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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] A chance encounter turns Korra from pro-bending spectator to pro-bending star. With her new teammates, Mako and Bolin, the Fire Ferrets earn a place in the championship tournament. But meanwhile, an anti-bending revolution brews in Republic City. Who are the Equalists? And what nefarious plan does the mysterious man behind the mask have in store for our hero?
The episode opens with a clear side shot of the golden Pro-bending Arena, slowly zooming in. Cut to inside the gym of the arena where a large ball flies through the air; frontal shot of Korra as she catches it.
Korra [Dismayed.] What's the big idea with making me train this early in the morning? [Whispers.] The morning is evil.
Bolin [Broad side shot of all the Fire Ferrets wearing their training uniform.] We're the rookies, [Korra tosses the ball at him and he catches it.] so we get the worst time slot in the gym.
Mako [Frontal shot as he catches the ball thrown by Bolin.] And you're the rookiest of us all. We gotta get you up to speed if we wanna survive in the tournament. [Tosses the ball to Korra; annoyed.] Deal with it.
Korra [Frontal shot as she catches it; just as annoyed.] You deal with it!
She aggressively tosses the ball back to Mako. Switch to a side shot as the ball hits him hard in the stomach, flinging him backward in a flip, and causing him to land hard on his back, groaning. Frontal shot of a smug-looking Korra, who is crossing her arms. She glances over her shoulder and the scene pans to the right revealing someone has entered the gym.
Butakha There are my little hard-working street urchins. [Close-up as the man starts walking toward the team. Side shot as he stops and places his hand on Korra's shoulder.] It's an honor to finally meet you, Avatar.
Korra [Somewhat annoyed.] And you are ...?
Butakha [Frontal shot as he takes off his hat.] Butakha. I run this whole pro-bending shebang. [Puts his hat back on. Switch to side shot, as an annoyed Korra walks away; Buthakha takes a wad of cash out of his inner pocket and places it into the outstretched hand of an eager Mako.] Here's your winnings from the last match. [Frontal shot of a broadly grinning Mako, who moves to put it away. Butakha raises a finger.] Ah ah ah, not so fast. [Side shot; he takes some of the cash.] First, you owe me for the Avatar's new gear, [Takes more cash.] gym and equipment rentals from last month, [Mako sadly looks at the money; frontal shot as he moves to put the rest away, but Butakha stops him again.] rent on your apartment, [Mako looks dismayed at his nearly empty hand. Butakha takes the remaining money.] and a personal loan for groceries.
Mako stares sadly at his empty hand and turns to a dismayed expression. He turns to the screen irritatedly. He turns and glares accusingly at Bolin. Switch to broader shot of the two brothers. Pabu is perched on Bolin's shoulders.
Bolin [Opens his arms; innocently.] What? [Rubs his stomach.] I'm a growing boy!
Butakha [Overview shot.] Oh, and one more small item of business: The Fire Ferrets need to ante up thirty thousand yuans for the championship pot.
Bolin [Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin; shocked with his eyes wide open and blank.] Thirty thousand yuans?! [Pabu swings his tail for balance as Bolin suddenly slightly bends his head forward.]
Butakha [Side shot; puts a hand on Mako's shoulder.] Sorry, kids. You got 'til the end of the week to come up with the dough, or else, you're out of the tournament.
Bolin feebly reaches after Butakha as he walks away. Korra walks up to them as both brothers look at the ground with sad expressions. They glance to her as she stops.
Bolin [Starts with a high-pitched voice, that slowly lowers to his normal one.] You wouldn't happen to have a secret Avatar bank account overflowing with gold, would you?
Korra [Pulls out her empty pockets.] I got nothing. [Frontal shot.] I've never really needed money. [Smiles softly while tilting her head slightly.] I've always had people taking care of me.
Mako [Wider shot. Mako picks up the ball and puts it in a bag; slightly accusing.] Then I wouldn't say you have nothing.
Korra [Close shot of Korra and Bolin, Korra looking somewhat guilty; apologetically.] Sorry, I didn't mean —
Bolin [Frontal shot.] No, it's all right. It's just [Slightly lowers his voice; sadly.] ever since we lost our parents, we've been on our own.
Korra [Frontal shot; compassionately.] I'm so sorry. I didn't know.
Mako [Broader shot as Mako picks up the bags with two training balls in it and zips it shut.] So, anyway, [Frontal shot, as he swings the bag over his shoulder.] how are we gonna come up with the money?
Bolin [Voice-over; excitedly.] Oh, oh, I got it! [Frontal shot, as he squats.] I got it! [Holds up his fire ferret.] I've been training Pabu to do circus tricks. Now people would pay good money to see that!
Wider shot of the three teenagers. Bolin excitedly and hopefully looks at Mako, while both Mako and Korra look down at Bolin with a "you cannot be serious" expression.
Mako [Somewhat irritably.] Come on, Bolin. [Close-up of an excited Bolin.] We need serious ideas.
Bolin [Pabu chitters softly as Bolin holds him close; downcast.] I was serious.
Mako [Walks away; cut to a frontal shot.] Don't worry about it. I'll figure something out. I always do.
Bolin stands up and both he and Korra eye Mako's exit with a wondering expression. Scene zooms in on Bolin, whose look changes to a determined one as he glances to the side.

Cut to Central City Station. The scene pans down Fire Lord Zuko's statue to reveal someone sitting at its base while people are passing him by.

