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Avatar Roku [Narrating a preview.] Previously on Avatar ...
Katara You're looking at the only waterbender in the whole South Pole. This ship has haunted my tribe when Gran-Gran was a little girl. It was part of the Fire Nation's first attacks.
Yue The legend said the moon was the first waterbender. Our ancestor saw how it pushed and pulled the tides, and learned how to do it themselves.
Katara I always noticed my waterbending is stronger at night.
Toph What are you doing?
Katara I'm making my own water!
The episode opens to a waxing gibbous moon glowing in the night sky. The scene cuts to a shot of a field of fire lilies, a mountain in the distance. Cuts to a forested area, where Team Avatar is camping out among the trees. The darkness of the night gives the landscape an ominous feeling.
Sokka [Telling a ghost story.] Suddenly, they heard something down the hall in the dark. Oooh ... It came into the torchlight ... and they knew the blade of Wing Fung was haunted! [Draws sword, stands up and points it toward the fire; yells dramatically.] Ooh-aaah!
Cuts to shot of the entire group sitting around the campfire. Aang is lying down, Katara is hunched over in a sitting position and Toph sits casually, all three looking unamused.
Aang [Unimpressed.] I think I like "the man with a sword for a hand" better.
Toph Water Tribe slumber parties must stink.
Katara No, wait! I've got one! And this is a true Southern Water Tribe story.
Sokka [Sitting down.] Is this one of those "a friend of my cousin knew some guy that this happened to" stories?
Katara No, it happened to Mom.
Upon hearing this, Sokka stiffens. Cuts to Aang, who sits up to listen intently.
Katara One winter when Mom was a girl, a snowstorm buried the whole village for weeks. A month later, Mom noticed she hadn't seen her friend Nini since the storm. So Mom and some others went to check on Nini's family. When they got there, no one was home. [Cuts to ground-level shot of the group sitting around the fire, the camera panning slightly to the right.] Just a fire flickering in the fireplace. While the men went out to search, Mom stayed in the house. When she was alone, she heard a voice. [In a scary voice.] "It's so cold and I can't get warm!" [Sokka stiffens in fear.] Mom turned and saw Nini standing by the fire. She was blue like she was frozen. Mom ran outside for help, but when everyone came back, Nini was gone.
Aang uses Momo's ears to cover his face in fear. The camera shifts to show Sokka hiding behind a gnarled tree stump.
Sokka [Peering from behind a tree trunk.] Where'd she go?
Katara No one knows. Nini's house stands empty to this day, but sometimes, people see smoke coming up from the chimney, like little Nini is still trying to get warm.
The camera zooms out to where the gang is all huddled by the fire. Suddenly, Toph straightens up and places her hands on the ground.
Toph [Gasping.] Wait! Guys, did you hear that? [Aang, Katara, and Sokka clutch each other tightly, too stiff to move, with Toph standing alertly.] I hear people under the mountain. And they're screaming.
Sokka, assuming Toph is joking, relaxes his grip.
Sokka Pfft! Nice try.
Toph [Cuts to shot of the campsite viewed through the ominous-looking tree branches.] No, I'm serious. I hear something.
Katara You're probably just jumpy from the ghost stories ...
Toph It just ... stopped.
Aang [Cuts back to him and Katara, still hugging, Sokka sitting close by.] All right, now I'm getting scared.
Hama [Off-camera from behind group.] Hello, children.
Everyone screams in terror upon hearing the strange woman's voice and scrambles from the ground. An elderly woman emerges from the shadows.
Hama Sorry to frighten you. My name is Hama. [Cuts to side-view of the campsite.] You children shouldn't be out in the forest by yourselves at night. [Cuts to ground-level shot of Hama standing over the fire.] I have an inn nearby. Why don't you come back there for some spiced tea and warm beds?
Sokka [Sheepishly, places arm behind head.] Yes, please.
Hama smiles and begins walking away. The scene changes to a village, her local inn lying atop a small hill. Cuts to inside the building, where tea is being poured into a teacup. Cuts to shot of the group sitting around the kitchen table.
Katara Thanks for letting us stay here tonight. You have a lovely inn.
