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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Someone has attacked the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. All the evidence points to Northern sympathizers, but Mako suspects there's more to this case. Meanwhile, Varrick has cast Bolin as the hero of his newest mover. Asami has also ventured into business with Varrick, and a shipment of her mecha tanks is on its way to help the South in its war against Unalaq.
Scene opens to a lone ship. The captain notices three flashing red lights being thrown onto the deck before exploding. A similar device is thrown to the wall behind the captain, but he manages to jump off onto the deck before the device explodes.
Captain We're under attack!
Four waterbenders ambush the ship, swamping it with water. The scene changes to crew members on an escape raft while looking at the destroyed ship.
Captain Varrick is not gonna be happy about this.
Cut the Southern Spirit Portal, which has been fortified with a surrounding wall and watchtowers. Cut to Eska and Desna standing outside the portal.
Eska Where is he?
Desna Father said he would meet us at this location. He'll be here. [Unalaq emerges from the spirit portal.] Were you just in the Spirit World?
Unalaq Never mind that. Where is the Avatar?
Eska She was within our grasp until a dark spirit attacked her.
Desna They're out of control.
Unalaq [Angry.] You didn't get her?
Eska The Avatar is dead.
Unalaq looks at his children with disappointment.

Cut to the cinema, where The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South is being screened. Nuktuk walks ahead and hides behind a mound when he sees an ominous castle.

Nuktuk We finally made it. Now, we must stop the evil Unalaq! [Crowd cheers.]
Evil Unalaq The Southern Water Tribe is mine. Next, I will conquer the world with my waterbending doomsday device!
The crowd jeers while throwing popcorn at the screen. Cut to the audience, who are mostly children.
Nuktuk Don't worry, Juji and Roh-Tan, I will end the evil Unalaq's reign of terror. For I am Nuktuk, hero of the South! [Crowd cheers.]
Juji Nuktuk, you're not just the hero of the South, you're our best friend.
Roh-Tan Nuktuk-ity!
Nuktuk [Hugs Roh-Tan.] You two are the best snow raccoon and arctic panda a guy could ask for.
Crowd Aww!
Voice narrator [Music starts; Ginger is hugging Nuktuk while atop Roh-Tan. Narrator starts to sing.] Who's gonna fight for friends and freedom? Nuktuk. [Nuktuk makes dancing movement and a water jet hits Northern soldiers, causing one to fall.] He's the biggest, baddest, bendingest man I know. [Nuktuk jumps up and taps his companions' paws.] Who protects the icy tundra? Nuktuk. [Nuktuk makes dancing movements once more and water falls over another soldier.] Battling Northies out there in the snow. [Evil Unalaq looks ahead, while Nuktuk punches him off balances.] When Unalaq starts trouble, he'll punch him in the mouth. [Nuktuk grins standing next to Roh-Tan, while Juji emerges from a snow mound.] He's Nuktuk, the hero of the South. [Crowd cheers.]
Varrick [Pans to a booth, where Varrick, Bolin and Ginger are seated.] Bolin, look up there. What do you see?
Bolin [Confused.] I- is this a trick question?
Varrick I'll tell you what I see: a star being born. You're a star. People love stars. Stars tell them what to think and how to act. Bolin, have you ever tried to force a monkey marmot to ride a bicycle?
Bolin Uh ... not that I can recall.
Varrick Of course you haven't. You can't force monkey marmots to do anything. They've got to want to do it themselves!
Bolin Right ...
Varrick With these movers, we'll have the support of the people, and before long, they'll persuade the President to lend his troops to the war effort.
On screen, a bound Ginger is escorted to Evil Unalaq's throne.
Evil Unalaq [Laughs sinisterly.] My evil plan is working. I've captured Nuktuk's beautiful girlfriend.
Nuktuk [Enters the throne room.] Not so fast, Evil Unalaq! Oh, I will save my true love and the South! [Defeats the guards with waterbending.] And now, your time is up.
Evil Unalaq gestures for his guards to attack Nuktuk. Nuktuk retreats such that only shadows of the fight can be seen. He breaks off a spear of one of the guards before throwing him up, and throws the other guard up with waterbending. Two more guards approach and throw a net, capturing him.
Evil Unalaq It's no use fighting, Nuktuk. My anti-energy net makes bending impossible. [Laughs sinisterly.]
Nuktuk [Dramatically.] No! Please. Power ... weakening.
Ron-Tah Nuk-terrible.
