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This article is about the real world.

The episode begins in Aang's dream. The scene itself, dominated by a tinge of warm yellow, is filled with clouds for a moment before Aang slides into the frame of the shot, his face happy as he flicks the reins. The shot switches to a far view, showing that he is riding Appa, who is flapping his six legs in unison up and down as if he were a bird. The camera pans to the right, revealing Sokka as he pulls alongside Appa, using Aang's glider to fly with the Avatar. The shot cuts to a close-up of the Water Tribe warrior as he turns his head toward Aang, grinning broadly and contentedly at him. Cut to Aang as his face exhibits the same contented grin. He turns his attention to his right and the camera follows his gaze, revealing Katara sitting atop the head of an enormous Momo; she waves at Aang. Camera moves back to a wide frontal shot of the group coursing leisurely through the open sky.
Katara [Voice-over.] We need you, Aang.
Aang [Close-up as he is looking toward Katara; contentedly.] I need you, too.
Aang notices something out of the corner of his eyes. As he turns toward it, his expression changes to shock. Focusing on Aang's face, the camera turns 180 degrees and switches to his point of view as the sky's coloring changes to a dark, ominous gray, revealing a churning storm cloud before him. Cut back to Aang, who yanks Appa's reins in fright.
Aang [Alarmed.] Be careful, guys! [He looks to his left and right, uneasy.] Guys?
The scene rapidly zooms out, revealing that Aang and Appa are alone, surrounded by nothing but the darkening sky. Cut back to Aang's point of view as Gyatso, in lotus, floats downward, positioning himself in front of Aang.
Aang [Surprised.] Gyatso?
Gyatso [Whispering, his tone sad.] Why did you disappear?
Aang [Frontal shot; his voice soft and sad.] I didn't mean to.
Cut to a side-view of the two monks, not a meter apart from one another. Aang reaches out to Gyatso, but before he can touch him, Gyatso turns gray and dissipates into smoke; it blows over Aang, causing him to raise his left arm in front of his face and turn away to shield himself from it. Frontal shot of Aang as the last of the smoke washes over him. He peeks over his arm, but instantly raises his head, his eyes growing big in shock; a dark shadow passes over him as the shot cuts to a distant side-view of Appa being swallowed by the dark cloud.
Gyatso [Voice-over.] We need you, Aang.
A bolt of lightning splits the shot for an instant before cutting to a frontal shot of a screaming and frightened Aang, wrestling with the reins, as he and Appa are caught in the belly of the storm with rain beating down on them. Cut to an underwater shot as Aang and Appa plummet into the ocean. The duo floats for a moment. Cut to a close-up of Aang's hand as his grip on Appa's reins loosens and they slip from his limp grasp.
Gyatso and Katara [Echoing voice-over.] We need you, Aang. [Cut to a downward view of an unconscious Aang sinking.] We need you. We need you, Aang. We need you.
Unmoving, Aang sinks and disappears into the darkness of the ocean. For a fraction of a second, lightning splits the shot once again and the silhouette of the Fire Lord surrounded by flames appears.

The scene cuts to reality as Aang, gasping for air and shooting upright, startles Momo, who was curled up on top of Aang. Momo leaps onto Katara's stomach, causing her to shoot up with a startled look on her face, before jumping on Sokka's, who shoots up, still sleepy, halfheartedly wielding his dagger and boomerang.

Sokka [Drowsily.] What's going on? [He looks around.] Did we get captured again?
Aang [Shot looking down, sliding right; Aang turns to his friends.] It's nothing. I just had a bad dream. [He curls up, facing away from them.] Go back to sleep.
Sokka [Curls up, facing away from Aang.] Don't have to tell me twice.
Katara [Frontal shot of Aang with Katara behind him, looking at him in concern.] Are you all right, Aang?
Aang [Looking lost.] I'm okay.
Katara You seem to be having a lot of nightmares lately. You want to tell me about it?
Aang [Briefly closing his eyes.] I think I just need some rest.
Sokka [Sitting up behind Katara; upbeat.] You guys want to hear about my dream? [Katara glares at him, an expression Sokka returns.] That's okay. I didn't want to talk about it anyway.
Sokka lies down, disappearing from view; Katara does the same.

Scene changes to waves crashing on a sandy shore under a blue sky. Cut to a wide frontal shot of Katara as she carries their packs toward Appa, who yawns. As the animal closes its mouth again, Aang is revealed sitting on his head, while Sokka sits on the saddle.

