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The episode opens with an overhead shot of rice paddies. The camera pans down, revealing an Earth Kingdom village. The scene cuts to a shot of a bridge over a nearby stream. People carrying backpacks and other loads walk back and forth over the bridge, either entering or departing the small village.

The scene cuts to a street within the village. Iroh and Zuko are sitting on straw mats, their stolen ostrich horse lying behind them. A cart with masks for sale passes by in front of them; one of the masks is seen to be the Blue Spirit mask. As the cart passes, another pedestrian walks in front of Iroh. Iroh holds his hat out to the pedestrian and begins to talk to him.

Iroh [Somewhat enthusiastically.] Spare coins for weary travelers?
The pedestrian tosses a couple of copper pieces into Iroh's hat as Zuko turns to Iroh in anger.
Zuko [Angrily, with his arms folded.] This is humiliating! We're royalty! These people should be giving us whatever we want.
Iroh They will if you ask nicely. [A peasant woman strolls past; somewhat dramatically.] Spare change for a hungry old man?
Peasant girl [Withdrawing a coin from her sleeve.] Aw, here you go.
Iroh The coin is appreciated, but not as much as your smile!
Zuko slaps his forehead in frustration as the young girl giggles lightly and walks away. As soon as she walks away, a man with dual broadswords on his back wanders up to Iroh and Zuko.
Broadsword man [Smiling.] How about some entertainment in exchange for ... a gold piece? [He pulls the piece from his pocket with a flourish.]
Zuko [Annoyed.] We're not performers.
Iroh [Standing up.] Not professional anyway. [He puts the hat down and stands up, swaying lightly as he begins to sing.] It's a long, long way to Ba Sing Se, but the girls in the city, they look so pretty!
Broadsword man [Annoyed with the quality of the entertainment.] Come on, we're talking a gold piece here! Let's see some action! [Zuko glances up sharply as the man withdraws his swords.] Dance!
The man begins to slice the ground near Iroh's feet; Iroh hops up and down to "dodge" the attacks while Zuko struggles to control his anger at the man. A birds-eye shot of the street shows other citizens have stopped to watch the spectacle.
Iroh [Singing.] They kiss so sweet that you really got to meet the girls from Ba Sing Se!
Broadsword man [Stops slicing and laughs.] Ha, ha! Nothing like a fat man dancing for his dinner! Here ya go! [Tosses the gold coin onto the ground and walks away.]
Iroh [Dramatically; close to tears.] Such a kind man.
Zuko glares after the man in anger and humiliation. The camera cuts to Appa, flying through a gray sky over a large forested area; it is covered somewhat by fog, and looks rather menacing. Sokka is rubbing a whetstone against his machete, while Katara is studying a scroll. Aang stares at the swamp, and seems to be in a trance. Sokka notices they were slowly flying down, and notices Aang's trance-like state.
Sokka [To Aang.] Hey, you taking us down for a reason? [Aang continues to stare at the swamp.] Aang, [Aang snaps out of the trance.] why are we going down?
Aang [Confused.] What? I didn't even notice.
The camera zooms out to see Appa flying down toward the swamp
Sokka Are you noticing now?
Katara [Moving to the front of the saddle.] Is something wrong?
Aang [He still seems somewhat dazed by the swamp.] I know this is going to sound weird, but I think the swamp is calling to me.
Sokka [Holding his stomach.] Is it telling you where we can get something to eat?
Aang No, I ... I think it wants us to land there.
