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The episode opens with a shot of the incline leading to the Royal Caldera city, as the camera pans above to an aerial shot of the city. Shot cuts to the Fire Nation Royal Palace, before cutting to Zuko's bedroom, to show Zuko tossing and turning in his bed, unable to sleep. He opens his eyes and gets up, donning a cloak. Cut to the rim of the volcano, as he walks through a path. Cut to the Capital City Prison as Zuko walks toward it. Cut to an overhead shot of him stopping and looking above. Cut to a guard walking around a balcony, who spots him.
Guard Who's there?!
Zuko, without speaking a word, turns around and walks away. The guard, seeing Zuko leave, resumes his patrol. Scene changes to some islands at day time, as a mysterious cloud goes toward one of the islands at an abnormal speed. Cut to the cloud "descending" on one of the islands.
Aang [From inside the cloud.] I think I see a cave below.
Sokka [Commanding.] Sh! Keep quiet!
Aang airbends the cloud surrounding Appa as the flying bison lands. Sokka jumps to the ground from Appa and reconnoiters, before crossing his arms and looking toward Team Avatar.
Sokka Great job with the cloud camo, but next time, let's disguise ourselves as the kind of cloud that knows how to keep its mouth shut. [He reconnoiters again.]
Toph [Cut to the Toph, Katara, and Aang standing in front of Sokka, who is reconnoitering. Sarcastically.] Yeah, we wouldn't want a bird to hear us chatting up there and turn us in.
Sokka [Turning back toward the other three.] Hey, we're in enemy territory. [He points above as camera zooms back to show four toucan puffins standing on a rock behind him.] Those are enemy birds.
One toucan puffin jumps onto Sokka's head and screeches. Cut to the other three as they laugh, and walk toward the cave, with Sokka following behind. Suddenly, he jumps above them and comes "diving" down. He looks suspicious, as shot cuts to an aerial shot of him running into the cave, followed by the rest of the group.
Sokka Well, this is it. [Cut to Sokka standing in front of the other three.] This is how we'll be living until the invasion begins. [His head drops each time he says the word, "cave".] Hiding in cave after cave after cave after cave ...
Katara [Cut to Katara, standing near Aang, from behind Sokka.] Sokka, we don't need to become cave people. What we need is some new clothes.
Aang Yeah, blending in is better than hiding out. [Cut to Aang and Katara.] If we get Fire Nation disguises, [Smiling.] we would be just as safe as we would be hiding in a cave.
Toph [Cut to Toph, who is sitting down with her legs slightly folded.] Plus, they have real food out there. Does anyone want to sit in the dirt and eat cave hoppers?
Toph punches the cave wall, causing cave hoppers to jump out, Momo grabs one and eats it. He turns around and spits out a cave hopper limb.
Sokka Looks like we got outvoted, sport. Let's get some new clothes.
Cut to outside a Fire Nation home near a waterfall. Next to the home, clothes hang out to dry on clotheslines over natural steam vents. Katara, Aang, Sokka, and Toph hide behind a rock wall.
Aang [Whispering.] I don't know about this. [Cut to a view of Team Avatar from the clothes.] These clothes belong to somebody.
Katara I call the silk robe! [Jumps out from behind the rock wall and grabs two outfits.]
Aang But if it's essential to our survival ... then I call the suit! [Jumps over the wall.]
Cut to a view of the hanging clothes from inside a house through doorway where a man sleeps. Aang and Toph run across, grabbing clothes. Sokka stands still, examining shirts on the clothesline and grabs the third one.
Aang [Puts on a headband, revealing his whole new Fire Nation disguise.] Ta-dah! Normal kid.
Toph Hm ... I should probably wear shoes. But then I won't be able to see as well. [Sits down.] Sorry, shoes! [Pulls on the shoe, launching the sole at Sokka's face, leaving a red mark.] Finally, a stylish shoe for the blind earthbender.
Katara [Walks partially on camera.] How do I look? [The camera pans from Katara's dress to her whole outfit.]
Aang [Blushing, scratching his head.] Uh ... your mom's necklace.
