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The episode opens to a sunny lake scene; Aang, Katara, and Sokka are sitting around a bundle of sticks with a blue tent behind Katara and are surrounded by trees and rocks. A large se tu suddenly bursts from the surface, leaps through the air, and lands with a splash into the water. Katara eagerly rises and points at it.
Katara [Excitedly.] Look!
Sokka rises to view the spectacle. The fish, a se tu, leaps into the air again, facing the group with a smug look, mid-jump in slow-motion before landing in the water again. The camera cuts to Sokka and Katara.
Sokka [Annoyed.] He is taunting us! [Camera zooms out to the lake and the group's camp site.] You are so going to be dinner!
He grabs his fishing pole from his tent set up nearby and attempts to cast the pole into the water unsuccessfully.
Sokka [Observes the fishing pole.] Hey, where's the fishing line?
Aang [Sheepishly.] Oh, I didn't think you would need it, Sokka. [He holds up an intricately woven necklace decorated with a red flower.]
Sokka [Walks over and examines the necklace.] Aw, it's all tangled!
Aang [Rises to his feet.] Not tangled. Woven! I made you a necklace, Katara. [Shyly.] I thought since you lost your other one ...
He pauses in mid-sentence and displays the necklace, holding it between his hands as he flashes a toothy grin.
Katara [Smiling and approaching him.] Thanks, Aang. [Takes the necklace.] I love it.
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Great, Aang. Maybe instead of saving the world, you can go into the jewelry-making business.
Aang I don't see why I can't do both.
While saying this, Katara can be seen in the background, trying on her new necklace. Sokka turns back to the lake, where the se tu continues its acrobatic display. Sokka tosses the fishing line into the water in an attempt to spear the fish. He only grows more frustrated when he sees the se tu leap from the water, unharmed.
Sokka Stop taunting me!
He runs into the water, holding his jawbone dagger. Aang watches him run off.
Katara [Off-camera.] So, how do I look?
Aang turns to look at her, a bored expression on his face. His uninterested expression, however, soon transforms into one of awe and amazement. The camera focuses on Katara, panning upward from her feet to her head. The background around her has become colored with shades of pink and purple, sparkles of light glistening every now and then. The panshot reveals her smiling sweetly, blushing slightly with one hand behind her back and the other touching her necklace in a pose. The scene cuts to Aang, who nervously pulls at his collar with his hand, smiling awkwardly.
Aang [Nervously.] You mean, all of you or just your neck? [Puts his right hand behind his head in embarrassment.] I mean, because both look great!
Sokka [Emerges from the water, holding the se tu.] Smoochie, smoochie, someone's in love! [Makes kissing noises before the se tu breaks free from his grasp, slapping Sokka in the face with its tail and disappearing under the water.]
Aang [Embarrassed.] I ... well, uh ...
Katara [Annoyed.] Stop teasing him, Sokka. Aang's just a good friend. [Pats the side of his head.] A sweet, little guy! Just like Momo. [Pets Momo, who lands on Aang's shoulder.]
Aang [Dismayed.] Thanks.
Sokka emerges empty-handed from the lake, soaking wet and cross. Momo suddenly flies off Aang's shoulder upon hearing a loud noise in the distance. He leaps onto a rock followed by Aang, who observes the scene. He points to the source of the commotion.
Aang [Urgently.] Someone's being attacked by a platypus bear!
The camera focuses on a large, ferocious creature having dark brown fur, the body and head of a bear, the tail and bill of a platypus and bearing a white "V" across its chest. The creature stands upright on its hind legs and swings at a man clad in blue, who smiles merrily, his hands behind his back. The man manages to avoid the bear's swing by calmly stepping backward. The creature continues its attacks as Aang leaps onto a rock directly behind it. The camera focuses on the calm man, who continues to smile as though nothing is occurring.
Calm man Well, hello there! [Dodges another swift swing of the bear's claws.] Nice day, isn't it?
Aang Make noise! He'll run off!
Sokka and Katara approach the scene.
Sokka No, play dead! He'll lose interest!
The bear swings its claws only to miss striking the man once again.
Calm man [Happily.] Whoa, close one! [Laughs bemusedly.]
Katara [Cups a hand to her mouth and makes gestures with her other hand.] Run downhill, then climb a tree!
Sokka No, punch him in the bill! [Swings a fist upward.]
Aang And then run in zig-zags!
Calm man No need, it's going to be fine!
The platypus bear attempts to land a blow, cutting a large chunk of wood from the trunk of a nearby tree, the calm dodging the attack. Aang leaps into the air and lands onto the ground, placing himself between the calm man and the platypus bear. He sends the creature back slightly with an air blast.
Aang [Holding his hands out in front of him and assuming a fighting stance.] Whoa there!
The platypus bear only rears up on its hind legs further, letting out a loud cry. Appa suddenly appears from behind the bear and bellows, causing the animal to bristle in fear. The bear lays a large, spotted egg and escapes the scene, swimming down the river.
Sokka [Joyfully picks up the egg.] Mmm, lunch! [He sniffs it.] Lucky for you, we came along.