Bolin [Voice-over.] Come one, come all. [Close shot of Bolin who has a small bridge set up. He is wearing a flashy jacket and a fake mustache, while Pabu is standing on a little can, wearing a bright lime green jacket. He excitedly speaks to the passersby while making wide motions with his arms.] See Pabu the fantastic fire ferret as he crosses the Ladder of Peril, [Gasps; whispers dramatically.] upside down! [Pabu continues to clean himself by licking his paws.] Psst, psst. [The moment Bolin signals Pabu, the ferret jumps on the plank and starts walking across it on his front paws. Bolin softly cheers him on.] Big finish, buddy. Stick the landing. [Pabu flips off and lands on one front paw.] Ta da! [Someone throws a coin in Bolin's cup.] Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! You are too kind! Seriously, too kind! You can come back here and put money right in this- [Shakes his cup, and his excitement vanishes as he hears that there is little money inside it.] Okay, that's fine, that's fine. [Zooming in shot of the single coin that is in the canister.] One yuan down, 29,999 to go.
Broad side shot as the typical red car used by the Triple Treat Triad pulls up to Bolin. Bolin looks up. Switch to a closer shot of the driver as he rolls down the window.
Shady Shin Hey, Bolin. Is that you?
Bolin [Frontal shot; dejected.] Oh, hey there, Shady Shin.
Shady Shin [Frontal shot; gets out of his car and walks toward Bolin.] Heard you're a big time pro-bending player now. Not bad.
Bolin [Frontal shot; scratches his head.] Uh, thanks.
Shady Shin [Side shot.] So listen. I got an offer for ya. Lightning Bolt Zolt is lookin' to hire some extra muscle.
Bolin [Frontal shot; unsure.] Uh, I don't know, Shin. Mako told me to stay away from the Triple Threats.
Shady Shin [Frontal shot; mildly irritably.] Pfuh, your brother ain't the boss of you. [Slyly.] It's just a little security work. Nothin' crooked.
Shady Shin reaches in his pocket, takes out a wad of cash, and tosses it into Bolin's cup. A shot from inside the can looking up shows Bolin staring at the money with wide eyes and gasps in awe. He shakes his head and gasps even louder, while nearly sticking his head in the can.
Shady Shin [Frontal shot; smiling confidently.] You game?
Cut to a frontal shot of someone generating lightning. Switch to a broader site shot to reveal that there are at least six firebenders standing next to each other and generating lightning to shoot at the coil in front of them. Frontal shot of a bender when a construction whistle goes off. The person takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Mako. He sighs and wipes his forehead.

Cut to a shot of the side of the Pro-bending Arena in the evening. Switches to a shot of the arena's attic that serves as Mako and Bolin's home, as Mako comes up a stair and enters the room.

Mako Bo, I'm back! [Shows the bag he was carrying.] Picked up your favorite dumplings! [Sags down exhaustedly on the couch; broad frontal shot.] Hey, I found some work down at the power plant. [Reaches inside the bag.] Made some decent money. [Eats a dumpling. Switch to a back-shot of Mako as he looks down at the empty apartment; calls with his mouth still full.] Bolin? [Overview shot of the entire apartment; wondering.] You here, bro? [Frontal shot; glances around. Back-shot as he looks over his shoulder. The scene switches to his point of view to show that he is looking out the window at Air Temple Island. Amused.] Huh, I bet the little lovebird is making a house call.
Mako stands up and walks toward the stairs he just climbed up.

Cut to Air Temple Island to a back-shot of Jinora and Ikki who direct a gust of wind at the airbending gates to make them spin for Korra who is waiting at the other side. Side shot of Korra, as she elegantly weaves her way through the spinning panels, twirling around and avoiding every contact.

