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The episode opens with a shot of the sky from the Western Air Temple, and the camera pans below to Zuko and Aang standing on the balcony of an upside down pagoda in the temple.
Zuko I know you're nervous, but remember, firebending in it of itself is not something to fear.
Aang [Cut to Aang, as he sighs heavily.] Okay. Not something to fear.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko from behind Aang.] But if you don't respect it, [He raises his voice, as the camera zooms to a close-up of his face.] it'll chew you up and spit you out like an angry komodo rhino!
Cut to Aang's face, as he yelps in fear, before cutting back to Zuko.
Zuko Now show me what you've got. Any amount of fire you can make.
Cut to Aang, as he inhales nervously and tries to firebend. Cut to a close-up of his palm, as a small cloud of smoke appears, and is dissipated. Camera pans left to Aang.
Aang Maybe I need a little more instruction. Perhaps a demonstration?
Zuko [Cut to an aerial shot of the both.] Good idea. You might wanna take a couple steps back.
Aang walks back, and shot cuts to a close-up of Zuko's face, as he inhales deeply. Screen zooms back to show Zuko grunting, and cuts to his fist, which lets out a very small flame. Aang applauds at this display.
Zuko [Takes a step back.] What was that? That was the worst firebending I've ever seen!
Aang [Cut to Aang.] I thought it was ... nice. [Smiles slightly and shrugs.]
Zuko grunts again and tries firebending again, with all three attempts resulting in very small flames similar to the first. He grunts and looks at his palms.
Zuko [Frustrated.] Why is this happening?
Aang [Rubbing his head, confused.] Maybe it's the altitude.
Zuko [Turning back.] Yeah, could be.
Scene changes to some pagodas and pans below to Aang sitting on a broken pillar and Zuko standing. Zuko attempts firebending, which results in a similar small flame again. He grunts and delivers another similar blast, as Aang yawns and lies down on the pillar.
Zuko Just breathe, and ... [He delivers another blast with no improvement.]
Aang [Gets up.] That one kind of felt hot.
Zuko [Very angry.] Don't patronize me! You know what it's supposed to look like!
Aang Sorry, Sifu Hotman.
Zuko [Raises his arms to his head, and throws them down back, and shouts in frustration, as Aang cringes.] And stop calling me that!
Shot cuts to Sokka walking toward the teacher and his pupil, eating an apple. Sokka sits down near the two, as they turn their heads toward him.
Sokka Hey, jerks! Mind if I watch you two jerks do your jerkbending?
Zuko [Frustrated.] Get out of here! [He lashes his arm and points to a side.]
Sokka Okay, take it easy. [He drops his half-eaten apple.] I was just kiddin' around. [He gets up and turns around, laughing as he adjusts his shirt.] Jerkbending, still got it. [Zuko drops his head, dejected, and moans.]
Scene changes to an aerial shot of Appa resting near a fountain at night, and zooms to show him eating a small bale of hay. Screen pans to the right to show Zuko leaning on a column with his arms crossed, looking below and thinking deeply. He turns his head to the campfire where everyone is settled for dinner, and walks toward them.
Zuko Listen everybody, I've got some pretty bad news. I've lost my stuff. [He looks below dejectedly.]
Toph [Raises both hands to her head.] Don't look at me, [She folds her arms.] I didn't touch your stuff.
Zuko I'm talking about my firebending. It's gone. [He looks below again.]
Cut to Sokka, Haru, The Duke, and Teo looking at him, as the former Freedom Fighter sits up. Camera pans left, as Katara laughs, and everyone's attention is focused on her. Zuko looks at the waterbender with an annoyed expression.
Katara I'm sorry. I'm just laughing at the irony. You know, how it would've been nice for us if you lost your firebending a long time ago.
Zuko [Camera zooms back to show everyone sitting around the campfire and Zuko standing.] Well, it's not lost. It's just ... weaker for some reason.
Katara [Holding up her bowl and glaring at Zuko.] Maybe you're not as good as you think you are.
Toph [Screen pans left to Toph.] Ouch. [She smiles sarcastically.]
Zuko [With an idea.] I bet it's because I changed sides.
Katara [Still holding her bowl.] That's ridiculous. [She drinks from the bowl.]
Aang I don't know. Maybe it isn't. Maybe your firebending comes from rage and you just don't have enough anger to fuel it the way you used to.
Sokka [Leans toward Zuko and points a finger above.] Sooo, all we need to do is make Zuko angry. Easy enough.