Voice narrator Will this be the end of Nuktuk? Can he escape from Unalaq's trap and save the beautiful Ginger? Find out next week on The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South.
Bolin [Cut back to the booth.] Wow. We got some major chemistry on-screen. Am I right?
Ginger Yeah. On-screen. [Scoffs and leaves.]
Bolin What's wrong? Are you mad because I left you in the clutches of the evil Unalaq? I'm gonna save you in the next episode. [Desperate.] Ginger, let's work through this.
Zhu Li Varrick, another one of your ships has been captured.
Varrick [Angrily.] Darn it, Zhu Li, haven't I told you I hate getting bad news without first getting good news?
Zhu Li [Glances.] Oh, well, the good news is it looks like your first mover has gotten a great reception.
Varrick That's old news! Let's go. [Exits.]
Cut to the police headquarters. Mako looks sadly at a picture of him and Korra. Asami enters.
Asami Is it true?
Mako [Put back the photo.] I'm so sorry. Your entire shipment was stolen.
Asami [Worried.] Without that sale, I don't know how much longer I can keep my company going. What am I gonna do?
Mako Don't worry. I'm gonna find whoever's responsible. Chief Beifong is about to question the captain of the ship. [Pushes the button of the intercom.]
Lin I know it's been a long day, but walk me through what happened.
Captain We were ambushed about thirty klicks outside the harbor. We never heard them coming.
Lin This is the third attack this week at about the same location.
Lu Yep, and smack-dab in Republic City's jurisdiction, which means another problem for us. [Sighs and starts stroking his mustache.] All this stress is gonna turn old black beauty gray.
Gang It's gotta be Northern Water Tribe. They're trying to stop supply lines to the South.
Lin I agree. Is there anything else about the attack you remember? Anything unusual?
Captain There is one thing. The bombs exploded in a way I've never seen before. They didn't have fuses. [Cut back to Mako and Asami.] It was like they were being detonated remotely.
Mako Like the bombs at the cultural center. [Walks away.]
Asami Wait, where are you going?
Mako I gotta grab some evidence. [Exits the room while Varrick enters.]
Varrick Asami, I heard the news. I can't believe they took my fifth favorite ship in the Varrick Industries fleet! Named her after my mom. Rest in piece, Rocky Bottom.
Asami Without the money from that shipment, Future Industries is almost broke.
Mako Chief, I think there's a link between this attack and the attack at the cultural center.
Lin [Aggressively.] What do you think you're doing?
Mako Solving this case. Did any of the people who attacked you have one of these in their hand? I think it's a remote detonator.
Captain It was too dark to see anything.
Lin [Sharply.] Mako!
Mako Chief, I don't think the people who attacked were Northern Water Tribe.
Gang Of course they were Northern Water Tribe. They were waterbending.
Mako Was this one of the guys who attacked?
Captain No, I don't recognize him.
Gang Oh, that's embarrassing.
Lu [Chuckles.] Nice try, Rookie.
Lin Mako, leave. [Threateningly.] Now.
Varrick [Enters the room with Asami.] Great work, everybody. Another open and shut case for the dynamic mustachioed duo!
Asami Wait, I think Mako might be onto something.
Mako Chief, I know it's a long shot, but I have an idea how we can catch these guys.
Lu [Sarcastically.] Yeah, let's all listen to the rookie.
Asami He's doing a better job than you!
Varrick Whooooo's hungry?
Lin [Snaps.] Enough! I don't want to hear your lame-brained rookie ideas. You're a beat cop, not a detective. Now hit the street and do your job! [Lu and Gang laugh, while Lu styles his hair like Mako.]
Cut to the outside of the headquarters.
Mako Lu and Gang are idiots. I hate them and their stupid mustaches.
Asami Forget them. What's this idea of yours?
Mako A sting operation. I was thinking we'd set up a bait ship, take it out into the open ocean, and capture whoever attacks it.
Asami Let's do it.
Mako It's not that easy. For the plan to work, we need the police, and Beifong already said no.
Asami We can make it work, just the two of us.
Mako I don't know. I don't want to go behind Beifong's back. If she finds out, I could get kicked off the force.
Asami Mako, I need your help. My Mom is gone. My Dad is in jail. Future Industries is all I have left of my family.
Mako I want to help you, but this is more than a two-person job. First of all, we'd need a ship.
Both Mako and Asami turn to find Varrick beside them and they recoil in shock.
Varrick You need a ship? I got a ship. I want in on whatever you're talking about. I love being in on plans.