Calm man Thanks, but everything was already under control. Not to worry. Aunt Wu predicted I'd have a safe journey. [Folds hands together and bows slightly.]
Aang Aunt who?
Calm man No, Aunt Wu. She's the fortuneteller from my village. Awful nice knowing your future.
Katara [Looks off to the side as she ponders this.] Wow, it must be. [Faces the man with a bright expression on her face.] That explains why you were so calm!
Sokka But the fortuneteller was wrong! You didn't have a safe journey; you were almost killed!
Calm man [Cheerfully.] But I wasn't! All right, have a good one! [He bids them a farewell and begins to walk away only to turn back again.] Oh, and Aunt Wu said if I met any travelers to give them this.
He hands Aang a wrapped parcel seemingly containing a long, thin object and leaves mysteriously. Sokka eyes the man suspiciously.
Katara [Excitedly.] Maybe we should go see Aunt Wu and learn our fortunes. It could be fun.
Sokka Oh, come on. Fortune telling is nonsense!
Aang quickly unwraps the mysterious parcel, which turns out to be a red umbrella. He opens it and holds it over his head.
Aang What do you know? An umbrella!
At that moment, the sky darkens and it begins to rain. A low rumble of thunder can be heard. Katara bends an arched shield of water over her head to shelter herself from the weather.
Katara That proves it! [She ducks under the umbrella.]
Sokka [Holding egg above his head to shield himself from the rain.] No, it doesn't! You can't really tell the future!
Katara [Smugly.] I guess you're not really getting wet then.
Sokka suddenly loses his grip on the platypus egg as it flies through the air. He attempts to catch it, however, it merely flies a few feet into the air and lands on his head, cracking and causing the egg to run down his face. Cut to the group walking along the path; as the rain continues, Aang and Katara are sheltered under the umbrella, while Sokka stays away from them, drenched by the downpour.
Sokka [Crossly.] Of course she predicted it was going to rain. The sky's been gray all day!
Katara Just admit you might be wrong, and you can come under the umbrella.
Sokka Look, I'm going to predict the future now. [Stops walking and hops from foot to foot in an exaggerated way.] It's going to keep drizzling. [The rain continues to fall.] See?
Suddenly, the rain stops falling and sky lightens up slightly. Cut to a shot of Aang and Katara, Aang titling the umbrella back to observe the dramatic change in weather.
Aang Not everyone has the gift, Sokka.
The camera cuts to a side-view of the entire team walking along the path in a strong, yet calm, breeze which rustles the grass on the side of the path. Aang and Katara continue to stroll leisurely under the umbrella ahead of Sokka. Appa plods behind, pausing briefly to shake his wet fur out, soaking Sokka in the process and causing him to flinch.
Sokka [Disgusted.] Agh!
The scene changes to a view of a large mountain, its peak covered in snow. The camera pans down to a small village, which lies at the mountain's very base. The team walks through the entrance into the village, turkey ducks quacking as they pass. The camera cuts to a strange man dressed in a black robe standing by a round doorway.
Strange Man Aunt Wu is expecting you.
Katara [Excitedly.] Really?
The trio walks through the doorway, Sokka expressing his disgust. They enter a room, three pillows situated on the floor to the right of the room. The strange man closes the door. A young girl walks into the room clad in a pink robe and wearing her hair in braids that stick out from the sides of her head.
Meng My name is Meng and I'm Aunt Wu's assistant.
Her eyes suddenly widen. The camera cuts to a shot of Aang, panning upward from his feet to his head. The background is similar to that of Aang's romanticized shot of Katara. The pan shot reveals him to be quite bored and slumped over. Cuts to close-up of Meng.
Meng [Pleased.] Well, hello there.
Aang [Rubs nose in disinterest.] Hello.
Meng [Aang and Katara seat themselves on the pillows.] Can I get you some tea or some of Aunt Wu's special bean curd puffs?
Sokka [Brightening.] I'll try a curd puff.
Meng [Holds up index finger in gesture.] Just a second. [To Aang.] So what's your name?
Aang [Flatly.] Aang.
Meng [Delighted.] That rhymes with Meng! And you've got some pretty big ears, don't you?
The camera cuts to a shot of Aang, somewhat exaggerating the size of his ears.
Aang [Awkwardly.] I guess.
Sokka [Waves hand in dismissal and jokes.] Don't be modest! [Spreads arms outward in emphasis.] They're huge!
The camera cuts to a shot of the entire group, Aang covering his ears in embarrassment and glaring at Sokka.
Meng [Begins walking away.] Well, Aang, it was very nice to meet you. [Smiles slyly.] Very nice. [Turns and leaves.]
Aang Likewise.
Sokka I can't believe we're here in the house of nonsense.
Katara Try to keep an open mind, Sokka. There are things in this world that just can't be explained. Wouldn't it be nice to have some insight into your future?
Sokka [Nonchalantly.] It would be nice to have some bean curd puffs.
Cuts to where Meng is shown approaching the room through a nearby hallway with a tray of bean curd puffs. A door in the hallway opens and a woman clad in green exits. She approaches Meng excitedly.