Sokka pokes Zuko with his sword's hilt in the head and waist several times, laughing.
Zuko Okay, cut it out! [Sokka stops poking, as his sword slips from his hands and is thrown above, before falling on his head. Zuko rubs his nose.] Look, even if you're right, I don't want to rely on hate and anger anymore. There has to be another way.
Toph [Cut to Toph, as Sokka sits near her, and rubs his head.] You're gonna need to learn to draw your firebending from a different source. I recommend the original source. [Eats the food from her bowl.]
Sokka [Excited.] How's he supposed to do that‌? By jumping into a volcano‌?
Toph No. Zuko needs to go back to whatever the original source of firebending is.
Sokka [Seriously.​] So, is it jumping into a volcano?
Toph I don't know. [Places her bowl down as the shot cuts to a close-up of her face.] For earthbending, the original benders were badgermoles.
Scene changes to a cave in a flashback as a younger Toph wearing a gown is kneeling down, and crying, as screen zooms out.
Toph [Voice-over.] One day, when I was little, I ran away and hid in a cave.
Cut to the younger Toph's face, as she is startled by a rumbling noise, and part of the cave's wall breaks. Shot cuts to behind Toph to show one of a badgermole's legs.
Toph That's where I met them.
Toph cringes in fear, and the badgermole comes into the screen near Toph and sniffs her. Toph sniffs back and the badgermole licks her cheek, causing her to giggle in delight. She touches the badgermole's snout with both hands before licking it, and giggles again.
Toph They were blind, just like me. [The badgermole walks away as Toph attempts to crawls after it.] So we understood each other. I was able to learn earthbending, [Cut to an overhead shot of the badgermole, which moves its paws in a sweeping motion.] not just as a martial art, but as an extension of my senses. [Screen fades to an overhead shot of Toph mimicking the creature's actions.] For them, the original earthbenders, [The badgermole comes across a pile of rocks and earthbends them to the side.] it wasn't just about fighting. It was their way of interacting with the world. [She stops crawling and stands up. She earthbends a stone and smiles at her success.]
Screen fades from the younger Toph's face back to the present Toph's smiling face.
Aang That's amazing, Toph!
Aang [Cut to an aerial shot of the group.] I learned from the monks, but the original airbenders were the sky bison. [Camera pans above to show a mural of three sky bison. Aang leans back to look at Appa.] Maybe you can give me a lesson sometime, buddy.
Appa growls from the shed.
Zuko Well, this doesn't help me. The original firebenders were the dragons, and they're extinct.
Aang [Shot cuts to behind Zuko as he looks at the group.] What do you mean‌? Roku had a dragon, and there were plenty of dragons when I was a kid.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko's face, as he yells.] Well, they aren't around anymore, okay?
Aang Okay, okay. [Moves his arms in an appeasing manner.] I'm sorry.
Zuko But maybe there's another way. [He walks toward a fountain.] The first people to learn from the dragons were the ancient Sun Warriors.
Aang [Walks toward Zuko.] Sun Warriors? Well, I know they weren't around when I was a kid.
Zuko [Turning his head toward Aang.] No, they died off thousands of years ago. But their civilization wasn't too far from where we are now. [Cut to a shot of the two from the side, as Zuko turns his head toward the Avatar.] Maybe we can learn something by poking around their ruins.
Aang It's like the monks used to tell me. Sometimes, the shadows of the past can be felt by the present.
Sokka So, what? [Aang and Zuko look back at him and the shot cuts to Sokka seated.] Maybe you'll pick up some super old Sun Warrior energy just by standing [Moves his hand in a strange motion.] where they stood a thousand years ago?
Zuko [Cut to an aerial shot.] More or less. Either I find a new way to firebend, [Cut to a shot of the two from the side. Zuko turns his head toward Aang.] or the Avatar has to find a new teacher. [Aang looks concerned and worried at Zuko's statement.]
Scene changes to Aang and Zuko flying on Appa over an ocean. Cut to a bored Zuko.
Zuko We've been riding for hours. I don't know why, but I thought this thing would be a lot faster.
Cut to Appa from below, as he growls.
Aang [Turning his head toward Zuko.] Appa's right, Zuko. In our group, typically we start our missions with a more up-beat attitude.
Zuko [Whispering.] I can't believe this. [He lies down.]
Aang [Cut to Appa flying from behind.] Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.
