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Opening shot of the sun setting behind some tall rock outcroppings. The sky is mostly cloudy and the clouds reflect the light of the dying sun. Pan down to show a patched up tent being jostled about from the inside. A rolled up tarp lies next to the tent. Sokka is inside a tent, trying to assemble it. Sokka can be heard grunting and fussing about as he tries to finish setting up the shelter. Katara walks in the frame, her back to the camera, with a pile of fire wood in her arms.
Katara Um, aren't you forgetting the tarp?
Sokka Right, got it ... [Tosses the wrapped up tarp inside the tent.]
Katara Sokka, you're supposed to put the tarp on top of the tent. You know, so we don't get rained on? [Cut to an overhead shot of the two, Sokka gesturing widely as he replies to his sister.]
Sokka Ordinarily, you'd be right, but seeing how it's the dry season, you're not. Besides that tarp makes a pretty warm blanket.
Katara But what if it does rain?
Sokka [Spreading his arms wide in exasperation.] What if it doesn't? Then I would have put up the tarp for nothing.
Katara [Stomps the ground angrily.] You're infuriating!
Sokka Katara, why don't you worry about gathering firewood, because that kindling is looking pretty sorry.
Katara [Angered.] Well, if you don't like my firewood- [Throws the sticks at Sokka who shields himself from the wood. He stands in anger after the hail of sticks subsides.]
Sokka [Angry.] Fine by me, if you're not gonna do your job- [He tears the tent down and the two stare at each other angrily as Aang approaches.]
Aang Okay, I got the grub if you guys got the- [The siblings turn away from each other in anger with their arms folded.] hey, where's the campfire? And what happened to the tent?
Sokka Why don't you ask Miss Know-It-All, Queen of the Twigs.
Katara Oh yeah? Well, you're Mister Lazy Bum, King of the [Picks up and throws a twig at Sokka's head.] Tents! [Sokka turns around, looking angrily at her.]
Aang [Laughs.] Okay, listen guys, harsh words won't solve problems, action will. Why don't you just switch jobs?
Katara Sounds good.
Sokka [At the same time.] Whatever.
Aang [Grinning while gloating.] You see that? Settling feuds and making peace, all in a day's work for the Avatar. [Turns his head to see Momo and Appa fighting over a watermelon. Momo continuously tries to fly away with it, while Appa pins it down. Aang takes the melon and uses airbending to slice it. Momo seems to be complaining about how he got the much smaller half and Appa got the bigger half.] Come on, Momo, that's fair. Appa's got five stomachs. [Appa eats his half of the melon.]
The scene fades to show the group standing on the edge of a huge canyon.
Aang There it is, guys, The Great Divide.
Katara [In awe.] Wow, I could just stare at it forever. [Zoom backward to show Sokka in the foreground.]
Sokka Okay, I've seen enough.
Katara How can you not be fascinated Sokka? This is the largest canyon in the entire world.
Sokka Then I'm sure we'll be able to see it very clearly from the air while we fly away.
Gan Jin tribesman [Shoving past Sokka.] If you're looking for the canyon guide, I was here first!
Katara Ooh, canyon guide? Sounds informative.
Gan Jin tribesman Believe me, he's more than a tour guide, he's an earthbender, [Oblivious to the fact that Sokka is behind him, mocking him.] and the only way in and out of the canyon is with his help, and he's taking my tribe across next.
Sokka Calm down, we know you're next.
Gan Jin tribesman You wouldn't be so calm if the Fire Nation destroyed your home and forced you to flee! My whole tribe has to walk thousands of miles to the capital city of Ba Sing Se.
Katara You're a refugee!
Gan Jin tribesman Huh, tell me something I don't know.
A large group of poorly dressed people is shown walking toward them.
Katara Is that your tribe?
Gan Jin tribesman It most certainly is not! That's the Zhang tribe, a bunch of low-life thieves. They've been the enemies of my tribe for a hundred years. [Whistles to them.] Hey, Zhangs! I'm saving a spot for my tribe so don't even think about stealing it!
Zhang leader Where are the rest of the Gan Jin? Still tidying up their camp site?
Gan Jin tribesman Yes, but they sent me ahead of them to hold a spot.
Zhang leader I didn't know the canyon guide took reservations.