Woman Oh, Meng! Aunt Wu says I'm going to meet my true love. He's going to give me a rare panda lily.
Meng That's so romantic! [Dreamily, while casting Aang a flirtatious look.] I wonder if my true love will give me a rare flower.
Aang [Breezily.] Good luck with that!
Woman [Trying to contain her laughter.] Is that the big-eared guy who Aunt Wu predicted you'd marry?
Embarrassed by this statement, Meng pushes the woman aside and continues on her way to the other room. She approaches the team, her eyes fixated hopefully on Aang, who stares off into space, unaware of her presence. She suddenly trips; Aang attempts to help her recover, accidentally holding her hands in his in the process. The two stare at each other for a moment; Meng blushes.
Meng [Nervously.] Enjoy your snack! [Leaves in a hurry.]
Sokka takes the tray of curd puffs from Aang; he prepares to sample one only to be interrupted by an elderly woman, clad in a yellow robe, who enters the room.
Wu Welcome, young travelers. Now, who's next? Don't be shy.
Cuts to a shot of the team. Sokka looks away uninterested and Aang casts a look at Katara.
Katara [Rising in anticipation.] I guess that's me.
The two exit. Aang and Sokka sit idly on the floor, Sokka tasting the curd puffs.
Sokka [Delighted; with his mouth full.] Mm, not bad, not bad! [Holding out bowl to Aang.] Mhm?
Aang [Refusing the bowl.] I'm good on puffs. [Sokka shrugs and continues eating the puffs; trying to act casual.] So, what do you think they're talking about back there?
Sokka [Causally, holding up puff.] Boring stuff I'm sure. Love, who she's going to marry, how many babies she's going to have.
Aang [Trying to act cool.] Yeah, dumb stuff like that ... [Tenses a bit and bites his fingers nervously.] Well, I've got to find a bathroom.
He rises and walks away off-screen. Sokka lies down, relaxed and samples another puff. While eating it, Momo comes on-screen and sneakily takes the bowl away for himself. Sokka places his hand down to grab another curd puff, only to open his eyes and realize the bowl is gone. Cuts to Aang, who tiptoes down the hallway to where Aunt Wu had led Katara into another room, clearly ready to eavesdrop on their conversation. Cuts to shot of Aang pressing his ear to the doorway. The following conversation between Aunt Wu and Katara occurs off-screen from behind the wall.
Wu Your palms are so smooth. Do you use moisturizer?
Katara Actually, I have this special seaweed lotion. I can get you some if you want. [Aang sticks out his tongue; slight pause.] So, do you see anything interesting in my love line? [Aang immediately perks up upon hearing this.]
Wu [Somewhat dramatically.] I feel a great romance for you. The man you are going to marry.
Katara [Excitedly.] Tell me more!
Wu I can see that he's a very powerful bender.
Upon hearing this statement, Aang smiles mischievously and leaps in the hallway, delighted upon hearing this. Cuts to the room where Sokka sits, picking his teeth. Aang struts into the room happily.
Sokka Looks like someone had a pretty good bathroom break.
Aang Yeah ... when I was in there ...
Sokka [Disgusted, looking away and holding up a hand to signal Aang to stop.] I don't even want to know!
Wu [Entering the room with Katara.] Who's next?
Sokka [Rising.] Okay, let's get this over with.
Wu [Dryly.] Your future is full of struggle and anguish. Most of it, self-inflicted.
Sokka [Holding up his hands in protest.] But you didn't read my palms or anything!
Wu I don't need to. It's written all over your face. [Sokka resumes picking his teeth in disgust; to Aang.] You there, come with me.
Aang follows Aunt Wu out of the room and into her chamber. The chamber is a fairly spacious, dimly lit room. Four pillars support the ceiling and four cushions are situated in the center of the room, surrounding a small fire. Off to the side is a jug of bones. Aunt Wu and Aang approach the jug.
Wu This is the most reliable method of telling your fortune. The bones never lie. [Urging Aang to pick a bone.] Go on, pick one. [Aang takes one bone and they sit down.] Now throw it on the fire. [Aang tosses the bone into the fire.] The heat makes cracks in the bone and I read the bone cracks to tell your destiny.
Cuts to a shot of the bone sitting in the fire. The camera zooms in on the bone as a large crack splinters down its side.
Aang Wow, that's a big crack.
Wu [Surprised.] I've never seen this before!
Cuts to shot of the bone, camera panning to the right to show more cracks forming. The bone explodes and sends a burst of flames up to the ceiling.
Wu [Her and Aang shielding their faces in surprise.] Oh my! [Cuts to shot of the bone lying in the fire and back to Aunt Wu who is fascinated.] Your destiny! This is incredible. You will be involved in a great battle, an awesome conflict between the forces of good and evil. A battle whose outcome will determine the fate of the whole world!
Aang [Casually.] Yeah, yeah, I knew that already. But did it say anything about a girl?
Wu [Surprised.] A girl? You want to know about love?
Aang [Excited.] Yes!