Scene changes to an aerial shot of the ocean, as the screen pans above to an aerial shot of an island. Scene changes to an aerial shot of Appa descending to land on some ruins. The ruins make Aang and Zuko full of awe.
Aang and Zuko Whoa!
Cut to Appa landing from the side. Shot cuts to show some mountains and pans below to an aerial shot of Aang and Zuko walking through the ruins.
Zuko Even though these buildings are ancient, there's something eerily familiar about them. [Cut to Aang and Zuko walking.] I can tell the Fire Sages' temples are somehow descended from these.
Aang [Cut to some structures as screen pans right to show more of them.] Okay. We've learned something about architecture. [Cut back to the two walking.] Hopefully, we'll learn something about firebending too. The past can be a great teacher.
Cut to a tripwire, which is pulled when Aang walks by. He trips and yelps, as an overhead shot shows a small portion of the path in front of him going down and some spikes coming up from holes. Aang nearly falls on the spikes but blows a blast of air from his mouth which thrusts him up, and somersaults on to the other side, as he managed to regain balance.
Aang [Scared.] Zuko, I think the past is trying to kill me.
Zuko [Kneeling down to inspect the spikes.] I can't believe it. [He picks the tripwire up and examines it.] This booby trap must be centuries old and it still works.
Aang There's probably a lot more. Maybe this means we shouldn't be here.
Zuko takes two steps back and runs toward the wall adjoining the path. He runs on the wall before jumping on the other side of the spikes.
Zuko [Dusting some dirt on his shirt.] Where's that up-beat attitude you were talkin' about? [He smiles, as Aang turns back. Cut to Zuko's point of view of the path as screen pans above to a building.] Besides, people don't make traps unless they've got something worth protecting.
Cut to Zuko and Aang coming onto the building from stairs.
Aang Look, this seems promising. [Cut to Zuko and Aang from the behind, as they see a carving of a person being surrounded by two dragons who are breathing fire at him.] Though I'm not sure what this tells us about the original source of firebending.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko and Aang looking at the carving from the side.] They look pretty angry to me.
Aang [Cut to a part of the carving from below as screen pans right to show more of it.] I thought the dragons were friends with the Sun Warriors.
Zuko Well, they had a funny way of showing it.
Cut back to the both from the side, as Zuko looks down for a moment and starts walking, with Aang looking.
Aang Zuko, [Zuko stops walking.] something happened to the dragons in the last hundred years. [Zuko closes his eyes.] Something you're not telling me.
Zuko [He opens his eyes.] My great-grandfather Sozin happened.
Zuko walks away with Aang following him. Scene changes to the two walking on a bridge.
Zuko He started the tradition of hunting dragons for glory. There were the ultimate firebenders. [Cut to them walking from below the bridge, with the screen panning right as they walk.] And if you could conquer one, your firebending talents would become legendary and you'd earn the honorary title, Dragon. [They approach a path which has one dragon's statue on both sides, and stop walking.] The last great dragon was conquered long before I was born, [Cut to a close-up of one of the dragon's statue's eyes as Zuko places one of his palms on it.] by my uncle.
Aang [Cut to the both from a side.] But I thought your uncle was ... I don't know, good?
Zuko He had a complicated past. [Cut to Zuko's face.] Family tradition, I guess. Let's just move on.
Zuko starts walking as shot cuts to an overhead shot of him walking away, with Aang running to catch up to him. Scene changes to a vertical column with a sunstone in the center, as Zuko and Aang walk past it. Screen pans above to show a wall with two gates, with the both walking toward them. As the both come closer, Zuko stops walking, and Aang runs to the gates, drops his staff, and unsuccessfully tries opening the gates.
Aang It's locked up!
Zuko rubs his head, and looks behind, before quickly going aside to show the sunstone from the column in front of the gates beaming light.
Zuko Wait. [Cut to an overhead shot of Zuko, as he realizes something and takes a step behind, and looks at the position he stood at a moment before. Screen zooms in to show the light from the sunstone beaming on a circular carving on the ground.] It's a celestial calendar. [Cut to an aerial shot of Zuko and Aang standing in front of the column as screen pans to right to show the gates.] Just like the Fire Sages have in their temples. [Cut to a similar sunstone above the gates.] I bet that sunstone opens the door, but only when sunlight hits at just the right angle. [Screen pans below to show Aang in front of the gates.] On the solstice.
