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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Republic City is a war zone! While Prince Wu led the remaining citizens to safety, Team Avatar battled Kuvira's giant mech, but no amount of bending could bring it down! In a last-ditch effort, Asami and her father outfitted the hummingbird suits with platinum cutters. Hiroshi helped Team Avatar infiltrate the mecha giant, but he paid the ultimate price! Is victory within reach for our heroes?
As the title card fades, the scene opens on the immobilized Colossus trapped in ice. The scene zooms onto the targeting glass. Inside the cockpit, an infuriated Kuvira tries to break the ice. As the Colossus tries to free itself, blocks of ice fall to the ground and shatter. Kuvira bends the right arm of the Colossus and grabs a piece of a nearby building for additional support. Finally, all of the ice breaks, enabling the Colossus to move freely. As it moves down the street, a flashing light and siren sound loudly within the cockpit of the Colossus. Kuvira, knowing what it means, yells to the pilots.
Kuvira Initiate lockdown! Find the Avatar and whoever else is with her.
Cut to the hole in the right knee of the Colossus. The alarm's flash can be seen and the siren heard.
Korra We need to move fast. Su, Lin, climb up to the arm and try to disable that weapon. Mako, Bolin, get to the engine and see if you can power this thing down. [Close-up on her.] I'm going after Kuvira.
Suyin Are you sure? When you fought Kuvira before ...
Korra I know. [Cut to her as she looks down.] She almost destroyed me. [Determined, she looks up.] Not this time.
Cut to Mako and Bolin ascending the interior ladders while the Beifong siblings use their metal cables to launch themselves upward. Switch to a shot of the engine room, where the spirit vines are electrified and feeding power to the tank. Cut to a hatch which Bolin cuts open with a lava disc, allowing him and Mako to enter.
Mako I'm going for that lever. You get the other one.
The brothers split, Bolin regenerating his lava disc. Mako confronts a guard.
Guard Hey!
The guard shoots metal plates, which Mako dodges before throwing a fire blast at him. The guard shields himself with the metal plates. When he shoots more metal plates from his uniform, Mako tries to deflect with firebending, but his blast hits the spirit vine core, resulting in a small explosion, which throws the firebender into a pillar. He looks over to see Bolin blocking metal plates with the lava disc before turning to see more plates coming his own way. He dodges and kicks up fire before dodging additional attacks and shooting an additional arc of fire.

Cut to Lin and Suyin continuing their ascent on their cables. They land on a small ramp and walk through the tunnel to see the cannon's operations. Close-up on them as metal plates are shot at them.

Lin [To Suyin; ripping off nearby metal to shield them.] I'll deal with this guy! Disable the weapon!
She jumps to the ground and confronts the guard. Using a metallic extension of her armor, she blocks additional plates and moves toward him. She shoots a metal cable but the guard jumps backward and fires a fragment of metal at her that he ripped off the wall, but Lin kicks it away.

Cut to Suyin as she watches the weapon operate, seeing bullets loaded into metallic holes. She uses her bending to bring down the chain of holes and watches as they tumble downward. The vine cartridges hit the bottom of the arm and explode, sending a mass of expanding purple energy screaming upward; Suyin is forced to jump toward the tunnel's entrance and duck to avoid the blast. After the explosion passes, she gets back up and smirks, seeing the cannon has been disabled. Lin returns to the scene.

Lin [Looks around the scene and smiles.] Nice work.
Suyin The outside may be platinum, [Zoom out to show additional weapon parts.] but we can do a lot of damage in here.
The siblings use their bending to begin collapsing the gears which control the suit. Cut to the cockpit.
Helmsman The weapon's loading mechanism has malfunctioned. We're unable to fire.
Kuvira [Looking at the helmsman.] It's no malfunction. [Looks back to the window.] I can feel someone metalbending inside the arm. [She tries to move the arm as the scene moves to the exterior of the Colossus; the arm swings lazily at its side, unresponsive. Cut back to Kuvira.] I've lost the connection! The weapon's useless now. [Shifts to the left.]
The suit's right arm reaches for the left. As Kuvira bends, the right arm, after a moment, completely rends the unresponsive cannon arm from the side of the Colossus. Cut to the Beifong siblings inside, slamming against the wall. Lin bends some of the metal to strap them down. As the scene cuts once again to the exterior, Kuvira throws the useless arm away and it crashes into a building. While the main body of the arm crashes straight to the ground, the cannon fractures from the arm and tumbles onward; a quick cut shows the cannon falling into the Spirit Wilds, where it vanishes from view. Zoom in on the other half at the base of the building, before focusing further in on the Beifongs, strapped in and unconscious.

