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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Korra has regained her memory. By connecting with the original Avatar, Korra learned that to stop Unalaq she must close the spirit portal before Harmonic Convergence, which is only weeks away! Meanwhile, Varrick has made Bolin into a mover star and saved Asami's company. Mako is the only one who suspects that Varrick is up to no good, but can he prove it?
The episode opens at the Eastern Air Temple. Cut to Jinora playing with a light green dragonfly bunny spirit.
Jinora Gotcha! [Jumps and tries to grab the spirit, but it escapes.] Furry-Foot, come back.
The spirit returns and lands on Jinora's head; four other dragonfly bunny spirits come close. Jinora laughs.
Tenzin [Walks over.] Jinora, there you are. Come on, everyone's waiting. [Cut to Jinora from Tenzin's point of view, showing that she is standing all by herself, indicating that she is the only one who can see the spirits.] Were you playing with someone?
Jinora Oh, just some ... imaginary friends.
Jinora giggles as Furry-Foot appears on Tenzin's head while he walks away.

Cut to two Air Acolytes standing in the gallery.

Kya [Voice-over.] Stop telling lies.
Cut to courtyard, where Tenzin's family is gathered. Tenzin and Jinora walk in.
Bumi It's true. I once beat an earthbender in a rock-throwing contest! I have the trophy to prove it.
Tenzin All right, who's ready for an exciting tour of the Eastern Air Temple? We've got a lot to see today, including ancient statues, ancient gardens, [Cut to Ikki and Meelo, who are obviously bored.] and the meditation hall used by ancient airbenders.
Ikki [Bored and disinterested.] Yay. Old things.
Korra enters the courtyard.
Tenzin [In disbelief.] Korra?
Jinora, Ikki and Meelo [Excitedly.] Korra! Yay, Korra! Korra's back! [Run forward and hug Korra.]
Pema What are you doing here?
Ikki [Voice-over.] Oh, I've missed you!
Kya And how did you know where to find us?
Korra Tenzin's itinerary. We went over it like a hundred times before we left Republic City.
Tenzin [To his siblings.] See? This is why schedules are important.
Korra It's so great to see you all again.
Tenzin It's great to see you too, but why aren't you training at the South Pole?
Korra [Slightly confused.] Wait, you don't know about the Civil War?
Tenzin [Surprised.] What? No. We've been out of touch with the outside world since we started our vacation.
Bumi Tenzin's idea. What happened?
Korra So much. I-I don't know where to start.
Tenzin Just tell us everything!
Korra Everything? [Breathes deep.] Okay. I opened a spirit portal at the South Pole, but then Unalaq turned out to be a bad guy and wanted to take control of the South, so I sort of started a Civil War, but when I went to find some help, I was attacked by my cousins, and then by a giant dark spirit, and then I forgot who I was, and then I met the first Avatar, and then I realized I shouldn't have opened the portal in the first place, and now I need to close it again!
Tenzin I knew this would happen. [Cut to the garden where Tenzin and Korra are seated.] So Avatar Wan imprisoned this dark spirit Vaatu in the Spirit World?
Korra Yes, and now I think my uncle is trying to free him.
Tenzin I knew Unalaq was hungry for power, but never realized how far he would go to get it.
Korra This is all my fault.
Tenzin No, don't blame yourself. This is Unalaq's doing. Now, we must focus on setting things right before he can do any more damage.
Korra Thank you.
Tenzin So, you need to close the Southern portal, but if Unalaq's army controls the South, how are we going to get to it?
Korra I thought about that. My best chance to close the portal is from the inside. [Determined.] I have to enter the Spirit World.
Tenzin A journey to the Spirit World. All my years of spiritual training have prepared me for this moment. [Stands.] I will help you. Today, we enter the Spirit World.
Cut to the Southern Spirit Portal, where Unalaq and his children are standing.
Desna Father, what are we doing here?
Unalaq You're here to straighten out the mess you caused when you failed to capture the Avatar.
