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The episode opens to under the water. The camera pans upward to sea level, and higher up into the city. The scene changes to where Katara is set to spar with a young boy named Sangok. She eyes her opponent with a look of determination. Sangok looks at her with a frightened expression on his face, shaking slightly. He summons a globule of water, freezes it into an iceball, and fires it at her. Katara, however, is quick to melt the iceball and, turning around swiftly, bends a wave of water at him, which she proceeds to freeze, thus suspending Sangok in an icy trap.
Pakku [Displeased.] Nice try, Pupil Sangok. [Shows Sangok trying to break free.] A couple of more years and you might be ready to fight a sea sponge. [He unfreezes the ice; Sangok falls to the ground dazed.] Would anyone care for a rematch with Katara? [The scene cuts to several students sitting by the sidelines, the camera panning to the right showing all of them to be tired and unamused.] Katara, you've advanced more quickly than any student I've ever trained. [Cuts to a shot of Katara, who smiles brightly.] You have proven that with fierce determination, passion and hard work, you can accomplish anything. [Turns to Aang irritably.] Raw talent alone is not enough. [Cut to Aang who is lying on the ground with a lazy smile, floating Momo around on an airball above him.] Pupil Aang!
Aang [Stops bending at the sound of his name; Momo lands on his head.] Yes, Master Pakku?
Pakku [Sarcastically.] Care to step into the sparring circle? I figure since you've found time to play with house pets, you must have already mastered waterbending.
Aang [Jumps off the ground with airbending.] I wouldn't say mastered, but check this out.
He twists around, bending some snow around him to make a snowman of himself, which Momo knocks over. Cut to Pakku and Katara who wear similar expressions of disdain. Pakku shakes his head in disappointment, while Katara looks on in irritation. The scene changes to another part of the city where Sokka and Yue are taking a walk along a bridge. Sokka is walking along the top of bridge's wall while balancing.
Yue So they don't have palaces in the Southern Tribe?
Sokka [Sitting down on the ledge.] Are you kidding? I grew up in a block of ice. It's not exactly a cultural hub.
Yue [Laughs and places her hand on Sokka's shoulder; when Sokka smiles at her, she gets a little upset and looks at him seriously.] Sokka, this is wrong.
Sokka [Protesting.] What's wrong? We're taking a walk!
Yue [Unsurely.] I'm engaged. It just feels ...
Sokka [Brightens.] I know what you need. [He hops off the rail to stand by her side.] You need to meet my good friend, Appa.
Yue [Curiously.] Who?
The scene changes to where the two approach the stables, where Appa is resting.
Sokka [Opening his arms out in enthusiasm.] Appa and I go way back, don't we, boy? [The thunder of Appa's shifting bulk is heard and Sokka's features turn to surprise. Appa enters from the left and lands on top of him and licks him, much to Sokka's dismay.] Ah, ah, easy! Down boy! Agh! No, up!
Yue Looks like you haven't been giving Appa enough attention!
Yue laughs. Sokka attempts to pull himself free of Appa, who continues to lick his face. The scene changes to the two sitting on Appa's saddle, Sokka holding the reins in his hand.
Yue [Excitedly.] So, how does this work?
Sokka You holding on tight? [Yue nods; in a cool tone.] Yip ... [Cut to a close up of Sokka's face.] yip.
The camera zooms out to a shot of the entire city as Appa takes off.
Yue [Impressed.] Oh ... my ... goodness! [Cuts to where Appa is soaring over the ocean; Yue is looking over the saddle.] Wow, I can't believe you do this every day.
Sokka [Stretches.] Yeah, we pretty much live up here.
Yue Is it always this cold in the sky? [Moves closer to Sokka.]
Sokka [Happily.] Not when you're with someone.
Yue [Turning to face Sokka, blushing.] It's beautiful up here.
Sokka Yeah ... [The two turn to each other and slowly begin to lean in, but at the very last moment, Sokka widens his eyes, turns away and pretends to act cool again.] Woo, yeah! Ahhh, good times, good times. [Snow and black soot start to fall from the sky.] Hey, look!