Jinora [Voice-over.] Good. Light on your feet!
Korra spins out on the other side without being touched once by the gates. She lands before Jinora and Ikki and rests her hands on her knees to catch her breath. The two sisters smile at her before suddenly leaning a bit to their left to look behind her. Scene switches to show that Mako is approaching.
Jinora [Voice-over.] Ooh, he's cute. [Frontal shot; smiling.] Korra, is that the [Ikki jumps next to Jinora to have a better view.] handsome firebender boy that drives you crazy?
Frontal shot of a still bend over and panting Korra with Mako approaching behind her. She looks wide-eyed at the girls, glances back, and sees Mako.
Ikki [Voice-over.] Does he drive you crazy in a bad way, [Korra glares at her and Jinora with embarrassment; side shot.] or does he drive you crazy like you like him?
Korra quickly raises the earth underneath the sisters, catapulting them in the air. Mako pulls up to her, so she turns to face him and clears her throat. Switch to a frontal shot of Korra as a giggling Jinora and Ikki softly land behind her using airbending.
Korra [Tries to act cool.] Ahem. Oh. Hey, Mako.
Mako [Side shot; short and direct.] You seen Bolin?
Korra [Sarcastically.] Nice to see you, too. [Pauses for a moment while glancing to the side.] And no. [Voice softens.] I haven't seen him since practice. Think something's wrong?
Mako [Frontal shot; shakes head.] I don't know. [Looks to his right.] Bolin has a knack for getting into stupid situations. [Sighs. Frontal shot of Korra.] See you later.
Korra briefly glances down, but quickly raises her hand as she calls after Mako.
Korra Wait. [Side shot as Korra walks after Mako.] I could, uh ... help you look for him.
Mako [Raises his hand to brush her off.] Nah. I got it.
Korra [Grabs his arms; gently.] Hey, cool guy, let me help you. [Happily.] We can take Naga.
Mako [Camera moves back to a broad side shot; intrigued.] Who's Naga?
Korra [Proudly points to herself.] My best friend. And a great tracker.
Cut to a frontal shot of Mako and Korra riding on Naga through the streets of Republic City at night.
Mako Your best friend is a ... polar bear dog. [Closer shot.] Somehow, that makes perfect sense.
Korra [Happily.] I'll take that as a compliment, city boy.
They both smile. Cut to a shot of a statue of Fire Lord Zuko holding up a flame. The camera pans down and shows Naga pulling up at the base of the statue. Closer shot of Mako and Korra as they look around. The camera switches to a panning left shot of several citizens chatting and hanging out on the square.
Mako Well, this is his usual hangout. [Gets off Naga and walks up to some street kids pushing each other around and laughing.] You guys seen my brother around here today?
Skoochy [Frontal shot.] Perhaps. My memory's a little ..."foggy". [Leans closer while casually rubbing his nose.] Maybe you can help "clear it up".
Side shot of Mako and Skoochy, who holds out a casual, but suggestive hand, asking silently for money.
Mako [Scratching his head; Korra pulls up behind him.] You're good, Skoochy. [Annoyed.] Humph, a real pro.
Mako digs into his back pocket and retrieves a yuan bill. He hands it to Skoochy, who immediately puts it away in the inner pocket of his jacket. The entire scene is eyed by a shocked and disapproving Korra.
Skoochy Yeah, I seen him.
Mako When?
Skoochy About noon.
Mako [Frontal shot.] What was he doing?
Skoochy H-he was performing [Frontal shot.] some kind of monkey rat circus. And then ...
Skoochy holds his hand out to Mako again. A frontal shot shows how Mako rolls his eyes in annoyance, but takes out another yuan bill.
Mako [Gives him another yuan.] And then what? Why did he leave?
Skoochy [Leans in closer, hand at the side of his mouth.] Shady Shin showed up and flashed some serious cash. [Frontal shot of a worried-looking Mako.] Bo took off with him in his hot rod. [Cut back to Skoochy.] The Triple Threats? The Red Monsoons? The Agni Kais? All the triads are muscling up for something real big. Now that's all you're getting outta me!
Skoochy promptly turns around and runs off. Broad frontal shot of Mako and Korra, as Skoochy's friends pass the scene, running after him.
Korra What's he talking about?
Mako [Frontal shot; glancing over his shoulder at Korra.] Sounds like there's a turf war brewing. [More serious; looking forward again as the camera zooms in on him.] And Bolin's about to get caught right in the middle of it.
Cut to several trolleys riding by. As they pass, Naga is revealed, carrying Korra and Mako on her back, who had been waiting to go on.
Korra [Pragmatical.] So where're we headed?
Mako [Broad side shot as Naga runs toward a bridge over a river.] The Triple Threat Triad's headquarters. Hopefully Bolin's there and nothing's gone down yet.
Korra [Close side shot as Korra looks back at Mako.] The Triple Threat Triad? I beat up some of those yahoos when I got into town. Why would Bolin get tangled up wit —
The rest of Korra's sentence is cut off when Naga suddenly shoot forward. Cut to a frontal shot as the polar bear dog dashes through the street, taking a sharp right turn in pursuit of a running fire ferret.
Korra Whoa, Naga!
Korra pulls the reins to halt her mount, to no avail. Front shot as Naga turn around the corner of a building, the ferret waiting for them. Aerial shot as the fire ferret runs down a street and climbs a street light as Naga approaches.
Mako [Voice-over as the fire fetter perches itself on a street sign.] That's Pabu!
Korra [Frontal shot; pulling on the reins.] No, Naga! Pabu's a friend, not a snack.
Naga calms down and starts panting, her tongue out of her mouth. Side shot of Pabu who has slid down the pole, and brings his nose forward to touch Naga's, before jumping on her head and running down her back to climb onto Mako's shoulder, who briefly smiles at the animal.
Mako [Urgently.] We gotta hurry.
Cut to shot of the foggy sky, the full moon hidden behind three slim clouds. The shot pans down; Korra, Mako, and the animals are standing outside the Triple Threat Triad headquarters.
Mako [Voice-over.] Something's not right. [Frontal shot as Mako approaches the door cautiously with Pabu still on his shoulders.] There're usually thugs posted out front. We better be cautious.
Side shot as he presses his back against the door post and peers into the door window, while signaling to Korra that it is safe to come up. As he slinks back into the shadows, Korra casually strolls toward the door, forsaking any sneaking up. Switch to inside the room to a shot of the front door as the double doors are being kicked out of their hinges by Korra. The small party enters the empty room, looking around. The building is strangely empty and the furniture is broken.
Mako Bolin? You in here?
A truck's engine roars outside and Korra and Mako promptly run out the back. As they crash through the door, they're just in time to witness a truck and five motorcycles drive off. Cut to a closer shot of the back of the truck, its doors still open. Switch to a frontal shot of Bolin and Shady Shin, both tied down and gagged, sitting inside the truck. Camera pans up to show a masked individual who closes the doors. Cut back to a side shot of a shocked-looking Mako and Korra who run after the strangers.
Mako Bolin!
As Mako and Korra run after the vehicles, the camera cuts to two masked figures on motorcycles who pull out smoke grenades and toss them at the incoming duo. Scene shifts to a frontal shot of Mako and Korra as the grenades explode with a bright flash and produce thick, heavy, green smoke, effectively halting their pursuit for some seconds. Cut to a broader shot. The masked figures take notice of the grenades effects and drive of with screeching tires. An aerial shot reveals how they quickly pull away and turn a corner, smoke in their trail. Cut back to Mako and Korra, coughing heavily amidst the smoke, covering their mouths.
Korra Naga, come!
Korra starts running in the direction the motorcyclists took off in, Naga racing across the camera after her. As she passes, Mako starts to run after them as well. Cut to a wide shot of the adjacent street as Naga with Korra and Mako on top comes dashing out of the smoke-filled alley. Switch to a side shot of the duo while moving along with Naga's strides, and cut to a still shot as the truck they're chasing drives off into the distance, the motorcyclists in tow. Cut to a frontal shot of the truck and its pursuing party. Cut to a side shot of Korra and Mako, the latter sending a fire blast at the masked motorcyclists, who swerve to avoid it. Frontal shot of Korra as she brings up her arms, before following the cracks in the earth her earthbending move has produced. Side shot of a motorcyclist, who avoids the first big crack, before being catapulted into the air by an earth ramp created by Korra. Back-shot as the rider lands safely and continues to follow the rest of the escaping party. Cut to an aerial shot as they dash out of the alley and swarm into an open square. Cut back to a low shot on the ground as two of the motorcyclists fall back, one swerving to the left and the other bring her motor to a spinning halt while throwing a bola at the incoming Naga. Switch to a shot of Naga's running feet as they are tied together by the rope. Broader side shot as she crashes to the ground, sending her riders flying through the air and onto the ground as well.