Switch to Kuvira in the cockpit, turning upon hearing a crash behind her. Zoom in on a hatch being pummeled from the other side by an unseen assailant; it gives out, flying through the air as the shot cuts to a view at Kuvira's back. As Korra emerges from the hatch, she immediately attacks with blasts of fire and air, knocking out the soldier; Korra lands and the Avatar and Kuvira begin to duel. She throws fire at the military leader, who dodges. She fires back with liquefied metal, which Korra manipulates and throws back at her, throwing her into the control panel. Kuvira quickly gets back up and charges, but Korra ducks. Kuvira turns and fires metal plates, but Korra dodges them. The metalbender shoots one of the radio speakers at the Avatar, who uses airbending to throw it out of danger. She bends an arc of fire at her foe, who jumps up and lands, bending the platform down, launching Korra into the air, who hits the roof and is locked in when Kuvira bends metal around her. The military leader bends the Avatar around the roof before throwing her into the control panel, smashing it. Just as Kuvira sets to attack again, Korra gets out of the way before being hit. She prepares to launch three metal fragments.

Cut to the engine room as Mako and Bolin continue to duel against the guards with their firebending and lava disc, respectively. Mako dodges an attack and falls back to the wall as a large metal fragment is fired at him. He leans on the rail and throws fire back, knocking the guard down against the lever and throws him down again when he tries to recover. Mako reaches the lever.

Mako I'm ready!
Cut to a close-up of Bolin pinned against a wall, trying to dodge attacks from his opponent while sustaining his lava disc.
Bolin Be with you in one second! Kind of busy! [Shoots his lava disc, which hits a steam pipe, releasing the fog into the room. As the guard recovers, a slow-mo shot shows Bolin charging and knocking him backward into the pipe. Loops around to reach Mako's sight. Zoom out toward Mako.] Okay, ready now!
Bolin makes his way to the lever. The scene changes to a split shot of the brothers looking at each other, their hands on the levers.
Mako One ... two ... three! [They pull the levers, but an angle from the roof shows that nothing happens to the engine.] Nothing's happening! [Runs toward his brother.]
Bolin Kuvira must've done some override thing and taken control! [Zoom on his location as Mako approaches him. He removes his hands from the lever.]
Mako There's got to be some other way to shut down power from here.
Bolin [Looks down nervously at the controls as the shot zooms in on them. His fingers hovering over them, unsure.] Ummm ... [Switch back out to Mako overlooking him.]
Mako Come on. You spent all that time working with Varrick and Baatar Jr. Didn't any of their genius rub off on you?
Bolin [Beads of sweat on his face; turns back to Mako.] Look, the only thing I know about these vines is that if you mess around with them too much, [Close-up on Mako.] they explode. [Mako moves his eyebrows together with a worried look on his face.]
Mako [Looks nervously at the spirit vine core as the shot pans up on it. Cut back to him; he looks down and shuts his eyes briefly.] Get those engineers out of here. I have an idea.
Bolin [Looks up at his brother.] Want to fill me in?
Mako I'm gonna zap these vines with some electricity.
Bolin [Puts his hands up.] Let's back it up, okay? [Moves his hands around to prove his point.] I said that will make the vines explode.
Mako Exactly. This is our only way of shutting this thing down. [Starts to walk away.] I can handle it.
Bolin [Grasps his shoulder; switch to a shot of Mako turning to him.] No! You can't! This isn't the time to prove how awesome you are. I already know how awesome you are [Briefly looks away before looking back.] ... you're awesome.
Mako I don't have time to argue! [Fully turns to face Bolin.] I'm doing this, so get out of here!
Bolin [Close-up side-view. Bends his head down.] Okay, but for the record, [Looks back up.] I do not approve. Just, [Switch back toward Mako who is looking to the side.] get out as soon as you can. [Switch back as he raises his hand as Mako turns to him.] Promise?
Mako [Close-up before a closer view of their hands as he grasps Bolin's and shakes it.] Promise. [The brothers embrace.]
Bolin I love you.
Mako [As they separate, hands still locked. Removing his arm around Bolin's shoulders] I love you, too. Now go!
Bolin runs off. The camera pans up the spirit vine core again before cutting back to a close-up of Mako, who takes his stance. Cut to Bolin as he hoists the engineers on his shoulders and returns to the hatch. He turns to see Mako generating lightning before stepping out of the shot. As Mako points two fingers at the ball, the charge crackling blue in the air around him, a bolt of lightning sparks at his fingertips and connects with the mass of vines. Arcs of purplish energy immediately spark off its surface; the arcs begin to detonate the walls of the room. Cut to Mako as his gaze is fixed on the surface of the mass, before cutting to behind him and panning up as the energy conduits above overload and detonate. The force of the blast sends Mako flying backward into the wall, but he sustains the lightning as he regains his stance, his gaze still fixed on his target. As the shot cuts once again to Mako's back, the entire mass flares with purple light and a surge comes off the vines that blasts him into the wall behind him. Another bright surge hits Mako around his arm, where it electrocutes and burns Mako, the sleeve of his uniform disintegrating and his skin turning a scalded red as an electric shockwave expands from his arm. He staggers, but manages to stay on his feet. Cut to a view of Mako with the empty hatch in the foreground; he makes his way toward it even as he maintains his assault on the mass of vines. As he draws near to the hatch, the mass sends another arc off its surface; it hits Mako directly in the chest and he immediately falls to the floor, his unconscious body half-draped over the hatch. A shot from above shows the mass of vines crackling and arcing angrily as Mako lies motionless below.

