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This article is about the real world.
This article is about the episode transcript. For the game transcript, see Transcript:The Southern Air Temple (Avatar: Generations).

The episode begins with a beautiful sunrise that just peeks above some cliffs. The beams of the morning sun reflect on the water, bathing the whole scene in yellow light. The camera pans to the left, where the group has made camp on the shore. Appa is seen chewing on some grass while the smoke of the nearby campfire rises to the sky. Sokka is lying in a blue sleeping bag next to the fire. The camera zooms in on Aang and Katara atop Appa. Aang sits on the bison's head and is checking the knots that tie the reins to Appa's horns. Katara is sitting on the saddle, fiddling with their luggage.
Aang [Excitedly.] Wait 'til you see it, Katara! The Air Temple is one of the most beautiful places in the world!
Katara [Cautiously.] Aang, I know you're excited, [She turns around to face him.] but it's been a hundred years since you've been home.
Aang [Smiling broadly.] That's why I'm so excited!
Katara [Cautiously.] It's just that ... a lot can change in all that time.
Aang [Happily.] I know, but I need to see it for myself.
Aang jumps off Appa, landing softly due to his airbending. A side-view shows him as he walks over to a snoring Sokka, who is lying in his sleeping bag. The shot changes to a view from next to Sokka's head, looking up at the approaching airbender.
Aang [Cheerfully.] Wake up, Sokka! Air Temple, here we come! [Sokka awakens, making groggy noises.]
Sokka [Grunting sleepily.] Uggh! Sleep now. Temple later.
Sokka turns around, showing his back to Aang and falls back asleep, snoring as soon as his eyes close. Close-up of Aang, whose big eyes blink in surprise. He looks discontent with Sokka's attitude, but he quickly smiles mischievously. Aang grabs a small, thin stick.
Aang [Alarmed.] Sokka! Wake up! [Aang moves the stick up and down the sleeping bag, only touching Sokka with the tip of it.] There's a prickle snake in your sleeping bag!
Sokka [He lazily opens one eye before yelling out in horror.] Ahh! [He quickly rises and hops around, still inside the sleeping bag.] Get it off! Get it off! [After two hops, Sokka slams flat to the ground.] Ahh!
Katara giggles, as Sokka falls over. Close-up of Sokka's angry face.
Aang [Happily.] Great! You're awake! Let's go!
The scene slowly fades to Ketu Harbor, a naval base where several Fire Nation ships are lined up next to each other. The camera pans to the left to reveal a smaller ship docked between all the others, identical mastodons. Its walkway is down and the small figures of two persons are seen leaving the ship. Cut to a closer shot of Zuko and Iroh, as they reach the bottom of the walkway.
Zuko Uncle, I want the repairs made as quickly as possible. I don't want to stay too long and risk losing his trail.
Iroh [Disinterested.] You mean the Avatar?
Zuko [Turns around sharply to face Iroh, as he slightly backs off.] Don't mention his name on these docks! [Makes some wide arm movements.] Once word gets out that he's alive, every firebender will be out looking for him, and I don't want anyone getting in the way!
Zhao [Iroh and Zuko turn, with shocked expressions on their face, toward the camera in the direction the sound came from.] Getting in the way of what, [Close-up of a man with big sideburns dressed in a Fire Nation uniform.] Prince Zuko?
The man walks over to the duo with his hands held behind his back. Zuko awaits him with his arms crossed with contempt, while Iroh just stares at him.
Zuko [With dislike in his voice.] Captain Zhao.
Zhao [Smirks.] It's commander now. And [Bows slightly in Iroh's direction.] General Iroh. Great hero of our nation.
Iroh [Bows back.] Retired general.
Zhao The Fire Lord's brother and son are welcome guests anytime. What brings you to my harbor?
Iroh Our ship is being repaired.
As Iroh gestures toward the ship, the camera moves back to show the severely damaged ship.
Zhao That's quite a bit of damage.
Zuko Yes. [He holds up one finger, while Iroh stares disinterested in front of him.] You wouldn't believe what happened. [He glances at his uncle, and angrily commands him as he gestures at Zhao.] Uncle! Tell Commander Zhao what happened.
Iroh [Iroh's eyes open wide in surprise, as he is addressed by Zuko.] Yes. I will do that. [He happily holds his hand up and relates enthusiastically.] It was incredible! [To Zuko, from the corner of his mouth in a confused tone.] What? Did we crash or something?
Zuko [Looks at his uncle uncomfortably.] Yes! Right into ... an Earth Kingdom ship!
Zhao [In disbelief.] Really? You must regale me with all of the thrilling details. [Smirks while he gets into Zuko's face.] Join me for a drink?
Zuko [He averts his gaze and begins to walk away.] Sorry, but we have to go.
Zhao smiles evilly at him as he starts to walk away, but after a few steps, Iroh place his hand on his shoulder to hold him back.
Iroh Prince Zuko, show Commander Zhao your respect. [Removes his hand from Zuko's shoulder as he faces Zhao while Zuko just slants his eyes.] We would be honored to join you. Do you have any ginseng tea? It's my favorite.
Iroh and Zhao walk off screen. Zuko grunts in anger upon hearing Iroh's tea comment. He growls angrily and firebends a small arc out of annoyance as he turns to walk after them.

The scene cuts to Appa, who is flying above the clouds in the Patola Mountain range. A closer shot reveals Aang and Katara sitting atop Appa's head, and Sokka is back in the saddle. Switch to a close-up of him clutching his stomach at it growls. Close-up of his face, with a look of dismay all over it.