Sokka [Shrugging.] No offense to the swamp, but I don't see any land there to land on.
Aang I don't know. Bumi said to learn earthbending I would have to wait and listen, and now I'm actually hearing the earth. Do you want me to ignore it?
Sokka, Katara and Momo look over Appa's saddle down at the swamp
Sokka Yes.
Katara I don't know. There's something ominous about that place.
Momo hides inside Appa's saddle as Appa groans.
Sokka See, even Appa and Momo don't like it here.
Aang [Resignedly.] Okay, since everyone feels so strongly about this, [Looks at swamp.] bye swamp. [Shakes Appa's rope.] Yip, Yip!
Appa groans and flies upward, away from the swamp. A tornado suddenly emerges from out of nowhere, heading right for Appa. Sokka, hearing something, turns around and finally sees it.
Sokka [Panicked.] You better throw in an extra "yip"! We gotta move!
Appa starts to fly faster, attempting to avoid the tornado, however he is not fast enough to get away. As the tornado begins to move closer to Appa, the wind pulls Sokka right off from the saddle. Katara manages to grab his hand, holding him back from flying into the tornado. Aang jumps up onto Appa's saddle and creates an air shield around Appa, stabilizing the air and allowing Sokka to fall back into the saddle, uninjured. The wind sucks Appa, who is still protected by the air shield, into the tornado. Aang struggles to maintain the air shield, however as it shrinks, one of Appa's legs slips from the protective air, thereby breaking it. Aang, Katara, and Sokka fall off Appa, with Aang landing lightly in muddied water as the latter two land quite roughly. Appa and Momo are thrown elsewhere in the swamp.
Aang [Looking around the swamp and at his friends.] Where's Appa and Momo? [Aang jumps up to the top of the trees, looking for his animal friends as he uses the height to search for them.] Appa! Momo!
The scene cuts back to Katara and Sokka. Katara glances at her elbow before looking up at her brother.
Katara [Pointing blandly.] Sokka, you've got an elbow leech.
Sokka [He spins around, panicking, trying to find it.] Where? Where?
A creature is shown sticking on to Sokka's elbow.
Katara [Crosses her arms; sarcastically.] Where do you think?
Sokka [Ripping off the elbow leech and throwing it behind to Katara. He cries out angrily.] Why do things keep attaching to me?!
Aang swings over the muddied water on a vine, waiting for it to stop moving so he can land.
Katara You couldn't find them?
Aang [Jumping down into the muddy water.] No, and the tornado ... it just disappeared.
Katara and Sokka turn to face the darkness in the swamp. The scene switches to Appa, who is hanging suspended over the swamp, caught in a mass of vines. Momo jumps up from the saddle and begins chewing through the vines. Appa falls, with Momo, into the muddy water. He shakes the water from his fur and takes off flying, before again becoming trapped. Appa groans as Momo berates him, before the lemur begins to cut the vines, again. The scene switches back to Aang, Katara, and Sokka.
Sokka [Cutting the vines with his machete.] We better speed things up.
Aang [To Sokka.] Maybe we should be a little nicer to the swamp.
Sokka [Continuing to cut the vines.] Aang, these are just plants. Do you want me to say "please" and "thank you" as I swing my machete back and forth?
Katara Maybe you should listen to Aang. Something about this place feels ... alive.
Sokka I'm sure there are lots of things that are alive here and if we don't wanna wind up getting eaten by them, we need to find Appa as fast as we can.