Cut to an exterior view of the Colossus, focused on the cockpit; blasts of flame flash from within as Korra and Kuvira duel. Cut to the interior. Staggering momentarily backward, Korra throws a blast of fire with a punch and dodges several metalbending attacks from Kuvira; they fly past her as Kuvira rotates into the frame. As soon as she does, Korra attacks her with airbending before sending a kick at Kuvira amplified by firebending. They miss as Kuvira dodges, spins around, her three orbs of metal floating next to her head, and sends multiple fragments of the metal at Korra. As Korra firebends at her from offscreen and Kuvira blocks the attack by reforming a shield with the metal from her orbs, the shot cuts to Korra as she stops firebending and jumps into the air, metalbending the shield down and kicking a gust of air at Kuvira, who tumbles backward and slams into the windows and control panel. Briefly staggered, she sends the shield at Korra, who ducks easily under it and physically attacks Kuvira, locking her legs around Kuvira's neck and flipping her over, throwing her backward onto the control platform, hitting the platform two times before rolling to a stop. Korra bends the metal beneath her, tossing her briefly limp form into the air. As Korra jumps into the air to land a crushing blow, the action becomes slow-motion and the shot cuts to Kuvira, now fully awake and seeing the oncoming Korra. As the shot cuts to a wide shot of both of them, still in slow-motion, Korra and Kuvira act simultaneously in midair, Korra airbending at Kuvira even as Kuvira bends a panel of the floor at Korra. The two blows land at the same time as the scene resumes normal time and both Korra and Kuvira are tossed away from each other by the combination of attacks, landing at opposite sides of the cockpit of the Colossus in clouds of dust and muffled yells.

Cut to Mako, still unconscious far below the battle in the cockpit, the mass of vines growing ever more unstable. Rings of spirit energy spread outward on the roof of the room as Bolin climbs the ladder to the hatch, takes his brother over his shoulders, and jumps down to the landing below. The energy begins to seep out of the engine room as he lands; he keeps running even as the mass above sends arcs and beams of energy down through the ceiling above. As Bolin makes it to the ladder leading down toward the rest of the Colossus, a massive explosion dismantles the ladder, sending it and them tumbling downward into the darkness below. Cut back to Korra and Kuvira; on the verge of landing another round of attacks, they are thrown off their feet as explosion rocks the floor beneath, purple light filling the windows on all sides.