Hama [Sets teapot down.] Aren't you sweet? [Walks over to her seat and sits down.] You know you should be careful. People have been disappearing in those woods you were camping in.
Sokka What do you mean "disappearing"?
Hama [Sets her teacup down.] When the moon turns full, people walk in and they don't come out. [Stand up and holds up her teapot; cheerfully smiling.] Who wants more tea?
Cuts to shot of the group, who has by now fallen completely silent, the camera panning to the right to show all of them sitting around the table.
Hama Don't worry, you'll all be completely safe here. [Clasps hands together and smiles.] Why don't I show you to your rooms and you can get a good night's rest?
The scene changes to Sokka's room, where he is lying in bed with Momo asleep on the floor. Cuts to shot of him in bed as he rolls over. A creaking noise comes from outside, frightening him. He draws his sword quickly while Momo scampers under the covers.
Sokka I know, Momo. [Places sword back inside holster and sets it down.] This place is creepy! [Lies back down on the pillow and pulls the covers over him.] I don't know if I'm gonna be able to fall asleep!
The scene switches over to later in the night, where Sokka is fast asleep in his bed, snoring and drooling on his pillow. As it fades to the morning, he is lying sideways, next to the bed, though still fast asleep. Cut to a close-up of his face as a shadow approaches him. He slowly awakens, rubbing his eye.
Hama [Off-camera.] Wakey, wakey! [Cuts to shot of the innkeeper, standing brightly over him.] Time to go shopping!
Katara appears by her side, dressed and happily smiling. The camera shifts counter-clockwise, showing Sokka later in the day, dressed in his ordinary clothes, standing in the marketplace where Hama has just made her purchase. A friendly old man smiles and waves to her as she walks away.
Katara That Mr. Yao seems to have a thing for you. Maybe we should go back and see if he'll give us some free komodo sausages?
Hama [Seriously.] You would have me use my feminine charms to take advantage of that poor man? [Cheerfully.] I think you and I are going to get along swimmingly!
The two walk off-camera with Katara smiling at this remark. The scene switches over to two villagers having a conversation by a stand.
Villager You won't have any ash bananas till next week?
Shop owner Well, I have to send the boy to Hing Wa Island to get them, and it's a two-day trip.
Villager Oh, right. Tomorrow's the full moon.
Shop owner [In a lowered voice.] Exactly. I can't lose another delivery boy in the woods.
Cuts to shot of Aang, Sokka, and Toph walking through the marketplace. Aang carrying a package slung over his shoulder, Sokka carrying a package attached to his sword, while Toph carries a large, round basket on her head.
Sokka People disappearing in the woods, weird stuff happening during full moons? This just reeks of Spirit World shenanigans.
Aang I bet if we take a little walk around town, we'll find out what these people did to the environment to make the spirits mad.
Sokka [Makes gesture with his hand.] And then you can sew up this little mystery lickety-split, Avatar style!
Aang [Proudly.] Helping people ... that's what I do.
Cuts to overhead shot of the group standing in the marketplace as he, Sokka and Toph approach Katara and Hama.
Hama Why don't you take all those things back to the inn? I just have to run a couple more errands. I'll be back in a little while.
Sokka [Walks up to her.] This is a mysterious little town you have here.
Hama [Extremely close-up. Ominously.] Mysterious town for mysterious children.
She smiles creepily and saunters away, leaving Sokka feeling suspicious. The scene changes to a shot of Hama's inn, starting outside, before moving inside, where the gang is unpacking groceries. Sokka walks over to a counter and sets his basket down.
Sokka That Hama seems a little strange. Like she knows something, or she's hiding something.
Katara [Unpacking items.] That's ridiculous. She's a nice woman who took us in and gave us a place to stay. [Picks up cabbage.] She kinda reminds me of Gran-Gran.
Sokka But what did she mean by that comment, "mysterious children"?
Katara Gee, I don't know. Maybe because she found four strange kids camping in the woods at night? Isn't that a little mysterious?
Sokka I'm gonna take a look around. [Walks away and up a flight of wooden stairs.]
Katara [Appears along with the others at the bottom of the stairwell.] Sokka! Sokka, what are you doing? [Off-camera as Sokka peers around the inn.] You can't just snoop around someone's house.