Katara Oh, [Touches necklace.] oh, yeah. I guess it's pretty obviously Water Tribe, isn't it? [Takes off the necklace and holds it in her hand.]
In the city, Katara puts some money on a head-wear display. She puts on a Fire Nation necklace, Toph puts on a crown, and Sokka wears a top-knot. Aang pats down Momo's ears and hides him in his shirt.
Aang I used to visit my friend Kuzon here a hundred years ago. So, everyone just follow my lead and stay cool. Or, as they say in the Fire Nation, "stay flamin'". [Walks around the building corner. To a man eating meat on a stick.] Greetings, my good hotman.
Fire Nation man [Confused.] Uh, hi. [Sokka shrugs at him as he passes.] I guess ...
Aang [Looking at a meat display. Disappointedly.] Oh, we're going to a meat place?
Sokka Come on, Aang, everyone here eats meat. Even the meat! [Points at a hippo cow eating a piece of meat swarming with flies.]
Aang You guys go ahead. I'll just get some lettuce out of the garbage. [Aang and Katara wave each at each other as the rest enter. Turns around to greet random people on the street.] Hotman. Hotman. Hotman. Hotman. Hotman. Hotman.
Three soldiers approach Aang.
Male soldier It's over. We caught you.
Aang [Guiltily.] Who, me?
Male soldier It couldn't be more obvious that you don't belong here. [Cut to Aang looking very nervous.] Next time you play hooky, you might wanna take off your school uniform.
Aang laughs nervously and the soldier grabs Aang. Cut to the two guards push Aang into a classroom. The camera pans across the room, stopping at the teacher, Ms. Kwan.
Kwan Oh. Is this a new mind ready for molding?
Aang That's right. [Knocking on his head.] Let the molding begin. [The two guards turn away to leave.]
Kwan Wait a minute. [The two guards turn back.] You're not from the Fire Nation. [Walks around Aang.] Clearly you're from the colonies.
Aang Yeah, the colonies, of course. The Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom. [The two guards walk away.]
Kwan Your etiquette is terrible. In the homeland, we bow to our elders. [Walks in front of her desk.] Like so. [Bows.]
Aang Sorry, ma'am.
Bows to her. She taps his hands to correct him. A girl sitting in the front row shows the correct way to bow. Aang bows the proper way this time.
Kwan And we don't wear head coverings indoors.
Aang Um ... I have a scar. It's really embarrassing.
Kwan Very well. What is your name? Or should we just call you "Mannerless Colony Slob"?
Aang [Chuckles.] Just "slob" is fine. Or, uh, Kuzon. [Camera pans out to Aang facing his classmates.]
The school bell rings and the students walk out of school. Momo peeks out of Aang's school uniform.
Aang [Quietly.] We made it through the day Momo, and it was pretty fun.
On Ji [From behind Aang.] Don't let the headmaster catch you with that monkey. [The camera shifts to show her.]
Aang [Turns around, trying to act innocent.] What monkey?
On Ji Don't worry, I'm not a tattletale. My name's On Ji. I like your headband, by the way.
Hide [Walks past Aang, slightly bumping him away and puts a hand around On Ji's shoulders.] On Ji, you don't have to baby-sit the new kid.
Aang Wow. [Bows.] You must be one of those popular kids I've been hearing about.
Hide That's right. Now listen, friend. I know you're from the colonies, so I'll say this slowly. [Leans close to Aang, talking slowly.] On Ji is my girlfriend. [Pokes Aang's chest.] Don't forget it.
Momo tries to get out of Aang's shirt and Aang pushes him back in. Aang pushes Momo back as Hide signifies to Aang that he is watching him and begins to leave.
Aang [Waving goodbye to On Ji and Hide.] It was nice meeting you.
Shoji [Approaches Aang.] I don't believe it, he didn't beat you up. Not even a little.
Aang I guess I'm just lucky.
Shoji We were on our way to play hide and explode. You wanna come?
Aang I'd love to.
Shoji, his friends, and Aang all run off to play the game.

Cut to Team Avatar's cave. Aang slides down the hill and enters the cave, covered in dirt.

Katara [Concernedly.] Where have you been? We've been worried sick.