Desna I told you, it wasn't our fault.
Unalaq You're right. It was my fault for trusting you. Harmonic Convergence is almost upon us. This is my opportunity to change the world.
Eska We'll make it up to you, Father.
Unalaq Good, because I'll need your help to open the northern portal.
Desna [Surprised with his sister.] I thought only the Avatar could do it.
Unalaq I believe there is another way.
Unalaq and his children enter the portal. Cut to the Spirit World, where they emerge.
Unalaq This way.
Cut to the trio walking up to the tree where Vaatu is imprisoned as they look at the closed northern portal.
Unalaq There it is, the northern portal.
Cut to an aerial view of the Spirit World, which is the same area where Wan and Raava battled with Vaatu ten thousand years ago.

Cut to the filming set of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South. Close-up of Bolin's face, screaming. The camera rotates to reveal him, dressed as Nuktuk, suspended upside-down by props resembling eagle talons.

Director Cut! Okay, that's lunch, everyone.
A bell rings and the scene fades to where all the crew members have left the set. Only Bolin is left there, still suspended by the props.
Bolin Hello? Anyone? Nuktuk's still up here, all alone. [A door slams, and Asami enters the set, seen from Bolin's aerial point of view.] Asami! Hey, what are you doing here?
Asami Varrick invited me to watch some of the filming. [Cut to frontal shot on her level. She looks around, confused.] Are you filming right now?
Bolin Right now? Nope. We're uh ... we're at lunch.
Mako [Walks in.] Asami, there you are. Is Bolin around?
Bolin [Voice-over.] Up here. [Struggles to free himself.]
Mako Good. I've got something to tell you both.
Bolin [Managed to free himself before plunging down.] Ahh! Ow, aww. Oh, I got to stop doing my own stunts.
Mako I found out who's been stealing from Future Industries: [Whispers.] Varrick.
Bolin What? No.
Asami [Confused.] He attacked his own ship?
Mako Yes! It was a ploy. He wants Republic City to go to war, and he wants control of the businesses that stand to profit the most from it. He already had all the shipping. All he needed was Future Industries.
Asami Varrick helped save Future Industries. He's my business partner now, not an evil mastermind. [Concerned.] Mako, you seemed stressed.
Mako I am stressed!
Bolin See, this is why I had to move out.
Asami You guys aren't living together anymore?
Bolin Nope. It was time for this eagle hawk to spread his wings and fly. [Flaps his hands.]
Asami [To Mako.] Sounds like you've had a pretty busy week. [Puts her hand on his chest.] Maybe you just need to relax.
Bolin [Pensively.] Wait a minute. Are you two— [Mako and Asami look back at him before he gasps and points his finger toward them.] you're dating again? What?
Mako Dating? No!
Asami That's crazy!
Bolin Korra just left a week ago!
Mako [Cut to aerial view.] Guys, listen to me. Varrick is up to no good, and I have proof. The detonators he uses in his movers are exactly like the one I found at the cultural center attack. [Cut to close-up of Mako's face.] And those explosions were exactly like the ones the captain reported when Asami's shipment was hijacked. Don't you see?
Asami [Cut to side-shot.] Anyone could have gotten their hands on one of those detonators.
Bolin Yeah. Let it go, Mako. [Leans forward; quietly.] Let it go.
Mako [Irritated.] Gah! No! I'm not going to let it go!
Mako turns around and walks off. Bolin stared after him along with Asami. Cut to Mako walking down the corridor where he is stopped by two bodyguards.
Bodyguard [Aerial shot.] Varrick's been looking for you. [Cut back to Mako's frontal view.]
Cut to the Eastern Air Temple, where Tenzin and Korra are standing at a platform.
Tenzin [Voice-over.] You're lucky. This temple is the most spiritual of all the air temples. [Cut to side-shot of Tenzin and Korra.] Why, this very garden is where my father met Guru Pathik.
Korra Wow! Spirit World, here we come.