Aang Look at those clear skies, buddy! [Pets Appa's head. Cut to a close shot as he looks up at a flock of birds arranged in a "V" flying overhead, their goose-like honking audible.] Should be some smooth flying.
Cut to an overhead shot looking down of Katara looking into a bag before holding it upside down, sprinkling the ground with crumbs; Momo instantly eats them. Sokka walks past her toward Appa, carrying some of their luggage.
Katara [Looking from the contents of the bag up to Aang.] Well, we better smoothly fly [She steps onto Appa's tail and walks to the saddle.] ourselves to a market, 'cause we're out of food.
Sokka [Side-shot as he suddenly straightens up, his tone serious.] Guys, wait. This was in my dream. [Momo lands on the pack behind him.] We shouldn't go to the market.
Katara [Shot cuts beside Sokka, facing out toward Katara and Aang, who turn to look at him; curious.] What happened in your dream?
Sokka [Frontal shot; his eyes are bugged out in terror and the camera zooms in on him, rolling slightly as the shot takes on a greenish tint and alien music dubs the scene.] Food eats people! [The colors return to normal as the shot cuts to Katara's face as she shakes her head. Behind her, Aang goes back to adjusting the reins. Cut to Sokka again as he points at Momo.] Also, Momo could talk. [He glares at Momo while crossing his arms.] You said some very unkind things.
Momo's ears droop as Sokka speaks. Cut to downward looking shot of a flock of birds in V-formation flying over the open ocean. As the scene pans to the left, Zuko's ship sails into view. Cut to the deck, where Iroh stands on the deck, with Zuko looking through a spyglass behind him. As the flight of birds passes over Iroh's head in the distance, he sniffs the air and Zuko lowers the spyglass to turn to his uncle, who speaks.
Iroh There is a storm coming. A big one.
Zuko You're out of your mind, Uncle. [Walking up to Iroh.] The weather's perfect. There's not a cloud in sight.
The shot cuts behind the two, facing the prow of the ship and showing a clear sea and sky.
Iroh A storm is approaching from the north. [He turns to face Zuko.] I suggest we alter our course and head southwest.
Zuko [Taking a few steps in Iroh's direction, pointing briefly northward.] We know the Avatar is traveling northward, so we will do the same.
Iroh [Cut to his face; stern.] Prince Zuko, consider the safety of the crew.
Zuko [Cut to his face as he advances on his uncle angrily.] The safety of the crew doesn't matter!
Behind them, Lieutenant Jee walks onto deck, inadvertently overhearing the conversation. As Zuko realizes Jee is behind him and turns to face him, his expression briefly loses its raging intensity. A quick close-up shows Jee raising an eyebrow as Zuko walks over to him; another cut shifts the view to the lieutenant's side as Zuko, addressing Jee directly, struts up to him, dominantly looking him right in the eyes from a close distance as he finishes speaking.
Zuko Finding the Avatar is far more important than any individual's safety.
As Zuko walks away, Jee glares after him. The shot switches, showing Zuko leaving the deck through the door at the base of the superstructure. Cut to a frontal shot of Jee, who looks slightly enraged as Iroh walks over to him.
Iroh [Reassuringly, a twinge of uncertainty in his voice, almost as if he does not fully believe what he is saying.] He doesn't mean that. He's just all worked up.
The scene changes to a seaside hamlet built on the side of a cliff face, the roofs all teal-green; a collection of houses sits back from the waterfront, where a row of warehouses adjoins the docks. Among the several ships moored on the town's four piers is Appa, floating in the water by himself. Cut to Katara, who stands in front of a small merchants' stand, suspiciously eying a watermelon.
Merchant woman [Scowling.] Ahhh, it's good. It's perfect, I'm telling you!
Katara [Shaking the watermelon, which emits an audible sloshing sound.] I don't know if I like the sound of that swishing.
Merchant woman [As the shot zooms out, the merchant moves around the stand where Katara stands. Sokka and Aang, staff in hand, stand beside them; the former is filling a basket with fruit.] Swishing means it's ripe! It's the ripe juices swishing around, eh?
Aang [Taking a step toward Katara.] I think it's true, Katara. Swishing means it's ripe.
Katara [As the shot cuts to a frontal view of her, she puts the melon back on the stand.] I just realized we're out of money anyway.