Cut to the exterior of the Colossus as beams of energy blaze through the skin of the machine, shooting one-by-one in all directions and quickly becoming more and more numerous. A brilliant flash of light drowns the shot and promptly vanishes; a subtle crackle of suppressed energy crawls around the torso of the Colossus before yielding to a ring of purple energy. With a massive blast of spirit energy set free, the Colossus is torn by a devastating explosion, the top of its torso, now severed from its lower half, soaring through the air as the remaining usable arm, torn away, tumbles in the opposite direction. The scene cuts to Kora and Kuvira in the falling cockpit, holding desperately onto the railing around the control platform as debris flies past them toward the ceiling. As the shot cuts to the exterior once more, the cockpit section crashes into the street, raising a cloud of dust that suffuses the immediate area. As the dust settles, the upper section can be seen, motionless and useless, where it came to rest. A quick cut to Bolin and Mako, unconscious and lying side by side in the wreckage, is followed by a cut back to the outside as a blast of earthbending clears a path out of the cockpit. Korra helps Kuvira out of the ruined cockpit, its window shattered and its frames bent, and sets her down as Kuvira lets out a groan. Korra sits down, spent, next to her and addresses her.

Korra It's over. [Korra looks up with hardened eyes.] You're gonna call off your army [Cuts to Kuvira who opens her eyes.] and surrender to President Raiko. [Kuvira's eyes dart to Korra, filled with hatred.] Then you and —
Catching Korra off guard, Kuvira bends a chunk of rock at her, catching her in the face and sending her flying across the pile of debris. She comes to a stop face down in the street; with a groan, she lifts her head and sees Kuvira escaping down the street, limping badly. After a quick glance behind her, Kuvira takes off down the street toward the Spirit Wilds in the distance, her arm braced across her body.
Korra Stop!
Kuvira does not comply. After a moment, Korra angrily rises to her feet and gives chase. Cut to Kuvira rounding a corner at the entrance to the Wilds; she braces herself on the side of a building with her arm before falling to the ground with a groan. Rising to her feet once more, she continues into the forest, limping and holding her side. She pauses for a moment to catch her breath, holding herself up with a hand against a tree. She looks up as Korra's voice permeates the trees.
Korra [Voice-over.] Kuvira! Give up!
Kuvira [As the shot focuses on her face, her eyes narrowing and her voice defiant.] Never.
She resumes walking, still limping. As she takes her free hand and pushes aside a curtain of vines, she gasps, beholding what lies beyond; her eyes narrow and her mouth curls into a sneer. Cut to Korra, walking through the forest as sunlight filters through gaps in the canopy above onto the vine-covered street.
Korra Please, stop this madness! It has to end now!
As Korra jumps to the top of a root, Kuvira's voice echoes through the forest; she turns her head, trying to find its source.
Kuvira [Off-screen.] If you really want to end it, then come and get me!
Korra takes off in pursuit of the source of the sound. Ducking under a large, arch-like root and pushing through a clump of bushes, she comes upon a clearing and, looking up, gasps in horror. The shot cuts, sliding from the base to the open end of the massive spirit weapon's barrel, suspended in a cradle of vines where it fell from the discarded arm of the Colossus. Its barrel is aimed directly at Korra, who stands motionless before it. Cut to Kuvira, holding to the side of the firing mechanism, holding the manual trigger handle in her left hand.
Kuvira Now it's over.
Korra [Extending a hand, desperate.] Don't!
Kuvira slides the trigger home and the shot once again slides down the barrel to the end, where the devastating purple beam builds within the barrel. In slow-motion, Korra abandons her attempt at reasoning and dives for safety as the barrel discharges, its beam colliding with the ground and throwing Korra aside after hitting the ground a few times. She comes to a stop and looks up. The beam has not stopped; it continues to pierce the ground, the ground flaming at the impact point. Cut to Kuvira, standing with one foot on the weapon and one foot on a vine. As the weapon continues to fire below, the vines around her begin to glow with the same purple light and she looks around at them as the shot cuts to a wide shot of the cannon. The force of the firing has propelled the cannon backward, away from the ground; now it twists around, wildly swinging in its cradle of vines as the beam follows. Cut to a shot of the city, the Spirit Wilds in the foreground, as the beam flies upward through the trees, slicing through buildings and detonating them, before cutting back to the uncontrollable cannon as Kuvira holds on to it. Cut to Korra.
Korra [Yelling over the noise of the cannon.] Shut it down!
Kuvira [Sliding the trigger back to find the weapon unresponsive.] I can't!
A sudden shudder of the cannon throws Kuvira from its side; she yells as she tumbles to the ground, hitting it multiple times. Raising her head, she gasps, her expression morphing into horror as she beholds the barrel of her creation swinging around to aim at her, the beam still firing. As it bears down on her, Korra jumps in from the left, throwing herself between the beam and Kuvira. As Kuvira watches, terrified, Korra extends her hands before her, her eyes glowing as she enters the Avatar State. The beam of energy abruptly gives way, and a spherical mass of energy forms around the two, while smaller energy beams spray in all directions. Kuvira sits motionless, caught between wonder and terror as the purplish-white light courses around them. The shot moves behind them. As Korra continues to bend the beam, the orb of energy around them begins to expand, slowly at first, then exponentially. The two disappear when the orb glows bright white and flares into a massive size.

