to the alley, as the ostrich horse, who is still struggling with his handler, kicks backward and hits Sokka in his back, sending him through the window, and inside the room. The ladies look at him and shriek, startled.
Sokka [Collecting himself and removing the window frame.] I am so sorry. Something struck me in the rear. I just ... wound up ... here.
The ladies laugh, and clap at Sokka's unintended haiku. Sokka first looks surprised, but grins widely. Their teacher, Macmu-Ling, gets up.
Macmu-Ling Five, seven, then five, syllables mark a haiku. [She bows her head.] Remarkable oaf.
Sokka [Thinking for a moment.] They call me Sokka, that is in the Water Tribe. [Counting five syllables on his fingers.] I am not an oaf. [The ladies laugh at his haiku.]
Macmu-Ling Tittering monkey, in the spring he climbs treetops, and thinks himself tall. [She narrows her eyes.]
Ladies Oooooh!
Sokka You think you're so smart, with your fancy little words, this is not so hard.
Ladies Oooooh!
Macmu-Ling [She walks up to the stage.] Whole seasons are spent, mastering the form, the style, none calls it easy.
Ladies Oooooh!
Sokka I calls it easy. Like I paddle my canoe, I'll paddle yours too! [Turns around and paddles his behind, as the ladies laugh.]
Macmu-Ling There's nuts and there's fruits. [She takes a plum from her sleeve, drops it to the ground, and squashes it.] In fall the clinging plum drops, always to be squashed.
Sokka [Making arm movements.] Squish, squash, sling that slang. I'm always right back at ya, like my ... [He draws his boomerang.] boomerang! [The class laughs.]
An annoyed Macmu-Ling walks off the stage and back to her seat as Sokka turns to the class again and raises his arms up to silence the laughter, as he unsheathes his boomerang.
Sokka [Making more arm movements.] That's right, I'm Sokka, it's pronounced with an "okka", young ladies, I rocked ya!
This time, however, his "haiku" is not cheered at, instead being met with silence. Sokka stares at the class, as the annoyed and angry class does the vice versa. Cut to the ladies' angry faces. Cut back to Sokka, as he counts the number of syllables in his "haiku", and realizes that his last line contained six syllables instead of five by counting on his fingers. A large security guard approaches and catches him by the collar.
Guard [Bringing Sokka to his face.] Uh, that's one too many syllables there, bub.
Picking up Sokka completely, he throws him head first across the room and out the door. Outside, he hits the ground with a thud and sits up holding his head.
Sokka Poetry ...

The Tale of Zuko[]