Frontal shot of Korra as she gets up on her knees while Mako slides on his back to a halt near her with a groan. They look up and the scene switches to the two masked motorcyclists, who elegantly twist in the air to land at opposite sides of Mako and Korra to fight them, who at this point, have gotten up. The female rider wastes no time and runs for Korra, who ignites her right fist and sends a large fire blast at the incoming attacker. Frontal shot of the female as she elegantly avoids the blast by jumping over it, twisting several times in the air, and continues her run for the Avatar. Side shot as she initiates a hand-to-hand combat with Korra. The chi-blocker aims for Korra's head, but the Avatar averts the course with her left hand. She retaliates with a fire blast, which her opponent ducks under. The camera rapidly turns around them when the chi-blocker locks arms with Korra. The Avatar throws another fire punch with her left hand, but the chi-blocker leans back to dodge it, knocking Korra's hand to the side. Korra uses her sideways moment to spin around in a full moon fire kick, though the masked fighter evades the blast by moving to her left. Camera turns again and stops at a side shot when Korra aims a high fire kick at the chi-blocker's head, who reciprocates that move and curls her leg around the Avatar's and pulls it down, creating an unguarded opening to Korra's right side. She delivers about four punches to the Avatar's side and arm and backs away. Frontal shot as Korra staggers with a grunt, as her right side has gone numb. She grabs hold of her right arm with her left one, her eye big in wonder about what just happened to her.

Korra's look changes to one of determination. Cut to a broad shot of the two as Korra madly charges the masked female with her left hand ablaze. The masked woman avoids the blast, flips over a low-aimed fire arc, and jumps to avoid a fire blast aimed at her feet. The camera moves back, encircling the fighters, while the two women run toward each other. As the camera turns, glimpses of Mako and his opponent pass the revue. Korra aims two more fire blasts at her attacker, but to no avail as she dodges.

Cut to a frontal shot of Mako, who spins into view, grunting in pain as he finds his right arm immobilized. He briefly clutches it, but quickly focuses again on his male attacker, who comes at him again. Cut to a back shot of Mako as he aims a wide fire-fueled swing at his opponent, who easily ducks under it, twirls behind Mako's back, and quickly delivers several punches to his unguarded left side. Switch to Korra's side who receives the same quick punches to her left side. Broad side shot as Korra's attacker jumps up and kicks the staggering Avatar back with two feet to the chest. As Korra falls backward, the camera switches to a back-shot of Mako who is also being flung backward. He lands roughly on the ground with a heavy thud and a groan; Korra lands right before him with a similar grunt of pain.

Cut to a frontal shot of a tied up Naga, growling at the scene that developed before her, and she starts to tug at her restraints. Cut to a shot of a scared looking Mako and wondering Korra, before cutting to the female masked rider, who is approaching them while twirling her bola around her menacingly. The camera pans to the left to reveal her male counterpart performing the same action. Cut to a close shot of a wide-eyed Korra, before switching back to their incoming aggressors. As one of the masked figures prepares to throw the bola, his concentration is broken by a loud growl and he looks to his right. Cut to a frontal shot of Naga who jumps up through the air, teeth bare and growling. The shot widens to show how the polar bear dog drives off the attackers from her owner and friend. Frontal shot of Naga as she growls viciously. Pabu jumps off her back, and runs before her, following Naga's example and squeaking at the attackers. Switch to a side-view of both rides who briefly eye each other before jumping up, hurling more smoke grenades to cover their exit. Switch to a side shot as they both ride out of the smoke on their motorcycles.

Cut to a shot of Korra and Mako as they slowly push themselves up. Pabu crawls up Mako's leg and onto his shoulder while Korra drapes her arm around Naga's head and allows her pet to pull her to her feet. Frontal shot of Korra as she curiously eyes her hands, and raises her arms, punching out in an attempt to bend.

Korra [Gasping.] Ugh, I can't bend. [Tries again; desperately and slightly panicking.] I can't bend!
Mako Calm down, it'll wear off. [Korra turns to a calm, but stern looking Mako.] Those guys were chi-blockers. [He pulls his right glove tighter.] They're Amon's henchmen.
Korra Amon? [Shift to a frontal shot of both.] That anti-bending guy with a mask?
Mako Yeah, he's the leader of the Equalists.
Korra What do they want with the Triple Threats?
Mako Whatever it is, [Stares off in the direction the Equalists took off.] can't be good. [Touches his forehead; frustrated.] Urgh, can't believe Bolin got himself into this mess! [He crosses his arms in frustration.]
Korra Mako, [Puts her hand on his shoulder; frontal shot; reassuring.] we are going to save your brother. [Close-up of Mako.] I promise you that.
Fade to a side shot of Korra and Mako riding on Naga through another street of the City in search of Bolin. The shad blurs into another shot of them in the vicinity of a deserted bridge. Naga walks up to a lit trolley station. Cut to a back shot of Naga walking through another street, vanishing in the fog. Switch to a side shot of the duo atop Naga, who is panting heavily.
Korra We've been out all night. [Naga stops.] No sign of him.
Mako [Frontal shot; tired. Pabu is asleep on his neck.] We've gotta keep looking. But where?
They both turn in another direction, eyes closed in disappointment. Suddenly, Korra erects herself and her eyes spring open.
Korra Huh! [Determinedly turns to Mako.] I have an idea!
With a determined look on her face, she pulls Naga's reins and they start moving again.

Fade to an overview shot of Republic City Park, covering in morning fog. They pull up at a fountain, and the shot switches to a close side-view of Naga as she bends over to drink. Pabu climbs on top of Naga's head and takes a drink, too. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra and Mako who are sitting by the fountain; Mako has his eyes closed.