Sokka [Annoyed.] Hey, stomach? Be quiet, all right? I'm trying to find us some food.
Sokka starts to go through the luggage and gets out a bag. He looks at it for a moment while it sways in the wind. With his tongue out of his mouth full anticipation, he sticks his hand in the bag and starts to go through it. He looks surprised for a moment, but quickly and with anticipation turns the bag upside down to pour the contents into his hand. Close-up of his gloved hand as only a few crumbs of blubbered seal jerky fall into it.
Sokka [Accusingly to the two in front of him.] Hey! Who ate all of my blubbered seal jerky?!
Aang [Surprised.] Oh. That was food? [Happily.] I used it to start the campfire last night. [The hint of a smile can be heard.] Sorry.
Sokka [Shocked.] You what?! [Looks up before slanting his eyes and groans. Longing.] No wonder the flames smelled so good.
Cut to a wider shot, as Appa races past and ascends up to some mountains.
Aang [Excitedly.] The Patola Mountain range! We're almost there!
Katara [Uneasily.] Aang, before we get to the temple, I want to talk to you about the airbenders.
Aang [Cheerfully.] What about 'em?
Katara [Close-up of Katara.] Well, I just want you to be prepared for what you might see. The Fire Nation is ruthless. [Sadly.] They killed my mother, and they could have done the same to your people.
Aang [Ponders over her words for a bit. Hopefully.] Just because no one has seen an airbender, doesn't mean the Fire Nation killed them all. They probably escaped!
Katara [Places one hand on Aang's shoulder.] I know it's hard to accept.
Aang [Cheerfully, as Katara moves her hand back to her side.] You don't understand, Katara. The only way to get to an airbender temple is on a flying bison, and I doubt the Fire Nation has any flying bison! [Caresses Appa's head.] Right, Appa?
Appa grunts. The camera moves back to show that Appa flies past to begin a last ascent up the side of a mountain.
Aang Yip yip!
An overview shot follows Appa's flight up the mountain and through the clouds. Appa turns out of sight behind the flank of a mountain. The camera view shifts and Appa is seen emerging from behind that flank and turns further upward. Close-up of his passengers. Aang holds onto the reins tightly as Appa rapidly ascends while Katara, whose eyes are closed, and Sokka hold on tight to Appa's fur and saddle respectively. Aang looks back for a moment to his passengers. The camera switches to a further off view of Appa as he flies over the rocks and into the sky again. He flies over a last ridge that is covered with trees. The camera pans up to reveal a large temple as Appa floats toward it.
Aang [Voice-over.] There it is. The Southern Air Temple.
Katara Aang, it's amazing!
Aang is visibly excited as a close-up shows how his eyes widen upon the sight of the temple.
Aang [To Appa.] We're home, buddy! We're home. [His eyes squint a bit in happiness.]
The scene switches back to the Earth Kingdom docks, where several Fire Navy ships are lined up. Something that looks like a railroad stretches out along the shipyard. The camera moves to the right to reveal a number of tents lined up in front of the ships. One of the bigger tents is being guarded by two Fire Nation soldiers. Switch to a shot of Zhao inside the tent, standing in front of a large map of the Avatar World that is hung up on the wall. He holds his hands behind his back. The camera slowly starts to move back.
Zhao ... And by the year's end, the Earth Kingdom capital will be under our rule. [Shift to a bird view of the tent, revealing Zuko, sitting at a table, and Iroh, standing in the corner, looking at some weapons that are placed against the wall. Zhao turns around.] The Fire Lord will finally claim victory in this war.
Zuko [Close-up. Angrily.] If my father thinks the rest of the world will follow him willingly, then he is a fool!
Zhao [Pulls up alongside Zuko and smirks.] Two years at sea have done little to temper your tongue. So, how is your search for the Avatar going?
Iroh knocks over a weapon display behind them. The weapons come crashing down with a lot of noise. The general cowers at the noise and the damage he wrecked. Zhao turns around looking annoyed.
Iroh Eh.. My fault, entirely.
Iroh places his hands in his sleeves and walks away backward out of the screen with a faint smile on his face.
Zuko [Aggressively.] We haven't found him yet.
Zhao Did you really expect to? The Avatar died a hundred years ago. [Close-up of Zuko, as he slants his eyes.] Along with the rest of the airbenders. [Close-up of Zhao, whose face contorts in an evil expression.] Unless you have found some evidence that the Avatar is alive?
Zuko [Faces Zhao and responds very clearly.] No. [Stares back in front of him.] Nothing.
Zhao [With an expression of disbelief on his face, as he rises from his chair.] Prince Zuko, the Avatar is the only one who can stop the Fire Nation from winning this war. [Leans in and faces Zuko.] If you have an ounce of loyalty left, you'll tell me what you found.
Zuko I haven't found [Looks up at Zhao and his tone becomes slightly more aggressive.] anything. [Close-up, as he continues on a softer tone, slightly mockingly.] It's like you said. The Avatar probably died a long time ago. [Gets up.] Come on, Uncle, we're going.
As Zuko approaches the door, the guards stop him from leaving by crossing their spears while a third soldier enters the room. The camera switches to Zhao's point of view. Zuko and the two soldiers blocking his path can be seen in the background. The camera pans to the right to reveal the soldier that entered walking up to Zhao.
Soldier Commander Zhao, we interrogated the crew as you instructed. They confirmed Prince Zuko had the Avatar in custody, [Close-up of Zuko's head from behind.] but let him escape.
Zhao [Smiling evilly.] Now remind me, [Close-up of Zuko's face, as Zhao walks up to him and leans over to talk into Zuko's ear. Zuko slants his eyes.] how, exactly, was your ship damaged?
The scene fades to a shot of the Southern Air Temple, as the camera slowly moves closer toward it. Cut to Appa, who has landed at the base of snow covered stairs. The camera quickly pans up to reveal three small figures making their way up the mountain trail. The lead figure is running. Close-up of Aang as he runs at the front, excitedly looking back at the two siblings. As the two emerge from behind a corner, Aang runs off the screen.
Sokka So where do I get something to eat?
Closer shot of the two siblings. Sokka clutches his stomach with both hands. The bags under his eyes are darkened and he has a very annoyed look on his face.