Shopkeeper [Annoyed, grabbing a basket full of fruits from Sokka.] Awww!
As Sokka walks past the merchant, she indignantly kicks him in the rear, drawing a cry of pain from Sokka. Cut to Sokka, Katara, and Aang on the docks. Sokka is rubbing where the lady kicked him and seems downcast.
Sokka Out of food and out of money. Now what are we supposed to do?
Katara You could get a job, smart guy.
A fisherman and his wife are walking behind the gang. As Katara finishes, they begin a loud, heated conversation, which is overheard easily by Aang, Katara, and Sokka.
Fisherman's wife We shouldn't go out there! Please, the fish can wait. There's going to be a terrible storm. [Camera cuts to show Aang, who appears alarmed by the prediction.]
Fisherman You're crazy. It's a nice day: [Gesturing to the sky with both arms.] No clouds, no winds, no nothing. So quit your nagging, woman.
Aang [Nervously suggesting to Katara and Sokka.] Maybe we should find some shelter?
Sokka [Indicating the fair weather.] Are you kidding? Shelter from what?
Fisherman's wife My joints say there's going to be a storm! A bad one.
Fisherman Well, it's your joints against my brain.
Fisherman's wife Then I hope your brain can find someone else to haul that fish, 'cause I ain't comin'.
Fisherman Then I'll find a new fish hauler and pay him double what you get! [Cut to a side shot of the couple, showing Sokka running up to them.] How do you like that?
Sokka [Interrupting, raising his hand.] I'll go.
Fisherman You're hired! [Shoots a triumphant look at his wife, who scowls back.]
Sokka [After a short pause, to Katara and Aang.] What? You said get a job ... and he's paying double.
Fisherman [Rounding on Sokka, his expression wild.] Double? Who told you that nonsense?
The scene changes to Zuko's ship on the open ocean. As the shot pans right, a massive bank of darkening clouds, having appeared seemingly out of nowhere, rolls into view, looming in front of the ship. Cut to the deck, where Lieutenant Jee and several other soldiers stand a short distance from the shot, staring at the clouds. Zuko walks into the foreground, regarding the clouds as Jee and the others turn to face him. Iroh walks between Zuko and Jee as the latter taunts the former.
Lieutenant Jee Looks like your uncle was right about the storm after all.
Iroh [Pleasantly.] Lucky guess.
Zuko [Whirling around and walking toward Jee; angry.] Lieutenant! You'd better learn some respect [Jabs two fingers into Jee's chest.] – or I will teach it to you. [Begins to walk away from Jee, who follows Zuko with his eyes, continuing his taunting after a short pause.]
Jee What do you know about respect? [Behind Jee, Iroh's expression turns to panic and he makes a cutting motion at his throat with his hand, trying to signal Lieutenant Jee to stop. Cut to Zuko's back as he stops walking before switching to his face as he listens to Jee's words.] The way you talk to everyone around here, from your hard-working crew to your esteemed uncle, shows you know nothing about respect! [Cut to a close-up of Iroh's face as he gasps slightly, reaching out a hand in desperation before moving it to his forehead in resignation, believing Jee has gone too far. Cut back to Zuko's face, contorted with rage.] You don't care about anyone but yourself! Then again, what should I expect from a spoiled prince?
Zuko turns around and extends his right arm as if preparing to firebend. Lieutenant Jee does the same.
Iroh Easy now. [Both Zuko and Jee wrist-block the other's arm; smoke rises from a furious Zuko's hand. Interrupting the staredown, Iroh extends an arm and pulls theirs apart; the smoke fades.] Enough! We're all a bit tired from being at sea so long. I'm sure after a bowl of noodles, everyone will feel much better.
Lieutenant Jee walks away.
Zuko I don't need your help keeping order on my ship.
Iroh puts a comforting hand on Zuko's right shoulder, but Zuko shrugs it off and walks away. Scene changes back to a dock at the fishing town, where Team Avatar stands. Sokka is carrying supplies onto the fisherman's boat.
Aang Sokka, maybe this isn't such a good idea. Look at the sky.
Sokka I said I was going to do this job. I can't back out just because of some bad weather.
Fisherman's wife The boy with the tattoos has some sense. You should listen to him!
Fisherman Boy with tattoos? [The fisherman turns around to look at Aang.] Airbender tattoos. Well, I'll be a hog monkey's uncle. You're the Avatar, ain't ya?