Aang [Exasperated.] Monkeyfeathers! The solstice again? We can't wait here that long.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko.] No, we can't. [He unsheathes one of his swords.] But we might be able to speed time up. [Cut to the circle carved on the ground on which light from the sunstone is being beamed. He places his sword on it with an angle, causing it to reflect the light. Cut to Zuko reflecting the light from the column.] Let's see if we can outsmart the sunstone.
Cut to the side of the gate as the light being reflected by Zuko's sword moves to the other sunstone on top of the gates. Screen pans below to show Aang looking at it.
Aang Nothing's happening.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko, who is kneeling down and reflecting the light.] Come on ...
Cut to a close-up of the sunstone as the ground starts shaking. Cut to inside the room as the gates are opened and the shaking stops.
Aang [He picks his staff, and Zuko, walking up to the gates, unsheathes his sword.] You know, Zuko, I don't care what everyone else says about you. [Aang nudges Zuko with his elbow.] You're pretty smart.
Zuko smiles at Aang's compliment, before realizing what Aang actually said. Aang walks inside the dark room and looks around it. He narrows his eyes, as the shot cuts to show a statue of a man with an angry expression. Cut back to Aang, who gasps.
Zuko Relax. They're just statues.
Cut to a shot of two statues from behind Aang and Zuko. Cut to an aerial shot of the room to show many statues lined up in a circle as they both walk into it. Aang walks up to a statue and reads something on it.
Aang It says this is something called the Dancing Dragon.
Aang places his staff to lean on the statue. Cut to a shot of the statue from behind Aang to show him taking the same posture the statue is in. Cut to his leg, which presses a button on the ground. Aang comes out of the posture and examines the button. He looks around at all the statues, runs toward Zuko, catches him by the hand, and pulls him.
Aang Zuko, get over here! I want you to dance with me!
Zuko [He pulls his hand back.] What?
Aang Just do it.
Aang pulls him to a side, as shot cuts to the both standing in front of two statues that are to the sides of the path that leads into the circle, as Zuko groans.
Aang Let's follow the steps of the statues. [Aang and Zuko take the posture of the statue in front of them and move to their right and left, respectively, taking the postures of the statues in front of them, which pressed similar buttons lying on the ground in front of all the statues. Cut to an aerial shot of the room.] Don't you see? These aren't dance moves. These statues are giving us a lesson. [Cut to Zuko moving through each statue.] I think this is some kind of Sun Warrior firebending form.
Zuko This better teach us some really good firebending.
Cut to Aang, as he does the same moves as Zuko. Cut to two statues with their waists bent toward each other, and their arms in the direction of each other. Zuko and Aang perform the same move. Cut to a part of the ground detracting and a vertical column emerging from it, as the both look behind at it. Cut to a close-up of the yellow, egg-shaped sunstone on the column. Cut to an aerial shot of Zuko and Aang standing in front of the column as Aang raises his arms in triumph.
Aang Hurray! [Putting his hands down, and rubbing his head.] Wait, what exactly is that?
Zuko [He runs toward the sunstone.] It's some kind of mystical gemstone.
Aang [Cut to the gemstone as Zuko runs toward it. Aang raises his arms.] Well, don't touch it! [Zuko stops and Aang catches up to him.]
Zuko Why not?
Aang Remember what happened out there with those spikes? [Turns to look at the side and raises his arms again.] I'm just very suspicious of giant glowing gems sitting on pedestals.
Zuko ignores the Avatar and picks the sunstone, as Aang's eyes twitch.
Zuko It feels almost alive.
He tries to put the sunstone back but yells in surprise as a geyser of viscous slime erupts out from the pedestal and pushes Zuko toward the grates in the ceiling, sticking him there.
Aang [Cut to a worried Aang's face, as he turns to look at the gates of the room, which close.] Oh no, it's another trap!
Cut to an overhead shot of the column as more viscous slime comes from it, causing Aang to walk back. Cut to Zuko who is stuck to the grates and unsuccessfully struggles to break free.
Zuko Ugh, I can't pull free. It's like some kind of glue.
Cut to Aang, as he jumps across the slime and grabs his staff on the other side of the room. He climbs on a statue's head, jumps onto another of the statues' head and airbends a gust of wind toward Zuko, due to which Zuko is pushed from his back to his front. Cut to an aerial shot to show that the slime is rising and the screen zooms to show Aang is still on the statue's head. His staff gets stuck in the slime and he is not successful in pulling it out. He jumps up toward the grates, as the slime engulfs the room.