Katara [Irritated.] You're lucky enough to be one of the first outsiders to ever visit an airbender temple, and all you can think about is food?
The camera switches to a broader view as the two siblings draw level with Aang, who is waiting for them at the next corner.
Sokka I'm just a simple guy, with simple needs.
Switch to a front view of Aang, who points at something in front of him as Katara and Sokka approach.
Aang [Excited.] So that's where my friends and I would play airball, [The camera shifts to a shot of a stadium consisting of many tall poles.] and over there [The camera pans to the right to reveal the trio again.] is where the bison would sleep, and ... [Aang sighs.]
Switch to a front view of Aang, with Katara and Sokka in the background. Aang looks sad at the deserted remains of his home.
Katara What's wrong?
Aang [A bit saddened.] This place used to be full of monks and lemurs and bison. Now there's just a bunch of weeds. [His eyes squint with sadness. The shot changes to a back view of Aang as he stands on the ledge; his clothes flutter in the wind, a dead tree at each side of him. In a sad tone.] I can't believe how much things have changed.
The camera moves back to show that Katara and Sokka give each other a look of sympathy. They quickly approach Aang. The camera switches back to a front view of Aang, who still looks sad as Katara and Sokka pull up beside him.
Sokka [Cheerfully trying to distract Aang from his sadness.] So uh, this airball game. How do you play?
Katara smiles at her brother and Aang's face clears up. He smiles too, as he looks at Sokka from the corners of his eyes. Cut to a shot of Sokka, looking concentrated while standing on a pole and guarding the goal of the airball court. The camera quickly moves back to the other side of the court, where Aang also stands on one of the tall poles, suspending a hollow ball in the air with airbending. He lets the ball roll over his shoulders, tosses it from side to side and lazily tosses it up in the air. He looks and smiles innocently at Sokka with his hands behind his back. Switch to Sokka, who looks surprised at the upward movement of the ball before cutting back to Aang who opens one eye as the ball comes down again. The airbender jumps up and kicks the ball away with a powerful air swipe. It rapidly shoots across the poles, changing direction as it crashes into several poles, but steadily moving closer toward Sokka's goal. Switch to Sokka's point of view as the ball races quickly toward him. Change to a side-view of Sokka, who opens his mouth in shock. He grunts as the ball hits him right in the stomach. The force of impact sends Sokka and the ball flying backward, right through the rotating door of the goal behind him. The camera moves further back to reveal Sokka crashing into the snow behind the goal. Aang laughs as he jumps up in joy. Close-up of Aang as he holds a hand above his eyes to make out where Sokka landed.
Aang [Smiling broadly, he stretches out his arms above his head.] Aang, seven! [He forms a Zero with his hands and makes a circular movement with his whole body.] Sokka, zero!
Cut to a shot of Sokka lying in the dirt. A twig is lying on his head while he looks a bit miserable. Katara stands in the background looking at her brother.
Sokka [Painfully.] Making him feel better is putting me in a world of hurt. [He erects himself, but before he gets up completely, his eyes widen when he sees something in front of him and he crawls to the front. The camera shifts to reveal an old Fire Nation helmet lying in the snow. It has been battered by the elements, and shows signs of cracks and burns. He looks up at his sister.] Katara, check this out.
Katara Fire Nation.
Sokka We should tell him.
Katara [Yelling.] Aang! There's something you need to see.
Aang [Aang runs to them from the airball court, still playing with the hollow ball. Cheerfully.] Okay!
Close-up of Katara, as her determined look to tell Aang the truth shifts to one of insecurity. She glances at the helmet and back at the approaching Aang. Suddenly she shifts her weight and brings her arms up. With one swift movement she swings her arms back, manipulating the overhanging snow to fall down, obscuring the helmet and Sokka from sight.
Aang [Happily runs up.] What is it?
Sokka brushes the snow off his head in the background and looks at his sister.
Katara [Innocently holds her hands behind her back.] Uh ... Just a new waterbending move I learned.
Aang Nice one! But enough practicing, [Excited as he turns around and start walking away.] we have a whole temple to see!
Sokka [Brushes the last of the snow from his head and shoulders.] You know, you can't protect him forever.
Katara sadly slants her eyes and walks after Aang. The scene switches to a full view of one of the temple's many towers and quickly pans down to reveal that the trio has made it to a courtyard with a fountain in the middle. The water is frozen. Sokka and Katara are standing at the entrance of the courtyard, while Aang runs up ahead excitedly.
Sokka [Arms crossed; stern.] Katara, firebenders were here. You can't pretend they weren't.
Katara walks past her brother. Camera view switches to a side-view. Sokka pulls up beside Katara as she is talking.
Katara I can for Aang's sake. If he finds out that the Fire Nation invaded his home, he'll be devastated.
Aang [Happily.] Hey guys! [The two look up and see Aang standing in front of a statue of a monk, turning around and pointing toward it.] I want you to meet somebody!
Point of view switches to a shot from over the shoulder of the statue.
Sokka Who's that?
Aang [Facing the statue again.] Monk Gyatso! The greatest airbender in the world. [Scene switches to a frontal view of the statue as Aang turns around again toward the siblings while gesturing at the statue.] He taught me everything I know.
Aang bows to the statue of an elderly man with a mustache and a distinct round necklace sitting in lotus with his fists bumped to each other in front of him, while the camera zooms in on it. When the shot has zoomed in to a close-up of the statue's face, the scene changes to a flashback of Aang's past, the statue's face is replaced by the face of the real Gyatso. The scenery also become much brighter as it is a flashback of a sunny day at the Southern Air Temple.
Gyatso But the true secret, is in the gooey center.
The camera moves back a bit to reveal that Monk Gyatso is standing in front of an oven. With the use of a long wooden paddle, he retracts an orange, fruit pie out of the oven. With the use of his airbending, he creates a miniature tornado to spin out the fruity center of the pie.