The shot cuts to a wide shot of the Spirit Wilds and the central peninsula of Republic City itself as the glowing orb suddenly explodes into being, swallowing the city and drowning the light of the midday sun as it grows ever larger and a shockwave radiates outward at its base, clouds wrapping its top. As it expands through the streets, washing over the debris of the attack and the remains of the Colossus, the shot shows Tenzin and his children taking shelter in a building as the threshold of the orb blazes past them, ash and dust pouring through the doorway. Cut to Asami as she rounds a corner and comes upon the orb; her eyes widen in shock, and she ducks into a underground tunnel as the orb washes over the street above and smoke envelops her as well.

Cut to a wide shot as the orb reaches the height of its expansion. As the scene cuts to a street below, the rapid expansion of the cloud of dust and debris kicked up by the orb comes to a sudden standstill, the cloud hanging lazily in midair for a moment before reversing its direction and screaming back toward its source. The next events happen very quickly. A second of silence as the shot switches to an overhead view of the orb, it begins to collapse on itself, leaving circular clouds hanging in the sky and revealing a layer of vines covering the ground. The orb utterly implodes, crushing itself down to microscopic size as it sucks the clouds inward to itself, leaving only a golden pinpoint sitting at the center of a deep crater covered with vines. A brief flare of golden light flickers out and the world is bathed in a golden glow as a yellowish beam of energy erupts skyward, a beacon rising into the sky as Kuvira's army of mecha suits watches from the streets of the city. Within the beam rise two coiled ribbons of green and yellow, two helices spiraling upward into the sky above.

Cut to its base, where a rotating orb shines greenish-yellow on the ground at the base of the beacon, followed by the debris of the Colossus as Bolin and a semiconscious Mako open a hatch and emerge from the heart of the wreck. Bolin gasps as Mako turns his head toward it.