Asami The less you know, the better.
Varrick Perfect! I love not knowing things.
Mako All right, I'm in. Let's get these guys.
Cut to the harbor outside Future Industries. An empty cargo is closed, while two mecha tanks lift the cargo on board. Asami and Mako look on from the warehouse, which is filled with mecha tanks and biplanes.
Asami The ship's all loaded with the dummy crates. Let's get this sting operation going.
Mako Not yet. We need some extra manpower.
Asami What about Korra? [Mako looks on uneasily.] No better muscle than the Avatar.
Mako [Uneasy.] Right, uh ... Korra. Yeah, actually, she's um ... she's out of town right now.
Asami Everything okay with you two?
Mako Yeah, yeah. Forget about Korra. I'll go talk to Bolin. [Runs off.]
Cut to Mako's apartment. Mako enters, surprised at the new decorations.
Bolin [Soaking in a hot tub.] Hey, Mako, what do you think? I did a little redecorating. It turns out that one of the perks of being a star, you get lots of cash.
Mako [Looks at statue.] Is this a marble statue of you?
Bolin It's also [Points to head.] a hat rack.
Mako [Irritated.] We don't even have hats.
Bolin That's because we never had a hat rack. And now we do. Mako, you seem stressed. I think you need to take a little dipity dip. [Taps surface of the bath.]
Mako I don't have time to take a dipity dip, okay? I'm trying to catch whoever's been attacking the shipments, and I need your help.
Bolin You need my help? [Groans pensively.] I don't know. I'm kinda busy.
Mako You're sitting in a hot tub.
Bolin I'm maintaining my instrument. As an actor, my body is my instrument.
Mako [Annoyed.] Are you gonna help or not?
Bolin You know, I recall a time when I needed your help, and you basically told me to get a life.
Mako So that's a no. What am I supposed to do now?
Bolin [Mimics his brother.] I don't know, Mako. [Darts to his brother.] Figure it out. Remember? That's what you said to me. Hurts, doesn't it? [Mako groans in annoyance and turns. As he passes the fire heating the tub, he bends in it, causing the water to explode into hot steam. Bolin screams in pain.] Ow! My instrument!
Cut to outside the Triple Threat Triad headquarters.
Asami Are you sure this is a good idea?
Mako No, but it's our last resort. [Knocks at the door.]
Triple Threat doorman [Slides open faceplate.] Hey, Mako. Whatever you think we did, we didn't do it.
Mako I'm not here on police business. I'm running an off-the-books operation, and I thought the Triple Threats might want a piece of the action.
Triple Threat doorman How big a piece?
Mako and Asami are now inside the headquarters, seated opposite Viper.
Viper So Mr. Law and Order needs our help, huh? What's in it for the Triple Threats?
Mako I am personal friends with that Avatar. I might be able to convince her to give Shady Shin his bending back.
Shady Shin Sounds good to me, boss. [Viper glares at him.]
Viper What about the rest of us?
Asami I've got vehicles, all brand-new and top of the line. They can be yours if you help.
Viper [Smirks.] I think we got ourselves a deal.
Cut to the bait ship in the open sea.
Mako This is right around the area where the attacks happened. So keep your eyes peeled, and stay quiet.
Two Toed Ping I agree. Keep quiet. Mouth zipped, don't say a word. That's the best thing to do when you're trying to ambush somebody, which is what we're doing here, and it's basically what I'm always doing. I mean, I am a gangster, after all, and -
Mako Two Toed Ping, please.
Two Toed Ping Oh, right. So, what's it like dating the Avatar. [Mako sighs in annoyance, turning his head.] Come on, Mako, I gotta know.
Mako Ping, stay focused!
Two Toed Ping What? What are you so weird about it? If I was dating the Avatar, I'd tell you all about it.
Mako [Curtly.] There's nothing to know. [Softer.] I broke up with her.
Asami [Surprised.] You broke up? When? Why didn't you tell me?
Mako I don't know.
Two Toed Ping [Starts laughing.] Yeah, right. You broke up with the Avatar. Like that happened. Hey, Shady Shin, Viper. Mako says he broke up with the Avatar.
Shady Shin Sure he did.
Viper Yeah, I did too. [The Triple Threats burst out laughing.]
Mako All right, would you guys knock it off and do your job?
Cut to the film set of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South. Nuktuk is about to save a bound Ginger while a drill is above them.
Assistant director And action!