Yue [Camera zooms out to Appa flying through the gray snowfall; worried.] What's happening?
Sokka [Nervous.] Oh no ...
The scene cuts to where civilians have stopped to observe the sooty snow. Cuts to Aang, who laughs as he gleefully rolls around in the snow in a circular pattern. Cuts to Momo, who opens his mouth and catches a sooty snowflake only to bristle and spit out the contents. Aang stops playing around and looks up at the snowfall with a concerned face. Cuts to civilians standing near a fountain. Camera pans down to show the fountain's water turning black.
Sokka [Picking up handful of black snow.] Soot.
Yue What?
Scene reveals Sokka, Yue, and Appa having landed right outside the outskirts of Agna Qel'a, near the shores of the North Pole seas. Sokka is kneeling down, observing the snow.
Sokka I've seen this before, right before my village was attacked. It's soot mixed with snow. [Rises.]
Yue But, why?
Sokka [Looking out over the horizon.] It's the Fire Nation. [Looks at Yue concerned.] They've closed in on the North Pole and from the looks of this stuff, [Camera zooms out to show the enormity of the sooty snowfall.] I'd say there's a lot of them.
Cuts to the lead ship sailing toward the Water Tribe, under the command of Admiral Zhao and Iroh.
Zhao [Voice-over.] This will truly be one for the history books, General Iroh. [Cuts to Zhao and Iroh standing on deck.] Just think, centuries from now, people will study the great Admiral Zhao, who destroyed the last of the Water Tribe civilization. You're lucky you're here to see it.
Iroh [Tersely.] Be careful what you wish for, Admiral. History is not always kind to its subjects.
Zhao I suppose you speak from experience, but rest assured. This will be nothing like your legendary failure at Ba Sing Se. [Walks forward.]
Iroh [Sadly.] I hope not, for your sake.
Zhao Tell the captains to prepare for first strike.
Iroh walks away. Cuts to the bow of the lead ship breaking through thick ice floes floating in the water. Cuts to the interior of the ship, where Iroh is confronting Zuko disguised as a Fire Nation soldier. Zuko is forced to wear the disguise to keep the secret from Zhao that he survived an attempted assassination.
Iroh [Secretly.] We'll be landing soon. Do you have a plan?
Zuko [Removes his mask to reveal his face covered in cuts.] I'm working on it, Uncle. [Puts covering back in place.]
The two head off in separate directions. Back at the Northern Water Tribe, citizens flee to the town hall, as two watchmen hit a drum to signal the Fire Nation's approach. Sokka and Yue make their way up the steps, but Yue stops the approach.
Sokka [Trying to drag her along.] What's wrong? [Pointing up to the citadel.] We have to go!
Yue [Sadly; lets go of Sokka's hand.] No, Sokka, wait, I can't see you anymore. Not at all.
Sokka [Protesting.] What? We're just friends.
Yue I wish we could just be friends, but I like you too much and it's too confusing to be around you. I'm marrying someone else! [Turns away sorrowfully.]
Sokka You don't love him, do you? You don't even seem to like him.
Yue But I do love my people.
Sokka [Objecting.] You're not marrying them.
Yue [Turns to face Sokka.] You don't understand. I have duties to my father, to my tribe. I have to do this. Goodbye.
She runs past Sokka up the stairs quickly. Closes up on Sokka, who looks on with dismay. The scene cuts to inside the chief's Royal Palace.
Arnook The day we have feared for so long has arrived. The Fire Nation is on our doorstep. It is with great sadness I call my family here before me, knowing well that some of these faces are about to vanish from our tribe, [While saying this line, the scene flashes from Yue to Pakku to Hahn.] but they will never vanish from our hearts. Now, as we approach the battle for our existence, I call upon the great spirits. Spirit of the Ocean! Spirit of the Moon! Be with us! I'm going to need volunteers for a dangerous mission.
Sokka [Rising from his seat.] Count me in!
Katara Sokka ...
Arnook Be warned, many of you will not return. [Several Water Tribe men rise and walk forward.] Come forward to receive my mark, if you accept the task.