Cut to a field where Korra and Tenzin are meditating. Meelo is ringing a bell, while Ikki is playing a horn by airbending, producing a low droning sound.
Korra [Opens her right eye and peers at Tenzin; whispering.] Are you in the Spirit World?
Tenzin [Cut to Tenzin's left eye opening.] I would be if Meelo could ring his bell at the appropriate intervals.
Meelo [Saddened.] Aww, did I do it wrong?
Tenzin [Cut to a view from behind Meelo's back; Tenzin stands up and sighs in exasperation.] Let's try something else. [Walks off.]
Korra [Stands up, to Meelo.] I thought your bell ringing was just fine.
Meelo Thanks! [Continuously rings the bell.]
Cut to a mountainside where an Air Nomad's face is carved on. Tenzin and Korra are once again meditating, now surrounded by burning incense sticks attached to talismans with the airbending symbol that Kya placed there. Close-up of Tenzin's face.
Tenzin [Opens his eyes and looks left, then right. Coughs from the approaching smoke.] Kya, this is too much smoke. You set it up wrong. This isn't going to work.
Kya [Holding two lit incense sticks.] I'm sorry. I did what you told me.
Tenzin [Walks off.] Well, the moment's ruined. [Kya scowls.]
Cut to Jinora's point of view, where she notices multiple dragonfly bunny spirits circling around Korra.
Korra [Stands.] We could have tried a little longer. [Catches up with Tenzin.]
Cut back to Jinora's point of view, where the spirits fly off into the wilderness. The green-colored spirit looks back before flying off, as it gesturing for her.
Jinora [Runs to the cliffside.] Come back, Furry-Foot.
Kya Hey, Jinora, what are you chasing?
Jinora Nothing.
Jinora catches up with her father, while her aunt looks on with suspicion. Cut to the temple interior where Tenzin and Korra are meditating beneath a statue of Avatar Yangchen.
Tenzin Focus, Korra. Focus.
Korra I am focusing.
Tenzin No talking. Feel the energy of the universe.
Korra Okay, I feel it.
Tenzin [Opens his eyes.] Korra, really! I'm trying to concentrate here! I don't think this location is going to work either.
Korra What's going on with you? First, you're blaming Meelo, then Kya, and now me.
Tenzin Well, nothing is feeling right to me.
Korra I don't want to rush your feelings, but we're kind of in a hurry. How did you first get into the Spirit World? Let's try that.
Tenzin Well ... actually, I've never been into the Spirit World.
Korra is shocked by the revelation, while Tenzin's family members peer into the temple from the outside.
Korra You've never been into the Spirit World?
Pema But you used to spend days in the temple meditating.
Tenzin Trying to get in. It never happened. It's my greatest shortcoming as an airbender, spiritual leader, and son of Aang.
Bumi [Laughs.] Welcome to the "I Disappoint Dad" club.
Kya If you've never been to the Spirit World, how were you planning to get Korra into it?
Tenzin I've spent years studying the techniques and theories of ancient spiritual leaders. Now that the Avatar needs me, it must be my time.
Korra Tenzin, Harmonic Convergence is almost here. If Vaatu escapes from the Spirit World—
Tenzin You have to trust me. I can help you.
Kya There might be another way. Jinora, is there something you want to tell Korra?
Tenzin Jinora? She's too young and untrained to have any knowledge about spiritual matters.
Jinora Actually, I think I do know where Korra needs to go to get into the Spirit World.
Tenzin And how would you know that?
Jinora My spirit friends showed me. [To dragonfly bunny spirits.] It's okay. You can show yourselves. [The spirits appear into everyone's sight, surprising them.]
Tenzin How did you do that?
Pema [Awestruck.] Jinora.
Meelo [Excitedly.] Bunnies!
Jinora Actually, they're dragonfly bunny spirits.
Kya I knew it. Looks like she does know something about spiritual matters.
The dragonfly bunny spirits fly out of the temple, while Ikki and Meelo give chase.