Wu I'm sorry, but I didn't see anything.
Aang looks down, disappointed at this. Aunt Wu realizes this.
Wu [Trying to cheer him up.] Well, look! [Holding her hand against her face in mock forgetfulness.] I must've missed something. [Cuts to a bone piece lying on the floor; Wu picks it up.] Right here. [Holds bone up to examine it.] It says "trust your heart and you will be with the one you love."
Aang Really? [Rises to his feet joyfully.] Thank you, Aunt Wu!
He runs out of the room gleefully. Aunt Wu hold her hand to her forehead and shakes her head in dismay. The scene changes to an overhead view of outside Wu's building, the three gathered together with Appa standing behind them. The three begin walking down a street.
Sokka Well, now you got to see for yourselves how fortune telling is just a big, stupid hoax.
Katara You're just saying that because you're going to make yourself unhappy your whole life.
Sokka [Voice rising in anger.] That woman is crazy! My life will calm and happy and joyful!
He roughly kicks a nearby stone, which soars into the air and comically ends up ricocheting off a hanging metal sign and striking the warrior, who had been standing breezily with his arms crossed. He covers his head in pain and falls to the ground, off-camera. Hunched over out of view, he raises a finger into the frame in protest, his tone agitated.
Sokka That doesn't prove anything!
Katara [Satisfied.] Well, I liked my predictions. [Clasps her hands together anxiously.] Certain things are going to turn out very well.
Aang [Slyly, crossing his arms and leaning in toward her.] They sure are ...
Katara Why? What did she tell you?
Aang [Ambiguously.] Some stuff. You'll find out.
Katara exits along with Aang, who folds his hands contentedly behind his head. Cuts to an overhead shot of the village courtyard, a pagoda-like structure lying centered in the middle. Cuts to shot of the villagers looking up at the sky before switching to a shot of the ground where the team approaches.
Katara [Looking at the sky.] What's with the sky?
Calm man [Also viewing the sky.] We are waiting for Aunt Wu to come and read the clouds to predict the fate of the whole village.
Aang [Pointing upward.] That cloud kind of looks like a fluffy bunny.
Calm man [Slightly worried.] You better hope that's not a bunny! The fluffy bunny cloud forecasts doom and destruction.
Sokka [Disgusted.] Do you even hear yourself?
Village Woman [Gesturing to the mountain in the background.] The cloud reading will tell us if Mt. Makapu will remain dormant for another year or if it will erupt.
Calm man We used to have a tradition once a year of going up the mountain to check the volcano ourselves. [Smiles.] But every since Aunt Wu moved to the village twenty years ago, we have a tradition of not doing that.
Sokka I can't believe you would trust your lives to that crazy, old woman's superstition!
Katara [Laying a hand on Sokka's shoulder.] Shhh! She's coming!
Cuts to shot from in between Katara and Sokka's heads. The camera zooms in to show Aunt Wu and her guard appearing on-screen, ascending a stairwell. Cuts to an overhead shot of the entire courtyard, the crowd having formed an aisle to allow for the two figures to pass by. Cuts to shot of Aang and Katara standing next to each other, smiling widely as Aunt Wu and the guard walk by them. The crowd is clapping for the fortuneteller. Meng appears on-screen next to Aang.
Meng [Trying to impress him.] Hey, Aang. [Pointing upward.] Don't you think that cloud looks like a flower?
Aang [Awkwardly.] Huh? Sure, I guess. [He pushes Meng away as the camera pans to the right; to Katara.] Hey, Katara, don't you think that cloud look like a flower?
Katara [Annoyed.] Shhh!
Aang shows clear disappointment at being hushed. Cuts to the pagoda, where Aunt Wu approaches. She spreads her arms outward dramatically. Cuts to shot of the sky, an arrow-shaped cloud hovering above. Cuts to Aunt Wu who studies a cloud reading book in her hand.
Wu [Thoughtfully.] Bending arrow cloud ... good crops this year. Nice big harvest.
Farmer [Hugs elderly woman happily.] Darn good news!
Wu Wavy, moon-shaped cloud ... let's see. [Smiling.] Gonna be a great year for twins!
Poi and Ping [High-five each other joyfully.] Yes!
Wu [Thoughtfully.] And a cumulus cloud with a twisted nob coming off the end of it ... [Spreads arms outward again.] The village will not be destroyed by the volcano this year!
Cuts to an overhead shot of the courtyard, where the crowd cheers ecstatically. Cuts to shot of Aang and Katara standing among the crowds, their backs facing the camera.
Aang [Slightly nervous.] Since I got you here, uh, there's something I want to tell you. I like you, but more than normal.
Katara, enthralled with Aunt Wu and her predictions, runs off to follow the fortuneteller, clearly paying no attention to Aang. Aang becomes upset at this.
Aang [Crushed.] Never mind.
Cuts to shot of the upper levels of Aunt Wu's building, the camera panning downward to its entrance. Cuts to the hallway leading to Aunt Wu's chamber, where Katara stands before the doorway and knocks. Aunt Wu slides open the door.