Arnook paints three red line marks with his fingers on one man's forehead. The man walks away, slightly sorrowful. Sokka steps forward and Arnook paints the same three marks. He begins walking away sadly and turns to look at Yue. After staring at each other for a few moments, Sokka continues walking. Yue averts her gaze, closes her eyes and begins crying.

The scene changes to outside Agna Qel'a where Aang is perched on a snow mound, holding his staff. Arnook approaches him.

Arnook The stillness before battle is unbearable. Such a quiet dread.
Katara joins them.
Aang I wasn't there when the Fire Nation attacked my people. [Determined.] I'm going to make a difference this time.
He rises and holds his staff behind his back in a similar pose as seen in the opening sequence. The camera pans upward to the sky. The scene changes to where Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa and all the warriors are gathered at the wall. Something distant can be seen soaring toward Agna Qel'a from the horizon. Aang squints his eyes before realizing the object is a fireball. Cuts to Sokka and Katara, who look on in terror. The fireball collides into the wall of the city, sending Team Avatar and several warriors flying back. Cuts to the wall of the city, damaged and beginning to fall apart.

Cuts to another fireball being launched into the air. The fireball disintegrates a bridge within the city. Cuts to a trebuchet operator launching another fireball into the air, which hits the wall.

Aang Yip-yip!
He and Appa take flight, heading toward the fleet. Cuts to the warriors who regather themselves, helping each other up.
Sokka [Pulls his arm free from the snow.] Katara!
Katara uses waterbending to free herself from a snow mound she became buried underneath. Sokka smiles and hoists his sister onto her feet. The two cast their eyes upward, catching sight of two fireballs that soar overhead. Cuts to Appa who grunts, Aang guiding him, a determined look on his face. Cuts to bird's-eyes view of the ocean, Aang flying toward a single Fire Navy ship. Two fireballs are launched. Cuts to the deck of the ship, where trebuchet operators launch another fireball back to Appa and Aang. Cuts to fireball soaring straight toward Aang, who uses his glider to direct it into an icy cliff side near Agna Qel'a.
Aang I'll take it from here, boy.
He jumps down from Appa and flies downward on his glider onto the first ship. Using airbending, he sweeps several trebuchet operators off their feet and leaps onto one trebuchet. An operator comes forward and slams a sledgehammer onto the machine, nearly striking Aang who manages to back-flip away. Cuts to where he stands on top of the contraption, two more operators approaching him from opposite directions, each holding a sledgehammer. The one on his right brings the sledgehammer down proceeded by the one on his left. He jumps into the air, avoiding both blows and completely collapses the trebuchet with his glider and the use of airbending. He lands onto the deck, triumphant.

He runs over to an unoccupied trebuchet, already loaded with a flaming boulder. He sticks a sledgehammer in another launcher's chain. When a soldier approaches him, Aang blasts him away, activating the catapult which launches the fireball straight into the deck, leaving a large hole. The camera zooms out on the damage.

Cuts to Aang, who runs past two operators who quickly chase after him. He arrives at two trebuchets, one before him and one behind him, and tangles their chains together. He leaps onto the machine before him as the soldiers approach and slams his foot onto the pedal that activates the catapult. The catapult lunges forward, causing the second trebuchet to collide into the first, destroying both.

Smiling happily, Aang proceeds to another machine. Cuts to a burly man, who observes him evilly. Aang prepares to strike the machine with a sledgehammer only to turn around and catch sight of the man who attempts to land blows from afar with two sledgehammers, each attached to long chains. Aang jumps out of the way of several blows. Cuts to the man who swings the chains around. Aang leans against a beam only for the two chains to wrap around the beam thus trapping him. He struggles to break free.

Cuts to the soldier, who is suddenly knocked over by Appa's paw. The chains snap and Aang breaks free.

Aang [Brightening.] Appa!
Appa leans over the deck of the ship and tosses the man overboard before turning to Aang, who runs over and embraces him.
Aang Thanks for the rescue, buddy!