Aang [Trying to pull his hands from the grates.] I can't move! Zuko, do something!
Zuko Me? I can't move either!
Cut to a shot of the entire room being filled by the slime. Cut to the other side of the grates as they groan due to the slime pushing them against the grates. The slime stops.
Aang It stopped.
Zuko At least we have air. Maybe if we stay calm, we can figure a way out of this.
Cut to an aerial shot of the two being stuck to the grates, as screen zooms out slowly. Screen fades to the building at night, and cuts to the two still stuck to the grates.
Aang You had to pick up the glowing egg, didn't you?
Zuko [Cut to their heads sticking out from the grates.] At least I made something happen. If it were up to you, we'd never have made it past the courtyard.
Aang [He opens his mouth very widely and yells.] Help!
Zuko Who are you yelling to? Nobody's lived here for centuries.
Aang Well, what do you think we should do?
Zuko Think about our place in the universe‌?
Cut to the grates from the side, as Aang sighs, and a foot wearing a sandal steps near it.
Sun Warrior chief [Cut to Zuko and Aang's point of view, as the Sun Warrior chief comes into sight. Cut to his face.] Who is down there?
Cut to both boys bearing shocked expressions. Cut to a shot of the building, before cutting to Zuko and Aang as the slime is removed by aardvark sloths on either side of them. Shot cuts to an aerial shot to show the two surrounded by men and women who are in circles.
Sun Warrior chief [Walking toward the two.] For trying to take our sunstone, you must be severely punished!
Zuko [Cut to Aang and Zuko from the side.] We didn't come here to take your sunstone. We came here to find the ancient origin of all firebending.
Cut to an aerial shot of the people, as Ham Ghao steps forward.
Ham Ghao Yeah, right. They are obviously thieves, [Cut to the chief and Ham Ghao from the side to show that he is holding the sunstone.] here to steal Sun Warrior treasures.
Aang Please, I don't normally play this card, but ... [Places his palm on his chest.] I'm the Avatar. [Cut to Ham Ghao looking toward the chief from the side, puzzled. Cut to Aang, who stands up and gives a weak smile.] Just hear us out.
Zuko [Standing up.] My name is Zuko, Crown Prince of the Fire Nation. [Looks down at the ground.] O-or at least I used to be. [Cut to Zuko's point of view to the Sun Warriors as screen pans right to show more of them.] I know my people have distorted the ways of firebending, to be fueled by anger and rage. But now I want to learn the true way, [Cut back to Aang and Zuko.] the original way. When we came here, I never imagined [Cut to an aerial shot that shows the Sun Warriors surrounding the two.] the Sun Warrior's civilization was secretly alive. I am truly humbled to be in your presence. [Cut back to the two, as they bow their heads.] Please, teach us.
Sun Warrior chief [Cut to the chief.] If you wish to learn the ways of the Sun, you must learn them from the masters, Ran and Shaw.
Aang [Cut to Aang and Zuko.] Ran and Shaw? There are two of them?
Sun Warrior chief [Walks toward them and looks at Aang.] When you present yourself to them, they will examine you. [Turns to look at Zuko.] They'll read your hearts, your souls, and your ancestry. [Takes a step toward Zuko and towers over Zuko, who looks worried.] If they deem you worthy, they'll teach you. [Cut to a close-up of the chief.] If they don't, you'll be destroyed on the spot.
The chief walks back, and Aang and Zuko look at each other. Scene changes to a building on the next day. Screen zooms to the top of the building.
Sun Warrior chief If you're going to see the masters, [Cut to an aerial shot of the Sun Warriors sitting in many arcs inside the room in front of the Eternal Flame. Aang, Zuko, and the Sun Warrior chief are standing.] you must bring them a piece of the Eternal Flame. [Cut to the chief standing in front of the fire from behind him.] This fire is the very first one. [Raises his hands to his head and turns back at Zuko and Aang.] It was given to man by the dragons. [Cut to the chief talking to Zuko and Aang from the side as the other Sun Warriors look.] We have kept it going for thousands of years.
Zuko [Surprised.] I don't believe it.
Sun Warrior chief [Cut to the Sun Warriors sitting and the chief explaining their job to the two, as screen pans to the right.] You will each take a piece of it to the masters, to show your commitment to the sacred art of firebending.
