Artwork and captions by Gurihiru
Gurihiru We wanted to make a gorgeous cover for this edition of The Promise. We tried to express the bond between Aang and Roku, and the antagonism between Zuko and Ozai.
Gurihiru AANG

Because of other projects we had been working on at the time, we drew everyone's heads too big at first, especially Aang's. The characters ended up looking too childish, so we went back and fixed this. We worked especially hard on Aang, since it was so important that we get him right.

Gurihiru We sent several cover ideas for each part of The Promise. It was very challenging to fit all five characters on each cover.
Gurihiru SOKKA

We really enjoyed drawing Sokka. We based his costume on the design of his father's costume, so that you could feel the bond between them.

Gurihiru We always think about how to draw the reader's eyes along the page when we do the layouts.
Gurihiru KATARA

Besides the size of her head, we hardly had any changes for Katara. We tried to keep her clothing similar to what she wore in the TV show.

Gurihiru Here are the stages from rough layouts to pencils to inks. We worked on paper from layouts to inks and then digitally after that.
Gurihiru TOPH

In our initial sketches, Toph was a little too skinny, so now we try to keep her more husky.

Gurihiru Firebending master Kunyo was inspired by actor James Hong.
Gurihiru ZUKO

At first, Zuko's costume was very formal and regal. However, that would not work for action scenes, so we changed to a costume that would allow for easier movement, and made Zuko's hairstyle short instead of long.

Gurihiru Starting with The Promise Part Three, we created the layouts digitally so it would be easier to make changes.
Gurihiru It was a lot of fun to create original characters for the world of Avatar. For Kori, we tried to make her sympathetic and have a strong will at the same time. For Toph's students, we designed them so you can understand the characters after a single look. The Dark One is our favorite.



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