His expression of relief becomes one of alarm when the ship begins to rumble. Cuts to an undamaged trebuchet that collapses when a gigantic spike of ice pierces straight through the hull and deck of the ship. Cuts to dozens of Water Tribe warriors riding on boats, who are using waterbending to suspend the ship. Cuts to the entire ship being uprooted. Cuts to Appa, who stands on the sloping deck, the ruins of machinery sliding downward past them. He and Aang take off. Cuts to the horizon, where an entire fleet comes into view, the ships large in quantity.
Aang [Shocked.] You've got to be kidding me ...
The scene cuts to the training for the mission.
Arnook Men, you'll be infiltrating the Fire Nation Navy. That means you'll all need one of these uniforms.
The camera pans upward, revealing a young man, Hahn, who appears in the uniform that will be used. Sokka laughs. The rest of the warriors turn to stare at him.
Hahn [Angrily.] What's your problem?
Sokka Fire Navy uniforms don't look like that.
Hahn [Irritably.] Of course they do. These are real uniforms captured from actual Fire Navy soldiers.
Sokka [Sarcastically.] When, like, a hundred years ago?
Arnook Eighty-five.
Sokka [Walks over and flings one of the shoulder spikes with his finger.] The Fire Nation doesn't wear shoulder spikes anymore. The newer uniforms are more streamlined.
Sokka bends the tip of one of the shoulder spikes back with the tip of his finger and lets go. It bounces back to its original shape with a little comic sound effect.
Hahn How do we know we can trust this guy? [Turns to growl at Sokka, who glares at him in return.] Such bold talk for a new recruit.
Arnook Sokka is from our sister tribe, Hahn. He's a capable warrior and I value his input. [Sokka shoots Hahn a smug look; Arnook turns to the rest of the regiment.] Now, our first objective is to determine the identity of their commanding officer.
Sokka His name is Zhao. Middle-aged, [Tracing imaginary sideburns with his fingers.] big sideburns, bigger temper ...
Arnook Sokka, I want you to tell everything you know to Hahn. He's leading this mission. Hahn, show Sokka your respect. [Beginning to walk away.] I expect nothing less from my future son-in-law.
Sokka [Stares at Hahn, mouth agape; points at him and narrows his eyes.] Princess Yue's marrying you?
Hahn [Irritated.] Yeah, what of it?
Sokka [Turns away from Hahn, upset.] Nothing. Congratulations.
Scene fades to sunset where fireballs are continually launched. A bird's-eye view is shown of the fleet attacking Agna Qel'a. Cuts to several fireballs; camera pans downward to show them hitting the city.
Pakku [Pointing to the sky.] Stop those fireballs!
Cuts to shot of oncoming fireball. The waterbenders bend up a column of water and freeze it, capturing the fireball. Cuts to side-view of the leading ships of the fleet, the uprooted ship in view. The scene cuts to the interior of Zhao's ship.
Iroh It's almost twilight, Admiral. As your military consultant, I must advise you to halt your attack. [Cuts to shot of the ship, sailing past a rising moon.] The waterbenders draw their power from the moon, and it is nearly full tonight. You should wait and resume the attack at daybreak. [Cuts back to Iroh and Zhao.]
Zhao Oh, I'm well aware of the moon problem and I am working on a solution. But for now, daybreak it is.
The lead ship drops its anchor, followed by the rest of the ships, who drop their anchors and cease the attack. Cuts to a shot of Agna Qel'a, smoke billowing from several spots. Yue can be seen looking out over the horizon.
Yue They've stopped firing.
Yue and Katara stand side by side, viewing the city. Appa appears over the horizon, flying toward them.
Katara Aang!
Aang lands on the ground, exasperated. Katara and Yue approach him.
Aang [Clearly exhausted, placing his hands on his head.] I can't do it ... I can't do it.
Katara What happened?
Aang [Dimly.] I must have taken out a dozen Fire Navy ships, but there's just too many of them. I can't fight them all.
Yue [Pleadingly.] But, you have to. You're the Avatar.
Aang [Solemnly.] I'm just one kid.