Aang [Undoing his headband.] I got invited to play with some kids after school.
Sokka [Springs up to his feet in shock.] After what?!
Aang I enrolled in a Fire Nation school, and I'm going back tomorrow.
Sokka [With an exasperated facial expression.] Enrolled in what?! [Falls backward in disbelief.]
Cut to an outside-view of the Capital City Prison. Cut to inside, where Zuko walks through the halls and the guard is alerted to his presence.
Guard [Readies his spear, with it pointed directly at Zuko.] You again? Stop where you are! [Zuko raises his head, looking at the guard.] Prince Zuko ...
Zuko grabs the guard by his collar and slams him against the wall.
Zuko I'm going in for a visit. You're going to stand guard here, and no one is going to know about this. [Zuko releases the guard, enters Iroh's cell, and approaches him.] Uncle, it's me. [Iroh, sitting on the floor, turns away from Zuko with a scowl on his face.]
The scene cuts back to show the team inside the cave sitting around a fire.
Sokka Aang, I'm trying to be mature and not immediately shoot down your idea, but it sounds ... really terrible.
Toph Yeah, we got our outfits. What do you need to go to school for?
Aang Every minute I'm in that classroom, I'm learning new things about the Fire Nation. I already have a picture of Fire Lord Ozai. [Holds up the picture.] And here's one that I made out of noodles! [Holds up his picture of Ozai.]
Sokka Impressive, I admit, but I still think it's too dangerous.
Aang I guess we'll never find out about the secret river then. It goes right to the Fire Lord's palace. We were supposed to learn about it in class tomorrow.
Sokka Hmm, I am a fan of secret rivers ... fine, let's stay a few more days.
Aang Flamey-O, Hotman! [Runs off.]
Sokka [To Katara.] Flamey-O?
Katara shrugs and murmurs as if to say "I don't know." Cut to the prison. Zuko is standing inside Iroh's cell.
Zuko You brought this on yourself, you know. We could have returned together. You could have been a hero! [Iroh shifts but does not look at him.] You have no right to judge me, Uncle. I did what I had to do in Ba Sing Se, and you're a fool for not joining me. [Iroh continues ignoring him.] You're not going to say anything? [Kicks up a small stool and destroys it with firebending.] You're a crazy old man! You're crazy! And if you weren't in jail, you'd be sleeping in a gutter! [Zuko leaves, slamming the door behind him as Iroh's head drops slightly and he closes his eyes.]
The scene cuts to show the classroom with the class assembled inside. Kwan walks in, and the class collectively rises to bow.
Kwan Good morning class. Recite the Fire Nation oath. [Sits down at her desk.]
The class turns to face a large painting of Ozai.
Class [Turns to a large painting of Ozai at the back of the class.] My life I give to my country, with my hands I fight for Fire Lord Ozai and our forefathers before him.
Aang [Glances around the room as the class recites the oath.] Fire Lord ... forefathers ...
Class With my mind I seek ways to better my country, and with my feet may our March of Civilization continue.
Aang Firebenders ... Fire Lord ... wah, bah, blah, blah. [The class snickers at him as they sit down as the teacher looks on with a stern expression.]
Kwan Since it's obviously hilarious to mock our national oath, we'll begin with a pop quiz on our great March of Civilization. [The class groans and picks up their pens.] Question one: What year did Fire Lord Sozin battle the Air Nation army? [Aang raises his hand.] Kuzon?
Aang Is that a trick question? The Air Nomads didn't have a formal military. Sozin defeated them by ambush. [The entire class stares at him, dumbfounded.]
Kwan Well, I don't know how you could possibly know more than our national history book. Unless you were there a hundred years ago.
Aang I'll just write down my best guess.
The camera fades to show the music teacher standing at a podium with the rest of the class before him, playing instruments. Aang plays loudly in very discordant notes, dancing while sitting.
Music teacher Kuzon?
Aang [Stopping.] I know, I'm a terrible tsungi hornist.
Music teacher No, child. That hullabaloo going on with your feet. Is that a nervous disorder?
Aang I was just dancing. You do dances here in the homeland, right?
Shoji Not really, no.