Gan Jin tribesman Ha, of course you didn't! That's the ignorance I'd expect from a messy Zhang. So unorganized and ill-prepared for a journey. [The Zhang tribe members yell out in protest behind them. Katara and Aang look at each other worriedly, but turn around to see a large pile of rocks being levitated up and thrown away. The canyon guide stands behind where the rocks used to be.]
Canyon guide Sorry about the wait, youngsters. Who's ready to cross this here canyon?
Katara Uh, one of them, I think. [Camera pans left to reveal the Zhang and the scout.]
Gan Jin tribesman [Rushing forward.] I was here first, my party's on their way.
Canyon guide I can't guide people who aren't here. [Cut to a wider shot showing the Zhang filing past the three kids and the fuming Gan Jin scout.]
Zhang leader [Mockingly.] Guess you guys will have to make the trip tomorrow.
The shot shifts to a close-up the scout, whose eyes twitch in anger. The camera zooms backward and pans left to reveal another tribe entering the canyon entrance area. The scout points to them in triumph.
Gan Jin tribesman Wait, here they come! [A group of clean, finely dressed people are shown coming toward them.]
Zhang leader [To the canyon guide.] You're not seriously gonna cave into these spoiled Gan Jins? I mean we're refugees too! And we've got sick people that need shelter.
Canyon guide I ... uh ... well ...
Gan Jin tribesman We've got old people who are weary from traveling.
Zhang leader Sick people get priority over old people.
Gan Jin leader Maybe you Zhangs wouldn't have so many sick people if you weren't such slobs.
Zhang leader If you Gan Jins weren't so clean, you wouldn't live to be so old.
Katara [Over the two arguing tribes.] Well Aang, ready to put your peace-making skills to the test?
Aang I don't know, a fight over chores is one thing, but these people have been feuding for a hundred years.
Katara [Stepping forward.] Everybody listen up! This is the Avatar, and if you give him a chance, I'm sure he can come up with a compromise that will make everyone happy.
Aang Uh, you could share the earthbender and travel together?
Gan Jin leader Absolutely not! We'd rather be taken by the Fire Nation than travel with those stinking thieves!
Zhang leader We wouldn't travel with those pompous fools anyway! [The two tribes begin to shout at each other again.]
Aang [Shouting.] All right here's the deal, you're all going down together and Appa here will fly your sick and elderly across! Does that seem fair? [Both leaders nod in agreement, and the scene fades to show the sick and elderly boarding Appa.]
Aang [To Appa.] Sorry, Appa, you'll have to do this on your own.
Sokka Aang, this feuding tribe stuff is serious business. Are you sure it's a good idea getting involved in this?
Aang [Grinning broadly.] To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. But when have I ever been?
Katara He's the Avatar, Sokka, making peace between people is his job.
Sokka [Dismayed.] His job's gonna make us cross this whole thing on foot isn't it? [Cut to an overhead wide shot of the two tribes and the others.]
Canyon guide Okay, now comes the bad news. [Cut to a frontal shot of the guide.] No food allowed in the canyon, it attracts [He makes motions with his hands to illustrate the skittery monsters that might lurk in the canyon.] dangerous predators. [Both tribes yell out in protest.]
Gan Jin Leader No food?! This is ridiculous.
Canyon guide Oh, you babies can go a day without food? Would you rather be hungry, or dead? [He raises an earth pillar to tower over the rest. He continues, cupping his hands to his mouth to amplify his voice.] Now, we're heading down in ten minutes. All food better be in your gut or in the garbage!
The Zhang tribe quickly whips out and shoves food into their mouths, which stands in stark contrast to the Gan Jin tribe, who eat slowly with chopsticks.
Aang [To the people on Appa.] Appa's going to take good care of you 'till we get there. [To Appa.] See you on the other side, buddy! Yip yip! [Appa roars and takes off. The camera fades to show both groups of people climbing down into the canyon. The tour guide earthbends to form a bridge in a gap in the path.]
Aang Nice bending!
Canyon guide The job's much more than bending, kid. Folks want information. [Turns to the travelers.] Many of you are probably wondering how canyons are formed. Experts tell us this canyon was most likely carved into the ground by earth spirits who were angry at local farmers for not offering them a proper sacrifice.
Katara and Sokka look up in fear as an avalanche of rocks comes falling toward them, and the canyon guide earthbends it away from them.
Canyon guide He he he, guess the spirits are still angry! Hope you all brought sacrifices.