Sokka It'll be fine.
Aang [Off-camera while Sokka peers into a room.] She could be home any minute.
Katara [Walking down hallway with the rest of the team.] Sokka, you're gonna get us all in trouble and this is just plain rude!
Sokka [Tugging on a cupboard door.] I'm not finished yet. [Grunts, as he tries to pull it free.] Come on ...
The cupboard suddenly opens, revealing several wooden puppets stowed inside. The dolls fall forward, held together only by their strings. Everyone gasps; Sokka withdraws his sword, backs up and points it straight at the puppets.
Aang Okay, that's pretty creepy.
Katara [Walks over and closes the cupboard; a bit weirded out.] So she's got a hobby. There's nothing weird about that. [Angrily.] Sokka, you've looked enough. [Off-camera as Sokka ascends into the attic.] Hama will be back soon.
Sokka Just an ordinary puppet-loving innkeeper, huh? Well then why does she have a locked door up here?
Katara [Annoyed.] Probably to keep people like you from snooping through her stuff!
Sokka We'll see. [Peers through the keyhole into the room. Cuts to shot of the attic from his perspective. Through the keyhole, a small room can be seen, with a chest lying on the ground in the middle. The camera zooms in on the chest.] It's empty, except for a little chest.
Toph Maybe it's treasure!
Sokka grows excited, his eyes growing wide, and uses his sword to pick the lock.
Katara [Approaches him.] Sokka, what are you doing? You're breaking into a private room!
Sokka I have to see what's in there.
The door unlocks and creaks open. The four step cautiously inside; Sokka puts away his sword and approaches the small chest.
Aang We shouldn't be doing this.
Sokka picks up the chest and tries to pry it open, only to discover it is locked.
Sokka Maybe there's a key here somewhere ...
Toph Ooh! Hand it over!
She takes the chest, removes her meteor bracelet from her arm and earthbends it into the shape of a small key, which she sticks into the keyhole of the chest.
Sokka [Eagerly.] Come on, come on!
Toph [Annoyed; Katara appears from behind her, peering nervously over her shoulder.] This isn't as easy as it looks!
Aang [Nervously.] Guys, I don't know about this ...
Katara This is crazy! I'm leaving!
Sokka Suit yourself! Do it, Toph!
Katara turns to leave the moment Toph signals that she has successfully opened the chest, holding her thumb up. All four eagerly surround the box in a comical fashion, anticipating what they will find inside.
Hama [Off-camera from behind them.] I'll tell you what's in the box.
All, except Toph, scream and turn sharply to find Hama standing in the doorway. Cuts to shot of the group, still looking stunned, except Toph. Sokka guiltily hands her the box. Cuts to shot from inside the chest, as Hama lifts the lid and reaches her hand inside. Cuts to close-up of Sokka, his eyes wide in anxiousness, and a shot of Hama still in the process of lifting the object. Cuts to shot of the team standing together from her perspective. Her left arm appears on-screen, a blue whale tooth comb in her hand. Cuts to shot of her holding the comb, smiling.
Sokka [Surprised.] An old comb?
Hama It's my greatest treasure. It's the last thing I own from growing up in the Southern Water Tribe.
The camera zooms in on Katara and Sokka, who stare at her in astonishment.
Katara [Stunned.] You're from the Southern Water Tribe?
Hama [Sets down comb.] Just like you.
Katara How did you know?
Hama I heard you talking around your campfire.
Sokka But why didn't you tell us?
Hama I wanted to surprise you! I bought all this food today so I could fix you a big Water Tribe dinner. Of course, I can't get all the ingredients I need here, but ocean kumquats are a lot like sea prunes if you stew them long enough.
Aang [Sticking his tongue out in disgust.] Great ...
Katara I knew I felt a bond with you right away.
Sokka And I knew you were keeping a secret, so I guess we're both right. [Grimaces as Katara hits him in the arm.] But I'm sorry we were sneaking around.
Hama Apology accepted. [Turns to the side and motions with her hand.] Now, let's get cooking!