Katara That's right. [Katara and Aang smile.]
Fisherman Well, don't be so smiley about it. [Katara and Aang frown now.] The Avatar disappeared for a hundred years! You turned your back on the world!
Katara Don't yell at him! Aang would never turn his back on anyone.
Fisherman Oh, he wouldn't, huh? Then I guess I must have imagined the last hundred years of war and suffering. [Aang's eyes widen.]
Katara Aang is the bravest person I know. He's done nothing but help people and save lives since I met him. [Behind Katara's back, Aang slowly begins to backpedal away from her.] It's not his fault he disappeared, right Aang? [Katara turns around to see Aang backing away.] Aang, what's wrong?
A look of shock and horrified guilt on his face, Aang opens his glider and vaults into the air, rapidly disappearing into the distance.
Fisherman That's right! Keep flying!
Katara You're a horrible old man! [She gets on Appa, who is floating beside the dock.] Appa, yip yip!
As Appa flies out of the water, a big wave splashes the fisherman. Sokka walks out from below deck on the boat.
Sokka Hey! They left without saying good-bye!
Fisherman Your friends ain't too polite, are they?
Sokka I know! This one time, I was ...
Fisherman [Hands Sokka a crate, interrupting him impolitely.] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Get below deck!
Scene changes to show Katara riding on Appa in the rain, trying to find Aang. The shot cuts to show a cave in the side of a cliff face. Camera changes to a view of Katara outside the cave and Aang sitting alone inside, surrounded by darkness.
Aang [Quietly.] I'm sorry for running away.
Katara It's okay. That fisherman was way out of line.
Aang Actually, he wasn't.
Katara [Surprised.] What do you mean?
Aang [Speaks in a sad voice.] I don't want to talk about it.
Katara It has to do with your dream, doesn't it? [Puts her hand on his shoulder.] Talk to me.
Aang Well, it's kind of a long story.
Suddenly, Momo leaps past Aang and Katara, startling them. Appa has also entered the cave. He nuzzles Aang's head with his nose, making Aang smile. Aang pats Appa's chin.
Katara I'm going to try to get a little fire going.
Next scene shows Katara and Aang sitting around a fire. Momo is lying on Aang's lap.
Aang I'll never forget the day the monks told me I was the Avatar. I was playing with some other kids just outside the South Wall. I was trying to teach them how to do the air scooter.
Scene changes to a flashback when Aang is with some other Air Nomads.
Aang First you got to form the ball, then you got to get on quick.
Aang is seen riding around on the scooter in the court. One of the boys tries it.
Air Nomad boy #1 Okay, here goes.
The boy forms it and tries getting on, but spins and falls off. Aang gently gets off his.
Aang You kind of have to balance on it like it's a top.
Air Nomad boy #1 Man, that's hard.
Air Nomad boy #2 Where'd you learn that trick, Aang?
Aang I made it up.
Air Nomad boy #2 Wow!
The Council of Elders shows up at that moment.
Gyatso Aang, come with us. We need to speak with you.
Scene changes to when Aang and the elder monks are in the meeting room.
Aang How do you know it's me?
Tashi We have known you were the Avatar for some time. Do you remember these?
Monk Tashi airbends a wrapped-up mat to Aang. It opens up, revealing four toys.
Aang Those were some of my favorite toys when I was little! [He picks up the propeller toy.]
Tashi You chose them from among thousands of toys, Aang. The toys you picked were the four Avatar relics. These items belonged to Avatars past. Your own past lives.
Aang I just chose them because they seemed fun.
He smiles and pulls the cord on the propeller toy, sending the propeller spinning into the air. It spins through the air and the scene cuts back to a close view of the five monks. The toy goes over Monk Tashi's head.
Tashi You chose them because they were familiar.
Gyatso Normally we would have told you of your identity when you turned sixteen, but there are troubling signs. Storm clouds are gathering.
Pasang I fear that war may be upon us, young Avatar.
Gyatso We need you, Aang.
Aang lowers his head, his responsibility crushing him. His head stays lowered as the flashback ends and his head remains lowered in the present as well. Cut to a wider shot of Aang on the left, Katara on the right, the fire between them. Katara looks upon him with concern and sympathy. The scene changes back to Zuko's ship. Jee is talking about Zuko to a couple other men.
Jee I'm sick of taking his orders! I'm tired of chasing his Avatar! I mean, who does Zuko think he is?