The camera moves back to reveal Aang sitting on the ledge of the balcony, resting his left hand on his knee while staring into nothing. A bison is grazing in the trees on the background.

Aang [Distant.] Hmm ...
Gyatso walk over to the ledge as well and places his newly baked cake next to three others that were already standing there.
Gyatso [With a calm, soothing and understanding voice.] My ancient cake-making technique isn't the only thing on your mind, is it, Aang?
Aang [Downcast.] This whole Avatar thing, m-maybe the monks made a mistake.
Gyatso The only mistake they made was telling you before you turned sixteen, but we can't concern ourselves with what was. We must act on what is.
Gyatso extends his arm and while he does so, the camera moves back to reveal the beauty of the Southern Air Temple. The sky is filled with several sky bison with their calves who are feasting from the nearby trees. Sun beams bathe the scene in bright light.
Aang [Voice-over.] But Gyatso? How do I know if I'm ready for this?
Gyatso [Cut back to a close shot of Gyatso with Aang sitting on the ledge in the background.] Your questions will be answered when you're old enough to enter the air temple sanctuary. Inside, you will meet someone who will guide you on your journey.
The camera moves slowly toward Aang whose face clears up. He uses his airbending to shift positions on the ledge, now facing his guardian and teacher.
Aang [Excited and curious.] Who is it?
Gyatso [Cut back to the close shot of Gyatso with Aang in the background.] When you are ready, he will reveal himself to you. [In the background, Aang, annoyed by this vague answer, grunts softly and looks up to the sky before cupping his face in his hands again. Monk Gyatso continues on a bright, happy tone.] Now, are you going to help me with these cakes, [Close-up of Aang as he smiles lovingly at Gyatso.] or not?
Aang [Happily stands up.] All right.
The scene cuts to a close-up of a purple fruit pie with Aang and Gyatso in the background. They take on an airbending stance, bringing their hand back.
Gyatso One. [The camera switches to a side-view as the duo conjures a small air ball.] Two. Three!
They shift their weight to the front, launching their air balls. The balls send the four fruit pies flying high in the air, disappearing in the clouds. The scene of the flying cakes switches to a shot of four monks in lotus, meditating quietly between some trees. Suddenly, the cakes drop out of the sky and each of the monks is hit on the head by one of the colorful desserts. The monk at the far left of the line topples over upon impact. The moment the pies hit their heads, several flying lemurs appear and start to stuff their faces. One of the lemurs jumps up and down on the stomach of the toppled-over monk, while another grabs some cake right of the head of the monk on the far right. One of the lemurs jumps on the head on one of the monks. Cut back to Aang and Gyatso, who are laughing loudly at the scene. Aang is clutching his stomach, while Monk Gyatso is leaning on the railing of the balcony. They both move back from the railing when they are done laughing. The two monks bow at each other
Gyatso [Full admiration and love.] Your aim has improved greatly, [Caressing Aang's head.] my young pupil.
The flashback fades back to reveal Aang in the present, bowing the same way before the statue as he had done for the real Gyatso. The camera switches to a frontal view of Aang as he erects himself with a sad look upon his face.
Katara [Understandingly places a hand on his shoulder.] You must miss him.
Aang [Downcast.] Yeah. [He walks away.]
Katara [Curious.] Where are you going?
Aang [Switch to a shot from Katara's point of view. Aang is walking up some stairs that lead to a corridor behind the statue. He looks back while answering.] The air temple sanctuary. There's someone I'm ready to meet.
Aang enters the hallway. Cut back to Katara; she looks questioningly at Sokka, who just shrugs. They both start walking after Aang. Switch to an overview shot of inside the corridor. The round symbol of intertwined air currents, the national symbol of the Air Nomads is largely embedded in the floor, surrounded by two square shapes that form some sort of sun together. The camera pans up to reveal that the trio has reached the entrance of the air temple sanctuary. The door supports a combination of metal colored pipes and three, blue, rolled up, pipes that are similar looking and arranges like the symbol for airbending. The large wooden door is framed by the branches of an old tree standing on the left of it and the hallway is illuminated by sunlight that falls through little, round windows.
Katara But Aang, no one could have survived in there for a hundred years.
Aang [Camera changes to show the trio looking up at the door. Hopeful.] It's not impossible. [Opening his arms.] I survived in the iceberg for that long.
Katara [Touching her chin with a finger.] Good point.
Aang [Close shot of Aang with Katara visible over his shoulder. He glances hopeful at her over his shoulder. Excited.] Katara, whoever's in there might help figure out this Avatar thing!
Sokka [Appears in screen from behind Aang's back. Katara and Aang look surprised at him. Eagerly.] And whoever's in there might have [Katara's look changes to one of annoyance. Close-up of Sokka's determined, anticipating face.] a medley of delicious [He rubs his hands together and practically starts to drool over the thought.] cured meats!
Full of anticipation and longing, Sokka charges at the door, but it will not budge and he simply smacks into it, head first. He quickly turns around and puts his back to it, trying to push the giant door open. When the door does not move, he sighs, slides down to the floor, disappointed, and rests against the door.
Sokka I don't suppose you have a key?
Aang [Shot from over Sokka's shoulder.] The key, Sokka, is airbending.
Close-up of Aang, as he takes a deep breath. He spreads his arms and thrusts them forward, sending an air current into both of the tubes on the door. The camera follows the path of the right air current as it travels through the pipe. The wind makes one of the blue curled tube turn around. When it does, the tube changes colors to purple and the wind blows out like a horn. The process is repeated for the other two blue tubes as well. When the three blue tubes have turned and become purple, the camera moves back to show that Aang has unlocked the door and it slowly starts to open. Switch to a shot from inside the sanctuary, as the door cracks open and light penetrates the dark room. The doors sway open and Aang is seen standing there with Katara and Sokka in the background. The scene switches to a shot from behind Katara and Sokka, as the door cracks open entirely.
Aang [Cut to a front view of Aang, as he brings his hand besides his mouth.] Hello? [Switch back to a shot from behind Sokka and Katara as Aang enters the sanctuary.] Anyone home?
Overview shot as Sokka and Katara walks behind Aang. Cut to a shot from close to the ground, as they enter further into the sanctuary and disappear in the darkness.

The scene fades to Zuko, who is sitting in a chair in Zhao's tent, flanked by two Fire Nation soldiers while Zhao is pacing back and forth.