Katara Hi, Aunt Wu! Sorry to bother you.
Wu Any time.
Katara About this man I'm supposed to marry ... [Looks down awkwardly and blushes.] Is he going to be handsome? [Clasps her hands together hopefully.] Oh, I hope he's tall!
Wu Ah ... You want another reading?
Katara Yes, please!
The two enter the room with the door sliding closed behind them. Cuts to shot of upper portion of Sokka's head, an angered expression on his face as he marches past in the courtyard.
Sokka I can't believe all these saps! [Cuts to side-view of Sokka walking forward, Aang following close behind.] Someone really needs to scream some sense into them.
Aang They seem happy, Sokka.
Sokka Not for long. I'm going to prove Aunt Wu's predictions are nonsense. [Pulls over a man standing nearby.] Hey you, I bet Aunt Wu told you to wear those red shoes, didn't she? [Cuts to shot of the man's red shoes.]
Man Yeah. She said I'd be wearing red shoes when I met my true love.
Sokka Uh huh ... And how many times have you worn those shoes since you got that fortune?
Man [Smiles sheepishly.] Everyday.
Sokka [Background becomes a spiral of swirling orange and yellow flames; angry.] Then of course it's gonna come true!
Man [Delighted.] Really? You think so? [Begins walking away.] I'm so excited!
In a fit of anger, Sokka kicks a nearby stone; it flies off-screen and ends up comically hitting a turkey duck, which flies on-screen and begins attacking Sokka. The warrior crouches over and tries to ward of the bird. The scene changes to Aunt Wu's chamber, shot from the view of outside the doorway. Cuts to shot of Katara's hand outstretched as Aunt Wu traces her finger across her palm.
Wu And then you will have your third great-grandchild before quietly passing away in your sleep. [Cuts to shot of Aunt Wu, who does not seem particularly happy.] Is that enough information for you?
Katara [Lifts her palm in wonder.] Wow, thanks, Aunt Wu. [She rises and prepares to leave, but suddenly turns back.] Oh wait, one more thing. How warmly should I dress tomorrow?
Wu You want me to do a reading for that?
Cuts to shot of Katara, who nods almost crazily, a huge grin spread across her face. Cuts to outside in the courtyard where Aang stands behind Sokka, who is clearly ready to lose his mind, holding his hands up to his head in frustration.
Sokka [Crazed.] I don't care what Aunt Wu told you! You have to take a bath sometime!
Cuts to shot of a middle-aged man, covered in dirt and grime from head to toe. The man shrugs, grunts a bit and walks off smiling.
Aang So, Sokka, you know some stuff about ladies, right?
Sokka [Pleased.] Some stuff? [Places an arm around Aang's shoulders.] You've come to the right place. What can I do you for?
Aang Well, there's this girl.
Cuts to shot of Aang, Meng in the background, standing behind a barrel. She laughs.
Sokka [Thinking of Meng rather than Katara.] I think I know who you mean.
Aang [Surprised.] You do? And you're okay with it?
Sokka Of course I am. And to tell you the truth, I've been picking up a subtle vibe that she likes you, too.
Aang [Growing anxious; Meng tries to catch Aang's attention in the background.] She does?
Sokka Oh yeah, she's crazy about you. All you have to do now is not mess it up.
Aang Well, how do I do that?
Sokka The number one mistake nice guys like you make: being too nice.
Aang You can be too nice?
Sokka Yep. If you want to keep her interested, you have to act aloof, like you don't really care one way or the other.
Aang Well, okay ...
The camera shifts to show Meng approaching Aang shyly.
Meng Hey, Aang, I was wondering ...
Aang See you later ... [Walks away casually and waves hand breezily.]
Meng sighs and her ears droop downward, like dog ears.
Sokka [Impressed.] Wow, that kid is good.
Cuts to overhead shot of the entranceway to Aunt Wu's building, where a clearly impatient Wu is shoving Katara out the door. A couple of idle Turkey ducks scramble away.
Wu And you'll be fine as long as you've got a scarf. Bye-bye now.
Katara Okay, okay, but one more thing.
Wu [Stares horrified at Katara before sighing and leaning forward slightly in surrender.] All right, what is it?
Katara [Puts a hand to her chin thoughtfully.] Should I eat a mango or a papaya for breakfast tomorrow?
Wu [Angrily.] Papaya! [Slams the door shut.]
Katara [Kicks the ground, sending up a small cloud of dust.] Aww, I hate papaya.
The view widens to where Aang can be seen slumped against the wall of the building, trying to act aloof on Sokka's advice.
Aang [Breezily.] Oh, hey, Katara. I didn't see you there.
Katara [Half-heartedly.] Hey, Aang. [Walks away.]
Aang [Trying to catch her attention.] That's okay. I'm busy with my own stuff.
Aang stands idly before a turkey duck flies over and lands near him. After a brief moment of looking at each other, the duck quacks. Cuts to shot from slightly behind the pagoda in the courtyard, where Katara is seen in the background standing by a fruit stand.
Katara [Less than pleased.] Ugh, papaya please.