Iroh Do you really want to know?
Jee is shown standing up at the sound of Iroh's voice.
Jee General Iroh. We were just- [Iroh cuts him off.]
Iroh It's okay. May I join you?
Jee Of course, sir.
Iroh is shown sitting down.
Iroh [Massages his beard.] Try to understand. My nephew is a complicated young man. He has been through much.
Scene changes to a flashback. Zuko walks up to the curtains to get in the war room, but the guard on the left moves in front of the curtain to stop him.
Young Zuko Let me in!
Iroh [Places his hands on Zuko's shoulders.] Prince Zuko, what's wrong?
Young Zuko I want to go into the war chamber [Points to the guard.] but the guard won't let me pass!
Iroh [Leads Zuko away with his left hand still on his shoulder.] You're not missing anything, trust me. These meetings are dreadfully boring.
Young Zuko If I'm going to rule this nation one day, don't you think I need to start learning as much as I can?
Iroh Very well. But you must promise not to speak. [Another elder soldier walks by them into the war chamber.] These old folks are a bit sensitive, you know?
Young Zuko [Bows to Iroh.] Thank you, Uncle.
Zuko and Iroh walk into the war room. The meeting starts.
Bujing The Earth Kingdom defenses are concentrated here. [Bujing shows the place on the map.] A dangerous battalion of their strongest earthbenders and fiercest warriors. So I am recommending the forty-first division.
Elder general But the forty-first is entirely new recruits. How do you expect them to defeat a powerful Earth Kingdom battalion?
Bujing I don't. They'll be used as a distraction while we mount an attack from the rear. What better to use as bait than fresh meat?
Young Zuko [Zuko is shown standing up.] You can't sacrifice an entire division like that! Those soldiers love and defend our nation! How can you betray them?
Camera shows everyone in the war room staring at Zuko, save for Iroh, who is kneeling behind his nephew. The scene changes back to the present time.
Iroh Zuko was right, you see, [Massages his beard again.] but it was not his place to speak out. And there were dire consequences. [Slightly bows his head.]
Scene changes back to Aang and Katara.
Katara So you were upset that you were the Avatar? Why wouldn't you be excited about it?
Aang Well, I didn't know how to feel about it. All I knew was that after I found out, everything began changing.
Scene changes back to flashback. Aang enters into the South Wall again. The Air Nomad kids are shown on air scooters.
Aang Hey, not bad! You guys have been practicing!
Air Nomad boy #2 Not only that! We made up a game you can play with the air scooters!
Aang Great! [Aang is shown making his own. But everyone else makes theirs vanish.] What's going on?
Air Nomad boy #1 Now that you're the Avatar, it's kind of an unfair advantage for whichever team you're on.
Aang But I'm still the same! Nothing's changed! So, what? I can't play?
Air Nomad boy #1 That's the only fair way.
Aang Oh, okay.
Air Nomad boy #2 Sorry, Aang.
Aang is shown leaving the South Wall.
Air Nomad boy #1 Okay. Now, who wants Jinju on their team?
Jinju is shown in the corner with a gas around him, laughing. Scene changes to Aang and Gyatso playing a game of Pai Sho. Aang is shown moving a piece.
Gyatso Very interesting move, young one.
Aang What do you mean?
Gyatso is shown using airbending to make a spiral, flipping a part of Aang's clothing. Gyatso quickly moves two pieces around. Aang is shown flipping his clothing back into place.
Aang Hey!
Gyatso and Aang laugh. Monk Tashi appears.
Tashi You're playing games with him? The Avatar should be training!
Gyatso Aang has already trained enough for today.
Tashi Time is short. [To Aang.] Come with me. I must test you on some high level techniques.
Gyatso No. As long as I'm his guardian, I will decide when he trains ... and when he gets his butt kicked at Pai Sho.
Tashi Hmph.
Monk Tashi is shown walking away. The flashback ends, and the scene changes to on Zuko's ship. A flashback appears of the fire in front of the Fire Lord's throne rising.
Iroh After Zuko's outburst in the meeting, the Fire Lord became very angry with him. [Flashback quickly ends.] He said the challenge against the general was an act of complete disrespect! And there was only one way to resolve this.
Jee Agni Kai. A fire duel.