Zhao So a twelve-year-old boy bested you and your firebenders. [Wider shot of the tent as Zhao stops pacing. Iroh can be seen sitting in a corner.] You're more pathetic than I thought.
Zuko [Angrily.] I underestimated him once, but it will not happen again!
Zhao [Frontal view with Zuko in the background. Aggressively.] No, it will not. Because you won't have a second chance.
Zuko [Alarmed.] Commander Zhao, [Closer shot of Zuko.] I've been hunting the Avatar for two years and I -
Zhao [Cut to a shot from over Zuko's shoulder as Zhao angrily turns around, spreading flames in an arc.] And you failed! [He walks intimidatingly up to Zuko.] Capturing the Avatar is too important to leave in a teenager's hands. He's mine now.
Close-up of Zuko's face, as it contorts with anger and he jumps at Zhao. Cut to a side-view. Before Zuko can reach the commander, however, he is held back by the two guards.
Zhao Keep them here.
Zhao walks away, leaving an angrily panting Zuko. Enraged, he kicks the table in front of Iroh, breaking it clean in two, sending the objects that were on it flying through the room.
Iroh [Calmly with a hint of amusement in his voice.] More tea, please.
Cut back to the sanctuary. The camera pans to the right to show a frontal view of Aang, Katara, and Sokka who are venturing further down into the sanctuary. The only light comes from the open door behind them and illuminates the scene with bluish light. They stop, and Sokka holds a hand to his brow to look up ahead. Switch to an overview shot of the trio as they stand in the light that comes in through the door. Their shadows are cast over the floor. The camera moves back and pans more to the right to reveal a large amount of statues of people, lined up in a circular pattern. Switch to a side-view from among the statues as the trio walks through them, curiously looking around. Sokka halts before one of them.
Sokka [Disappointed.] Statues? That's it? Where's the meat?
Cut to a side-view of Aang and Katara, who also have stopped and are looking up at a statue.
Katara Who are all these people?
Aang [Pensive.] I'm not sure. [Frontal view of Aang.] But it feels like I know them somehow. Look! [Camera shifts to a point behind Aang and Katara. Aang points at the statue of a man with airbending mastery tattoos in front of him.] That one's an airbender.
Katara [Camera pans to the right. Katara points at the statue of a male dressed in Water Tribe clothes next to the airbender.] And this one's a waterbender. [Looks to the right and back to the left.] They're lined up in a pattern: [Points at the respective statues.] air, water, earth and fire.
Aang That's the Avatar Cycle.
Katara [Understanding.] Of course. They're Avatars. All these people are your past lives, Aang.
Aang Wow! There are so many!
Aang starts to walk down the circular pattern. Switch to Katara, who is now standing next to Sokka who has his arms crossed.
Sokka [Skeptically.] Past lives? [Aang stops before a statue while Sokka and Katara are still visible in the background.] Katara, you really believe in that stuff?
Katara It's true. [The picture pans up the reveal Aang staring at the statue of an elderly man with a beard. In the background hundreds of statues can be seen spiraling up.] When the Avatar dies, he's reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle.
Cut to a back view of Aang, who is looking at the elderly man while the camera moves in closer. Quick change to a frontal view of Aang, who stares with wide open eyes at the statue. The camera moves in closer to his face. Switch to the face of the statue. Its eyes gleam for a second. Cut back to a close-up of Aang, who is still mesmerized by the statue. Katara appears behind him, grabs his shoulders and shakes him a bit.
Katara Aang! Snap out of it!
Cut to a wider view from over the shoulder of the statue. Aang is smiling at it while Katara looks worried at Aang.
Aang [Dazed.] Huh?
Katara [She curiously follows his gaze and looks at the statue as well.] Who is that?
Aang That's Avatar Roku, the Avatar before me.
Cut to a back view of the duo, as Sokka walks up.
Sokka You were a firebender? No wonder I didn't trust you when we first met.
Katara [Looks at the base of the statue.] There's no writing. How do you know his name?
Aang I'm not sure. I just know it somehow.
Sokka [Growls irritably while crossing his arms.] You just couldn't get any weirder.
The trio startles and stares with big eyes in front of them when they hear something. They turn around. Switch to a scene of the blue light on the floor that comes in through the door. A long-eared shadow of another being that is approaching moves over it. The camera pans to the right toward the statues, but the trio cannot be seen. Overview shot from among the statues where Katara and Aang are hiding behind a statue on the left and Sokka, who is holding his club ready, hides behind a statue to the right. The shadow is creeping closer. Cut to a closer shot of the threesome. Katara has her teeth clutched in fright, while Aang looks in front of him. Sokka holds his hand to his mouth as he addresses them.
Sokka [Whispering.] Firebender. Nobody make a sound.
Katara [Irritably.] You're making a sound!
Aang and Sokka [Putting their finger before their mouths.] Shhhh!
Katara looks scared in front of her again. Overview shot of the huddled trio as the shadow creeps closer. Close-up of Sokka, who raises his club.
Sokka [Whispering.] That firebender won't know what hit him.
Cut to a broader view as Sokka stands up. The shadow has reached the bases of the statues and the camera pans up to reveal a small figure standing in the doorway; it chitters. The camera changes to a view from behind the figure. Sokka appears from behind the statue, his club to the ready, but lowers it as soon as he sees the animal. Aang and Katara peek form behind their statue as well. Frontal view of the erect flying lemur, as it sits down and lowers his ears, blinking at the appeared threesome. Close-up of Aang.
Aang [Excitedly.] Lemur!
Sokka [Quickly pans to a drooling Sokka.] Dinner!
Cut to a close-up of the lemur, as the animal pricks his ears and slightly tilts his head. Cut back to a close-up of a friendly-looking Aang.
Aang [Reassuring.] Don't listen to him. You're going to be my new pet.
Sokka [Aang glares angrily at Sokka, before the scene switches to a close-up of his drooling face. Challenging.] Not if I get him first!
Sokka stretches his hand while he excitedly lunges himself at the animal from behind the statue. Aang runs up at the lemur as well. Point of view switches to that of the boys. The lemur arcs his back in fright, his ears, hair and tail standing upright as the snatching hands of the boys draw closer. Switch to a back view of the lemur. It startles, quickly turns around and makes a break for it. Sokka barely misses the animal and falls down. Aang nimbly avoids tripping as well by using Sokka's head as a stepping stone. Switch to an overview shot as Sokka quickly gets up and runs behind Aang and the lemur as they exit the sanctuary.
Aang Wait! Come back!
Cut to a shot from low in the hallway. The lemur bounces off the wall and chases out of the screen.
Sokka I want to eat you!
Aang and Sokka come sliding around the corner and give chase. Sokka passes Aang and shoves him back. Cut to a side-view of Sokka running in the lead. Aang pulls up next to him again, so Sokka takes out his club and takes a swing at Aang's legs. Aang nimbly avoids the club and uses his airbending to run on the side of the wall, laughing loudly with amusement. Cut to a shot from Sokka's point of view as Aang runs up ahead. The airbender runs on the floor again. He quickly turns around and directs on airball at Sokka, which knocks his legs from underneath him. Sokka flips in the air before smacking face first on the ground, his hood falling over his head while he lands. Switch to a frontal view from a balcony as the lemur exits the corridor and sits on the ledge of the balcony, looking back at the approaching Aang. He pricks his ears again and takes flight with a scared look on his face. Cut to a shot from over Aang's shoulder as he is running down the hall. He briefly glances over to see if Sokka is still following. He too exits the hallway and without slowing down, he jumps over the ledge of the balcony, behind the lemur. Cut to a shot from underneath Aang. The airbender turns in the air and uses some of the rocks to break his freefall, jumping from one rock to the other. Cut back to Sokka, who too has reached the balcony, but stops there while looking over the rim.
Sokka Hey! No fair!
Cut back to a close-up of Aang, who's freefalling again. His mouth is wide open in a smile and his eyes are slightly squinted and watering, owing to the speed of his fall.