The scene changes to later that night, where Aang races from the inn to the barn located toward the back of the property. Cuts to overhead shot of inside the barn, where Appa and Momo lie. The doors creak open and Aang steps inside. Cuts to ground-level shot of him standing before the bison, tossing a cabbage-like vegetable into Appa's mouth. Momo dances in front of the bison's face and chitters, irritated. Appa opens his mouth and releases the cabbage, which Momo grabs. The lemur skitters away. Cuts to shot of Hama's kitchen table, as she sets down a bowl of soup. Cuts to shot of the entire room, the team and the innkeeper sitting around the table. Sokka is seen chewing on a food item, as Hama takes her seat at the head of the table.
Aang [Whispering to Toph.] I'd steer clear of the sea prunes.
Toph I thought they were ocean kumquats.
Aang Close enough.
Hama Who wants five flavor soup?
All four raise their hands in acceptance. Hama situates her hands over the bowl and suddenly uses waterbending to summon a globule of soup and fill each of their bowls. Cuts to shot of the team looking at the spectacle in astonishment, the camera panning to the right. Four streams of soup land gracefully into each of their bowls.
Katara [Delighted.] You're a waterbender! [Faces Hama in delight.] I've never met another waterbender from our tribe!
Hama [Cuts to side-view of her; sadly.] That's because the Fire Nation wiped them all out. I was the last one ...
Cuts to shot of Sokka and Katara, Katara clasping her hands together, an expression of pity on her face.
Sokka So how did you end up out here?
Hama [Grimly.] I was stolen from my home.
The scene fades to a flashback of a much younger Hama peacefully sauntering through her Southern Water Tribe village.
Hama [Voice-over.] It was over sixty years ago when the raids started.
She approaches her friend, Kanna, and they share a laugh before they notice ashen snow falling from the sky. The two race to the shores, where five Fire Nation ships are rapidly approaching the tribe. Five fireballs are launched from trebuchets and strike the village. Fire Nation soldiers swarm the area, battling the waterbenders, who desperately attempt to fend them off.
Hama [Voice-over.] They came again and again, each time rounding up more of our waterbenders and taking them captive.
The battle scene fades to another scene, where Hama and several other waterbenders use waterbending to capsize a Fire Nation vessel.
Hama [Voice-over.] We did our best to hold them off, but our numbers dwindled as the raids continued.
As she is narrating, Water Tribe civilians who aided in the suspension of the vessel are seen slowly fading, signaling their capture by the Fire Nation. The camera rotates around her and zooms out, revealing dozens of firebenders surrounding her.
Hama [Voice-over.] Finally, I too was captured.
The younger Hama is seen being led by Fire Nation soldiers onto one of their naval vessels, having now been captured herself.
Hama [Voice-over.] I was led away in chains. The last waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe.
A final scene shows her looking out onto her tribe's members, including her friend, Kanna, in tears as the bow creaks upward. The flashback ends. Now in present time, Katara is seen walking over to Hama and placing her arms around her shoulder comfortingly.
Hama They put us in terrible prisons here in the Fire Nation. I was the only one who managed to escape.
Sokka How did you get away? And why did you stay in the Fire Nation?
Hama I'm sorry. It's too painful to talk about anymore.
Katara We completely understand. We lost our mother in a raid.
Hama [Sympathetically.] Oh, you poor things.
Aang and Sokka cast their heads down solemnly.
Katara I can't tell you what it means to meet you. It's an honor. You're a hero.
Hama I never thought I'd meet another Southern waterbender. I'd like to teach you what I know so you can carry on the Southern tradition when I'm gone.
Katara Yes! Yes, of course! To learn about my heritage, it would mean everything to me.
She bows to her newfound friend, who smiles warmly. The scene changes to the next day, where Hama and Katara are strolling on the outskirts of Hama's village.
Hama Growing up in the South Pole, waterbenders are totally at home surrounded by snow and ice and seas. But as you probably noticed on your travels, that isn't the case wherever you go.
Katara I know! When we were stranded in the desert, I felt like there was almost nothing I could do.
Hama [Stops walking.] That's why you have to learn to control water wherever it exists.
Katara I've even used my own sweat for waterbending.
Hama [Smiling.] That's very resourceful, Katara. You're thinking like a true master. But did you know you could even pull water out of thin air?