Ginger [Drill begins descending.] Forget about me. You must capture the evil Unalaq before he gets away.
Nuktuk No! I'll never leave you.
Bolin kisses Ginger, much to her surprise and annoyance.
Varrick Cut! [Looks at script.] There's no kiss in the script.
Bolin [Drill is returned to original position.] Sorry, I just kinda lost myself in the moment. [Dreamily.] It just felts so right.
Ginger [Sits up, while making a disgusted face.] Urch.
Varrick It did, huh? Your girlfriend's about to die, and instead of untying her, you kiss her. Wait a minute! Maybe that will work. Yes! It's genius! Everybody take five. Except for you, Zhu Li. Grab the tweezers. I've got some neck-hair issues to resolve.
Bolin So ... that kiss. I liked it. And it seemed like you liked it too.
Ginger Uch. You're confusing Ginger the actress with Ginger the character.
Bolin Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I'm totally getting, like, a weird vibe from you right now. It's like, a minute ago, when we were shooting, you were into me, but now you're not.
Ginger That's because Ginger loves Nuktuk, not Bolin. [Walks off in annoyance.]
Bolin But Nuktuk is Bolin. I'm a hero. [Sighs.]
Cut back to the bait ship. Where Ping is talking to Mako and Asami.
Two Toed Ping [Shows his twelve toes.] And that's why they call me [Shakes his extra toes.] Two Toed Ping.
Asami Because you have two extra toes.
Two Toed Ping That's right. And there was already a Twelve Toed Ping on the south side.
Mako Wait, guys. Do you hear that?
Asami I didn't hear anything.
Two Toed Ping No.
Mako [Frustrated.] Ah! What's taking so long?
Two Toed Ping You just gotta relax, like me. Maybe try taking your shoes off.
Mako I'm gonna check it out.
Shady Shin [Voice-over while Mako approaches.] So how long do we have to stay out here?
Viper [Voice-over.] I told you, it's gonna be a few hours. What, do you have a hot date?
Mako hides under the stairs and looks up. Cut to his point of view.
Shady Shin Actually, I do. And I wanna look my best. I gotta shower and shave. I have a whole routine, okay?
Viper Well, your date's gonna have to wait.
Shady Shin She's not gonna be happy about that.
Viper Too bad. We were paid to keep Mako and that dame [Cut to Mako overhearing them from his hiding place under a staircase. Voice-over.] distracted for a few hours, so that's what we're gonna do. [Mako's eyes widen.]
Shady Shin [Voice-over.] See? This is why I never get dates.
Mako exits the scene. Cut back to Asami watching Two Toed Ping stroking his toe, when Mako gestures her. Asami walks up to Mako.
Mako I just overheard Shady Shin and Viper. We've been double-crossed. We have to get off this ship.
They run off, only to be cornered by Viper.
Viper Where do you think you're going?
Mako knocks the gangsters off with firebending before running off. Both board a speedboat.
Viper Get'm!
Mako burns off the ropes, causing him and Asami to plunge to the sea. The gangsters pursue them with two speedboats. Mako attacks the speedboats with firebending, but misses. Asami makes a sharp turn, causing Mako to nearly lose his balance. Viper jumps off his speedboat and waterbends ice spikes, but Asami manages to dodge them. He waterbends a geyser, throwing Mako and Asami's speedboat into the air. Both manage to remain in the speedboat as it plunges back to the sea. The chase brought them back to mainland Republic City.
Mako They're getting closer.
Asami Not for long. [Drives between two ships.]
Mako Watch out! We're not gonna make it. [Asami makes a swift turn. One of the triad's speedboat fails to execute the same turn and capsize.] One down, one to go.
Viper's speedboat cuts through in front of them. Asami swerves off and the engine stalls.
Asami We're stalled.
Vipers speed boat approaches. Mako attempts to firebend at them, but the speedboat crashes, throwing him back while the speedboat is being pushed back. Viper leaps to Mako's speedboat and throws a water pulse at him, but Mako manages to dodge. He prepares another attack, but is stopped by Mako. Mako does a fire kick, which Viper manages to neutralize. Mako throws another two fire blasts, which Viper manages to dodge one and neutralize another. Mako misses his attack and is pushed back to the passenger seat by Viper's waterbending attack. Asami manages to restart the engine.
Asami Mako, hang onto something. [Swerves violently, throwing the gangsters' speedboat off the water.] What was that all about?
Mako Someone paid the Triple Threats to keep us distracted.