Aang [Cut to an unsure Aang as he places his palm on his neck.] Umm, Mister Sun Chief Sir‌, yeah, I'm not a firebender yet. [Pointing to Zuko.] Couldn't my friend here carry my fire for me?
Sun Warrior chief [Unyielding.] No. [He turns back to face the fire. Cut to Aang, who looks very uneasy, before cutting to the chief, who takes a part of the Eternal Flame on his hand and turns back toward the two.] This ritual illustrates [He turns around in a circle and splits the fire on his palm into two parts.] the essence of Sun Warrior philosophy. [Cut to Aang, as he stares at the flame.] You must maintain a constant heat. The flame will go out if you make it too small. [Aang cringes, as the screen pans to Zuko, who is standing beside Aang.] Make it too big, and you might lose control.
Zuko stares at the flame and brings his arms forward to take the flame. He looks at Aang, as shot cuts to the chief offering Aang the flame from the side.
Aang I'm sorry, I'm just a little nervous. [He takes the flame in his hand and his expression changes to a relieved one.] It's like a little heartbeat.
Sun Warrior chief [Cut to the chief.] Fire is life, [Cut to Aang. Screen zooms in to his face as he smiles.] not just destruction. You will take your flames up there. [Cut to Zuko and Aang standing in front of the chief as he points to a mountain from the side. Screen zooms in to the mountain.] The cave of the masters is beneath that rock.
Screen changes to Aang and Zuko walking through a steep forest, before changing to the steep surface. Cut to Zuko, who has reached the top of the steepness, turning back to look at Aang who is lagging behind.
Zuko Hurry up.
Aang I can't. [Cut to Aang approaching a rock.] If I walk too fast, my flame will go out. [Climbs up the rock and looks at his flame.]
Zuko Your flame's [Aang looks at Zuko.] gonna go out [Cut to Zuko from below.] because it's too small. You're too timid, give it more juice.
Aang [He climbs another rock.] But what if I can't control it?
Zuko [Cut to Zuko.] You can do it. I know you can. [Cut to an unsure Aang.] You're a talented kid.
Aang smiles at the compliment and climbs up another rock, reaching the top. Zuko starts walking and Aang follows him. Screen pans above to the top of the mountain. Scene changes to Zuko and Aang as the reach the top of the mountain, and see that warriors are already there, with the Sun Warrior chief, Ham Ghao, and another Sun Warrior standing. Screen zooms out to show two vertical rocks with a bridge in the center.
Sun Warrior chief [He and the other two Sun Warriors walk up to the two.] Facing the judgment of the firebending masters will be very dangerous for you. Your ancestors [Cut to Zuko.] are directly responsible for the dragons' disappearance. [Zuko looks toward the side.] The masters might not be so happy to see you.
Ham Ghao [He places his hand on his hip.] I know I wouldn't be.
Aang But once they find out I'm the Avatar ...
Sun Warrior chief [Cut to the chief.] Have you forgotten that you vanished, allowing the Fire Nation to wreak havoc on the world‌? [Cut to a guilty Aang.] The decline of the dragons is your burden, too. [Aang looks toward the side.]
Cut to an overhead shot of the chief rooting his staff on the ground. The other two Sun Warriors get into a kneeling position and the chief walks toward Zuko and Aang, takes a small portion of their flames and gives the flames to both of the Sun Warriors, who go to each of the sides. The chief turns back and walks. Cut to some Sun Warriors standing and sitting, alternately, as the two Warriors standing create a circle made of fire. Cut to Aang and Zuko watching the chief walk.
Aang [Turning to Zuko.] We could turn back now. We've already learned more about fire than we'd hoped. [Aang shows Zuko his flame and gives a weak smile.]
Zuko No, we're seeing this through to the end. We're gonna meet these masters and find out [Cut to an overhead shot of Aang.] what's so great about them.
Aang [Looking toward the rocks.] What if they judge us, and attack us?
Zuko [Cut to Zuko.] Well, we're the Fire Prince and the Avatar. [Unsheathes his swords slightly.] I think we could take these guys in a fight, whoever they are. [He smiles.]
Cut to Aang, who nods uneasily. Cut to the entire courtyard to show that all alternate Sun Warriors have made their fire circles. Zuko turns toward the Sun Warrior chief.
Zuko Bring 'em out!
Sun Warrior chief [Cut to the chief to show him stretching his both hands out on both sides.] Chanters!