In a quick movement of her right arm, Hama uses waterbending to manipulate the water vapor in the air, liquefying it and coating her fingertips.
Hama You have got to keep an open mind, Katara. [The water around her fingertips freezes, creating ice claws.] There's water in places you never think about.

She proceeds to fire the small daggers at a nearby tree, while Katara looks on in amazement.

Meanwhile, Aang, Sokka, and Toph are wandering about the landscape surrounding the village, trying to uncover any signs of disruption that would anger the spirits.

Aang This has got to be the nicest natural setting in the Fire Nation. I don't see anything that would make a spirit mad around here.
The camera focuses on Toph and Sokka. Toph is standing casually near where Sokka is deeply inhaling the aroma of a bundle of flowers.
Toph Maybe the Moon Spirit just turned mean.
Sokka [Angrily.] The Moon Spirit is a gentle, loving lady. She rules the sky with compassion and ... lunar goodness!
Aang [Catches sight of a villager walking past.] Excuse me, sir. Can you tell us anything about the spirit that's been stealing people?
Villager Only one man ever saw it and lived and that's Old Man Ding.
Toph Where does Old Man Ding live?
The scene changes to a field of fire lilies, where Hama continues to tutor Katara in waterbending.
Katara Wow, these flowers are beautiful.
Hama They're called fire lilies. They only bloom a few weeks a year, but they're one of my favorite things about living here. And like all plants and all living things, they're filled with water.
Katara I met a waterbender who lived in a swamp and could control the vines by bending the water inside.
Hama You can take it even further.
In a sharp, swiveling motion, she draws water from dozens of the surrounding fire lilies and slices a nearby rock clean through.
Katara That was incredible! [Sees the wilted lilies.] It's a shame about the lilies, though.
Hama They're just flowers. When you're a waterbender in a strange land, you do what you must to survive. Tonight I'll teach you the ultimate technique of waterbending. It can only be done during the full moon, when your bending is at its peak.
Katara [Cautiously.] But isn't that dangerous? I thought people have been disappearing around here during the full moon.
Hama Oh, Katara. Two master waterbenders beneath a full moon? [Begins walking away.] I don't think we have anything to worry about.
The two exit the field. The scene fades to later that night, where Aang, Sokka, and Toph are approaching Old Man Ding, who is boarding up his windows.
Aang Old Man Ding?
Ding Huh? [Accidentally hammers his thumb.] Ow, dang blame it! What? Can't you see I'm busy? Got a full moon rising. And why does everyone call me that? I'm not that old! [Attempts to lift a wooden plank off the ground, but fails to do so. Sighs.] Well, I'm young at heart.
Aang approaches and helps Ding lift the board.
Ding Not ready to get snapped up by some moon monster yet at least.
Sokka [Proceeds to nail the board to the window frame.] We wanted to ask you about that.
Aang Did you get a good look at the spirit that took you?
Ding Didn't see no spirit, just felt something come over me, like I was possessed. Forced me to start walking toward the mountain. [Points to the mountain.] I tried to fight it, but I couldn't control my own limbs. It just about had me into a cave up there. [Imitates a walking puppet.] And I looked up at the moon for what I thought would be my last glimpse of light. [Cuts to shot of the trio, Sokka quivering in fear.] But then the sun started to rise and I got control of myself again! I just high-tailed it away from that mountain as quick as I could!
Sokka Why would a spirit want to take people to a mountain?
Toph Oh no! [Sokka and Aang assume defensive positions.] I did hear people screaming under the mountain. The missing villagers must still be there!
They all stare at the mountain. The scene changes to where Aang, Sokka, and Toph are racing through the dark forest in search of the imprisoned villagers.
Toph [Feels the ground with her hand.] I can hear them. They're this way!
The trio proceeds to sprint toward the mountain. Meanwhile, Hama and Katara venture into the moonlit forest.
Hama Can you feel the power the full moon brings?
She inhales deeply through her nose and stretches her arms outward, flexing her limbs which causes her veins to bulge out, while Katara looks on in disgust.
Hama For generations it has blessed waterbenders with its glow, allowing us to do incredible things!