He buries his face in his arms. Katara kneels down beside him in an attempt to comfort him. The scene changes to nightfall on the lead ship. Cuts inside a room where Zuko prepares a boat, winding up some rope. Iroh enters.
Iroh If you're fishing for an octopus my nephew, you need a tightly woven net, or he will squeeze through the tiniest hole and escape.
Zuko I don't need your wisdom right now, Uncle.
Iroh I'm sorry. I just nag you, because ... well, [Voice breaking slightly.] ever since I lost my son ...
Zuko Uncle, you don't have to say it.
Iroh ... I think of you as my own.
Zuko [Faces his uncle, a softer expression on his face.] I know, Uncle. We'll meet again. [Iroh hugs him.] After I have the Avatar. [He turns away and gets on the boat.]
Iroh Remember your breath of fire. It could save your life out there.
Zuko I will. [Lowers the boat, suspended by ropes, down the side of the ship into the water.]
Iroh And put your hood up. Keep your ears warm!
Zuko I'll be fine!
The shot cuts to Agna Qel'a, several ships lying stationery ahead of him. Back inside the warriors' base. Hahn and Sokka sharpen their axes against grindstones.
Hahn [Smugly.] Let me tell you Sokka, I've courted a lot of girls, but Yue is the finest and she comes with the most perks.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Perks? What does that mean?
Hahn I mean, Yue's nice and everything, but the points I'll gain with the chief aren't bad either.
Sokka [Angered.] Princess Yue is wasted on a self-absorbed weasel like you!
Hahn [Camera begins closing up on Hahn.] Whoa, hang on. What do you care? [Sokka closes his eyes sorrowfully.] You're just a simple rube from the Southern Tribe. What would you know of the political complexities of our life? [Smirking.] No offense.
Sokka [Shouts and tackles Hahn; the two begin rolling around on the floor in a struggle.] You're just a jerk without a soul, no offense!
The two continue to roll about on the floor. Cuts to a shot of Sokka and Hahn, each pulling the other's ponytail in fury. They are suddenly separated by Arnook.
Arnook That's enough! Sokka, you're off the mission!
Sokka, his hair loose and hanging in locks, appears stunned before crossing his arms in anger.
Hahn All right, fall in men! Everybody listen to what I say and we'll take out this Admiral Chō in no time!
Sokka [Irritated, waves arms in gesture.] It's Admiral Zhao!
The scene changes to outside on the water where Zuko rows past, navigating his way through the path of ice spikes. Cuts to a view of a Water Tribe guard on patrol, pausing and looking out over the horizon just as Zuko's canoe disappears behind an ice spike. The guard continues walking. Cuts back to Zuko who continues to paddle toward the wall, before switching to a shot of him peering from behind an ice spike, his canoe pulled up onto the ice. Camera cuts to and zooms in on a shot of several Water Tribe guards marching atop the wall. Zuko turns around and sees a group of turtle seals resting by a hole in the ice. One seal plunges head first into the icy water. Zuko looks back up to the wall and begins approaching the hole.
Zuko [Peering down into the hole.] Where are they going? [Cuts to a shot of the hole, his face reflected in the water.] They're coming up for air somewhere.
He pulls down the mask covering his mouth and nose and inhales deeply. Cuts to shot of Zuko from beneath the water; he plunges into the water. The scene changes, cutting to a shot of the waxing gibbous moon hanging in the sky.
Yue [Off camera.] The legends say the moon was the first waterbender. [Cuts to shot of her, Katara and Aang standing on a balcony, looking up at the sky.] Our ancestors saw how it pushed and pulled the tides and learned how to do it themselves.
Katara I've always noticed my waterbending is stronger at night.
Yue Our strength comes from the spirit of the moon. Our life comes from the spirit of the ocean. [Camera pans slightly downward, showing Aang with a dull expression on his face.] They work together to keep balance.
Aang [Brightening.] The spirits! [Raises head, startling Momo.] Maybe I can find them and get their help!
Yue How can you do that?
Katara [Approaching her.] The Avatar is the bridge between our world and the Spirit World! Aang can talk to them!