Iroh That's right. Zuko looked upon the old general he had insulted and declared that he was not afraid. But Zuko misunderstood. [Flashback shows an overview of the chamber; the camera cuts to show Zuko preparing for the Agni Kai.] When he turned to face his opponent, he was surprised to see it was not the general. [Flashback shows the tippet that was on Zuko's shoulders fall down to the ground.] Zuko had spoken out against the general's plan, but by doing so in the Fire Lord's war room, it was the Fire Lord whom he had disrespected. [Frontal shot of a surprised Zuko; as the camera zooms in on him, his expression changes to one of fear.] Zuko would have to duel his own father.
Cut to a wall of the cave. The shot pans down to show Katara and a sad-looking Aang around their campfire. While Momo is asleep in his lap, Aang stares off into the fire with unseeing eyes as he continues his story.
Aang Then, just when I was feeling better, something worse happened.
Scene changes to flashback of Monk Tashi and Monk Gyatso speaking to Monk Pasang.
Gyatso Aang needs to have freedom and fun. He needs to grow up as a normal boy.
Tashi You cannot keep protecting him from his destiny.
Pasang Gyatso, I know you mean well, but you are letting your affection for the boy cloud your judgment.
Gyatso All I want is what is best for him.
Pasang But what we need is what's best for the world. You and Aang must be separated! The Avatar will be sent away to the Eastern Air Temple to complete his training.
Aang is shown looking through a hole in the ceiling, shocked at the news that he just heard.
Katara That's awful, Aang. I don't know what to say.
Aang [Stands up.] How could they do that to me? They wanted to take away everything I knew and everyone I loved! [He activates the Avatar State.]
Katara Whoa! Hot cinders!
Aang comes out of the Avatar State, walks to the fire, and sits down again.
Aang I'm sorry I got so mad.
Katara You have the right to be angry after the monks sent you away like that.
Aang Well, that's not exactly what happened. [Flashback starts again, showing Aang looking out the window of his bedroom.] I was afraid and confused. I didn't know what to do.
Flashback shows Aang lying on his bed before changing to Gyatso walking to Aang's room.
Gyatso Aang, I'm not going to let them take you away from me. Aang? [Gyatso is shown opening the door more, spotting the scroll, and opening it up. He gasps, and sees a storm coming outside the window.]
Aang [Still in present, but flashback playing still.] I never saw Gyatso again. [Flashback shows Aang and Appa through the storm, and how Aang got into the iceberg.] Next thing I knew, I was waking up in your arms after you found me in the iceberg.
Flashback shows Katara's face that was seen in "The Boy in the Iceberg". The flashback ends.
Katara You ran away.
Aang And then the Fire Nation attacked our temple. My people needed me and I wasn't there to help.
Katara You don't know what would have-.
Aang The world needed me and I wasn't there to help.
Katara Aang ...
Aang The fisherman was right! I did turn my back on the world!
Katara You're being too hard on yourself, even if you did run away. I think it was meant to be. If you had stayed, you would have been killed along with all the other airbenders.
Aang You don't know that.
Katara I know it was meant to be this way. The world needs you now. You give people hope.
Scene changes back to Zuko's ship.
Iroh When Prince Zuko saw that it was his father who had come to duel him, he begged for mercy.
Flashback shows a side overview of the Agni Kai chamber where Ozai is advancing on Zuko.
Young Zuko [Cut to a side-view of Zuko.] Please, Father. I only had the Fire Nation's best interest at heart. I'm sorry I spoke out of turn! [Slightly lowers his head.]
Cut to a frontal shot from a worm's eye perspective of Ozai's silhouette walking up to Zuko.
Ozai You will fight for your honor.
Young Zuko [Frontal shot; kneels on his knees and forearms, while looking at the floor.] I meant you no disrespect. [Gazes up at his father, tears shimmering in his eyes as his voice starts to waver.] I am your loyal son.
Ozai [Far off frontal shot of Zuko as Ozai's shadow and eventually his head come into view.] Rise and fight, Prince Zuko!
Cut to a side-view from behind some of the spectators as Ozai reaches Zuko, who lowers his head to the floor again.
Young Zuko I won't fight you.
Ozai You will learn respect, [Zuko pushes himself up on his knees and hands. Cut to a frontal shot of Zuko as he starts to shake.] and suffering will be your [Zuko looks up at Ozai, tears streaming down his face.] teacher.