Cut to an aerial shot of the courtyard as the chanters play the music. Cut to the Sun Warriors, who are sitting down, beating their drums in a synchronized rhythm. Cut to the other Sun Warriors holding the fire circle in their crouched positions. Cut to the Warriors, as Zuko and Aang walk toward the stairs. Cut to the other side of the circle to show the Warriors alternatively rising and bowing. Cut to an overhead shot of the two nearing the steps. Cut to a shot of the stairs as screen slowly pans below. Cut to the chief and the other two Warriors, as they step aside to let Zuko and Aang pass.

Zuko and Aang look at each other and take a deep breath before climbing. Cut to the warriors, who are still beating the drums and holding the fire circle. Cut to Zuko and Aang climbing the steps. Aang looks back, but continues forward. Shot cuts to them climbing from the side, before cutting to the chief and the two warriors beside him looking at them, with the screen zooming out. Cut to Zuko and Aang, who reach the top as the setting sun shines at them. The music stops playing as soon as they reach the top. Both of them look at the caves on each side of the bridge.

Sun Warrior [Cut to a Sun Warrior using an sound-amplifying device.] Those who wish to meet the masters, Ran and Shaw, will now present their fire.
Aang and Zuko turn toward the caves and bow down with their hands stretched toward the caves. Screen zooms out to show them in this posture.
Sun Warrior chief Sound the call!
A warrior takes a deep breath and blows a horn. The sound from the horn sends a flock of birds scattering. The cave Aang is facing rumbles, causing him to tremble. Aang accidentally places his hand down, extinguishing his flame.
Aang What's happening‌? [He looks to look at Zuko, who turns his head toward Aang. Aang cringes and quickly returns back to his position, and realizes that his flame is extinguished and gasps. He turns toward Zuko again, and whispers.] Zuko, my fire went out.
Zuko [Whispering.] What do you want me to do‌?
Aang Give me some of yours. [He reaches for Zuko's flame and Zuko pushes him behind.]
Zuko [Whispering.] No, just make your own.
Aang [Whispering as well.] I can't. [He reaches for Zuko's flame again.]
Zuko [Cut to an aerial shot of the bridge.] Get some from those warriors. [Cut to the chief and the two Warriors beside him.] Hurry! [Cuts to shot of the Sun Warriors below; off-screen.] Stop cheating off me!
The chief and Ham Ghao look at each other.
Aang [Off-screen.] Quit being stingy!
Shot cuts to Aang trying to reach for Zuko's flame; he is unable to do so as Zuko raises his hand high up in the air. Aang continues his attempt to get Zuko's flame but Zuko stretches his arms away. Aang pulls Zuko's arm down, extinguishing the flame. They both look at each other. Cut to the two from inside the caves as the ground rumbles. Cut to the two with a worried expression. They turn to look at the other cave as screen zooms in to the cave.
Aang Uh oh.
Two eyes glow inside a cave and a red dragon comes out, roaring, circling around the bridge. Cut to the boys, who take a step back. Cut to Zuko, who looks at the dragon. Cut to a blue dragon coming out of the other cave. It joins the other dragon as they circle the bridge.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko and Aang standing.] These are the masters.
Aang [In a low voice.] Still think we can take 'em?
Zuko Sshh. I never said that.
Cut to the dragons circling the bridge from below. Screen pans down to the warriors as they bow down. Cut to Ham Ghao and the chief.
Ham Ghao Oh, here it comes. [Looks up at the bridge.] Any moment now. Dinner for the masters.
Sun Warrior chief [Turns toward Ham Ghao.] Quiet, Ham Ghao!
Ham Ghao What? [Turns his head away.] Everyone's thinking it.
Cut to the bridge where the dragons are still flying around the bridge. Cut to Aang, who looks at them flying.
Aang [Whispers.] Zuko, I think we're supposed to do the Dragon Dance with them.
Zuko [Turning his head toward Aang.] What‌? What about this situation makes you think they want us to dance‌?
Aang Well, I think they want us to do something. Let's just try it.
Zuko [Unwillingly.] Fine.
Aang and Zuko get into the first posture of the Dancing Dragon and change their postures to the next. Cut to Aang spreading his arms out as the blue dragon flies behind him following the shape of his arms. Aang turns his arms to his side as the dragon turns as well. Screen zooms out to show the dragons performing the same movements as each other. Cut to Zuko, who pushes his hand up as the red dragon behind him goes up as well. Zuko dips and the dragon dives down accordingly. Cut to the dragons flying above the bridge as screen pans below to show the two performing the Dancing Dragon. Cut to them performing the final move. They look to either side as shot cuts to show that the dragons have stopped moving and are hovering on either side of the bridge.