Cut to a wide shot of the canyon floor and the canyon wall on the right side of the screen. The view pans slowly rightward before cutting to a closer, overhead shot of the group now at the bottom of the switchback trail. They have just entered the canyon floor. The guide stands in front of the two tribes and the kids. Katara, Aang, and Sokka look at each other in exasperation and the scene fades to show them standing at the bottom of the canyon next to a huge boulder.
Canyon guide Okay, everyone stand clear of the wall. [He throws the boulder and destroys the bridge he had made earlier.]
Aang Why'd you do that?
Canyon guide These people are fleeing the Fire Nation, aren't they? Gotta make sure we can't be followed. We'll be safe now. [Yells out, as he is picked up by a huge animal. Aang blows away the dust to reveal a canyon crawler.]
Sokka We gotta help him! [He throws his boomerang at the crawler, which drops the canyon guide and comes after Sokka instead.] Okay, now we gotta help me! [Katara comes to his aid and does a water whip on the crawler, but she is quickly thrown aside. Aang jumps down and sends a multiple blasts of air at the crawler and drives it away.]
Aang [To the canyon guide.] What was that?
Canyon guide [On the ground.] Canyon crawler. [Groans in pain.] And there's sure to be more!
Katara Your arms, they're broken!
Canyon guide Without my arms, I got no bending. In other words-
Aang We're trapped in this canyon.
The camera fades to show them grouped together.
Sokka I thought the whole point of ditching our food was so we wouldn't have to deal with things like canyon crawlers.
Gan Jin leader It's the Zhangs! They took food down here even after the canyon guide told them not to.
Zhang leader What? If there's anyone who can't go without food for a day, it's you pampered Gan Jins!
Gan Jin leader I hope you're happy. We're stuck in this canyon with no way out.
Zhang leader Why don't you thank yourself, food hider?
Aang Look, sticking together is the only way to-
Zhang leader I'm not walking another step with the likes of them!
Gan Jin leader Now there's something we can agree on.
Aang [To the canyon guide.] Any ideas?
Canyon guide No bendng ... we need to get out of this canyon ... I won't die down here! I won't become part of the food chain!
Gan Jin leader See! We're going to become part of the food chain because of you! [Points to Zhangs.]
Zhang leader Sure, unjustly blame the Zhangs like you always do!
Gan Jin leader Gladly.
Aang [Angrily.] Enough! I thought I could help you guys get along, but I guess that's not gonna happen. [Jumps onto a tall rock.] We should split up, Gan Jins on this side and Zhangs on that side. We'll travel in two separate lines. [The two leaders nod at each other and start walking. Aang jumps down to Sokka and Katara.] Sokka, you go with the Zhangs and Katara, you go with the Gan Jins. See if you can find out why they hate each other so much.
They split up and the camera pans to show them walking separately. The scene changes to show Sokka in the Zhang camp.
Sokka So, you guys aren't going to put up your tarps?
Zhang leader What for? Its the dry season.
Sokka Exactly!
Zhang leader Besides, we like to use the tarp as a blanket.
Sokka [Smiling.] Finally, someone gets it!
Katara is shown at the Gan Jin camp, where they are putting up tarps over their tents.
Katara You really think it'll rain?
Gan Jin leader No, but you can never be too careful, right?
Katara smiles and the camera fades to nightfall, where they are sitting around their campfire. The Gan Jin leader looks around and pulls a piece of bread out of his sleeve. Katara looks stunned to see all the other tribe members doing the same.
Gan Jin leader Would you care for some bread, Katara?
Katara So it was you guys who had food!
Gan Jin leader Oh come now, you really think that tribe of thieves isn't smuggling food? Why should my people go hungry when the sneaky Zhangs are stuffing their faces?
Katara [Hesitates.] Well, I guess it's okay if everyone's doing it. [Takes the bread and eats it.] So, why does your tribe hate the Zhangs so much?
Gan Jin leader You seem like a smart girl Katara, I bet you would enjoy hearing some history. [Fades to show a large gate with a finely dressed man running toward it. Voice-over.] The patriarch of our tribe, Jin Wei, was an earthbender warrior who was assigned an important duty, transporting our sacred orb from the great eastern gate, to the great western gate. Taking the orb from the east to the west represents the sun's rising and setting. It was our tribe's ancient redemption ritual. But as he approached the gate, Jin Wei was attacked by one of the Zhang, a vermin named Wei Jin, who looked at the orb with envy. That coward Wei Jin knocked Jin Wei to the ground, and stole our sacred orb. [Camera goes back to the Gan Jin leader's face.] Our people have never forgotten. You can never trust a Zhang.