The camera depicts a shot of her standing beneath the full moon.
Hama [Extreme close-up; in a sinister tone.] I've never felt more alive.
The scene changes to Aang, Sokka, and Toph, who have arrived at the mountain and are standing before the mouth of the cave.
Toph This is the place.
Sokka I can't see anything down there.
Toph [Grabs Sokka's hand.] That's why you have me. Let's go!
The three descend into the dark cave and approach a solid metal door, torches nearby. Using metalbending, Toph breaks it down, while the trio proceeds to make their way through the tunnel, Aang and Sokka lighting their path with the torches. They arrive to see several villagers chained to the walls of the cave.
Male prisoner #1 We're saved!
Toph unfastens her meteor bracelet and begins to unlock the prisoners' shackles.
Aang I didn't know spirits made prisons like this. Who brought you here?
Female prisoner It was no spirit.
Male prisoner #2 It was a witch!
Sokka A witch? What do you mean?
Female prisoner [Speaking, as Toph unlocks her shackles.] She seems like a normal old woman, but she controls people like some dark puppetmaster!
Sokka [Gritting.] Hama!
Male prisoner #1 Yes, the innkeeper!
Sokka I knew there was something creepy about her!
Aang We have to stop Hama!
Toph I'll get these people out of here. You go!
Aang and Sokka flee from the scene, while Toph stays behind. The scene switches to the forest. A cat owl hoots and flies away. The camera focuses on Hama and Katara, their backs facing the camera, the wind blowing their hair slightly, looking toward the moon.
Hama What I'm about to show you, [Cuts to close-up of Hama glaring menacingly.] I discovered in that wretched Fire Nation prison.
The scene fades to a flashback of a younger Hama imprisoned within a cage. She peers through the bars of her cell and looks down mournfully. The camera zooms out to the entire prison room.
Hama [Voice-over.] The guards were always very careful to keep any water away from us. They piped in dry air and had us suspended away from the ground. Before giving us any water, they would bind our hands and feet so we couldn't bend. [A side-view is shown of Fire Nation guards giving water to a tied up prisoner.] Any sign of trouble was met with cruel retribution. [Cuts to shot of the full moon in the sky during present day.] And yet each month, I felt the full moon enriching me with its energy. [Cuts to shot of Hama.] There had to be something I could do to escape. [Scene fades to flashback of the prison.] Then I realized that where there is life, there is water. [A younger Hama is shown bending the water inside an elephant rat that had wandered its way into her cage.] The rats that scurried across the floor of my cage were nothing more than skins filled with liquid and I passed years developing the skill that would lead to my escape. [A close-up is shown of Hama smiling at her discovery. The scene fades back to present day. Ominously.] Bloodbending. [Cut to a scared Katara.] Controlling the water in another body, [Cut to ground shot of both Hama and Katara.] enforcing your own will over theirs. [The scene fades back to a flashback of young Hama controlling a horde of rats using bloodbending.] Once I had mastered the rats, I was ready for the men.
The camera switches over to show a Fire Nation guard strolling past the cages when a sudden feeling comes over him. Using bloodbending, Hama forces the guard to grab hold of his keys and unlock her cell, thus marking her escape.
Hama [Voice-over.] And during the next full moon, I walked free for the first time in decades. [The guard attempts to get up, but Hama quickly forces him back down to the ground. She walks unsteadily away.] My cell unlocked by the very guards assigned to keep me in. [Scene changes back to present day; camera focuses on a close-up of Hama.] Once you perfect this technique, you can control anything or [Looks at Katara from the corner of her eyes sadistically.] anyone.
Katara [Unsure.] But ... to reach inside someone and control them? [Casts unsure glance off to the side.] I don't know if I want that kind of power.
Hama [Camera zooms out to the two standing in the forest.] The choice is not yours. The power exists. And it's your duty to use the gifts you've been given to win this war. [Closes up to Hama.] Katara, they tried to wipe us out, our entire culture, your mother!
Katara [Close-up of her face.] I know.
Hama [Camera changes back to Hama.] Then you should understand what I'm talking about! We're the last two waterbenders of the Southern Tribe. [Camera focuses on Katara; off-camera.] We have to fight these people whenever we can, wherever they are, with any means necessary!