Sokka continues to slice through the vines. The shot changes perspective to show Aang, Katara and Sokka through the vines, as though someone is looking at them. The scene changes to Appa and Momo. Appa is walking on the wet, muddy ground, trailing his footprints behind, carrying Momo on his back. A tree trunk happens to be in Appa's way, and the bison collapses to the ground, unwilling to attempt flying over it or crawling beneath it. Momo takes Aang's bison whistle and blows it to make Appa move. The bison ignores it the first time, growling angrily, but when Momo blows it a second time, he uses his tail to squash the lemur. Dazed from the blow, Momo sways and collapses. The scene changes back to Aang, Katara, and Sokka, now walking through a foggier part of the swamp.
Katara [Yelling.] Appa! Momo!
Sokka There's no way they can hear us and no way we can see them. We'll have to make camp for the night.
Several flies surround Sokka. Sokka swings his machete at them, trying to shoo them away. At that moment, a huge bubble of swamp gas rises from the muddy water below them. The gas grows closer to Aang, Katara, and Sokka.
Katara What was that?
Sokka Nothing, just swamp gas. [Indicating.] Look, there's nothing supernatural going on here.
The three groan as the smell reaches them, with Sokka waving his hand in front of his nose as Katara clamps hers shut. Suddenly, the quiet is shattered by a terrifying scream, causing them all to scream and huddle together, looking around wide-eyed for the source. The camera zooms backward, showing a small, grumpy-looking white bird. It opens its beak extremely wide, emitting the terrifying scream, and flutters off.
Sokka [Sweating, his voice cracking.] I think we should build a fire.
Sokka runs off to a nearby tree and cuts pieces of wood from its roots. Aang and Katara walk up to Sokka.
Aang Sokka, the longer we're here, the more I think you shouldn't be doing do that.
Sokka No, I asked the swamp. It said this was fine. [Grabs a nearby root.] Right, swamp? [Shakes the root and fakes a reply.] "No problem, Sokka!"
Sokka continues to chop up the roots, while Aang looks somewhat annoyed. The scene changes to a later shot of the trio around a fire. Katara glancing around at the swamp.
Katara Does anyone else get the feeling that we're being watched?
Sokka is shown with a fly buzzing around him. He does not seems scared anymore.
Sokka Please, we're all alone out here.
Sokka uses his machete to try and scare the fly off. The fly turns into a big, shining ball of light. It flies away from the gang, illuminating over a dozen pairs of eyes staring at them. They turn around and see them.
Aang Except for them.
They turn back around and huddle together.
Sokka [His calm demeanor vanishing.] Right, except for them.
The scene changes to Appa and Momo, who are lying down on a giant tree branch. The constant nocturnal noises echoing around them has Momo scuttling frantically from one end of the saddle to the other whilst chittering in fear. Appa, unable to sleep by the noise, growls loudly, causing the noises to stop, and Momo settles down on Appa's saddle. As Momo begins to close his eyes, another small sound is heard, causing his ears to perk up and his eyes to widen. The scene changes back to Aang, Katara, and Sokka. The camp fire is beginning to die out, and the three friends are huddled together, sleeping. Another perspective shot shows someone looking at them through the vines. A vine snakes its way to Sokka's leg, which is sticking out, and begins to wind around both it and Sokka's whole body.