Cuts to shot from behind the stand, where Katara is seen on the opposite side of the vendor, taking a papaya from the seller's hands. Aang casually walks up to her, Momo perched on his shoulder.
Aang [Aloof.] So ... papaya.
Katara Uh huh. Would you like some?
Aang [Causally, picking an apple from the stand.] You know me. I don't really care what I eat.
Katara [Begins walking away.] Okay then. See you later.
She exits the scene as Aang bites into the apple only to spit out the contents afterward in disgust.
Aang [Slightly downcast.] Maybe aloof isn't my style.
He casts his gaze over to a man and the woman seen in Aunt Wu's building earlier, who stand in the background, the man having just offered something to the woman.
Woman [From afar; delighted.] Oh, a panda lily!
The couple embraces. Cuts to shot of Aang, who looks impressed by this display.
Aang [To Momo.] Did you see that?
Cuts to close-up of the panda lily, the camera zooming out to show the couple still embracing. Aang suddenly appears between the two, pushing them away from each other and startling both.
Aang Excuse me. [Pointing to the flower.] Where can a guy find one of those things?
The scene cuts to an area outside the village, a forested landscape in the background, Mt. Makapu standing magnificently behind the trees. Cuts to the side of the mountain, Aang leaping upward along the rocky outcrops.
Sokka [Off-camera.] I can't believe you're dragging me all the way up here for a stupid flower.
Aang Not just any flower, a panda lily. I've seen it in action and boy, does it work.
Cuts to shot of Sokka scaling the mountain.
Sokka Flowers are fine once you're married, but at this early stage, it's critical that you maintain maximum aloofness.
Aang But my heart is telling me to get this flower, [Looks up toward the rim of the mountain.] and Aunt Wu said if I trusted in my heart, I will be with the one I love.
Sokka [Irritated.] What? Don't tell me you believe in that stuff, too.
Aang [Cuts to shot of Aang perched on one boulder, Sokka appearing on-screen.] Well, Aunt Wu hasn't been wrong yet. Why should she be wrong about love? [Leaps upward and points in delight at the rim.] There! On the rim!
Cuts to shot of the rim from the center of the volcano's peak, several lilies growing. Aang appears on-screen, picks a panda lily and smells it. He opens his eyes and gasps in horror. Cuts to a view of the crater, which is nearly filled to the brim with lava. Sokka appears beside Aang and also looks horrified.
Aang [Shocked.] Oh no. [Cuts to overhead shot of the volcano.] Aunt Wu was wrong.
He drops the panda lily which floats down into the lava, a flame appearing in its wake. Cuts to an overhead shot of the volcano, the camera shifting downward to show Aang and Sokka on the rim, clearly shocked at the view. Cuts to shot from inside the volcano, Aang and Sokka looking downward at the sight.
Sokka Those people all think they're safe! We've got to warn them!
Aang There's no time to walk! [Whips out his glider.] Grab on! [He pulls Sokka forward, who shouts in surprise and the two take off.]
Cuts to shot of rim as they disappear over the edge, mounted on the glider. Cuts to shot of the treetops, Aang and Sokka appearing on-screen. Cuts to overhead shot of the village, as they fly toward it rapidly. Cuts to shot of Katara standing before the entrance of Wu's building clearly irritated. Aang and Sokka walk up to her, having now landed.
Aang [Shyly, raises hand slightly.] Hi, Katara.
Katara [Annoyed.] Can you believe she won't let me in? And after all the business I've given her?
Aang But she doesn't even charge.
Katara I know, but still ...
Sokka Well, we have other things to worry about. Aunt Wu was wrong about the volcano.
Katara [Slightly irked, raises finger accusingly.] Sokka, you tried to convince me she was wrong before. It's going to take an awful lot to change my mind -
Her eyes widen in surprise, and she lurches forward as an explosion is heard and the volcano rumbles violently. Cuts to shot of the entire group, who is slightly shaken. Cuts to shot of her and Aang looking up at the volcano, both their backs turned, gray smoke is emitting from the peak of the mountain.
Katara [Worriedly.] Oh no.
Cuts to overhead shot of the villagers mingling about in the courtyard, Aang, Katara and Sokka among them.
Sokka [Urgently.] Everyone, that volcano is gonna blow any second! Aunt Wu was wrong!
Village Woman [Not buying his claim.] Yeah, yeah, we know you don't believe in Aunt Wu, Mr. science and reason lover.
Katara [Stepping forward.] If you won't listen to him, maybe you'll listen to me. I want to believe Aunt Wu and her predictions as much as you do, but my brother and Aang saw the lava with their own eyes.
Calm man [Unmoved.] Well, I heard Aunt Wu's prediction with my own ears.
Aang [Leaps onto the awning of a nearby building; urgently.] Please listen to us! You are all in danger! And we have to get out of here! You can't rely on Aunt Wu's prediction, [Cuts to shot of villagers who gaze up at him, seemingly listening.] you have to take fate into your own hands!
Another explosion is heard from the volcano. The villagers seem mildly alarmed.