Korra The first day I got into town, I ran into an Equalist protester [She points.] over there.
Mako [Opening his eyes and turning to Korra.] And you think they'll know where Bolin is?
Korra [Slightly disappointed.] It's our only lead right now.
Fade to a slowly panning to the right shot. Korra and Mako are sitting with their backs against Naga's side; the polar bear dog is resting underneath a tree at the side of the fountain. Cut to a close-up; Pabu is asleep atop Naga's saddle, Mako has his eyes closed and arms crossed, and Korra is looking around, slightly uncomfortable. Eventually, she turns to Mako.
Korra [Side shot; unsure.] So, why is Bolin running around with the Triple Threat Triad, anyway?
Mako [Uncomfortable; evasively.] Well, we ... we used to do some work for them back in the day.
Korra [Dismayed look on her face.] What? Wha- Are you some kind of criminal?
Mako [Defensive and angrily.] No! You don't know what you're talking about. I just ran numbers for them and stuff. We were orphans out on the street; I did what I had to do to survive and protect my little brother.
Korra [Frontal shot; sympathetically.] I'm sorry. It must have been really hard. [Pauses; carefully.] Can I ask what happened to your parents?
Mako [Close side shot; sighs.] They were mugged, by a firebender. He cut them down right in front of me. I was eight.
Korra [Side shot of Korra; Mako pulls his scarf over his mouth. Consolingly.] Mako ...
Mako [Shot slowly pans up to reveal his entire face.] Bolin's the only family I have left. If anything happened to him ...
Cut to a ground view of the sun shining through the tree branches; the shot is slowly moving up toward the light. Switch to an aerial shot of the party, all asleep; Korra and Mako are leaning on each other, sleeping against Naga's side.
Protester [Voice-over; amplified by a megaphone.] Equality now! Equality now! [Frontal shot of Mako and Korra slowly waking up at the sound.] We want equality now!
As the duo slowly opens their eyes, they notice that they are close against each other. As the reality of that fact sinks in, both their eyes shoot open in horror. Korra lets out a horrified gasp and they scramble away from each other out of embarrassment.
Korra I-I ... er ... eheh, humn, hmmehem.
Korra smiles awkwardly at Mako who stares back at her. They turn their attention in wonder in the direction of the sound that woke them up.
Protester Nonbenders of Republic City ...
Korra [Back shot of Mako and Korra, showing the protester in the distance; pointing to him.] That's the guy.
The camera quickly zooms toward the protester, stopping at a close-up.
Protester Amon calls you to action! Take back your city! It's time for the ... [Gasps as Korra walks up to the podium. Close-up of Korra's determined and unamused expression. Side shot of Mako and Korra, pulling up at the table on which the protester stands, with a frightened civilian sitting next to him. Not using the megaphone.] It's you again! [Speaking into the megaphone and pointing at Korra.] You cannot silence me, Avatar!
Korra promptly swats away the megaphone under a squeal of the protester. Cut to a shot of the megaphone breaking into little pieces.
Korra [Side shot; the protester glares at her while clenching his fists.] Shut your yapper and listen up. My friend got kidnapped by some chi-blockers. Where'd they take him?
Protester [Frontal shot; uncooperatively crossing his arms.] I have no idea what you're talking about.
Korra [Side shot; threateningly.] Oh, I think you do.
The shot moves back to a broad side shot of the entire party as Korra lifts her leg in the air and slams it down with a half-moon kick. The earth underneath the table rises, catapulting it in the air and throwing the protester off. Shot to a ground view of the airborne table that flips in the air. Leaflets with a picture of Amon are thrown off and rain down upon the area. Switch to a broad side shot as the leaflets fall upon everyone, the protester and his friend still lying on the ground. Cut to a closer shot of the protester as he starts to pick up the leaflets, a dismayed look on his face. Cut to a shot of Mako grabbing one of the papers out of the air and examining it.
Mako [Panning up shot of the leaflet.] "Witness the Revelation tonight, nine o' clock". [Turning to the protester.] What's this "Revelation"?
Protester [Frontal shot; irritably.] Nothing that concerns the likes of you two!
The protester squeals as Korra grabs the hem of his shirt and pulls him up. Cut to a side shot of the threesome.
Korra [Lifting the man off the ground; threateningly.] You better believe it concerns us. Spill it.
Protester [Frightened.] No one knows what the Revelation is! And I have no idea what happened to your friend. [Arrogantly.] But if he's a bender, then my bet is he's getting what's coming to him.
Mako [Slight air view.] Where's it happening?
At the sound of a whistle, Mako and Korra turn to their left. Cut to a back shot of them, revealing a policeman, running toward them, while blowing his whistle again.
Policeman [Yelling.] Hey! What's going on over there?
Protester [Frontal shot of the threesome; screaming.] The Avatar's oppressing us. Help!
Korra [Tossing the protester away.] Let's scram.
Korra and Mako run off, but Mako quickly snatches up a handful of leaflets before vaulting on Naga; Korra was already perched upon the animal, with Pabu sitting in front of her. As soon as Mako's on, Naga takes off.

Cut to a sight of a trolley passing over a bridge. Cut to Mako and Korra sitting on a bench underneath the bridge. Korra holds one of the leaflets, while they're both looking at several others spread out over the floor. There hangs a map of the city next to Korra on the wall.

Korra [Puzzled.] Why didn't the Equalists put a location on these?
Mako [Close shot; Korra eyes the leaflet she is holding in any way possible, her look changing from wonder to annoyance.] Probably because they don't want just anyone waltzing in to their big [Mockingly looking up.] "Revelation", [Dejected.] whatever that is. [Grabbing his chin; pensively.] I bet the information is hidden on here somehow. Look at the backs. [He bends down to the leaflets on the ground and grabs two of them, turning them over and putting them together.] There's four different images.
Korra [Close shot.] So, [Turns to Mako with a smile.] it's a puzzle?
Mako [Frontal shot; something dawns on him.] Yeah, of a map!
He excitedly gets on his feet. Side shot as he walks over to the map next to Korra, four leaflets in hand. Switch to a back shot of the duo as he starts to compare them to the city map, moving the image over different areas. Closer shot of the map as he finds the right location. One of the leaflets has a red spot on its back, indicating the meeting place.
Mako [Voice-over.] Bingo. [The camera zooms toward the red dot on the back of the leaflets; excited voice-over.] That must be where it's going down.
Cut to a frontal shot as the teenagers smile contently at one another. Camera moves slightly closer to Korra's confident grin.