Music teacher Dancing is not conducive to a proper learning environment. Young people must have rigid discipline and order.
Aang But what about expressing yourself?
Music teacher I know sometimes we're so ruled by our love for our nation that we can't control our own bodies. [He puts his hand to his face at what he is saying before continuing on.] If you must, you may march in place quietly next time the urge hits you.
He settles back down to the podium and the class resumes playing. Aang plays a few notes. marching in place, and stops, looking very dismayed at this. Cut to the school yard. Aang is walking through it, and all the other students stop and stare at him, murmuring among themselves.
On Ji [Waves at Aang.] Uh, hi, Kuzon. I really liked that crazy dance you were doing.
Aang Thanks On Ji. I could show it to you again if you like. Ah! [He jumps as a blast of fire hits the ground at his feet.]
Hide What'd you say, colony trash? You're gonna show her something?
Aang [Nervously.] Just some dance movements.
Hide Nobody shows my On Ji anything, especially movements!
Hide attempts to strike Aang, but Aang easily steps out of the way. The other students gather around to watch. Hide continues trying to punch at Aang, but he continuously evades with ease, much to Hide's frustration. Aang gets behind Hide's back and moves to the side to match Hide's movements. Aang knocks back Hide by butting him. Hide tries to strike Aang two more times, but Aang slides behind Hide through his legs. Hide tries punching Aang two more times and falls down as Aang side steps and trips him. The Headmaster arrives, and Hide sniffles as he gets up to his knees. He is seen with tears in his eyes as the Headmaster talks.
Headmaster [Angrily.] Picking fights on your second day? We need to have a conference to discuss your punishment. Bring your parents to my office after school.
Aang [Worriedly.] Parents? But-
Headmaster Don't be late!
The Headmaster walks off and Hide smirks behind his back. Cut to a picture of Ozai, and the camera pans to show the Headmaster sitting at his office.
Headmaster Thank you for coming, Mr. and Mrs ... [Shot changes to show Sokka in diguise with a large fake beard, and Katara in disguise with a different hairstyle and appearing pregnant, with Aang sitting between them.]
Sokka [With an exaggerated accent.] Fire. [Stroking his beard.] Wang Fire. [Pointing to Katara.] This is my wife, Sapphire.
Katara Sapphire Fire. Nice to meet you.
Headmaster Mr. and Mrs ... Fire, your son has been enrolled here for two days and he's already causing problems. He's argued with his history teacher, disrupted music class, and roughed up my star pupil.
Katara My goodness! That doesn't sound like our Kuzon.
Headmaster That's what any mother would say, Ma'am. Nonetheless, you're forewarned; if he acts up one more time, I'll have him sent to reform school- [Stands up.] by which I mean the coal mines. Are we clear?
Sokka Don't you worry, Mr. Headmaster. I'll straighten this boy out somethin' fierce! [Turns to Aang.] Young man, as soon as we get home you're gonna get the punishment of a lifetime! [Aang and Katara are visibly alarmed.]
Headmaster That's what I like to hear.
They turn to leave, and the scene cuts to show Zuko and Mai sitting on a cliff side together, watching the sunset.
Mai Orange is such an awful color.
Zuko [Snickers.] You're so beautiful when you hate the world.
Mai I don't hate you.
Zuko I don't hate you too. [They kiss, but are interrupted by Azula.]
Azula Ahem. [They turn to look at her, clearly annoyed.] Zuko, could I have a word with you?
Zuko Can't you see we're busy? [They kiss again.]
Azula Oh Mai, Ty Lee needs your help untangling her braid.
Mai [Stands up, smiling.] Sounds pretty serious. [Leaves, but throws an angry glance at Azula behind her back.]
Azula So, I've heard you've been to visit your uncle fatso in the prison tower.
Zuko [Standing angrily.] That guard told you.
Azula No. You did. Just now.
Zuko [Sits back down.] Okay, you caught me. What is it that you want, Azula?
Azula Actually, nothing. Believe it or not, I'm looking out for you. If people find out you've been to see Uncle, they'll think you're plotting with him. Just be careful, Dum-Dum.