Sokka Look! [Points to the volcano.] Can your fortune telling explain that?
Cuts to shot of the volcano, smoke rising from the top in great plumes.
Man with Red Shoes [Amused.] Can your science explain why it rains?
Sokka [Turns to him; yells angrily.] Yes! Yes, it can!
Cuts to overhead shot of the courtyard as the villagers walk away, oblivious to the danger. Cuts to shot of Katara and Sokka.
Katara [Dismayed.] They just won't listen to reason. [Aang leaps down from the awning.]
Aang [Brightening.] But they will listen to Aunt Wu!
Sokka I know that's the problem.
Aang Well, it's about to become the solution. We're taking fate in our own hands. First, I need to borrow Aunt Wu's cloud reading book.
The scene cuts to Sokka and Katara, who stand in front of Aunt Wu's building, trying to act casual. Sokka flashes an innocent smile. The camera pans upward to the top of the building. Aang appears over the rooftop, along with Momo, and and climbs downward onto the porch of the highest story. Cuts to overhead shot of Aunt Wu's chamber. Cuts to shot of one corner of the room, where Aang is peering in various drawers for the book. Momo chirps.
Aang [Whispering.] Shhh! We don't want anyone to hear us.
Cuts to shot of him as he continues to snoop about, his back facing the camera. Meng's reflection appears in the mirror hanging over the dresser. Aang sees this reflection and turns around, startled. He stands up straight, Momo hiding behind his back.
Aang Oh, I didn't see you there.
Meng [Sadly.] You don't like me, do you? [Her ears droop down.]
Aang Of course I like you.
Meng [Downcast.] But not the way I like you.
Aang Oh, I guess not.
Meng It's okay. It's just really hard when you like someone, but they don't think of you that way.
Aang [Casting sad glance to the side.] I know what you mean.
Meng [Off-camera.] She's beautiful, by the way.
Aang [Blushes and looks at her, surprised.] Huh?
Meng [Cuts to shot of the two standing in the room.] That Water Tribe girl. I can see why you like her so much. [Clasps hands together, counts on her fingers.] She's sweet, she's a bender [Cuts to shot of Meng.] and her hair seems so manageable. [While saying this last part, she tries to smooth down her braids only for them to immediately stick up again.]
Aang Don't worry. You're going to meet a great guy who's going to completely fall for you. I know it. [Places a hand on her shoulder comfortingly; turns to leave.]
Meng Thanks. [Holds up hand in alert.] Wait! Don't you want this? [Aang looks surprised; Meng hands him the cloud reading book, revealing she had had it in her possession the whole time.]
Aang How did you know?
Meng [Nervously playing with her fingers.] I've kind of been stalking you. [Smiles sheepishly.] Heh ...
Aang [Blushing.] Oh, thanks ... I guess.
Cuts to shot to shot of Appa flying through the clouds with Aang and Katara on his back, Aang at the reins, Katara seated in his saddle.
Aang Clouds are made of water and air, so between the two of us, we ought to be able to bend them into any shape we want.
Katara [Reading Aunt Wu's book.] I found it. The symbol for volcanic doom.
She turns the book around, but keeps her hand placed on the image for volcanic doom, obscuring the person's view of the symbol. A cloud passes over the screen, signaling the change of scene. The cloud cover clears, depicting both Aang and Katara standing on Appa's saddle. In synchronization, they raise their arms upward, preparing to shape the clouds. Cuts to shot of Appa sailing through the sky; he leans over on his side and sprawls out his legs, dipping into the clouds below. Cuts to shot of the villagers below, viewing the changing cloud formations. Cuts to shot of the clouds; Appa appears from beneath one of the clouds and flies upward, Aang and Katara seen mounted on his saddle. The bison emerges from the top of a cloud. Cuts to Katara, who swivels around, a smile spread across her face. Cuts to Aang, who swings his arms in a circular motion, using airbending to shape the formation. Cuts to shot of Appa flying in the sky that is now rapidly changing. Below, the villagers look up to see the clouds shifting. Sokka brings Aunt Wu over to her stage. He points to the sky.
Sokka Aunt Wu, look! Something is happening in the clouds.
Wu [Quizzically.] That's very strange. It shouldn't ... [A shadow falls over her face as the sky darkens; suddenly terrified.] Oh my!
Cut to a view of the new skull-shaped cloud that Aang and Katara formed. Cut to a view of a mountain spewing smoke into the air. The screen pans down to the village before cutting to a shot where Aang is addressing the crowds.
Aang We still can save the village if we act fast. [Gesturing toward Sokka, who stands on the pagoda.] Sokka has a plan.
Sokka [Making motions with his arm.] Lava is gonna flow downhill to this spot. If we can dig a deep enough trench we can channel all the lava away from the village to the river.
Aang If any of you are earthbenders, come with me.
Cut to the Twins from earlier in the episode.
Poi [Raising hand.] I'm an earthbender!
Ping [Raising hand.] I'm not!
Sokka Everybody else grab a shovel [As another explosion resonates over the village, everyone stumbles before regaining balance.] Come on! We've gotta hurry!
