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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] The Air Nation has its first recruit. Team Avatar's search for new airbenders in the Earth Kingdom led them to Kai, an orphan with a shady past. Meanwhile, Lord Zuko is hot on the trail of three escaped criminals who pose a great threat to the Avatar. Unaware of the danger to her, Korra continues her mission to find more airbenders. Next stop, the walled city of Ba Sing Se.
The scene opens to the Future Industries airship as it flies over the Earth Kingdom, with Oogi flying just above. Cut to the platform atop the airship, where Bumi and Kai are practicing their airbending, under the instruction of Jinora and watched by Asami, Naga, and Pabu.
Jinora Light on your feet, Uncle Bumi. Remember, you want to be quick and evasive.
Bumi [Moving around, his hands up like a boxer.] Don't worry about me, little lady. I've been in a scrap or two you know. Ha ha. [To Kai.] Oh, you're just a youngster, so I'm gonna go easy on ya. [As Kai runs toward him.] Wouldn't want to hurt a kid ...
Kai slides to the floor, and fires an airbending blast at Bumi's legs, knocking him to the ground.
Bumi [Lying on the ground in pain.] Oh.
Jinora Uncle Bumi, you've got to work on your stance changes. [Jinora and Kai help Bumi to his feet.] Kai, that was just, really good.
Kai [Rubbing his head, as Bumi feels his jaw.] Thanks Jinora, you're a great teacher.
Jinora stares at Kai for a second, before turning away, blushing. She helps her uncle away, but he brushes her off, before patting his body, looking for something.
Bumi [Opening his coat.] Hmm, did I drop my wallet?
Jinora, looking behind Bumi, begins to chuckle as Kai strolls casually past them, fanning himself with Bumi's wallet. Bumi turns to look at the young boy.
Bumi [Running after Kai.] Give me that, you little thief!
Shot pulls back to reveal Tenzin and Korra complacently watching the group on the platform below.
Korra [To Tenzin.] It's so exciting to be on a diplomatic mission to Ba Sing Se. What's the Earth Queen like?
Tenzin I've never met her, but I've heard she can be quite ... demanding.
Bolin runs to accompany Korra and Tenzin, swinging his legs under the railings in excitement.
Bolin [Excitedly.] This is it, Mako! We made it! This is where Dad grew up! Come here! Look, look!
Mako [Joining his brother; rather more calmly.] Okay, calm down, I'm looking.
The shot pulls back to show the airship approaching the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se.
Korra I wonder how many airbenders are down there.
Cut back to the airship approaching the wall. As it gets closer, the sun shines brightly over the top, before revealing the expansive city beyond. The airship finally manages to pass over the wall before the scene cuts to within the Lower Ring as a peasant sleeps against a building while the airship flies above. Cut to an overhead shot of the ring, smoke billowing from several buildings. Cut back to the airship, as Mako, Bolin, and Korra recoil from the smell, the two brothers holding their noses.
Korra Uhh, the Lower Ring looks terrible.
Bolin [Holding his nose.] Yeah, I can smell it from here. No wonder Dad left.
Cut to a side shot, as the airship continues to fly over the ring, before making it over the Inner Wall and into the Middle Ring.
Bolin [Shouting from the airship.] Hello, Middle Ring!
Cut to another overhead shot of the airship, as it continues over the Middle Ring, before finally making it to the Royal Palace. Cut to Kai and Jinora, looking down in excitement.
Kai Wow. Now this is more like it.
Cut to the Royal Palace, as the airship begins its descent, landing with a slight cloud of dust. Cut to the ramp as the party exits the airship, welcomed by a well-dressed Earth Kingdom man.
Gun [Bowing.] Avatar Korra, Master Tenzin, it is a pleasure to welcome you and your party to the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se. I'm Grand Secretariat Gun.
Korra [Bowing herself, as Bolin strolls past with Pabu atop his shoulder, followed closely by Naga.] Thank you.
Bolin Aah, it's got that Upper Ring smell.
Gun [Turning to Bolin.] Oh no, the queen hates animals. [Cuts to a shot of Bolin, Pabu, Naga, and Oogi.] You'll have to get them out of sight.
Bolin [Scratching his head.] Well, I can just stash Pabu in my shirt, [Tilts his head at Naga and Oogi.] these two are going to be a little tougher.
Gun [Begins to walk away.] Come with me, hurry, I'll take you to your quarters.
Scene cuts to a pond, as the party walks over a bridge spanning the water.
Gun Now, when you meet the queen make sure you bow low enough, that's very important, and don't look her in the eye, she can't stand that. If any food is served, don't eat before she eats. Well actually, I have to taste her food first, then she eats, then you can eat. Better yet, just don't eat.
Korra Seems like an awful lot of rules.
Gun [In exasperation.] Oh, you have no idea. And I'm the one who gets in trouble when people don't follow them, so please, please for my sake try not to upset Her Majesty.
Cut to Kai, who watches in interest as an Earth Kingdom citizen walks past, festooned with various items of jewelry. With a sly look on his face, he sidles away from the group to go after them. Cut to the party's temporary house.
Gun [Spreading his arms.] Here we are.
Bolin [Impressed.] Ooh, very swanky.
Cut to the inside of the house, as the members of the group walk off to inspect the various rooms.
Gun Now, go in and make yourselves comfortable, [Turns to Bolin and Pabu; forcefully.] and keep those animals out of sight in the backyard.
Bolin and Pabu walk off in a huff. Gun begins to exit the house, and Korra follows him.