The shot cuts to an overhead view of the three, each tied up by several vines that snake out of the frame. The scene cuts to a close-up profile shot of the three. For a moment, they are still asleep - Sokka holding his machete and drooling - but they awake screaming as the vines simultaneously yank them all out off the screen and away from each other.

The scene cuts to Sokka. He plants the blade of his machete in the ground as he is dragged away. Both Katara and Aang are also dragged off into the mist. Sokka gets up and looks around for his sister and Aang. The respite does not last long as vines are suddenly thrown at him. They wrap around him and attempt to drag him away again. Before he can travel too far, Sokka starts hacking the vines with his machete. He frees himself and runs back down the tree root, pursued by more vines.

The scene cuts to Katara, struggling to free herself from the vines. Using a water whip she cuts through her bonds and runs off into the mist.

The scene cuts to Aang, who frees himself by creating an air bubble around him and expanding it. His bonds attach to the bubble, and Aang jumps away before they ensnare him again. He jumps through the trees, closely pursued by more vines. He escapes a vine that pulls him to the ground using his airbending to propel himself far away and soon finds himself alone in the swamp. Cut to a wide shot of Aang looking around for his friends.

Aang Guys?
The scene fades to a shot of Appa's footprint, which is now filled with swamp water. Two figures are looking down at the footprint. Due is tall and skinny, while his friend Tho is short and fat. Both wear small, animal skin loincloths and have a single, large leaf on their heads to serve as a hat. Tho is carrying a stick, and uses it to indicate the animal track.
Due What'd you reckon make a track like that, Tho?
Tho Don't know, Due. [Points his stick at the footprint.] Some'in with six legs. Pretty big'uns too.
The camera pans up to reveal more of Appa's tracks in the mud.
Due Leaves a nice, wide trail to folla'.
Tho You know what's at the end of that trail?
Due shakes his head in the negative. Cut to a close-up of Tho's smiling face.
Tho [Grinning.] Dinner.
The scene cuts to Appa swimming in the marshy water before cutting to a close-up of Momo. A fly is buzzing around his head, and he watches it, shifting his eyes from side to side. It flies off, and Momo goes after it. He lands on a nearby tree root, still attempting to catch the fly. He hops from tree root to tree root, following the fly, although unknowingly lands on the back of a catgator. He catches the fly on the last root, but lets go of it as he jumps to fly away from the creature. It pursues Momo as he flies back to Appa. The camera pans left, following the chase. When Momo and the crocodile reach Appa, the sky bison's mouth is open and the catgator swims right into it. Appa holds the creature there for a moment, before spitting it back out. Momo and the catfish crocodile hiss at each other for a moment, and the crocodile swims off. The scene cuts back to Appa, who shakes his head and loudly groans.

Cut to Katara, who is walking through an area where the tree roots are covered in white flowers.

Katara [Calling out.] Aang! Sokka!
Ahead of Katara is another Water Tribe woman, her back facing Katara. She wears the same robe as Katara and has the same hair style. Katara begins walking toward the figure.
Katara Hello? Hello? Can you help me? [She squints.] Mom? [More loudly and running toward the figure.] Mom!
Katara runs to the figure, her eyes streaming tears of joy. She reaches the figure and places a hand on her shoulder.
Katara I can't believe ...
The smile leaves her face as the scene begins to lighten. Katara stands in front of a tree stump as she realizes the figure was only an illusion. Katara gasps, falling to her knees as she begins to cry. It cuts to an overhead shot of the very devastated Katara, and fades to shot of Sokka's hand holding his machete in the air. The rest of Sokka appears.
Sokka Aang! [While slashing at the vines.] Stupid swamp! Dumb, ugly vines! Katara! [He becomes caught, and grunts with exertion before slicing himself free.] You think you're so tough, huh?
Sokka trips over as he cuts through the vine in which he was tangled, falling offscreen with his face in the mud. Upon lifting up his head, he sees an image of Yue in a beam of light not far in front of him. Sokka stands up, puts away his machete and starts walking toward Yue.
Sokka Hello? Yue? [He takes a hold of his head, before removing his hands and shrugging, turning away from the apparition.] This is just a trick of the light ... swamp gas ... I ... hit my head running away last night. I'm going crazy. [Almost fearfully, he turns around and walks closer.]
Princess Yue [Accusingly.] You didn't protect me.
Sokka rubs his eyes in disbelief, opening them to find that Yue has disappeared. Sokka sighs in relief, but as he turns around he falls over backward, startled at seeing Yue right before his eyes again. The image of Yue disappears immediately after that and Sokka stands up and pulls his machete back out, almost threateningly.

The scene switches to Aang, who is wandering the swamp calling the names of his friends.