Cut to the Fire Nation tent at the occupied Earth Kingdom harbor. Zhao is walking toward it. The scene changes from inside the tent, where two guards hold their spears in front of the exit. Zhao pushes the cloths aside that serve as tent doors and enters.

Zhao My search party is ready. Once I'm out to sea, [Cut to a shot from over Zhao's head to reveal Iroh and Zuko sitting in two chairs in front of him in the middle of the tent.] my guards will escort you back to your ship and [Close-up of Zuko, who angrily looks down.] you'll be free to go.
Zuko [Angrily.] Why? Are you worried I'm going to try and stop you?
Cut to Zhao, who starts to laugh out loud.
Zhao [Amused.] You? Stop me? Impossible.
Zuko [Angrily gets up. Enraged.] Don't underestimate me, Zhao! I will capture the Avatar before you!
Iroh [Gets up as well; sternly.] Prince Zuko, that's enough.
Zhao [Confidently.] You can't compete with me. I have hundreds of war ships under my command and you? You're just a banished prince. No home, no allies. Your own father doesn't even want you.
Zuko [Angrily.] You're wrong! Once I deliver the Avatar to my father, he will welcome me home with honor, and restore my rightful place on the throne!
Zhao [Close-up of Zhao, as the camera pans to the right to slowly reveal his whole face.] If your father really wanted you home, he would have let you return by now, Avatar or no Avatar. But in his eyes you are a failure and a disgrace to the Fire Nation.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko.] That's not true.
Zhao You have the scar to prove it.
With a cry of frustration, Zuko jolts up out of his chair and into Zhao's face. Side-view as the two stare at each other in anger.
Zuko [Furiously.] Maybe you'd like one to match!
Zhao [Slightly mockingly.] Is that a challenge?
Zuko An Agni Kai. At sunset.
Zhao Very well. [Zhao erects himself.] It's a shame your father won't be here to watch me humiliate you. [Turns around.] I guess your uncle will do.
Zhao walks away. Front view of Zuko, with Iroh in the background.
Iroh [Camera pans slowly to the right to a full close-up of Zuko. Worried.] Prince Zuko, have you forgotten what happened last time you dueled a master?
Zuko [Darkly.] I will never forget.
Cut to a scenery shot of the Southern Air Temple. Switch to somewhere inside the temple where the lemur lands on the ground. The animal erects his ears as Aang touches down on the ground behind him as well and launches forward. The lemur jumps out of the way. The camera pans to the left to follow the animal's escape as he runs through some ripped drapes, which once formed a tent.
Aang [Follows the lemur.] Hey! Come back! [Cut to a shot from inside the tent, as Aang pushes the decaying curtain of drapes out of the way. Happily looks around.] Come on out, little lemur! That hungry guy won't bother you anymore.
Aang walks up to another curtain of drapes. Cut to a frontal view from the other side of the curtain as Aang parts them. He looks in the room, but suddenly takes a sharp breath in shock. Switch to several skeletons dressed in Fire Nation uniforms lying scattered over the floor. The camera slowly pans up to a skeleton lying in the snow, surrounded by many more skeletons of Fire Nation soldiers.
Aang [Shocked.] Firebenders? They were here?
Aang enters the room and looks around with a sad expression on his face. The scene switches to a closer shot of the skeleton in the snow and slowly zooms in on it. The skeleton is adorned with a round necklace that supports the symbol of airbending. Close-up of Aang, as he stares at the skeletons. Cut back to a close-up of the skeleton dressed in yellow monk robes. The camera focuses on the round, wooden necklace. Cut back to Aang, whose eyes are trembling with sadness and hold back tears.
Aang [Devastated.] Gyatso.
The view changes to one from beside the skeleton; its fingers are clearly visible in the front as Aang drops to his knees in the background and lets out a mournful sigh. Cut to Sokka, who pulls the drapes aside and looks around.
Sokka [Happily.] Hey, Aang! You find my dinner yet? [Cut to a side-view of Aang sitting on his knees, his head cupped in his hands. Sokka walks toward him. Reassuring.] Aang, I wasn't really going to eat the lemur, okay? [He approaches Aang with a smile on his face, but shakes his head and does a double take.] Oh, man. [Switch to a shot of the skeleton of the monk, which slowly moves back to reveal that Sokka places a hand on Aang's shoulder.] Come on, Aang. Everything will be all right. Let's get out of here.
Suddenly, Aang's arrow tattoos begin to glow a bluish white. Cut to a frontal view of Aang, as he lifts his head, his eyes glowing in the same color. The camera pans up; Sokka retracts his hands and gasps for air in fright. Switch to an overview shot of inside the sanctuary where Katara is walking down the circular pattern of statues. She stops before and looks at the statue of Avatar Roku. Cut to a close-up of the statue's face. The camera's point of view switches to behind Roku's shoulder. Katara suddenly looks surprised as a bluish, white light illuminates her face; it seems to come from the statue. Cut back to a close-up of the statue. Its eyes are gleaming bright. The bright light spreads to the other statues and one by one, their eyes start to gleam. The camera pans up to reveal how the light travels from statue to statue and makes its way up to the top of the sanctuary. The camera's point of view switches again to behind Roku's shoulder to show Katara, who is still staring at Roku in shock.
Katara [Worried.] Aang!
Katara turns around and sprints away.

Switch to another temple hidden somewhere in the mountains. Inside the temple is a man, dressed in the typical green of the Earth Kingdom, sitting in front of a painting of past earth Avatars. Their eyes also begin to gleam brightly. Cut to a frontal view of the man's frightened expression. The light is so strong that it casts long shadows on his face. Switch to somewhere on one of the poles, where two Water Tribe civilians are looking at the water temple's roof that glows bright with bluish, white light. Cut to a far-off view of the Fire Temple; its roof glows with a reddish light. Cut to a view from inside the temple, where a Fire Sage is leaning out of the room from which the light emanates.