Cuts to the cave where the Team is gathered. Momo attempts to pounce on birds, but he misses and they scatter.
Sokka [Frontal shot, still acting as Wang Fire.] That settles it! No more school for you, young man! [Strokes his beard.]
Aang I'm not ready to leave yet. I'm having fun for once, just being a normal kid. You don't know what it's like, Sokka. You get to be normal all the time.
Toph Ha ha! [Sokka glares at her.]
Aang Listen guys, those kids at school are the future of the Fire Nation. If we want to change this place for the better, we need to show them a little taste of freedom.
Sokka What could you possibly do for a country of depraved little fire monsters?
Aang I'm gonna throw them, [Starts dancing.] a secret dance party! [Everybody stares at Aang.]
Sokka [In Wang Fire voice.] Go to your room!
Cut to the cave with candles on the sides. Toph earthbends a stage. Aang puts on his headband.
Sokka [Placing a candle.] I can't believe we're having a dance party. It seems so ... silly.
Aang Don't think of it as a dance party, but as a cultural event celebrating the art of fancy footwork! [Dances.]
Cut to a shot outside we see many pairs of feet as the guests arrive. Cut back to Toph.
Toph [Feeling their approach.] They're coming! Everyone stop bending.
Aang [To Appa.] Sorry buddy, you should probably wait out back. [Appa grumbles as Aang herds him into the back.] I know, you got fancier feet than anybody. And six of 'em! [Turns around with his hands on his hips, grinning widely.]
Cut to several kids playing instruments on the earth platforms as the guests filter into the room.
Aang [Jumps in front of the stage.] Ladies and gentlemen, the Flamey-O's! [To himself.] Yeah, this ought to get everybody moving. [He looks around at the kids standing shyly at the edge of the cave.]
Shoji Now what do we do?
Aang This is when you start dancing.
Male student #1 [Shyly hiding his face behind his collar.] I don't think my parents want me dancing in a cave ...
Male student #2 [Runs in front of the camera.] Yeah! What if someone finds out?! [Looks around nervously before exiting left.]
Aang Oh boy. Listen guys, dancing isn't something you think about. It's a form of self-expression that no one can ever take away from you.
Shoji Maybe it was different in the colonies, Kuzon, but we don't do that here.
Aang Sure you do, you have for generations! It just so happens that I know several classic Fire Nation dances. A hundred years ago, this was known as the 'Phoenix Flight'. [The students ooh and aah as Aang runs low to the ground.] And, this was the 'Camelephant Strut'.
Aang jumps from side to side and does a rolls close to two nearby girls as they giggle. Aang finishes the dance with a back flip, landing on one foot. The boys stare in awe at Aang. Cut to Toph and Katara, who drink out of ice cups.
Toph [To Katara.] Who knew Twinkle Toes could dance?
Katara smiles. Cut to Zuko back into Iroh's cell.
Zuko [Sliding food into Iroh's cell as Iroh keeps his back to him.] I brought you some komodo chicken. I know you don't care for it, but I figure it beats prison food. I admit it, I have everything I always wanted, but it's not as all how I thought it would be. The truth is, I need your advice. [Grips the bars.] I think the Avatar is still alive, I know he's out there, I'm losing my mind. [Iroh does not respond. Desperately.] Please, Uncle, I'm so confused I need your help. [Iroh still has nothing to say to him. Angrily.] Forget it, I'll solve it myself! Waste away in here for all I care! [He glances back before leaving, and a tear slides down Iroh's face.]
Cut back to the cave, where Aang is still dancing, spinning through the air. Aang offers his hand to On Ji, who blushes and accepts. He pulls her to the middle of the room.
Aang And this is how they do it in the ballrooms of Ba Sing Se. [He starts tapping his feet from side to side and On Ji joins him.]
Sokka [Watching as Aang dances with On Ji.] Wow, they look pretty good together.
Katara [Barely hiding her envy as she looks away.] Eh, if that's what you like ... [She looks back surreptitiously.]
Aang Yeah, that's it! That's the sound of happy feet. [The rest of the kids start dancing with them.] All right, go with that! Everybody freestyle!