Cut to an aerial pan shot of a factory site at night, before switching to a ground shot of a factory, barely visible in the nightly fog that hangs over it. A group of people walk toward the building, and Korra and Mako stay into the shadow of another building, eyeing them.

Mako This is the place.
Frontal shot of the duo as Mako puts on a hat to fit his disguise outfit and Korra puts on a flapper hat, tugging her ponytail underneath it, before walking toward the other factory building. Cut to a shot of the entrance, where a doorman in checking the invitation of a citizen, who is holding up the leaflet. Approving it, he moves aside to let the man in, and immediately turns his attention to the man that was waiting, who takes out his own leaflet and shows it. Switch to an approaching Korra and Mako. Korra moves closer and grabs hold of his arm.
Mako [Annoyed.] What are you doing?
Korra [Hushed.] We'll attract less attention this way.
Doorman [Frontal shot; crossing his arms.] This is a private event. No one gets in without an invitation.
Korra Uh ... invitation?
Close-up as the doorman looks suspiciously at Korra and Mako, cocking an eyebrow.
Mako [Takes a leaflet out of his pocket, showing it to the doorman; innocently.] You mean this?
Doorman [Takes the leaflet, eyes it, and moves out of the way; friendly.] The Revelation is upon us, my brother and sister.
Cut to a side shot of inside the building as Mako and Korra enter. They walk to the meeting place and look out over the gathered crowd. The camera pans from them to show the entire crowd, waiting before an empty, but lit podium at the other side of the large factory.
Mako I knew a lot of people hated benders, but I've never seen so many in one place. [Cut back to Korra and Mako.] Keep your eyes out for Bolin.
Korra and Mako run off to the side. Cut to a shot of four spots being switched on. Switch to Mako and Korra as they make their way through the waiting crowd.
Announcer [Voice-over.] Please welcome your hero, [Cut to a shot of the stage where a hatch opens in the middle, light pouring out from it.] your savior ... Amon!
Cut to a level view of the stage as Amon emerges from a trapdoor in the stage with a line of Equalists behind him under loud approving cheers of the crowd. A spotlight is turned on, illuminating the Equalist leader, and the camera zooms in to a close-up. Switch to Korra who eyes him slightly shocked, and back to Amon as he walks up to the microphone, the people still cheering loudly for him.
Amon [Back-shot.] My quest for equality began many years ago. [Frontal shot; takes the microphone out of his stander.] When I was a boy, my family and I lived on a small farm. We weren't rich, and none of us were benders. [Shot of the listening crowd.] This made us very easy targets for the firebender who extorted my father. [Back-shot of Amon as he walks to the right on the stage.] One day, my father confronted this man, but when he did, [Frontal close-up.] that firebender took my family from me. Then, he took my face. [The crowd gasps in astonishment; very close shot of the mask he wears.] I've been forced to hide behind a mask ever since. [Korra and Mako exchange a glance; cut back to Amon.] As you know, the Avatar has recently arrived in Republic City. [Switch to Korra and Mako as the crowd boos; Korra hides her face in Mako's red scarf that she's wearing.] And if she were here, [Back to a front shot of the stage.] she would tell you that bending brings balance to the world. But, she is wrong. The only thing bending has brought to the world, is suffering. [Amon repeatedly points into the audience.] It has been the cause of every war in every era. [In the audience, Korra grits her teeth in anger.] But that is about to change. [Korra looks surprised; cut to a back-shot of Amon.] I know you have been wondering, "What is the Revelation?" [Frontal shot.] You are about to get your answer. [Korra and Mako exchange a worried glance.] Since the beginning of time, [Overview shot of the stage.] the spirits have acted as guardians of our world, and they have spoken to me. [Frontal shot.] They say the Avatar has failed humanity. [Korra sports a look of anger again; cut back to Amon.] That is why the spirits have chosen me to usher in a new era of balance. They have granted me a power [Korra and Mako exchange a glance and Korra nods.] that will make Equality a reality. The power to take a person's bending away. [Close-up.] Permanently.
The audience gasps. Cut to a close-up of Korra's eyes widening in horror.
Korra [Frontal shot.] That's impossible. [Turning to Mako.] There's no way.
Mako [Whispering.] This guy's insane!
Amon [Far off side-view of Amon.] Now, for a demonstration. Please welcome, Lightning Bolt Zolt. [An Equalist guard leads the tied up man onto the stage; frontal shot of the hostages.] Leader of the Triple Threat Triad, and one of the most notorious criminals in Republic City. [The crowd boos.]
Lightning Bolt Zolt [To the crowd; annoyed.] Ah, boo yourself!
Equalist guards lead four more tied up benders onto the stage, forcing them to their knees, Bolin being the last of them. The camera zooms in on Bolin who is anxiously looking around with a scared expression. Switch to Korra in the crowd.
Korra There's Bolin.
Korra determinedly starts walking to the front, but is pulled back by Mako.
Mako [Grabs a hold of Korra.] Wait, we can't fight them all. We need to be smart about this.
Korra [Annoyed.] Then come up with a game plan, [In a harsher tone; speaking through her teeth.] "Team Captain".
Amon [Frontal shot of the entire stage.] Zolt has amassed a fortune by extorting and abusing nonbenders. [Close-up.] But his reign of terror is about to come to an end. [Broad frontal shot.] Now, in the interest of fairness, [The Lieutenant takes off the rope binding Lightning Bolt Zolt.] I will give Zolt the chance to fight to keep his bending.
Amon moves away from Zolt and the Equalist guard pushes Zolt in the opposite direction Amon took to bring some space between the two fighters.
Lightning Bolt Zolt [Frontal shot; arrogantly.] You're gonna regret doing that, pal.
Lightning Bolt Zolt immediately directs a fire blast at Amon. Backshot of Zolt as Amon nimbly dodges every blast that Zolt throws at him, gradually coming closer. A side shot of Amon dodging the rounds of fire blasts switches to a frontal shot of Zolt who surges forward while generating lightning. He fires the bolt at the Equalist leader who ducks underneath it, grabs hold of Zolt's wrist, and twists it around and away from him. The lighting crashes into the stage, before hitting the ceiling as Amon turns his hands further away. Close side shot of Zolt as his neck is being grabbed by Amon's hand. Switch to a frontal shot of the two man, lightning still shooting out of Zolt's fingers, as Amon moves his hand from Zolt's wrist to his forehead. Close-up of Zolt's forehead as Amon places his thumb in the center; Zolt's face is contorted in fear. Cut to a side shot of Korra and Mako as they watch the scene on stage, basking in an eerie blue light, emanating from the lighting charge. Cut to an extreme close-up of Zolt's right eye, Amon's reflection visible in the pupil. Switch to a broad side shot of the entire stage. The crackling lightning changes into a large fire blast, and stops entirely. Cut to a frontal shot of the two men. Amon lets go of Zolt, who collapses weakly onto the ground. Switch to a side shot as Amon takes a few steps back and Zolt attempts to firebend at Amon to no avail; he crashed back to the ground before the feet of the Equalist leader. The crowd gasps.
Lightning Bolt Zolt [Frontal shot; saddened and shocked while looking at Amon.] Wha ... what did you do to me?
Amon [Frontal shot; in a commanding tone while looking at Zolt.] Your firebending is gone. Forever. [The audience gasps and the camera zooms toward Korra's worried expression; cut back to a broad shot of the stage.] The era of bending is over. A new era of Equality has begun!
The crowd cheers madly. Switch to the other captured benders. One of the Equalist guards releases the second captured bender, Shady Shin, and kicks him forward to face Amon.
Shady Shin [Frightened.] No! Ugh!
Korra [Frontal shot. Turns to Mako; urgently.] Any ideas yet?
Mako [Frontal shot, nodding at her.] I think so, see those machines? [Looks toward the machines on the walls; voice-over.] They're powered by water and steam. If you create some cover, I can grab Bolin [Frontal shot of the teenagers.] without anyone seeing. Then, we duck out of here.
Korra Works for me. [Taps Mako on the shoulder as he moves to walk away.] Mako, good luck. [They shake hands.]
Mako You, too.
Korra emerges at the side of the pleased crowd, carefully moving through one of the side exits. Cut to a shot of her running through a hallway filled with machines. She stops; switch to a ground shot of Korra turning a big red wheel on the machine. With a grunt of effort from Korra, the wheel turns, releasing one small air leak.
Korra [Whispers.] It's not enough.
She bends over and squats down, turning a small red wheel, causing another minor air leak.
Doorman [Voice-over.] Hey, you!
Korra stands up to see the doorman approach her, his size filling up the entire hallway, blocking any possible exit in that direction.