Fire Sage Send word to the Fire Lord immediately! The Avatar has returned!
The expression on the recipient Fire Sage's face turns to fright. Cut back to the decaying building Aang is in at the Southern Air Temple. Switch to a close shot of Aang's feet, where a whirlwind begins to form. The wind kicks away a bone. The camera slowly pans up. The wind kicks up and forms a sphere around Aang; his eyes and tattoos still glowing brightly. Aang's clothes flutter heavily in the wind.
Sokka [Alarmed.] Aang! Come on! Snap out of it!
Sokka holds up his arm to protect himself against the raging winds. Suddenly, the air sphere around Aang expands and sends Sokka flying backward.
Sokka Aaaaahh!
Cut to an overview of the dilapidated building. The roof explodes by the force of the hurricane and debris is catapulted high into the air. Switch back to inside the rubble of the building where Sokka spins through the air and smacks against the wall. The air sphere has expanded to a raging tornado with Aang in its center. Sokka peeks at Aang from behind a rock. Switch to an overview shot as Katara walks up to Sokka, holding her arm protectively before her face.
Katara [Shouting above the raging winds. Close-up of the two siblings. Katara looks worried at her brother.] What happened?
Sokka [Shouting.] He found out firebenders killed Gyatso!
Katara Oh no! It's his Avatar Spirit! [Raises her hand to protect herself against the winds and the flying debris.] He must have triggered it! I'm going to try and calm him down! [Closes an eye against the wind and starts to make her way toward Aang.]
Sokka [Holds on to the rock in an attempt to keep from being blown away. Alarmed.] Well, do it! Before he blows us off the mountain!
Cut to a side-view as Katara fights the storm to get to Aang. Cut to a shot from over her shoulder. The sphere of wind that engulfs slowly starts to rise in the air. Katara is pushed back by the strong wind currents that fill the remains of the building as the sphere ascends higher and higher.

Cut to an overview shot of a Fire Nation arena at the occupied Earth Kingdom harbor at sunset. Switch to a view of the inside. The camera pans to the left to reveal some two figure standing at the right and 5 figures standing at the left of the arena. Close-up of Zhao, as he is squatting down; He is bare-chested and barefoot and wears a cape over his shoulders. Zuko and Iroh can be seen in the background. Switch to a close-up of Zuko, squatting the same way and dressed in the same attire.

Iroh Remember your firebending basics, [Close-up of Iroh's upper body.] Prince Zuko. They are your greatest weapons.
Zuko [Close-up of Zuko's determined face.] I refuse to let him win.
Zuko stands up and turns around. The cape drops from his shoulder. Switch to Zhao on the other side of the arena who also rises and turns around; his garment swivels down as well.
Zhao [Confident whisper.] This will be over quickly.

Cut to a Fire Nation soldier standing on higher grounds. He sees that the duo has readied themselves for battle, so he rings a large gong. Cut back to a side-view of Zuko and Zhao standing in the middle of the arena, both taking on a firebending stance. Close-up of Zuko, who has his hands stretched out in front of him, glaring at Zhao. Switch to Zhao, who stands the same as Zuko. The screen splits; the upper pane is a close-up of Zhao's eyes and slowly slides to the left, the lower is a close-up of Zuko's eyes and slowly slides to the right.

Cut to a view from behind Zuko, as he starts to lower his arms, leaving a trail of fire behind. Camera moves to a frontal view of Zuko, as he directs a strong fire blast at Zhao. Zhao moves to the left, out of the way of the blast before moving back to the right to avoid another blast. Switch to a shot of Zhao's left foot with Zuko in the background; the camera pans to the right. The prince shoots two more strong blast at Zhao. Frontal view of Zhao, as he crosses his arms in front of him and takes the blasts head on. He moves one arm up and the other down, dissipating the flames. He smirks at Zuko, who is seen panting heavily with his arm still stretched out from his last attack. He angrily grinds his teeth and performs a roundhouse kick, spraying flames toward the camera. The shot switches to a side-view of Zhao, who creates his own flames to push away Zuko's blazing attack. He performs his trick again. Close-up of Zuko, who squints his eyes and directs another powerful flame kick in Zhao's direction. Close-up of a smirking Zhao, who holds his own fire ready. He launches forward. Shot of his feet, showing his strong stance as he swings his arms over the ground, severing Zuko's next attack. The camera switches from Zhao, who seems unfazed by Zuko's attacks to Zuko, who is panting heavily with fatigue. Cut to Iroh, who is holding his fist up while rooting for his nephew.

Iroh Basics, Zuko! [Close-up of Zuko's determined face.] Break his root!
Side-view of Zhao, who ferociously attacks Zuko with a strong fire blast. Zuko is thrown back a bit by the force of the attack while he diverts the flames to both of his sides. Zhao takes a step forward. Closer shot as he directs another powerful blast at the prince, using both his arms this time. Zuko is thrown back again, but still diverts the fire away from him. Zhao takes another step forward and fires again with the same result on Zuko's side. Shot of Zhao, who firmly plants his foot down; cut to a shot where he holds his both wrists together and fires another strong blast. Zuko is thrown back upon impact and slides back several meters over the ground. He lifts his head while grunting in pain. His expression turns to one of shock as he looks up and sees that Zhao has jumped up and is soaring through the skies toward him. With a loud scream, he lands at Zuko's feet, erects himself and thrusts his fist forward to deliver the final blow.

Cut to Zuko's eyes, which open wide in fright as the fire reflects in them. At the last possible second, a frontal shot of Zuko shows him rolling out of the way and swirling his feet around. The view switches to a side-view of Zuko as he, while getting up in this swirl, swipes Zhao's legs from underneath him. This same move is shown two more times, from a closer side-view and from a close-up angled shot of Zuko's perspective, before cutting to a shot of Zuko's feet as he firmly plants them on the ground. Close-up as he smiles confidently. Switch to a shot from over the ground as Zuko steps forward, sliding fire at Zhao's feet, who steps back. Zhao is caught off balance and wobbles backward. Zuko keeps repeating his move, directing his attacks at Zhao's feet in an attempt to throw him off balance. Switch to Zhao, who falls back in distress and subsequently to Iroh, who smiles approvingly. Cut to Zuko, who directs a powerful kick at his adversary. Zhao barely pushes it out of the way while staggering back ever further. Zuko kicks again and this time he succeeds in knocking the commander over. Zhao falls down and rolls over the ground, where he ends up on his back. Zuko runs up at him and threatens him with an outstretched arm, ready to deliver the final blow. Zhao brings his head up and looks at Zuko. Close-up of Zuko's eyes and back to a shot of Zhao's face.