Katara glares at the Zhang's camp and the scene fades to show the Zhang tribe and Sokka sitting around the campfire.
Zhang leader [To Sokka.] Care for some meat?
Sokka Would I! [Takes the meat and bites down hungrily.]
Zhang leader I know what you must be thinking, we're horrible for endangering everybody by bringing food down here.
Sokka Hm-hmm.
Zhang leader The Gan Jin think so badly of us, they probably assumed we brought food in and decided to bring food in themselves. That's why we brought food in.
Sokka [Still eating.] Hmm.
Zhang leader Our conflict with the Gan Jin goes back over a hundred years. [Fades to show a poorly-dressed man running through a large gate. Voice-over.] Our forefather Wei Jin was leaving the western gate of our village, when he saw a figure in the distance. It was a man of the Gan Jin tribe, Jin Wei, collapsed on the ground. Noble Wei Jin stopped to help him. Jin Wei was transporting a sacred orb, a very powerful relic used in his tribe's redemption ritual. Wei Jin tried to tend to the man's wounds but Jin Wei insisted the orb was more important, and asked him to take it back to his tribe. Kind Wei Jin promised to send help for the man as soon as he could, but as Wei Jin crossed the border to return the orb into Gan Jin territory, he was arrested. Instead of thanking him for his kind and selfless deed, they sentenced him to twenty long years in prison. [Back to Zhang leader.] We Zhangs will never forget that injustice.
Sokka That's just terrible. [Looks at her piece of meat.] You gonna finish that?
Fades to show Aang sitting with Momo far from both camps.
Aang Sure would be nice to be sitting around one of those campfires, telling stories and laughing. Its okay Momo, we'll be out of here soon enough, and then we can eat our weight in leechi nuts! [Momo jumps up and snatches a bug out of the air, he eats part of it before offering the rest to Aang.] Nah, I'll wait for the leechi nuts.
Canyon guide [Slowly approaching Aang.] Lonely isn't it, being impartial?
Aang I wish I could help these people get along, but it just seems impossible. Anyhow, I guess our biggest problem is getting out of here.
Canyon guide I'm not so sure the two problems are unrelated.
Aang looks away sadly and the scene fades to show the two tribes traveling again in daylight.
Canyon guide All clear, we're almost to the other side.
Aang [Jumps down to Katara and Sokka.] Katara, Sokka, will these people cooperate long enough to get out of the canyon?
Katara I don't think so, Aang, the Zhangs really wronged the Gan Jins. They ambushed Jin Wei and stole the sacred orb.
Aang What are you talking about?
Sokka Yeah Katara, what are you talking about? Wei Jin didn't steal the orb, he was returning it to their village gate and was wrongfully punished by the Gan Jin.
Katara Not punished enough if you ask me.
Aang [Over Sokka's frustrated growls.] Okay, okay I get it! Now I need your help, I need everyone together at the base of the canyon wall. [He takes off on his glider and the scene fades to show him landing between the two tribes.] Please everyone, as soon as we get out of here we can eat and then go our separate ways, but I need you all to put your heads together and figure out a way up this cliff.
Gan Jin leader Maybe the Zhang can climb the wall with their long disgusting fingernails.
Zhang leader Oh sorry, I forgot that to the Gan Jin unclipped fingernails is a crime punishable by twenty years in jail!
Gan Jin leader Why, you dirty thief!
Zhang leader You pompous fool!
The tribes began to argue loudly again, accompanied by Katara and Sokka.
Aang [Shouting.] Guys, focus! How many times do I have to say it? Harsh words won't solve problems, action will!
Zhang leader Perhaps the Avatar is right.
Gan Jin leader Yes, perhaps he is. [Aang grins happily at this.]
Zhang leader Harsh words will never solve our problems.
Gan Jin leader Action will!
They both draw their swords and Aang yells in surprise, as they clash their swords.
Gan Jin leader To the death! And let this be the end of this rivalry!
Aang You know, I take it back. Harsh words aren't so bad!
The two leaders ignore him as they begin to fight. They are evenly matched, and continue until Aang blows them apart with a strong gust of air. The two tribes go flying backward, revealing a large amount of hidden food.