Ikki So cute!
Meelo Bunnies!
Ikki Come back!
Tenzin How long have you been able to do this?
Jinora I don't know. [A blue colored spirit flies back to the entrance.] I guess I've always kind of had a connection with spirits. [The spirit flies into the temple and next to Bumi.]
Bumi [Laughs.] I think this one likes me.
Korra Are they here to help? [The spirits descend beneath the cliffside.]
Jinora I think they want you to go down there.
Tenzin I don't know. The spiritual energy is historically strongest near the temple.
Korra No offense, but I'm guessing the spirits have actually been to the Spirit World, so I'm gonna follow them.
Bumi [Teasingly.] If we need to go to the Tenzin World, we'll call you.
Cut back to the Spirit World, where Unalaq and his children approach the closed Northern portal.
Eska Father, haven't the spirits had ten thousand years to open this portal?
Desna If they could not succeed, what makes you think we will?
Unalaq By entering the Spirit World through the portal, we bring with us something the spirits never had: our bending. [Bends a water stream into the portal, while his children watch on.] Join me! Together, we can open this portal.
Eska and Desna assist their father by bending their respective water streams. The portal reacts, sending purple energy which disrupts their streams and injures Desna, throwing him backward and groaning in pain.
Eska [Shocked and worried.] Desna!
Unalaq Leave him! Keep bending! [Bends another stream of water while his daughter tends to her brother.]
Eska [Tending to her brother.] He needs a healer at once!
Unalaq This is more important!
Eska [Carries her brother.] I'm taking him back.
Eska carries her brother away from the Spirit World. Unalaq continues bending at the portal, but he is unsuccessful. He bends more water, freezing it into an ice drill, but still to no avail. Unalaq looks on in disappointment.

Cut to Varrick's office which is glowing orange. The door opens and the two bodyguards shove Mako in. The camera zooms out to show Varrick and the floor which is covered with burning coal.

Varrick I hear you've got some ideas. You wanna tell me about them?
Mako Go ahead. Torture me all you want. I'm not gonna talk.
Varrick Torture? The only thing I want to torture is this pesky foot fungus. [Shows his infected foot; screams in pain as he walks through the coal.] Ah! Eee! Ooh! The burning means it's working. [The bodyguards leave upon receiving a look from Varrick.] I heard you've been investigating the recent attacks on my ships, and I think you know that I know that you know, you know?
Mako Know what?
Varrick That the world is a dangerous place, and that's exactly why I want to offer you a job on my security force.
Mako I have a job.
Varrick We need you. Me, Asami, Bolin. We're all in the same team here. We want you to join us. You wouldn't want anything to happen to Asami, would you? I mean, I heard you and her were kind of, uh, an item again. Or what about your brother?
Mako What are you saying?
Varrick [Slightly threatening.] I'm saying I want your help to protect them. Without you, who knows what could happen.
Mako Thanks for your concern, but the answer is no.
Mako leaves, while Varrick returns to walking on the hot coal.

Cut back to the Eastern Air Temple, where Korra, Tenzin, Kya, Bumi and Jinora are riding atop Oogi while following the dragonfly bunny spirits.

Bumi [Holding a blue-colored spirit, chuckling.] Oh, you are just so cute. I'm going to name you Bum-Ju. It's short for "Bumi Junior". [Places the spirit beside him, to Tenzin.] Don't you think he looks like me?
Tenzin [Without looking back.] The resemblance is uncanny.
Jinora [Sadly, next to her aunt.] I think Dad's mad at me.
Kya [Consoling.] Your father's not mad. His pride's just a little bruised since he isn't able to see spirits like you.
Korra You have a natural gift. That's pretty lucky.
Jinora You're the lucky one. You actually got to meet the first Avatar. I know about a lot of Avatars, but I don't know anything about him. Is it even a him? Or is it her?
Korra It's a him, Avatar Wan. He was amazing. I saw how he became the first Avatar by fusing with Raava, the Spirit of Light.