Zhao [Challenging.] Do it!
Zuko grunts and thrusts his fist forward, emitting another fire blast. Smoke appears on screen and Zuko erects himself. Cut to a blackened spot on the ground, next to Zhao's face. The camera moves back to a broader view.
Zhao That's it? Your father raised a coward.
Zuko [Anger clearly audible in his voice.] Next time you get in my way, I promise, I won't hold back.
Zuko turns his back to Zhao and starts to walk away. Close-up of Zuko's face as he walks; Zhao can be seen erecting himself in the background, his back facing Zuko. He suddenly turns around and aims a powerful kick at Zuko, spreading his flames. Before Zuko notices anything, however, Iroh intervenes and grabs Zhao's foot, dissipating the fire. Iroh tosses Zhao back who slides away on his back. Zuko wants to charge Zhao in anger, but Iroh stops him.
Iroh No, Prince Zuko. Do not taint your victory. [Turns to face Zhao. Condescending.] So this is how the great Commander Zhao acts in defeat? [Close-up of Zhao lying on the floor.] Disgraceful. [Cut back to a closer shot of Zuko and Iroh.] Even in exile, my nephew is more honorable than you. [Zuko looks at Iroh upon hearing those last words. Switch to a shot from over Zhao's shoulders.] Thanks again for the tea. It was delicious.
Iroh and Zuko turn and walk toward the gate of the arena. Zhao partially erects himself, with his left arm resting on his left knee, and grunts as he watches them go. Overview shot of Iroh and Zuko exiting the arena and a close-up of the duo.
Zuko [Softly.] Did you really mean that, Uncle?
Iroh [Smiling slyly, while glancing at his nephew.] Of course. I told you ginseng tea is my favorite.
Zuko slightly smiles, before the shot switches to an overview of Ketu Harbor as the duo walks toward their ship.

Cut to Aang, who is still suspended in the air in his sphere. Strong winds are rampaging through the rubble of the destroyed building. Katara and Sokka are holding on for dear life on some stones, trying not to get blown away.

Katara [In the background, Sokka is hunched over his rock, clenching his teeth together. Katara shouts calmly with a sad expression on her face. The camera slowly moves in on her.] Aang! I know you're upset and I know how hard it is to lose the people you love. I went through the same thing when I lost my mom. [Diverts her eyes. Shot switches to a frontal view of Aang, his tattoos glowing and wind swirling around him; his clothes flutter in the storm. Sokka runs over to his sister in the background.] Monk Gyatso and the other airbenders may be gone, [Close-up of her as she looks up at him.] but you still have a family. Sokka and I! [Sokka opens his eyes and glances at his sister.] We're your family now!
Close-up of Aang's emotionless face, as he begins to descend. The angle changes to a view from behind Sokka and Katara as they watch him lower himself back to the ground; the winds start to die down and the air sphere that surrounded Aang disappears. Close-up of his feet, as he touches the ground. Frontal view of the young Avatar, his eyes and tattoos are still glowing bluish white. Katara and Sokka pull up next to him, one on each side.
Sokka [Gently.] Katara and I aren't going to let anything happen to you. Promise.
Close-up of Katara taking Aang's hand. The moment she does, the glowing fades away. Cut to a close-up of his face as his arrow and eyes also stop glowing. He slants his eyes with a saddened expression, before he collapses from exhaustion in Katara's arms.
Aang [Sad and tired.] I'm sorry.
Katara It's okay. It wasn't your fault.
Aang [Sadly.] But you were right. And if the firebenders found this temple, that means they found the other ones, too. [Close-up of his sad face, as he closes his eyes.] I really am the last airbender.
Katara hugs Aang tightly. The camera moves back and Sokka places a hand on Aang's shoulder. Switch to a shot of the statues inside the sanctuary. The camera pans down to reveal Aang standing in front of Roku's statue again. Shot from over Roku's shoulder as Katara pulls up next to Aang.
Katara Everything's packed. You ready to go?
Aang [Closer shot of Aang and Katara's faces. Softly.] How is Roku supposed to help me if I can't talk to him?
Katara Maybe you'll find a way.
They glance at each other when they hear something behind them. They turn around and see the flying lemur standing on its back legs in the middle of the doorway. Cut to a back view of the animal as it jumps to the right, toward where Sokka is standing. The animal reaches his feet and drops the load he was carrying: a variety of fruits. The lemur quickly dashes away as Sokka sits down and starts to stuff his face with the fruit, taking large bites of two different pieces of fruit. Cut to a shot of Aang and Katara, who smile at Sokka.
Aang Looks like you made a new friend Sokka!
Sokka [Pushing the food in his mouth with his two hands. Looks up with an exhilarated look upon his face. With a full mouth.] Can't talk! Must eat! [Takes another big bite.]
The flying lemur climbs onto Aang and hides behind his head, his tail curled around Aang's neck
Aang [Looking at the lemur from the corners of his eye.] Hey, little guy!
Cut to a panoramic view of the Southern Air Temple from a distance. The camera pans down to reveal Aang standing next to Appa with Momo perched on his arm.
Aang [To the winged-lemur.] You, me and Appa; [Frontal view as the camera closes in on them.] we're all that's left of this place. [Looks at the lemur.] We have to stick together. Katara, Sokka, [Switches to a shot of the duo fiddling with their luggage. They turn back to look at Aang as he calls them. Sokka is still eating a peach.] say hello to the newest member of our family.
Katara [Aang approaches the duo.] What are you going to name him?
Sokka is about to take another bite of the peach he is eating. Cut to a shot of Aang, who looks surprised when the lemur suddenly leaps off his arm and returns, holding the peach. The animal starts to nibble from it.
Aang Momo.
Cut to a wider shot. Sokka still stands there, mouth open and hand in front of his mouth, ready to take a bite, however, he has no peach anymore. The others start to laugh upon seeing Sokka's expression. Cut to a panoramic view of the Southern Air Temple at dusk; the camera slowly pans to the right. Cut to Aang, who is sadly staring back at it, leaning on the luggage that is tied at the back on Appa's saddle. Momo chitters quietly as they fly further away from the temple. Dark clouds slowly move in front of the temple, obscuring their view.
Fade to credits.






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