Aang [Shocked.] Is that ... food? Everyone smuggled food down here? Unbelievable! You guys put our lives in danger because you couldn't go without a snack for a day? You're all awful! [He looks in wonder at a custard tart, and his stomach growls.] So hungry. Is that an egg custard in that tart? [He turns to see dozens of canyon crawlers approaching, and they all try to flee.]
Katara Oh no, that's a lot of canyon crawlers.
Sokka [Taking out his boomerang.] We barely survived one!
Canyon guide They're coming back for me! They've had a taste and they're coming back for me!
Katara Sokka, wait. [Stops him as he runs forward.] I don't care about this stupid feud, I just want us to get out of here alive.
Sokka Me too. I only took their side 'cause they fed me.
The camera cuts to show Aang fighting off the canyon crawlers, and soon has them all in a pile. The crawlers pick themselves up and target the refugees. Though Aang, Katara, Sokka, and the tribe leaders fight hard to hold them off, they are vastly out numbered. Aang looks around to see the crawlers eating the food out of the bags.
Aang [Shouting.] Everybody, watch me and do what I do! [He distracts a crawler with a piece of food, leaps on its back, and throws a bag over its snout. The two tribes mimic him, working together.] Now follow me! We're riding out of this hole! [Aang ties a huge bag of food onto a stick and uses it to guide the crawlers up the canyon wall.] Everyone, get off!
Zhang leader [Jumping off a crawler.] We made it!
As soon as all the people have made it up the cliff, Aang throws the bag back down, and the crawlers follow.
Zhang leader I never thought a Gan Jin could get his hands dirty like that.
Gan Jin leader And I never knew you Zhangs were so reliable in a pinch.
Zhang leader Perhaps we're not so different after all. [They both smile at each other and Aang sighs in relief.]
Gan Jin leader Too bad we can't rewrite history. You thieves stole our sacred orb from Jin Wei! [Draws his sword.]
Zhang leader [Draws her sword.] You tyrants unjustly imprisoned Wei Jin for twenty long years!
Aang [Sighs in frustration.] Wait a second ... Jin Wei? Wei Jin? I know those guys!
Gan Jin leader Yes, yes, we're all aware of the story.
Aang No, I mean I really knew them. I might not look it, but I'm a hundred and twelve years old. I was there one hundred years ago on the day you're talking about. [Scene fades to show the two men facing each other. Voice-over.] There seems to be a lot of confusion about what happened. First of all, Jin Wei and Wei Jin weren't enemies. They were brothers, twins in fact, and they were eight; and most importantly, they were just playing a game! The sacred orb from the legend, that was the ball! And the eastern and western gates were the goal posts. Jin Wei had the ball and was running toward the goal when he fell and fumbled it. Wei Jin didn't steal the ball, he picked it up and started running it toward the other goal, but he stepped out of bounds, so the official put him in the penalty box. Not for twenty long years but for two short minutes. [Fades back to Aang.] There was no stealing and no putting anyone in imprison, it was just a game.
Zhang leader You're saying the sacred orb was actually a sacred ball?
Aang Nope, just a regular ball.
Gan Jin man What about our tribe's redemption ritual?
Aang That's what the game was called, redemption. As soon as you got the ball from one end to the other, everyone would yell "redemption"! [The tribe leaders look at each other skeptically.] Don't get me wrong, Wei Jin was kind of a slob and Jin Wei was a little stuffy, that much is true. But they respected each other's differences enough to share the same playing field.
Zhang leader [To the Gan Jin leader.] I suppose it's time we forget the past.
Gan Jin leader [Bowing.] And look to the future.
The Zhang leader bows back and Aang looks at them happily. The scene fades to show them standing with Appa.
Aang Good to see you, boy. Did you miss me? [Appa licks Aang as the Gan Jin leader approaches.]
Gan Jin leader I cannot thank you enough, Avatar.
Aang [Covered in Appa's slobber.] Well, you know I try.
Gan Jin leader [Recoils in disgust.] Ugh!
Fades to show the two tribes standing together.
Zhang leader Let us travel to the Earth Kingdom capital as one tribe. [Both tribes cheer as they start walking.]
Canyon guide [Running forward.] I'm going too! I'm sick of this place!
Sokka That's some luck you knew Jin Wei and Wei Jin.
Aang You could call it luck. Or you could call it lying.
Sokka [Flabbergasted.] What?
Aang I made the whole thing up.
Katara [Shocked.] You did not! [In devilish admiration.] That is so wrong.
Aang Now where is that custard tart? I'm starving!
Fades to credits.






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