Yue [To Aang.] Maybe they'll give you the wisdom to win this battle!
Aang [Waves arms out in gesture.] Or maybe they'll unleash a crazy amazing spirit attack on the Fire Nation! [The two girls look at him oddly; Aang looks at them and straightens up.] Or wisdom. That's good, too.
Katara The only problem is, last time you got to the Spirit World by accident. How are you going to get there this time?
Yue I have an idea. Follow me.
She begins walking away. Cuts to a shot of the chief's Royal Palace, the camera panning downward to the ground where Yue walks by, followed by Aang and Katara. Cuts to shot of Yue standing by a small, round wooden door, Aang approaching close behind.
Aang [Walking up to the door.] So, is this the way to the Spirit World?
Yue [Laughs.] No. You'll have to get there on your own. [Leans inward.] But I can take you to the most spiritual place in the entire North Pole. [Opens the door.]
Aang steps inside. The camera pans upward and zooms in to reveal a small verdant oasis lying ahead, a waterfall flowing directly behind it. Zooms in on Aang, who gasps in amazement.
Aang [Runs to the back of the oasis and rolls around on the ground.] I never thought I'd miss grass this much!
Katara [Approaching the oasis.] It's so warm here! How is that possible?
Yue It's the center of all spiritual energy in our land.
The two girls remove their coats. Cuts to view of two fish, one black and one white, swimming about in the pond. Momo sticks his hand in the pond and tries to grab the two fish in the water. Cuts to shot of the two girls standing over him, looking rather irritated.
Aang You're right, Yue. I can feel ... something. It's so tranquil. [Positions himself to meditate.]
Meanwhile, Zuko emerges from the water through another hole in the ice. He lies on his back on the ice and catches his breath. He rolls over onto his side, begins shivering and breathes fire to warm himself.
Zuko [To the barking turtle seals.] Be quiet!
The pack of seals quiets down. Cuts to shot of several seals, who watch as Zuko walks past, pushing aside the heads of two of them. They resume barking. He makes his way through another opening where water is pouring out. Cuts to shot of his foot boring into the wall as he tries to steady himself and make his way through the channel of water. Cuts to inside the channel, where he slowly crawls his way through. Cut back to the warriors' base. Sokka is crouched on the floor, sharpening his boomerang when he is approached.
Arnook Is something wrong, Sokka?
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Oh, no. Hahn's out there on the top-secret mission while I'm here sharpening my boomerang. Everything's fine.
Arnook Listen to me. I took you off the mission for selfish reasons. I have a special task in mind for you.
Sokka What, you want me to scrub the barracks?
Arnook I want you to guard my daughter, Princess Yue.
Sokka [Rises and tries to act cool.] Oh ... Sure. That ... shouldn't be too hard.
Arnook exits the scene; Sokka's face falls. Zuko continues to make his way through the channel of water. He exits from the channel and floats to the surface of the water. He emerges from the surface and inhales deeply several times. He proceeds to duck his head under the water, surveying the area. The camera zooms in on another channel. Zuko swims toward the channel and upward. As he attempts to resurface, however, the surface of the water had frozen into a thick ice patch. Zuko tries to break through the ice. He suddenly exhales, signaling his need for air. He heats his hands using firebending and melts a hole in the ice. Cuts to a tunnel way in the city, the ice steaming and finally melting away. Zuko emerges and catches his breath. He relaxes against the wall of the tunnel. The scene changes back to the Spirit Oasis, where Aang is meditating, Katara and Yue watching him.
Yue Why is he sitting like that?
Katara He's meditating, trying to cross over into the Spirit World. [Aang scrunches up his face in concentration.] It takes all his concentration.
Yue Is there any way we can help?
Aang [Angrily.] How about some quiet? Come on guys, I can hear every word you're saying!
The camera zooms in on the pond, where the two koi fish are shown circling each other. Cuts to shot of beneath the pond, showing an underside-view of the two fish. Cuts to shot of Aang staring at the fish, seemingly mesmerized. Cuts back to two fish circling each other before switching back to Aang. Cuts back to image of the two fish, which morphs into an image of the symbols for yin and yang. Cuts back to Aang, as his eyes and tattoos to light up.