Bolin Look!
As they stare in wonder at the beacon, the shot cuts to Tenzin and his children walking toward the spiraling light.
Tenzin [Astonished.] A new spirit portal.
Fade to the rim of the crater, where a group of mecha tanks have gathered; a captain gives orders.
Mecha suit captain [To his unit.] Spread out and find Kuvira!
As they disperse, the shot cuts to within the crater. Lin, Suyin, Varrick, and Zhu Li have climbed onto the remains of the Colossus, looking around. Cut to Asami and Tenzin; the shot pans left as Asami straightens up, Ikki and Meelo landing behind her.
Mako Korra!
Tenzin, meanwhile, walks toward the smashed cockpit, where Mako stands as well. Mako steps inside the cockpit and the shot cuts to follow him. He peers up toward the wrecked control surface, where Jinora stands looking down at him. As the shot cuts to a close-up of her face, she shakes her head. Cut back to Mako as he turns to Tenzin.
Mako Tenzin, there's no sign of her.
Tenzin Keep looking! Korra! [Cut to a wide shot as he bellows loudly, his voice echoing across the waste.] Korra!
Cut to Korra, floating unconscious in spirit-form as her hair ruffles. After a moment, she opens her eyes and finds herself facing a red reflection of herself, a bluish boundary separating the two. As the two reflections regard each other, her red reflection fluctuates, morphing into an unconscious Kuvira. As Korra looks at her, the blue color around them starts to dissolve and Korra looks around at the world materializing around her as they lose their respective colors, returning to their normal forms. They slowly descend onto the landscape around the new spirit portal, a field of purple flowers and mangled-looking reddish trees; they are in the Spirit World. As they touch down, Kuvira groans and topples. Korra catches her and holds the unconscious woman in her arms. When Kuvira comes to, she realizes who is holding her and lets out a panicked cry, before scrambling away, pushing Korra over. On her feet, Kuvira looks around at the new environment.

The scene cuts to a wide shot. Kuvira, disoriented, climbs to her feet.