Aang Katara! Appa!
Upon wading through the swamp, Aang notices an unfamiliar girl in a dress standing on a hill, accompanied by a winged pig.
Aang Hello? Who are you?
The pig flies off and the girl giggles, before turning around and running away.
Aang Hey, come back! [He holds his hand out as though to grab her.]
Aang jumps to the top of the hill, only to find she has completely disappeared from his sight. Hearing her laugh again, Aang turns around only to see her running across the limbs of another tree. He uses the vines, however before he can even reach his destination, the girl has moved and is now running across the ground tries to chase the girl. Aang continues his wild chase through the treetops, as the scene switches to show Appa with Momo on his back swimming through the river that flows through the swamp. A little further on the stream, covered by fog, is a group of six swamp tribe members divided over three canoes; Due and Tho sitting in the middle canoe. They look at each other in silence for a few moments, Tho wetting his lips using his tongue. Appa halts as Momo chitters at the strange people.
Due Look at that Tho. Is that a little hairy fella ridin' that thing?
Tho No, that's what they call a "lemoo". Saw one at a traveling show once. Real smart they say.
Due Bet he tastes a lot like possum chicken.
Tho You think everything tastes like possum chicken.
Due C'mon now, fellas. [He moves to the front of the boat.] Just a little closer. Nice and easy. Nothing to worry about. We just fixin' to eat ya.
Appa turns around and takes off in the opposite direction.
Tho [Annoyed.] What'd you say that fer?
Due [Shrugging as he tries to appease his friend.] Well, we are!
Tho But you don't have to tell 'em that.
Due [He shrugs again.] Well how'd I know they'd understand me?
Tho Come on!
Due stands up in front of the canoe and starts spinning his arms, bending the water behind his canoe in order to chase Appa. The other two canoes follow suit, trailing behind Appa in a 'V' formation. Appa bounds through the river, desperate to escape the strange people hunting him. The scene switches back to Aang, who is still chasing the girl.
Aang Who are you?
Peering through a wall of vegetation, Aang sees the girl on a small hill. Running after her, it is too late to stop as he notices that it is not the girl, but Katara. Aang runs into the waterbender and they both fall over. Sokka hears the commotion and turns around to investigate with his machete cocked - in the wrong direction, as only a few seconds later, Aang and Katara come barreling down the root he is standing on and hit him in the back, knocking him over too.
Sokka [He stands up and puts his machete away.] What do you guys think you're doing!? I've been looking all over for you!
Katara [She has not moved, although her hand is on her head as she sits on the root they have fallen onto.] Well, I've been wandering around looking for you!
Aang [He looks away before airbending himself to his feet. He appears embarrassed that he was not actively searching for his friends like they were him.] I was chasing some girl.
Katara What girl?
Aang [He walks over to Katara and helps her up before rubbing his ear.] I don't know. I heard laughing and I saw some girl in a fancy dress.
Sokka [Sarcastically, with exaggerated hand movements.] Well, there must be a tea party here and we just didn't get our invitations!
Katara I thought I saw Mom.
Sokka Look, we were all just scared and hungry and our minds were playing tricks on us. That's why we all saw things out here.
Katara [Surprised.] You saw something too?
Sokka [He looks away for a moment, before turning back and taking a step closer to his sister.] I thought I saw Yue. But, that doesn't prove anything. Look, I think about her all the time, and you saw Mom, someone you miss a lot.
Aang What about me? I didn't know the girl I saw. And all our visions led us right here.
Aang begins walking around, as if looking for something.
Katara Okay ... so where's here? The middle of the swamp?
Aang looks around, his gaze finally resting on a massive tree growing right next to him. The camera pans to reveal exactly how enormous the tree really is.
Aang Yeah, the center ... it's the heart of the swamp. It's been calling us here. I knew it.
Sokka It's just a tree. [He raises his arms above his head.] It can't call anyone. For the last time, there's nothing after us and there's nothing magical happening here.