Katara [Widens eyes in realization.] It's you ... [Angrily.] You're the one who's been making people disappear during the full moons!
Hama [Close-up of her face, as she tilts her head downward.] They threw me in prison to rot, along with my brothers and sisters! They deserve the same! You must carry on my work!
Katara [Points to Hama, stretching out her left hand.] I won't! I won't use bloodbending and I won't allow you to keep terrorizing this town! [Her hand suddenly twists to one side. She tries desperately to stop it, but fails to do so.]
Hama [Now using bloodbending to subdue to her.] You should've learned the technique before you turned against me! [Forces Katara into a strained position.] It's impossible to fight your way out of my grip! I control every muscle, every vein in your body!
With swift motions of her hands and arms, Hama uses bloodbending to twist Katara around and throw her from side to side. She positions Katara directly before her and uses a downward motion of her hand to force her into a submissive state.
Katara [Tearfully.] Stop! Please ...
Hama laughs cruelly and keeps Katara subdued. The shot is showing the full moon slowly fades to a close-up of Katara's face as she is crying. Several moments pass as the young waterbender begins to break free from Hama's grip. Hama stares in shock as Katara inhales deeply and rises, now free from her grasp.
Katara [Determined.] You're not the only one who draws power from the moon! [Assumes a fighting stance.] My bending is more powerful than yours, Hama. Your technique is useless on me!
A waterbending duel ensues between the two. Katara pulls a ring of water around her waist and sends the stream of water at Hama, who halts it and sends it back to Katara. In a swift spinning motion, Katara sends the stream toward Hama again, who draws water from nearby trees, deflects the attack and sends a highly pressurized water jet at her. Katara uses her hands to block the attack, disintegrating the water into droplets. Upon seeing Katara's bending prowess, Hama becomes shocked, allowing for her opponent to use waterbending to knock her to the ground.
Hama [Shouts.] Aahhh!
Sokka and Aang approach the scene as Hama rises to her knees.
Sokka We know what you've been doing, Hama!
Aang Give up! [Takes a fighting stance.] You're outnumbered!
Hama No! [Rising.] You've outnumbered yourselves.
She begins bloodbending Aang and Sokka, who yell in fear, and sends them in Katara's direction. Katara pushes them out of her way and draws water from the ground, sending a stream at Hama, who in turn draws water from a vine and uses a water wheel to deflect the attack.
Sokka [Unwillingly draws his sword.] Katara, look out! [Forced to walk like a puppet, while waving the blade back and forth rapidly.] It's like my brain has a mind of its own! Stop it arm, stop it!
Katara pulls up a ring of water and pushes Sokka away.
Aang This feels weird!
Katara [Using waterbending to freeze him to a nearby tree.] I'm sorry, Aang!
Aang It's okay!
She catches sight of Sokka, still under Hama's power, unwillingly prepared to strike her with his sword. She draws water from a vine and freezes his sword and hand to a tree as well.
Hama [Sinisterly.] Don't hurt your friends, Katara! And don't let them hurt each other!
She uses bloodbending to break Aang and Sokka free from their ice encasement and send them colliding straight into one another with Sokka's sword pointing straight at Aang.
Katara [Horrified.] No!
Aang and Sokka abruptly halt in their tracks and look at their hands in confusion. The camera focuses in on Hama, who has suddenly stiffened, and cuts to Katara, an unsure look on her face as she uses bloodbending to subdue the elder. Focusing first on Hama, who grunts in discomfort, the camera turns to show the imprisoned villagers and Toph approaching the scene before cutting to moments later when the elderly waterbender is arrested, handcuffs placed around her wrists.
Male prisoner #1 You're going to be locked away forever.
Hama My work is done. [Turns to Katara.] Congratulations, Katara. You're a bloodbender.
The camera focuses on Katara, who is clearly distressed and breaks down in tears. Hama is shown laughing evilly as she is dragged away by the villagers. The camera returns to focus on Katara, who is crying underneath the full moon as Aang, arm around her, and Sokka, hand on her back, attempt to comfort her. Fades to credits.






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