Kuvira What happened? Are we ... dead?
Korra [Stands up.] No, we're okay, but we're in the Spirit World. [Raises her arms to gestures around them.] All the energy from your weapon tore open a new portal and blasted us in here.
Kuvira [Cuts to a close-up of Kuvira as she lowers her head and looks away.] Why would you save my life, after everything I did to you?
Korra [Surprised, she looks down before gazing at Kuvira.] I guess ... I see a lot of myself in you.
Kuvira [Cuts to a sideways close-up. First surprised, but gradually becomes angry.] We are nothing alike!
Korra [Cuts to a sideways close-up; calmly.] Yes, we are. We're both fierce and determined to succeed, [Sadly lowers her head.] sometimes without thinking things through.
Kuvira This wasn't how I wanted things to end. [Falls to her knees.] If you would have all just surrendered, [Straightens up a little, glaring at the Avatar.] none of this would have happened.
Korra [Slowly walks toward her. Close-up.] You brought this on yourself. Messing with the spirit vines, acting like a dictator over your people ... you had to know what you were doing wasn't right.
Kuvira [Angrily, glaring at the Avatar.] I was trying to help my people. Su turned her back on the Earth Kingdom, you were gone! I had to do something.
The shot switches to a view of the back left side of Kuvira's head and the upper body of the Avatar.
Korra [Softly.] I think I get it now.
Kuvira [Turns away from Korra.] You don't understand anything about me.
Korra I do. [Sadly looks down.] Su told me how she took you in when you were younger. [Looks away.] It must have been so hard being an orphan.
Kuvira [She angrily turns her head toward Korra as the shot cuts to a wide view.] Don't pretend you know what it felt like! [Wildly, waving her free arm.] The Avatar is adored by millions! I was cast aside by my own parents like I meant nothing to them. [Cuts to a close-up of the left side of Kuvira's face.] How could I just stand by [Starts crying.] and watch the same thing happen to my nation, when it needed someone to guide it?
Korra [Voice-over.] You wanted to create a place where you and your people would never be vulnerable again. [Kuvira raises her head to look at Korra as the shot switches to a close-up of the Avatar.] I may not have been an orphan, but believe me, I understand what it feels like to be afraid. [Sits down so she is at eye level with Kuvira.] After I was poisoned, I would have done anything to feel in control.
The look on Kuvira's face softens. Cut to the physical world, where all sorts of spirits fly out of the portal and reappear on the rim of the crater.
Tenzin The spirits have returned.
Asami [Turns to the portal, from which Korra emerges, helping Kuvira to walk.] And so has Korra! [Cut to where Kuvira's mecha suits turn to the portal.]
Bolin [He runs up along with Asami and Tenzin, laughing excitedly.] You're okay!
Mecha suit captain [Korra and Kuvira look around as the mecha suits gather around them, pointing their weapons at them.] Release Kuvira, or we will attack! [Cuts to an overhead view.]
Kuvira [Cuts back to Korra and Kuvira as she removes her arm from Korra's shoulder and addresses her troops.] Stand down. This battle is over. I owe the Avatar my life. [Cuts to scene behind Tenzin and Bolin.] Her power is beyond anything I could ever hope to achieve. [Cuts to a close-up of Kuvira looking down, and Su looks at her.] I'll accept whatever punishment the world sees fit.
The mecha suits all stand down and Kuvira is handcuffed by Lin.
Kuvira [Turns to Suyin, who looks up after being addressed.] And Su, I'm sorry for all the anguish I've caused you and your family.
Suyin You're going to answer for everything you've done.
Lin and Suyin take Kuvira away, while everyone else hugs Korra. The shot cuts to a wider shot of the crater. With the spirits flying happily ahead.
Bolin [Voice-over.] And though the battle took a severe toll on our beloved city, out of the destruction, love did bloom! [Fade to Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding, where Bolin is marrying the couple.] So that is why, dearest friends and family, we gather today to celebrate the wondrous, and at time inexplicable bond between Sir Varrick and the Lady Zhu Li!
Varrick [Looks over to cameraman, who is filming the crowd; in a loud whisper.] Hey, pal, camera on me! This is my big day! [The camera is swiveled around and Varrick nods to Bolin to continue.]
Bolin True love is a fickle creature. [Cut to Bolin's friends and family in the audience.] Difficult to find, nearly impossible to tame. [Close-up on Varrick and Zhu Li.] But Varrick and Zhu Li have proven that even the longest of long shots [Varrick glances at Bolin, annoyed.] can have a chance at happiness together. Now, for the vows! [Pabu climbs on top of Bolin's shoulder with a small scroll around his neck.] Thank you, Master Pabu. Do you, Sir Iknik Blackstone Varrick of the Southern Water Tribe, Master of the High Seas, take the Lady Zhu Li Moon to be your lawfully wedded wife? Will you promise to treat her not as your assistant, but as your honored and cherished partner?
Varrick You're darn tootin' I do!
Bolin And do you, Zhu Li, take Varrick, to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to care for him, in sickness and in health, [Looks down to note and gets a confused expression on his face.] and also scrub his callouses on a bi-weekly basis, which ... isn't really that much to ask ... [Crumples paper; to Varrick, annoyed.] Okay, I'm not reading all this.
Zhu Li [Close-up as she stares lovingly at her groom.] I do take Varrick. Callouses and all.
Bolin You may now [Varrick and Zhu Li lean in close together, Bolin takes a few steps back. Softly.] do the thing.
Varrick and Zhu Li kiss, while the crowd applauds. Cut back to Varrick and Zhu Li, when Varrick begins to cry.
Zhu Li Are you all right?
Varrick You just make me so dang happy!