As Sokka finishes his tirade, a seaweed monster jumps out from the water. The gang huddles together and screams, separating as the monster begins to attack them. The seaweed monster goes after Sokka first as the trio split up, each running in different directions. Sokka is picked up and swung around, only being released as Aang uses airbending to slice part of the monster's arm off. The monster goes after Aang, flicking the monk away and into the surrounding trees. Sokka is shown fighting with the vines that had him captured only seconds ago, and so intent was he at destroying them, he failed to notice a column rising behind himself. The column attaches to the seaweed monster and Sokka is swiped from the ground. Katara comes to his rescue this time as she slices at the monster's arm. It did not have the desired effect, as more vines grew to patch up the hole her waterbending created. She manages to push the monster back a little, however it is not long before she is flung away. Aang stops to watch her, giving the monster time to attack him. Sokka is absorbed into the chest of the monster as the scene changes to Appa continuing his escape from the Foggy Swamp members. Momo throws objects at them from the back of his friend, attempting to slow them down. One of these such items was a shirt that appears to belong to Sokka at a Foggy Swamp member, resulting in the boat that member was on to spin out of control.
Tho Now, what would a lemoo need a shirt fer?
Tho manages to capture Momo after the latter hits a low tree branch and is thrown backward. The loss of his friend encourages Appa to run faster. The scene changes back to the gang fighting the seaweed monster. After using a tornado-like airbending move, Katara freezes Sokka in place before shooting him with water, expelling him from the monster's body. The fight ends as Katara begins to waterbend repeatedly at the monster, slicing through the vines and not allowing the monster to regenerate. A person is seen inside the monster, bending the vines.
Sokka There's someone in there! He's bending the vines!
With a final slice, Katara cuts through the mask on the seaweed monster, the whole top half falling off. However, this does not stop the monster, and vines spring out of the marsh, capturing Katara high on a pillar. Aang airbends over to the monster and, using his native bending, rips apart the vines.
Aang [Demanding offensively.] Why did you call me here if you just wanted to kill us!?
Huu Wait! [The vines drop to reveal a slightly larger man wearing nothing but a leaf loincloth.] I didn't call you here.
Aang [He shares a look of confusion with Sokka, who is also in an offensive stance.] We were flying over and I heard something calling to me, telling me to land.
Sokka He's the Avatar. Stuff like that happens to us a lot.
Huu The Avatar? Come with me.
The trio drop their stances and look at each other. The scene cuts to Huu, leading the gang to the top of the giant tree Aang noticed earlier.
Katara So, who are you then?
Huu [Bending a vine out of the way.] I protect the swamp from folks that want to hurt it, like this fella with his big knife.
Sokka See, completely reasonable. [He finally puts his machete away.] Not a monster, just a regular guy defending his home. Nothing mystical about it.
Huu Oh the swamp is a mystical place all right. It's sacred. I reached enlightenment right here under the banyan-grove tree. [He sits on the tree, looking at the group as he explains.] I heard it calling me, just like you did.
Sokka [Humoring Huu.] Sure you did. It seems real chatty.
Huu [The camera zooms out as he explains, slowly revealing more and more of the swamp. It shows how large the banyan-grove tree is compared to the others, but at the final magnification, it is impossible to distinguish it from the other trees.] See this whole swamp is actually just one tree spread out over miles. Branches spread and sink, take root, and spread some more. One big, living organism. Just like the entire world.
Aang [Cuts back to Aang, looking at Huu. He is still openly skeptical.] I get how the tree is one big thing, but the whole world?
Huu Sure. You think you're any different from me or your friends or this tree? If you listen hard enough, you can hear every living thing breathing together. [Another shot shows the swamp river. There are the sounds of several animals heard in the background.] You can feel everything growing. We're all living together, even if most folks don't act like it. We all have the same roots and we are all branches of the same tree.
Katara [She and her friends are now sitting, listening to Huu.] But what did our visions mean?
Huu In the swamp, we see visions of people we've lost, people we loved, folks we think are gone. [The shot cuts to show the people that Sokka and Katara saw in the swamp, before cutting back to Huu.] But the swamp tells us they're not. We're still connected to them. Time is an illusion and so is death.