One student dances crazily. Another student, standing amid a group of non-dancers, starts moving his arms and Shoji sways his head with the rhythm. Aang runs over to Katara and holds his hand out to her, inviting her to dance.
Katara [Looks away nervously.] I don't know, Aang. [Starts nervously pulling her hair.] These shoes aren't really right for dancing, and I-I'm not sure that I know how to-
Aang [Smiling.] Take my hand.
Katara [Smiles back.] Okay.
He pulls her out into the room and whispers into her ear, and everybody stops to stare at them as the two extend their arms to each other and begin circling each other and performing dance moves.
Katara [Looking around.] Aang, everyone's watching.
Aang Don't worry about them. [Smiles.] It's just you and me right now.
Katara blushes as they began to move around each other in an elaborate dance. The dance incorporates different moves including kicks and flips. At one point they come close together as if they are about to kiss, both just smile and continue on. Aang finishes the dance by catching Katara as she leans over his arm. Cut to a close-up view of them smiling at each other as they pant and sweat. The camera cuts to show the Headmaster and several soldiers coming to the cave.
Headmaster It is a dancing party. [Turns to Hide standing behind him.] You did the right thing by telling me, Hide.
Hide [Bows.] Anytime, Headmaster sir.
The camera cuts back to the dancing kids.
Male student #1 [Waving a hand in the air.] This is incredible! It's like my inhibitions just disappear! [He sees the Headmaster come into the cave, and immediately stops dancing and attempts to shrink into his robes.] Okay, they're back again.
Aang continues to dance past as everyone else stops until the Headmaster talks.
Headmaster [Pointing.] He's the one we want! The boy with the headband!
Aang Uh-oh. [Aang starts running away through the crowd as the soldiers chase him. One soldier sees a boy with a headband, and grabs him.]
Male soldier #1 Gotcha! [The boy turns, but the guard is confused upon seeing a different boy there.]
Shoji Looking for me?
Cut to the Headmaster and Hide.
Headmaster That's not the one. He's here somewhere. Don't let him leave the cave!
The Headmaster points toward the back of the cave, Hide imitating him. Cut to two soldiers who continue searching. One soldier sees another kid with a headband, and turns her around. He is again confused upon seeing her face.
On Ji Yes?
Another soldier sees two more children standing next to each other with headbands and turns them both around.
Male student #2 [Picking his nose.] Hi there.
Male student #1 How're we doing?
The Headmaster sees who he thinks is Aang in the crowd, and goes after him himself. Shoving people out of the way, he scoops up the boy in the crowd.
Female student #1 Looking for someone?
The Headmaster looks around in horror as he sees all the children are now wearing headbands.
On Ji Who are you looking for?
Female Student #1 Do you need something?
Student Over here.
The students completely surround the soldiers and the Headmaster as Aang escapes through the back of the cave. Shoji winks at Aang, who bows in return. Aang leaves and earthbends the back of the cave shut, at which Shoji drops his jaw in astonishment.
Cut to the Headmaster surrounded by guards where two of them have started dancing.
Headmaster [To one of the soldiers, who starts dancing.] Stop that! [To another soldier, who is tapping her foot.] Stop that!
Cut to outside the cave where the team flies away on Appa.
Katara We're safe Sokka, you can take off the mustache, now.
Sokka [He is seen with his Wang Fire mustache on and begins stroking it.] Oh, no, I can't. It's permanently glued to my skin.
Toph [To Aang.] Way to go, dancy pants. I think you really did help those kids, you taught them to be free.
Aang I don't know, it was just a dance party, that's all.
Katara Well, that was some dance party Aang. [She kisses him on the cheek, and Aang blushes.]
Sokka [Clapping lightly.] Flamey-O, sir ... Flamey-O.
Cut to Zuko walking alone in a dark alley. He lowers his hood as a huge man with a metal leg approaches him.
Zuko You're sure you weren't followed? I've heard about you. They say you're good at what you do, and even better at keeping secrets. The Avatar is alive. I want you to find him, and end him.
The man's face is shown. The camera zooms in on a strange third eye tattooed on his forehead. Fade to credits.






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