Back at the meeting, Mako makes his way to the front of the crowd as Amon is taking away Shady Shin's bending. Close shot of a earthbender and Bolin, eyeing each other in fright. The bender is grabbed by the collar and pulled to his feet. He gasps, and Bolin is left for last.

Cut to a frontal shot of the doorman.

Korra [Frontal shot. Looking innocently; voice slightly higher pitched than normal.] Is there a problem, my brother?
Doorman [Frontal shot; gruffly.] What are you doing back here?
Korra [Frontal shot; innocently.] Uh ... looking for the bathroom?
Korra cracks an innocent grin. Switch to a ground back-shot of the doorman as he takes out a wrench. Cut to Korra's eyes, which have switched from a look of faked innocence to a look of focus. Close-up of the wrench being twirled around in the doorman's hand, before switching to a broad shot of the hallway as the man attacks Korra. She nimbly ducks under his swing, and evades his next attack, coming up behind him. He turns around and aims an overhead swing at her, but Korra evades it again, making him hit the pipes.

Cut to a back shot of Mako in the crowd, watching Amon remove another bender's bending. He turns to his left, looking to where Korra disappeared to.

Mako [Impatiently.] Come on ...
Cut back to Korra as she ducks underneath another violent swing of the doorman's wrench that hits the pipes instead, denting them. Close-up of a now hatless Korra who takes off Mako's scarf and uses it to tie around the doorman's hand as he aimed another swing at her. Wider shot as Korra uses the scarf to pull the man into a turn, flinging his entire body into the machine, knocking off all the vents that were holding down the steam. Through three open pipes, steam pores out and fills the room. Ground, frontal shot as Korra looks at the steam.
Korra [Lightheartedly.] Thanks. This should be enough.
She runs forward to the camera.

Cut to a frightened Bolin as an Equalist guard moves toward him. As the Equalist start to fumble at his ropes, Bolin anxiously looks back, whimpering softly. Once he is free, he is pulled on his feet and thrown forward. Switch to a back-shot as he stumbles forward on the stage while the bender Amon just took care of slumps down in exhaustion. Close-up of Amon as he slowly turns around under loud cheering of the crowd. Cut back to a frontal shot of Bolin, who has the fingertips of his hands pressed together as he addresses Amon.

Bolin [Scared.] Uh, hello, Amon, sir. [Attempts a goofy grin; switch to a back-shot of Bolin to show Amon.] I think there's been a big misunderstanding.
Amon moves forward and Bolin slightly backs up.

Cut to Korra, waterbending the steam behind her, a focused look on her face. The moment she has enough, she directs it all in front of her with a powerful swipe of her hand. Cut to a back-shot of Bolin. An explosion to his left makes him duck for cover; under loud screams of the crows, steam starts to pour in to the meeting room. Quick frontal shot of a shocked Bolin as he looks at what is going on. Switch to an overview shot of the room from behind the stage, steam engulfing everything in its path, clouding everyone and everything. Cut to a back-shot of several civilians backing up from the incoming steam, turning around and making a break for it. Cut to a shot of Amon standing amidst the steam; he backs away, vanishing completely. Switch to Bolin who is looking around him, a focused look on his face. He slowly backs up, but is grabbed from behind by an Equalist, much to Bolin's shock. Mako emerges out of the steam from behind the Equalist, grabs hold of him, and throws him away over his shoulder. Switch to a wide side shot as the Equalist is flung far away from the brothers. Cut to a frontal shot of Mako and Bolin as Mako turns to his brother.