He wipes his tears away and pulls a remote from his pocket. Pressing the button, a bunch of fireworks is set off, which is shown in a far shot of the Air Temple Island courtyard. The scene fades to later that night, when the people have shifted from in front of the makeshift altar to a dance floor with tables in front of it. Tahno, Lu, Gang, the council page, and the White Falls Wolfbats provide the music. Varrick is dancing with Zhu Li, while Ikki is dancing with a reluctant Huan. Opal drags Bolin onto the dance floor as well. Lin takes some food from a waiter, while Pema chases Rohan. Pan to Mako and Wu.
Mako My cousin told me how level-headed you were during the whole evacuation. I got to admit, I'm impressed. I think you're going to make a great leader. [In a berating tone.] But that doesn't mean I'm gonna set you up with Korra, so don't ask.
Wu [Cuts to Wu.] That's okay, Mako. Sometimes, a good evacuation is its own reward. [Cut to Korra, who joins them as the two turn to face her.]
Korra Good to see you, Prince Wu. Or should I say, King Wu? You ready to get back to Ba Sing Se and finally take the throne?
Wu Yeah [He looks down at the ground, briefly.] ... about that [He rubs the back of his head.] ... I was actually thinking of stepping down as king and getting rid of the monarchy all together. [He gets bewildered looks from Mako and Korra.]
Mako [Surprised.] Are ... you joking?
Wu For once, [Shakes his head.] I'm not. Now I know what you're gonna say, I'm being lazy, I'm afraid of responsibility, I'm putting my singing career before my people, but it's none of those things. I really think the Earth Kingdom would be better off if the states were independent and had elected leaders, like the United Republic.
Mako [Cut to Mako and Korra. Still surprised as Korra smiles.] That's ... actually pretty wise and mature of you.
Korra I think it's a great idea. The Earth Kingdom should evolve, and I'll do everything in my power to help you make that happen.
Wu [Makes a saluting gesture to Korra.] Looking forward to working with you. But for now, the dance floor calls. [He scoots off.]
Korra [To Mako, after a brief pause.] How's the arm?
Mako Much better.
Korra [Close-up.] The words "thank you" don't feel big enough for what you did. But I honestly don't know what else to say.
Mako [Cut to a sideways close-up on the left side of his face.] You don't need to say anything. I want you to know, I'll follow you into battle, no matter how crazy things get. I've got your back [Cut to Korra who is touched.] ... and I always will [Korra smiles.].
Cut to the decorated gate at the entrance to the island, where Korra is leaning against it alone, looking at the city across the water as the portal rises into the sky beyond. Tenzin walks up to Korra.
Tenzin I spoke to President Raiko. [Korra turns to look at him.] Tomorrow, he's announcing a plan to expand the city, rather than rebuild downtown.
Korra [Cuts to look at the spirit portal.] I bet Aang never could have imagined there'd be a spirit portal right in the heart of Republic City.
Tenzin [Cuts back as he looks at her.] Korra, you've transformed the world more in a few years than most Avatars did during their lifetimes.
Korra [Close-up on Korra as she looks down.] But I feel like I've only just begun. [Looks at Tenzin.] There's so much more I want to learn and do.
Tenzin [Cuts to Tenzin looking at Korra, smiling.] You don't know how happy I am to hear you so full of hope again.
Korra [Cut to a wide shot with the wedding altar behind them.] It's been a bit of a bumpy ride, huh?
Tenzin I've come to realize life is one, big, bumpy ride.
Korra [Cuts to Korra who pauses.] I know I was in a pretty dark place after I was poisoned. But I finally understand why I had to go through all that. I needed to understand what true suffering was so I could be more compassionate to others, even to people like Kuvira.
Tenzin puts a reassuring hand on Korra's shoulder. Korra puts her hand on his and comes to peace.
Asami [Interrupts them.] Excuse me Tenzin, Varrick is looking for you. Something about wanting to borrow a glidersuit to fly off the tower?
Tenzin [Runs off.] That doesn't seem like a good idea!
Korra [To Asami.] Wanna sit with me for a minute? I'm not ready to get back to the party just yet. [Asami smiles and they sit down side by side on the steps with Naga sleeping near them.] I don't think I ever really apologized.
Asami [Surprised, she turns to Korra.] For what?
Korra For being gone all that time. For not coming back sooner. [Looks down in shame.]
Asami [Turns her body toward Korra; firmly.] You don't need to apologize for anything. [Korra looks at her.] I'm just so happy you're here now. [She looks away; emotionally] I don't think I could have handled losing you and my father in the same day. [Tears well up in Asami's eyes as the scene cuts to a close-up of them both.]
Korra I am so sorry for what happened. [Hugs Asami.]
Asami [Wipes away the tears.] Thank you. I'm just glad I was able to forgive him. [The scene widens to feature their hug.]
Korra [As they let go.] So, what now? Back to the dance floor?
Asami I'm kind of all danced out. Honestly, after everything that's happened the past few months, I could use a vacation.
Korra [Lightens up and smiles.] Let's do it! Let's go on a vacation, just the two of us. Anywhere you want.
Asami [Surprised.] Really? Okay ... I've always wanted to see what the Spirit World's like.
Korra Sounds perfect.
Fade to the base of the new spirit portal, where Korra and Asami walk up to it. Both are back in their normal attire, carrying a backpack. Stopping for a moment a few meters short of the portal, they turn their heads and smile at each other. The shot cuts to behind and between them as they join hands and walk into the portal, where they turn to face each other closely, gazing into each other's eyes. The camera pans up into the portal's beam of light as the Chinese characters "The End" appear on screen.
Roll credits.






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