Scene changes to an exterior shot of the Pao Family Tea House. Cut to a shot of the inside where Zuko walks down the shop with a tray of cups, and looks behind at a girl. He walks up behind his uncle who is on a ladder, stacking things on a shelf behind the counter.
Zuko Uncle, we have a problem. [Iroh descends from the ladder.] One of the customers is on to us. Don't look now but there is a girl over there at the corner table. [Cut to a shot of a girl sitting in the corner of the shop, drinking tea.] She knows we're Fire Nation. [Iroh looks at the girl, but is quickly pulled back by Zuko.] Didn't I say don't look?!
Iroh [Cut to a shot of the girl.] You're right, Zuko. I've seen that girl in here quite a lot. Seems to me she has quite a little crush on you.
Zuko [Bewildered.] What?
Jin [She hands Zuko some coins, which he puts on a table.] Thank you for the tea. What's your name? [Iroh slightly smiles at the question.]
Zuko [Turning back.] My name's Lee. My uncle and I just moved here.
Jin Hi Lee, my name's Jin. Thank you and ... well, I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime. [Zuko is stunned.]
Iroh [Before the stunned Zuko can respond.] He'd love to!
Jin Great. I'll meet you in front of the shop at sundown.
Jin walks away, as Iroh throws his arms on a bewildered Zuko's shoulders, with a large smile as he glares at him. Cut to an exterior shot of the tea shop at evening, as Zuko comes out, his hair combed. He walks out into the middle of the street and looks around as Jin emerges from an alley beside the shop and walks up to him.
Jin Hey. Well, look at you. [She ruffles his hair.] You look so cute.
Zuko [He stops Jin from ruffling his hair.] It took my uncle ten minutes to do my hair.
Jin grabs Zuko by the arm and drags him as he glances once back at the teashop. Cut to a town square where several people stand around doing various activities. Cut to the Zuko and Jin who are eating at a restaurant, Jin sipping tea while Zuko pokes at his last meatball with his chop sticks, not looking at Jin.
Jin So, how do you like the city so far?
Zuko It's okay.
Jin [Sipping tea; intrigued.] What do you like to do for fun?
Zuko Nothing.
Waiter [Addressing Zuko.] Excuse me, sir. Would you and your girlfriend care for dessert‌?
Zuko [He yells in an assertive tone, pounding the table.] She is not my girlfriend!
The restaurant becomes silent as everyone's attention focuses on Zuko. The waiter walks away and Zuko laces his fingers and looks at Jin, who is slurping down a large bite of noodles from a bowl. Zuko stares at the sight in surprise for a moment.
Zuko You have ... quite an appetite for a girl. [He fiddles his thumbs awkwardly.]
Jin [Uncomfortably.] Umm ... thanks? So, Lee, where were you and your uncle living before you came here?
Zuko Umm ... well, we've been traveling around for a long time.
Jin Oh. Why were you traveling so much?
Zuko We were ... uh, part of this traveling circus.
Jin Really? What did you do? Wait, lemme guess. [She thinks for a moment and quickly points at him.] You juggled!
Zuko [Zuko folds his arms and looks annoyed.] Yes, I juggled.
Jin I've always wanted to learn how to juggle. [She holds out some objects.] Can you show me something?
Zuko looks awkward and worried, but he takes the objects in his hand, and throws them one by one in the air. He is unable to catch them, and one of the objects falls on his head, breaking into many pieces.
Zuko I haven't practiced for a while. [Wipes the pieces of the objects from his hair.]
Jin It's all right. Hey, I want to show you one of my favorite places in the city.
Scene changes to a street in the city, with Jin leading Zuko.
Jin I'm so excited for you to see the Firelight Fountain. The lamps make the water sparkle and reflect in the pool in the most beautiful way.
She leads Zuko into an open area with a large fountain and several posts with candles on top surrounding it in a circle. However, the candles are not lit.
Jin I can't believe it! They aren't lit.
Cut to a brief overhead shot of the fountain, before cutting to Zuko and Jin. He looks at her before looking at the fountain.
Zuko Close your eyes, and don't peek.
Jin closes and covers her eyes as Zuko walks out, holds his hands together, and closes his eyes as he prepares. A close-up of Zuko's face shows his eyes opening, as he begins firebending. Using his pointer and middle fingers on each hand, he shoots small bursts of flame in all directions at the candles to light them. Once finished, he stands straight and looks at Jin, still with her palms covering her eyes.
Zuko Okay, now you can look.
Jin [Removes her palms from her eyes.] Oh, wow, [Cut to a shot showing the candles lit. Jin looks at Zuko, amazed. She walks up to him, looking at the candles.] What happened? How did they light? What did you? [She looks at a smiling Zuko.]
They both turn to look at the fountain. As Zuko looks at them, Jin brushes her hand through her hair, smiles at him, and holds his hand. Zuko turns to look at the girl smiling at him. They both turn to be face to face and as Jin begins to lean in for a kiss, Zuko quickly draws a piece of paper which he holds between their lips.
Zuko I've brought you something. [Jin becomes surprised.] It's a coupon for a free cup of tea.
Jin Lee, this is so sweet.
Zuko [He takes a few steps back.] Don't thank me – it was my uncle's idea. He thinks you're our most valuable customer.
Jin Your uncle is a good teacher. [She walks close to him and turns his head toward her.] I have something for you too. Now it's your turn to close your eyes.
As Zuko closes his eyes, Jin goes closer to him and kisses him before pulling back slightly. Zuko returns the kiss, but immediately jumps back away from her. He stands for a second, looking at her before turning his back and beginning to walk away.
Jin What's wrong?
Zuko [Stops for a moment.] It's complicated. I have to go. [He walks off, leaving a disappointed Jin.]
Scene changes to the tea house, as Iroh is looking out from the windows at the street, waiting for Zuko. The door opens, as Zuko walks inside, being silent.
Iroh How was your night, Prince Zuko?
Zuko walks into a room and slams the doors shut behind him without replying to Iroh. Iroh looks after him for a second with a confused look before turning back to the window to continue his work. He turns back when he hears Zuko opening the doors. Shot cuts to show Zuko's face in the crack between the two doors.
Zuko It was nice.
He closes the doors again. Shot cuts to a smiling Iroh, who resumes his work.

The Tale of Momo[]

Scene changes to a very tall tree, so tall that it towers above the clouds. Appa flies up through the clouds and over to the tree. Shot cuts to show many fruits hanging from vines on the tree. Appa hovers underneath these and Momo, who was sitting on the sky bison's head, flies up and begins eating some fruit and tosses some down to Appa who eats them. As Momo continues to chew on one of the fruits, Appa suddenly roars very loudly.