Jinora The Avatar is part spirit? Of course! Just like the statue.
Kya What statue?
Jinora When we were at the Southern Air Temple, I was drawn to this old carving. I couldn't figure out what it was until now. It was the first Avatar.
Korra When did this happen?
Jinora It was on the solstice.
Korra That's the day I opened the Southern portal.
Korra and Jinora Whoa.
Bumi [As Oogi lands.] We're here!
Tenzin Are you sure these spirits are leading us into the right place?
Bumi Of course! I trust Bum-Ju with my life.
The dragonfly bunny spirits lead the group to a circle surrounded by rocks. The rocks are overgrown with vines and have an airbending symbol on it.
Korra Look. There are carvings on them.
Tenzin This is an ancient airbender meditation circle.
Jinora There's a lot of spiritual energy in this place, but it feels really strange.
Tenzin We'll have to perform a spiritual cleansing ceremony.
Bumi What are you talking about?
Tenzin Dad taught it to me. This site has been neglected for many years. A cleansing ceremony will help strengthen its connections to the Spirit World.
The group seats down in a meditative stance. Tenzin bends the smoke from an incense burner, encircling the group. As the smoke approaches the dragonfly bunny spirits, they fly off.
Bumi [Annoyed.] Good job, you cleansed the area of the only spirits that want to help us, and you scared away Bum-Ju.
Tenzin ignores his brother and continues bending the smoke. As he bends the third circle, the ground around rumbles.
Tenzin It's working.
The other members of the group look on in fear as the rumbling strengthens. The center of the circle suddenly opens and swarms of bat-like dark spirits fly out. The spirits fly out into the sky before swarming toward the group.
Bumi Ah! Bats! Evil bats! [Everyone retreats to the rocks for cover.]
Korra Not bats. Dark spirits.
The dark spirits fly out and back into the circle. Korra and Tenzin attempt to bend at the spirits, but they manage to overwhelm their bending abilities and fly back to the circle, causing everyone to cower to the ground.
Tenzin What are we supposed to do?
Korra follows the dark spirits and runs to the circle. She meditates before waterbending at them, trapping them in an enclosure. She purifies the spirits, causing them to glow gold.
Kya [Shield her eyes from the glow.] Amazing.
Cut to the outside of the circle where the purified spirits dissipate in a golden glow. The overgrowing vegetation on the circle eventually retreats and disappears.
Tenzin Your spiritual training has come a long way.
Korra Unalaq may be a horrible person, but his spirit powers are no joke.
Tenzin [Ashamed.] He taught you how to transform dark spirits. I can't even get you into the Spirit World.
Korra Everything Unalaq taught me was to help himself. Everything you've done was meant to help me. I am so sorry for turning my back on you as my mentor. I need you now more than ever.
Tenzin I won't let you down.
Korra walks up to her mentor and hugs him. Tenzin's family looks on with pride, while his sister is wiping off a tear.
Tenzin The ancient airbenders must have built this site. If we meditate here, we'll be able to enter the Spirit World.
Korra Why don't you go first?
Tenzin After all these years, my father's dreams for me will finally come true.
Cut back to Republic City, outside Mako's apartment. Cut to the inside where Mako is looking through multiple documents when a knock on the door is heard. Mako opens the door to see Asami waiting.
Asami Hi. [Walks in.]
Mako Did you come by to tell me how paranoid I am?
Asami [Places hand on Mako's shoulders.] No. I just wanted to come by to make sure you're okay. You seemed so agitated earlier.
Mako I'm fine.
Asami Maybe you need a night off. Why don't we go get some dinner?
Mako No, thanks. I'm a little busy.
Asami Too busy for Kwong's Cuisine? [Walks forward.] Remember? We had our first date there.
Mako Maybe I do need to get my mind off things. [Kisses Asami.]