The crowd disperses very fast, now desperate to put Sokka's plan into action. A few cries of urgency are uttered. Cut to overhead shot of the ground outside the town during twilight, a deep trench is beginning to form. Team Avatar and the town's people labor to dig the trench, using both earthbending and manual means. Cuts to shot of two earthbenders, who make motions with their arms and legs. Cuts to overhead shot of a portion of the trench as two large boulders are cleared out of the way. Cuts to shot from inside the trench as villagers continue their labor; Appa is seen transporting loose boulders from the scene, using a net attached to his body. Another explosion makes a cut to the mountain again, now lava is spewing out.
Sokka [Resuming work.] Dig faster! Dig faster!
As lava begins to flow down the volcano in the background, the shot cuts to Poi as he runs and sweeps his arms forward. Cuts to overhead shot of the trench, the bank of the river lying just ahead. A torrent of boulders is cleared and sent down the river as Poi creates a channel toward the river. Cuts to shot of the villagers standing inside the trench. Aang leaps onto the edge of the trench. In the background, the lava steadily creeps further down the mountain toward the village.
Aang Everyone needs to evacuate! We'll come for you when it's safe!
Everyone runs. Momo arrives and puts a small rock on the edge of the trench and lands on Aang, who pets him before also running away from the edge. Cut to the volcano as lava is erupting from its peak. A stream of stream of the burning liquid is coursing down the mountain and into the forest. The scene cuts to Aang, Sokka, and Katara; their faces illuminated by the approaching lava as they watch anxiously, ash falling down upon them. The scene switches to a view of the village gate. An eerie reddish light emerges from the forest with its source, the approaching lava, close behind. As it passes the gate, the burning substance causes the structure to catch fire and crumble down. Unwavering and all-consuming, the lava continuous its descent through the cemetery, destroying several headstones as it passes. Reaching the trench, the lava falls in the ditch, though the steady incoming river of lava quickly threatens to overflow the trench. Cut to the group on the safe side of the trench.
Katara It's too much! It's gonna overflow!
Another explosion rocks the village. Cut to the volcano, where a huge column of lava and smoke explodes out of the peak. Burning rocks begin to rain down in addition to the ash. Katara and Sokka begin to run for safety but turn to see Aang has not moved. A huge boulder falls out of the sky and lands in the trench, throwing up a fountain of lava. A massive wave of lava begins to head toward the village. Cut to Aang, who is rushing forward with a furious face. He propels himself into the air and begins to airbend. As the lava begins to overflow, Aang blows the lava straight up, not allowing it to advance on the village. Finally, he draws in a mighty intake of breath and expels it, airbending it as it exits, cooling all the lava to stone. Aang relaxes and assumes a meditation pose. Cut to Katara and Sokka watching in surprise, their backs to the camera.
Sokka Man, sometimes I forget what a powerful bender that kid is. [Katara's expression changes at this, remembering Aunt Wu's words about her future marriage.]
Katara Wait, what did you just say?
Sokka [Casually.] Nothing, just that Aang is one powerful bender.
Cut to Katara's and Sokka's view of Aang and back to shot of Katara.
Katara [Slowly widens her eyes in realization; as if having an epiphany.] I suppose he is.
Cuts to the volcano, smoking, but no longer erupting. Cuts to a view of the square where Aunt Wu and the town's people, including the Calm man, have assembled. A tall, jagged wall-like formation of cooled lava towers over the square. Aang stands in front of Aunt Wu, offering her back the cloud book he took.
Aang [Sheepishly.] By the way, we kind of borrowed your book.
Wu So you messed with the clouds, did you?
Wu grabs the book in anger while Katara looks guilty and Sokka smiles and points at her, indicating that she had a part in the cloud manipulation, too.
Wu [Laughs in amusement.] Very clever!
Sokka No offense, but I hope this taught everyone a lesson about not relying too much on fortune telling.
Calm man [Cheerfully.] But Aunt Wu predicted the village wouldn't be destroyed and it wasn't. She was right, after all.
Sokka [Gets near the Calm man's face, through gritted teeth.] I hate you.
Katara [Holding Sokka by the shoulders and leading him away.] It's okay, Sokka. Everything's going to be all right.
Cuts to a shot of Aang and Wu.
Aang Can I ask you something?
Wu Of course, honey.
Aang [Disappointed.] You didn't really see love in my fortune, did you? You just told me what I wanted to hear.
Wu I'll tell you a little secret, young airbender. [Gestures to the sky.] Just as you reshaped those clouds, [Cuts to shot of Aang, who smiles; off-camera.] you have the power to shape your own destiny.
Aang smiles. Cut to shot of Appa and Team Avatar. Meng stands in front of Appa. Aang airbends himself onto Appa's saddles; Katara is at the reins.
Katara [Brightly.] Goodbye everyone! It was so nice to meet you! [To Meng.] Take care, Meng.
Meng [Waving.] Take care! [Appa turns away. Cuts to Meng's face, whose smile disappears and is replaced by a frown.] Floozy.
Fades to credits.





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