Asami Distracted? From what? Oh no.
Cut to the warehouse of Future Industries. Asami powers up the warehouse, illuminating an empty warehouse.
Mako Whoever paid the Triple Threats stole everything.
Asami [Sadly.] I'm ruined. My company ... it's over.
Mako We should check out your other warehouses. Maybe they didn't have time to hit them all.
Asami You don't understand. Everything I had was in here.
Mako We have to search the place for evidence. If we can find a lead ...
Asami Mako ... it doesn't matter anymore.
Mako I can figure this out.
Asami [Defeated.] Just stop. It's over. I give up.
Mako Well, I'm not giving up on you.
Asami [She looks at Mako teary eyed and kisses him.] Sorry, I-
Mako Uh ... It's-it's okay. Um ... Anyway ... I gotta run. I'm gonna find out who did this. And I know just who to ask.
Cut to daytime in the streets where Mako slams Two Toed Ping against a wall.
Two Toed Ping Hey, Mako. Uh, you're not mad about last night, are you?
Mako [Threateningly.] Who hired you to double-cross us?
Two Toed Ping I don't know.
Mako I think you do know. [Firebends a dagger.] And you're gonna tell me, or we're gonna have to change your name to "No Toed Ping".
Two Toed Ping Really, I don't know. You have to believe me. We never met the guy who hired us.
Mako [Chuckles.] You expect me to believe that?
Two Toed Ping [Fearfully.] After you left the hideout, some mook showed up and said his boss would pay us to keep you distracted. We'd never seen him before, and we ain't seen him since. Come on, Mako, you know how these deals work. Please, I would never lie to you with my lucky toes on the line.
Mako [Throws Ping off, slamming him to a wall.] Get out of here.
Ping runs off in fear.

Cut to Bolin in his Nuktuk attire eating some popcorn on set. He is approached by Mako.

Mako Bolin, have you seen Varrick around? Bolin! [Sigh. Annoyed.] Nuktuk.
Bolin Yes? Oh, hello, Mako. Didn't notice you there.
Mako Where's Varrick? I need to ask him something.
Bolin Hmm. Can't say that I've seen him. But I've been kinda busy, you know, rehearsing for my big scene. There's gonna be some crazy [Makes air quotes.] "pyrotechnics". That's mover speak for explosions.
Assistant director We need Nuktuk on set. Running explosion scene.
Bolin Or sometimes we just call them explosions. Anyway, wish I could stand around here and chitchat, but you know, I gotta go shoot my big scene.
Cut to Bolin at the scene.
Assistant director Okay, the set is clear. Camera's rolling. And ... action!
Nuktuk Ginger, stay down! I'm coming for you.
Mako watches his brother film his set. Nuktuk runs off, with explosions trailing behind him. Mako looks at the explosions, with each explosion lighting his eyes. Cut to the pyrotechnics technician who is loading explosives when Mako approaches.
Mako How did you rig those explosions to go off like that?
Pyrotechnics technician Neat, huh? It's a Varrick Industries exclusive. Here, check it out. [Passes Mako a detonator. Mako's eyes widen.] The explosions use a remote detonator.
Mako Varrick.
Cut to Future Industries.
Mako [Barging.] Asami, I think I know who set us up.
Varrick [Turns over with a sly look.] Hello, Mako.
Mako What are you doing here?
Asami [Happily.] He just saved my company. [Slowly zooming in close-up of Varrick. Voice-over.] Varrick bought a controlling interest in Future Industries. Isn't that great?
Varrick Yep, I like to think I'm always there to stand up for the little guy. Especially if that little guy can help this guy become a bigger guy.
Asami [Brightly.] So what were you saying, Mako? You think you know who hired the Triple Threats?
Mako Yeah, and I'm real close to proving it. [Cut to a smirking Varrick.] I'll fill you in later. [Exits.]
Cut to some tropical island in the Fire Nation where Korra is lying washed up on the beach. She awakes to find three Bhanti tribesmen looming over her.
Korra [Shocked.] Get away from me!
She airbends at the sages, though does not have the strength to keep herself upright and sags down to her knees while panting in exhaustion.
Karu It's okay, we're here to help you, Avatar Korra.
Korra [Confused.] Who's-who's "Avatar Korra"?
The tribesmen look at each other in apprehension.
Karu What happened to you? How did you end up on our island?
Korra I ... don't know. I can't remember anything.
Korra sighs and passes out.
Fades to credits.






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