The screen flashes white and shot cuts to Momo asleep on the windowsill of Team Avatar's house. Startled by the thunder that woke him from his dream, Momo leaps up into Sokka's Earth Kingdom bag that is hanging nearby. After some seconds, he pokes his head up and realizes he has some white fur lying on his head. Momo sniffs the fur, and shot cuts to a shot of Appa and Momo flying to indicate this is what Momo is thinking of. Appa roars again, and shot cuts back to Momo, as he chatters and realizes to whom the fur belongs.

Cut to a shot of the house form the lawn, with Momo visible through the window. A shadow that is very similar to Appa's crosses the ground. Cut back to Momo as he wraps the bunch of fur around one of his front legs, and soars out the window of the house and into the yard to investigate if this shadow belongs to the sky bison. As he emerges from a tree he flew up into, he realizes that the shadow is a cloud's. Disappointed, he holds his arm up and looks at the fur tied to it, but chatters a bit as he notices something. Shot cuts to show that on the other side of a house's roof, is what appears to be the head and horns of Appa. When Momo flies closer, however, he finds out it was only a tree with white leaves and branches sticking out in a way similar to Appa's horns. Momo lands on one of these branches and his ears drop in disappointment.

Scene changes to a street as Momo soars above it. He lands on a water barrel, and begins to drink from it. As he does, his wagging tail accidentally knocks over a stick sitting nearby. It falls to the ground with a noise that alerts three pygmy pumas who were rummaging in the garbage nearby. The pygmy pumas growl at Momo and suddenly pounce on him. Momo manages to dodge and runs into a box with an opening big enough for him but not enough for the panthers. The three pumas surround the box and growl, with two of them trying and catch the lemur through the openings. Momo manages to escape from an opening in the back of the box and flies away. The pygmy pumas chase him by running on rooftops, as one of them manages to push him to the ground. After hitting the ground, Momo gets to his feet and runs on foot into a group of people, and the pumas do not follow their prey into the crowd.

Momo is picked up by a man in the crowd and has a green little hat stringed to his head. He is tossed inside the circle of the people where two monkeys are already dancing to the beat of an organ grinder. After standing for a moment, Momo dances along. The crowd all cheer and clap for the dance, and the pumas stalk the lemur outside the circle of people, looking in between the legs at their prey. One of the monkeys jumps onto Momo's head and balances with its hand, the other doing the same on the first monkey's head, as Momo struggles to keep balance.

Just as Momo is about to lose his balance, the pumas roar and attack him. Momo flees again, but this time as he tries to fly away, one of the pumas grabs him, which slows him down. The other two panthers jump on and grab onto Momo, and all four creatures crash into the ground. When the dust clears, Momo is pinned to the ground by one of his the predators while the other two stand ready to strike their catch. However, before they can, a net flies in, captures all four of them, and drags them off.

Scene changes to the animal control officer placing Momo into a cage and locking it by placing a peg in to prevent the doors from opening. As the cart begins to move, Momo rubs the clump of Appa fur still tied to his arm against his face. Scene changes to an overhead shot of a small one-storied building, before cutting to inside the building, to show chicken meat. The cart has been pulled up inside the building. The butcher hits a log of wood with his knife. Shot cuts to shows the animal catcher and the butcher arguing, but their dialogue is only gibberish, as it is from Momo's perspective. Shot cuts to the three pygmy pumas, who are lying in the cage next to Momo, scratching at their cage and growling. Momo reaches through the bars and removes the peg that holds his cage shut. As he pushes the cage open and begins to run away, he stops and looks back. The pygmy pumas stare at him sadly from their cage. Sympathetically, Momo leaps back onto the cart and begins to remove the peg to free them. Cut to the two men approaching, but when the men reach the cart, they find both cages deserted as right behind them, as Momo and the panthers make their escape on the rooftops.

Fade into a scene on the roofs of the city, as Momo and his three new friends sit and watch the clouds. One of the panthers is affectionately rubbing against Momo. Suddenly, one of the panthers uses its mouth to remove the bunch of Appa's fur from Momo's arm. The panther with the fur runs off, with the other two pumas following, and Momo, chattering loudly, follows them as well. The panthers lead Momo through the streets of Ba Sing Se till finally one of them places the bunch of fur on a footprint shaped on the ground. Momo lands on the hole as the pumas run off. Momo looks at this strange hole and realizes that it is actually a footprint made by Appa. Chattering, Momo lies down on the ground holding the bunch of fur. The camera zooms back to show the panthers sitting nearby, watching as the rain begins to fall on Momo, lying on the large footprint. Fade to credits.




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