Sun Warrior chief [Still bowing.] Judgment time.
Cut to the blue dragon which stares at Zuko, as Aang trembles. Zuko looks at it, with his mouth wide open. Cut to Aang trembles, as shot cuts to the two dragons sitting, with their legs at the bottom of the bridge. Cut to the red dragon as it breathes fire at the two. Cut to the blue dragon doing the same. Cut to Zuko and Aang yelling and covering their faces as they are engulfed by a multi-colored flame vortex. Cut to the top of the vortex from inside it. It slowly pans down to the boys who look at it, shocked. Cut to the bridge as the dragons continue breathing fire. Screen pans above to the flame vortex. Cut to the inside of the vortex and the two stare at the scene in awe. Cut to Aang's eyes.
Aang Wow.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko's face, as he stares at the flames.] I understand.
The vortex slowly dissipates and the dragons curl their bodies, fly up, circle one time and go into their caves. Cut to the boys who still remain on the bridge. Cut to an annoyed Ham Ghao, before cutting to one of the warriors holding the circle of fire as he moves his arm in a circle, and extinguishes the flame and ending his hands in a position. Cut to an aerial shot of Zuko and Aang descending from the steps.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko.] Their fire was beautiful. I saw so many colors, colors I've never imagined.
Aang [Cut to the two descending from the side.] Like firebending harmony.
Sun Warrior chief Yes. They judged you, and gave you visions of the meaning of firebending. [The other two Sun Warriors walk away.]
Zuko [Cut to Zuko.] I can't believe there are still living dragons. My uncle Iroh said he faced the last dragon and killed it.
Aang [Looking at Zuko.] So your uncle lied.
Sun Warrior chief [Cut to the smiling chief from the side.] Actually, it wasn't a total lie. Iroh was the last outsider to face the masters. [Raising his hand above slightly.] They deemed him worthy and passed the secret onto him as well.
Zuko [Surprised. Shot cuts to an aerial shot of the courtyard.] He must have lied to protect them, so no one else would hunt them.
Aang [Cut to Aang.] All this time, I thought firebending was destruction. Since I hurt Katara, I've been too afraid and hesitant. But now I know what it really is ... it's energy, and life. [He smiles.]
Zuko Yeah. It's like the Sun, [He curls his hand into a fist.] but inside of you. Do you guys realize this?
Sun Warrior chief [Smiling.] Well, our civilization is called the Sun Warriors ... so yeah.
Zuko That's why my firebending was so weak before. Because for so many years, hunting you [Turns toward Aang as screen zooms out to show Aang.] was my drive ... it was my purpose. [Aang turns toward Zuko as well.] So when I joined you, I lost sight of my inner fire. But now, I have a new drive. [Cut to Zuko's face as screen zooms in.] I have to help you defeat my father and restore balance to the world.
Zuko delivers two fire blasts more powerful than in the Western Air Temple. Aang also bends a similar blast. Cut to Aang's face, as he grins at his success. Cut to both of them, who walk toward each other, smiling.
Sun Warrior chief [He walks toward the two and become serious.] Now that you have learned the secrets, and you know about our tribe's existence, [He stops walking.] we have no choice but to imprison you here forever. [Cut to the two, who are shocked, before cutting back to the smiling chief.] Just kidding. [Cut to the two as they look relieved. The chief's expression becomes serious again.] But seriously, don't tell anyone!
Scene changes to the upside-down pagodas in the Western Air Temple.
Aang [Cut to Aang and Zuko demonstrating the Dancing Dragon to the rest of Team Avatar and friends.] With this technique the dragons showed us, Zuko and I will be unstoppable.
The two get into their final postures and Team Avatar applauds.
Sokka Yeah, that's a great dance you two learned there.
Zuko It's not a dance. It's a firebending form.
Sokka [Cut to Sokka, as he moves his fingers in a dancing manner.] We'll just tap-dance our way to victory over the Fire Lord.
Zuko [Walks toward Sokka.] It's a sacred form that happens to be thousands of years old!
Katara Oh, yeah‌? What's your little form called‌?
Zuko [Embarrassed.] The Dancing Dragon.
Team Avatar laughs, and the shot cuts to Zuko who shuts his eyes and cringes in embarrassment. Fade to credits.






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