Lu [Banging the door, voice-over.] Police! [Mako opens the door, revealing him to be with Chief Lin Beifong and Gang.] Hey, Mako. [Walks in.] Hope we didn't interrupt you two lovebirds.
Mako What's going on?
Lu We busted some Triple Threats who said you hired them for a job. [Gang opens a wardrobe.]
Mako All right. [Sighs.] It's true. We were trying to figure out who stole Asami's stuff, so we hired them for a sting operation. I'm sorry for going behind your back. [Gang closes the wardrobe, while Lu opens a shelf.]
Lin According to the Triple Threats, you did more than that. They said you helped them steal a warehouse full of Future Industries property.
Asami [Taken aback.] That's crazy! [Lu walks off.]
Mako [In disbelief.] You're gonna believe a bunch of criminals?
Lin I have to follow up on a lead. [Gang opens a box.]
Lu [Holding a bag.] Well, looky what I found: cash ... [Reaches in an pulls out explosives.] And these.
Lin What are you doing with explosives, Mako?
Mako I don't know where those came from.
Gang [Handcuffs Mako.] You're under arrest.
Mako [Defensively.] None of that is mine.
Gang [Blankly.] Yeah. Should've known you'd hook up with your old pals. Once a Triple Threat, always a Triple Threat.
Asami This has to be a mistake.
Lu Sorry to break the news to you, sweetie, but your boyfriend's just a crooked cop. That sting operation was just a way to lure you away from your warehouse.
Gang [Chuckles.] He was using you the whole time. [Asami looks on in disbelief and confusion.]
Mako That's not true, Asami. I would never do anything to hurt you. [Being escorted off.] It's Varrick. This is all Varrick. He set me up!
Gang Yeah, it's Varrick's fault. Varrick. [Chuckles.] Varrick.
Cut back to the Eastern Air Temple. Tenzin is meditating in the circle, while everyone is waiting around a bonfire.
Bumi [Pokes Tenzin with a long stick, causing him to twitch; impatiently.] You in the Spirit World yet?
Tenzin No, I am not, [Airbends the stick away; annoyed.] and stop bugging me. [Bumi folds his arms in annoyance.]
Kya It's okay, Tenzin. Maybe you weren't meant to guide Korra into the Spirit World.
Tenzin [Obstinately.] No! Just give me some time.
Kya [Irritated.] Stop being so stubborn. It's not your destiny. I think Jinora was meant to guide the Avatar.
Tenzin [Gets up and turns.] Jinora will not enter the Spirit World! She's not ready for the dangers of the other side, but I am. I've spent years training, studying, and mastering everything there is to know about the Spirit World.
Korra Tenzin, we're running out of time.
Tenzin If everyone could just be quiet and let me [Turns.] focus. [Looks down to see his daughter.]
Jinora Aunt Kya is right. I can guide Korra into the Spirit World. I'll be all right.
Tenzin [Looks at his siblings, who give assuring looks.] Perhaps I will never have the connections with spirits like I always wanted ... like my father wanted me to have.
Jinora [Hugs her father.] It's okay, Daddy.
Tenzin I'm proud of you. [To Korra.] Go. Close the portal. We'll wait here and keep your bodies safe till you return.
Korra [Assuring.] We'll be all right.
Cut to Korra and Jinora meditating, while Bumi, Kya and Tenzin watch on. Cut to a close-up of Jinora, before cutting back to Korra, whose eyes glow. Cut to the two girls meditating. As Korra and Jinora overlap, the background changes from the meditation circle to the Spirit World.
Korra [Amazed.] The Spirit World.
Cut to Unalaq standing in front of Vaatu.
Unalaq The Avatar is dead, and we cannot open the Northern portal. I have failed you, Vaatu.
Vaatu You have not failed me ... yet. The Avatar still lives.
Unalaq How do you know?
Vaatu Even though my connection to Raava was severed, I can still feel her presence.
Unalaq I'll find her.
Vaatu The Avatar will find you. [Close-up.] She has just entered the Spirit World.
Cut to credits.






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