Yue [Worried.] Is he okay?
Katara He's crossing into the Spirit World. He'll be fine as long as we don't move his body. [Cuts to overhead shot of the pond.] That's his way back to the physical world.
Yue Maybe we should get some help.
Katara [Smiling.] No, he's my friend. I'm perfectly capable of protecting him.
Zuko [Sarcastically.] Well, aren't you a big girl now.
Katara [Alarmed and dismayed.] No ...
Zuko [Determined.] Yes. Hand him over and I won't have to hurt you.
Yue runs from the scene as Katara assumes a defensive stance, Zuko appearing on screen. Cuts to Zuko, who kicks up his leg, sending a fire blast Katara's way. He fires more blasts from his hands. Cuts to shot of Zuko and Katara, Zuko continually firing as Katara conjures up water shields to deflect the attacks. Cuts to Katara, who draws water from the pond and sends the stream at Zuko, who is preparing another attack. The blast pushes Zuko back several feet and knocks him to the ground.
Zuko [Rising.] I see you've learned a new trick, but I didn't come this far to lose to you.
He turns around and fires another blast which Katara blocks by summoning another shield of water. Cuts to shot of Zuko, Katara, and Aang as Katara sends a powerful jet of water at her opponent. The jet collides into Zuko, who is sent farther back. As he attempts to steady himself from the impact, small juts of ice form around his feet. Cuts to close-up of Katara, a determined look on her face. Water begins rising around Zuko and encircling him. Katara waves her arms about wildly, forming a ball of water around him which she freezes solid. Cuts to close-up of her as she smiles triumphantly. Cuts to Zuko imprisoned in the ice.
Zuko You little peasant. You've found a master, haven't you?
The globule of ice begins glowing bright orange with heat and the ground rumbles. Cuts to view of entire globule as it heats up intensely before melting. He fires repeated attacks at Katara, who draws water from the oasis to deflect the attacks. She prepares to strike him with a water blast, however, Zuko manages to slip away and head toward Aang. Just as his fingers grasp Aang's collar, Katara fires a water blast, throwing Zuko to the other wall. She whips up a large wave and sends the attack at Zuko. The rush of water sends Zuko up the side of the cliff; she freezes the water, encasing him in ice. Cuts to Pakku who looks over the horizon in the city as the sun rises. The scene cuts to Zhao's ship.
Zhao It's daybreak at last. Let's write history.
Back to the Spirit Oasis, rays of sunlight beam down on Zuko, who remains imprisoned in the ice, his head bent down. He feels the heat and sharply raises his head. With a determined look on his face, he breathes steam from his nose, melting the ice quickly. He lands on the ground and fires a blast at Katara, who had her back turned to him at that moment. She turns around swiftly and attempts to deflect the blast by conjuring a water shield; however, she creates the shield too late. The blast sends her slamming into the gate to the Spirit World, knocking her out. Smoke from the impact fills the screen. Cuts to shot of Zuko standing over her, holding Aang by the collar.
Zuko You rise with the moon ... I rise with the sun.
The scene changes to where Fire Navy ships break through the city wall, their bows crumbling the wall, allowing soldiers armed with spears to rush in.
Zhao The Water Tribe can try to resist the inevitable, but their city will fall today.
Cuts back to the oasis. Camera focuses on a close-up of Katara, whose eyes suddenly snap open as she regains consciousness, only to realize Aang is gone. She crawls around, desperately searching for him.
Katara Aang!
Sokka and Yue enter on Appa.
Sokka What happened? Where's Zuko?
Katara [Dismayed.] He took Aang. He took him right out from under me.
Cuts to shot of Momo looking sorrowfully from the edge of the pond.
Sokka [Off-camera.] Where did they go ...
The camera pans upward to above the oasis where Zuko is seen walking through a blizzard with Aang in tow. Cuts to shot of them walking away. The camera pans upward to show the snow falling.
Fades to credits.






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