Aang But what about my vision? It was someone I had never met.
Huu You're the Avatar. You tell me.
Aang [He looks down as he tries to understand.] Time is an illusion. So, it's someone I will meet.
Huu nods.
Sokka Sorry to interrupt the lesson, but we still need to find Appa and Momo.
Aang I think I know how to find them. [Aang kneels down and places his hand on the tree.] Everything is connected. [Energy travels from Aang's hand to Appa's location. Appa is seen being captured by the Foggy Swamp members. Back at the banyan-grove tree, Aang stands up.] Come on! We've got to hurry!
Back to the Foggy Swamp members, Appa is trapped inside a net while Tho sings.
Tho [Singing and tapping the side of his canoe. Momo is seen struggling inside the sack he has been placed in.] Set my lines by the river bed! Caught ten fish and I killed 'em dead! Cut 'em and gut 'em and I tossed the heads in the water to keep them catgators fed.
The boats stop when a jet of water appears and destroys the boat next to Tho and Due's. The two people from the destroyed boat fly into the water as Aang appears on a tree branch.
Aang Appa!
Aang airbends a stream of air, throwing Tho into the water and freeing Momo who was being held by Tho.
Due We're under attack!
Due scoops up a puddle of water and sends it toward Aang and Katara. The three become engaged in a waterbending fight, with neither side gaining an advantage.
Katara Hey, you guys are waterbenders!
Due You too! That means we're kin! [Due ceases waterbending, followed by a slightly disgusted Katara. He watches as Sokka and Huu run up to the branch Katara and Aang are standing on.] Hey Huu! How you been?
Huu You know, scared some folks, swung some vines, the usual.
Sokka Huu?
The scene cuts to the gang sitting around a fire in the Foggy Swamp Tribe. There is a member waterbending some liquid in a pot to stirs it, and Due grabs a fish from the pot before moving over to the fire.
Due How you like that possum chicken?
Sokka Tastes just like arctic hen. So why were you guys so interested in eating Appa? [He indicates the catgator lying behind Tho.] You've got plenty of those big things wandering around.
Due You want me to eat old Slim? He's like a member of the family!
Due pulls the fish off the branch and gives it to Slim.
Sokka Nice Slim!
Sokka throws a bug at the catgator; it bounces off his nose and he growls at Sokka, who cowers slightly.
Due [Laughing.] Oh, he don't eat no bugs! That's people food.
Tho Where'd you say you was from?
Katara [Smiling. Sokka is shown chewing nonchalantly next to her.] The South Pole.
Tho Didn't know there was waterbenders anywhere but here. They got a nice swamp there, do they?
Katara No, it's all ice and snow.
Tho and Due go stunned when Katara explains about the South Pole.
Tho Hmm. No wonder you left.
Sokka [To Katara.] Well, I hope you realize now that nothing strange was going on here. [He raises his arms for emphasis.] Just a bunch of greasy people living in a swamp.
Katara What about the visions?
Sokka I told you, we were hungry. I'm eating a giant bug!
Sokka holds up said giant bug, taking a bit of its abdomen. He swallows it with some difficulty before exhaling sharply, sticking his tongue out.
Aang [Feeding Momo.] But what about when the tree showed me where Appa and Momo were?
Sokka That's Avatar stuff, that doesn't count. [To Huu.] The only thing I can't figure out is how you made that tornado that sucked us down.
Huu I can't do anything like that. I just bend the water in the plants.
Sokka Well, no accounting for weather. Still, there's absolutely nothing mysterious about the swamp.
Cut to a long shot of the camp from across the river. The white screaming bird from earlier lands on a visible tree branch and lets out its horrible cry. A nearby vine rises up and bats the bird into the camera, which goes dark.

When the image returns, it is of a full moon back in the Earth Kingdom village where Zuko and Iroh were seen last. The camera pans down to reveal the broadsword man walking down a street alone. He hears something behind him, turns and draws his blades. The scene cuts to a frontal shot of him, where there was nothing behind him.

Broadsword man Who's there?
The scene cuts to a close-up shot of his hands, which are both grabbed by another person. He is disarmed and thrown against some nearby boxes, his swords falling uselessly to the ground. His assailant's feet are seen to approach the sword. He picks them up, the camera in turn reveals that the assailant is the Blue Spirit himself.
Fades to credits.





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