Mako Bolin, you all right?
Bolin Yes! [Clasps his hands in relief, before extending them for a hug.] Mako! I love you!
As Bolin moves forward in an attempt to hug his brother, Mako seizes him around his neck and drags him off into the steam. Cut to a side shot of outside the factory where a door is being flung open, scaring off several birds. The two brothers emerge from the balcony exit and run over to a ladder; switch to a ground shot as they start descending it, Bolin being the first. An aerial shot of the balcony shows another person emerging from the door and running over to the ladder. Brief frontal shot of Mako looking up changes to a ground shot from his point of view to show an Equalist fighter, the Lieutenant, twirling his kali sticks and slamming them into the ladder, sending an electricity charge through it. Mako and Bolin scream in shock and pain and fall down, landing with grunts. The Lieutenant jumps down from the balcony, his kali stick charged. A far off side shot shows that he lands and immediately releases the charge, forcing the brothers to jump away. Frontal shot of first Bolin, followed by Mako, as they erect themselves, having pushed themselves out of the way of the Lieutenant's attack. Mako raises his fist and goes on the offensive, launching a fire jet at the crouched Lieutenant from his left fist. Frontal shot of the Equalist as he runs off to avoid the blast. He attacks Mako with his kali sticks, electricity trailing behind them as he rapidly swings them around. With a few fast hits, Mako is floored, and the Lieutenant turns to Bolin.

Switch to a back-shot of the Lieutenant. Bolin flips over and uses his own momentum to hurl a slap of earth at the Lieutenant with a grunt of focus, who jumps up, twirling out of its path. He does a similar evasive maneuver to avoid the second block a grunting Bolin threw at him, before charging the earthbender. Frontal shot of an alarmed-looking Bolin; switch to a back-shot of him as he conjures up a large earth wall to protect himself. The Lieutenant performs a round off, before back flipping and somersaulting over Bolin's wall. He lands behind a shocked Bolin, who quickly turns to face him, and after delivering several quick hits with his charged kali sticks, the Lieutenant jabs him with the two electrified kali sticks and electroshocks him until he falls to the ground unconscious.

Suddenly, Mako emerges from beside the wall, using the adjacent building to push himself off in the Lieutenant's direction, sending a fire slice in his direction. The Lieutenant dodges, and Mako kicks out another fire slice while grunting in effort, knocking over Bolin's wall with his attack. The Lieutenant charges Mako again and after a quick exchange of some blows striking air from both parties, the Lieutenant lands a hit with a kali stack in Mako's stomach, flinging him back with a grunt of pain. As Mako is pushed up against the wall, the Lieutenant charges and twirls both his weapon sticks and jabs Mako's chest, electroshocking him into unconsciousness. Wider shot as Mako slumps onto the ground as well; the Lieutenant is looking at Bolin's unconscious form.

Lieutenant You benders need to understand, there's no place in the world for you anymore.
A pillar of rock shoots up beside the Lieutenant and thrusts him brutally against the building. He slams hard against the metal, his two kali sticks are knocked out of his hands, and he falls down onto the ground. As he tries to get up, the camera switches to his point of view to show Korra standing there in an earthbending pose.
Korra I wouldn't count us out just yet. [The Lieutenant collapses; Korra whistles on her fingers.] Naga!
Naga barks and immediately comes running from behind a building, jumping down the last of the ramp. Korra walks over to Mako as he struggles to get up and helps him to his feet. Overview shot of the alley as more Equalist fighters storm the area from the balcony. Korra and Mako ascend on to Naga. Frontal shot of Bolin who sits up, slightly dazed, though he screams in fright and moved his hands protectively before him as he looks up. Side shot as Naga runs up, grabbing Bolin with her teeth by his collar and drags him off.
Bolin [Side shot; bouncing along with Naga's strides.] Hah ... Oh ... Yah ... Stop ... I want ... to be ... on ... your back ... please!
Lieutenant [Wide shot as Naga runs off in the distance; kneeling and pointing at the escapees.] The Avatar. That's her!
Several Equalists immediately run after them. The shot moves up, revealing Amon standing on the balcony, overlooking the situation, his hands folded casually behind his back.
Amon Let her go. [The Equalist fighters stop; frontal shot as he puts his hands on the balcony railing.] She's the perfect messenger to tell the city of my power.
Cut to a moon in the sky beside the tower on Air Temple Island. The shot pans down, leveling with Tenzin and two White Lotus sentries. Switch to a close-up of the threesome; they turn at Korra who is approaching them. Tenzin moves to meet her.
Tenzin Thank goodness. [Side shot; Korra stops.] I was just about to send out a search party. [Putting his hands on her shoulders.] Are you all right? [Korra turns away from him and shakes her head, grabbing her arms. Frontal shot; concerned.] Korra, what happened? Did you find your friend?
Korra [Quietly.] Yes, but ... [Stronger voiced.] I was at an Equalist rally. [Turns to Tenzin.] I saw Amon.
Tenzin [Close-up; shocked.] What?
Korra [Frontal shot.] He can take people's bending away. [Alarmed.] For good.
Tenzin [Frontal shot.] That's ... [Briefly looks away.] that's impossible. Only the Avatar has ever possessed that ability.
Korra [Frontal shot; begging to be believed.] But I saw him do it.
Tenzin [Frontal shot; calmly.] I believe you. [Turning to his right.] I don't know how Amon has achieved this power, but this means the revolution is more dangerous than ever. [Back-shot of a turned Korra and Tenzin who look out at Republic City. The shot slowly pans up to show and zoom in on a lit Republic City.] No bender is safe.
Fade to credits.






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