Cut to a frontal view of Zhao, Iroh, and Azula in the crowd. While Iroh clenches his teeth and looks fearful and worried on Zuko's behalf, Zhao looks on with a smirk on his face, while Azula smiles and raises her left fist in front of her chest in anticipation.
Iroh [Voice-over; Iroh closes his eyes and averts his head to the right.] I looked away.
As the sound of a fire blast is heard, Zuko is screaming "no", which echoes. While the faces of the spectators are brightened by the flames, the camera slowly zooms in on Iroh's averted face. The scene switches from the past to the present, where Iroh is sitting in the same manner.
Jee I always thought that Prince Zuko was in a training accident.
Iroh It was no accident. After the duel, the Fire Lord said that by refusing to fight, Zuko had shown shameful weakness. As punishment, he was banished and sent to capture the Avatar. Only then could he return with his honor.
Jee So that's why he's so obsessed. Capturing the Avatar is the only chance he has of things returning to normal.
Iroh Things will never return to normal. But the important thing is the Avatar gives Zuko hope.
Scene changes to show Zuko meditating, while having flashbacks of his younger life. He is stopped by a hit on the ship. Scene changes to Aang and Katara. The fisherman's wife appears.
Fisherman's wife Help! Oh, please help!
Katara [Grabs lady and brings her near the fire.] It's okay. You're safe.
Fisherman's wife But my husband isn't.
Katara What do you mean? Where's Sokka?
Fisherman's wife They haven't returned! They should have been back by now! And this storm is becoming a typhoon! They're caught out at sea!
Aang I'm going to find him!
Katara I'm going with you!
Fisherman's wife I'm staying here.
The fisherman's wife is shown sitting down by the fire. Aang and Katara are shown about to leave on Appa.
Aang We'll be back soon. I promise.
Aang and Katara fly out. Scene changes to Zuko's ship, with Zuko on the deck.
Zuko Where were we hit?
Jee I don't know!
Iroh Look!
Zuko The helmsman!
Zuko and Lieutenant Jee are shown climbing up a ladder to help a man who is about to fall. Lightning goes down to the middle of the ship, where Iroh is. He uses redirection so it does not damage the ship. Scene changes to Katara and Aang looking for the fisherman and Sokka.
Katara Where are they?
Appa is shown descending, hitting the water.
Aang Come on, Appa! The boat! There!
Zuko is shown spotting Appa.
Zuko The Avatar!
Jee What do you want to do, sir?
Zuko Let him go. We need to get this ship to safety.
Iroh Then we must head directly into the eye of the storm.
Scene changes to show Sokka and the fisherman rocking back and forth on the boat.
Sokka I'm too young to die!
Fisherman I'm not, but I still don't wanna!
Aang shows up. He jumps down onto the boat. As a pole is falling down, Aang brings up fours pouts of water, splitting the pole in half. After the pole splits in half, Sokka and the fisherman are shown hugging each other. A rope is seen.
Aang Hang onto the rope.
The fisherman and Sokka do so. Appa starts flying again. The rope swings up, making Sokka and the fisherman land on the saddle. A big wave hits the gang underwater. Everyone is shown floating away from Appa. Aang goes into the Avatar State and saves everyone. They all go back to the cave where the fisherman's wife is. Scene changes to Zuko and Iroh together.
Zuko Uncle, I'm sorry.
Iroh Your apology is accepted.
Scene changes to Appa, Katara, Aang, Sokka, and the fisherman at the cave. The fisherman's wife runs up to the fisherman and hugs him.
Fisherman's wife Oh, you're alive! You owe this boy an apology!
Aang He doesn't have to apologize.
Fisherman What if, instead of an apology, I give him a free fish and we call it even?
Aang Actually, I don't eat meat.
Fisherman Fish ain't meat!
Sokka Seriously, you're still going to pay me, right?
The fisherman hands Sokka a fish. Katara and Aang are shown in a corner of the cave.
Aang Katara, I think you were right before. I'm done dwelling on the past.
Katara Really?
Aang I can't make guesses about what would have turned out if I hadn't run away. I'm here now and I'm going to make the most out of it.
Katara I don't think you're gonna have those nightmares anymore.
Fisherman And if you weren't here now, well, I guess I wouldn't be either. Thank you for saving my life, Avatar.
Sokka Do you hear that? It stopped raining.
Everyone goes outside. Appa shakes raindrops off himself, splashing everyone.
Aang Appa!
Fade to credits.




  • Ozai (flashback only)



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