Gun Avatar Korra, if you'll follow me. We don't want to keep Her Majesty waiting.
The scene changes to an overhead shot of the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace, before cutting to a side courtyard, where the Earth Queen is supervising an extensive renovation project.
Gun Your Majesty, may I present Avatar Korra.
Korra bows, but the queen, who has her back to them, does not pay them any attention.
Hou-Ting [To the workers below.] You're ruining the koi pond! It's completely overshadowed by the topiaries! Guards, take that buffoon away and get me someone who knows what they're doing!
Two Dai Li agents grab the offending worker, and escort him away.
Hou-Ting [To the worker's partner.] You, rip everything out and start over!
The young lady earthbends the ground beneath the topiaries and turns it over, leaving fresh ground in its place.
Hou-Ting I am surrounded by idiots. [She turns to acknowledge Korra.] So, I finally get a visit from the Avatar. Let me guess, you want something.
Korra Well, actually Your Majesty, I was hoping you could ...
Hou-Ting [Cutting Korra off.] I hardly think you're in a position to ask me for favors after everything the last Avatar did to the Earth Kingdom. [She turns away from Korra.] He and Fire Lord Zuko took advantage of my father's weakness and stole our lands to make their own little empire. [She looks at Korra angrily.] The United Republic is Earth Kingdom territory!
Korra [Uncertainly.] Well, I uh, I'm not sure what I can do about that.
Hou-Ting Not that you care, but what's left of my kingdom is falling to ruin. Roving bands of barbarians are raiding villages in the countryside. And now, some of my subjects are refusing to pay their taxes. [She turns back to face the courtyard.]
Korra I'm very sorry for your troubles, but actually ...
Hou-Ting [Shouting down into the courtyard.] That topiary is supposed to be an eel swan [Cut to Gun as he lowers in head in fear of the queen.] not a turtle duck!
The scene cuts back to Team Avatar's new house, with Mako, Asami, Jinora, and Tenzin congregated around a table.
Jinora Hey, has anyone seen Kai?
Tenzin [Standing up.] Kai?
Bolin [Coming down the stairs; shouting.] Kai, little bro.
Bumi [Bursting through a side door.] He's not over here.
Asami I don't think I've seen him since we landed.
Mako I knew that kid was no good. He was just waiting for an opportunity to run away again.
Jinora We have to find him.
Mako What's the point? He obviously doesn't care about us.
Bolin But he's my new little brother. He's probably lost, and scared.
Tenzin He is just a little boy, and he's our responsibility. Besides, he's the only airbender we've recruited so far, we can't lose him.
Mako Fine. Bolin and I will find him.
The scene cuts back to the Earth Queen, who is still shouting orders at her workers.
Hou-Ting No, to your left! Your other left! [Turning to Korra.] Do you have these problems with your servants?
Korra I don't really have servants. But, Your Majesty, the reason for our visit is that we're trying to gather all of the new airbenders who are popping up in the Earth Kingdom, and we'd like your help finding the ones in Ba Sing Se.
Hou-Ting [Skeptically.] Airbenders in Ba Sing Se. Where did you hear that?
Korra Before we left Republic City we got some reports.
Hou-Ting Hmm. Well, before I even consider helping you, I'll need you to do something for me.
Korra Oh, of course. What is it?
Hou-Ting I have a vault full of tax money sitting in a town south of here. Barbarians have stolen my past two shipments. Go collect my money and bring it back here.
Korra [Bowing once again.] Yes, Your Majesty.
The Earth Queen indicates to Korra and Gun that they should leave, and the latter hurriedly tries to walk the Avatar out. However, she pushes him away, causing him to fall to the ground.
The scene shifts to Bolin and Mako, looking for Kai near a bridge.
Bolin Kai, did you go fishing? You under the bridge?
Kai airbends at an Upper Ring man; his robes go up for a few seconds before coming back down. His hat also drops. Kai picks up his hat.
Kai Here, sir, let me help you.
Upper-class man Oh, thank you, young man. What a strange sudden breeze. [Kai goes around the man, fixing his robe, while looking for anything precious.]
Kai Yeah, that was really weird.
Upper-class man Thanks for your help. [Kai puts the upper class man's wallet in his bag.]
Mako Kai! [Kai grins widely and slides out of view.] Get back here! [Mako starts chasing after Kai.]
Bolin Kai, it's us. Mako and Bolin, your new family. [Bolin runs along to chase after Kai.]
The scene shifts to the street with a rickshaw. Kai turns into a corner, so does Mako. Kai slides underneath a rickshaw, but Mako jumps to the side of the wall and over the rickshaw. Kai does a barrel roll to evade Mako and runs off down an alleyway.
Bolin Excuse me, coming through [Bolin squeezes in between two rickshaws.] Pardon me. [Bolin pulls a large grin.] Carry on. [Bolin runs along to continue chasing after Kai.]
The scene shifts to a monorail station in Ba Sing Se. Kai runs up the stairs to get away from Mako. Kai gets into one part of the monorail while Mako gets into another. As Kai brisked across the monorail, he bumps into Mako and hesitates.
Mako What are you doing running around robbing people?
Kai I was just practicing my airbending. [Kai pulls a large grin.]
Mako Yeah right. Let's go. [Mako grabs Kai's top.] You're in big trouble.
Kai slides out of his top only to leave it in Mako's hand and airbends the two brothers to the other side of the train. Everyone sitting in the monorail looks stunned. Kai runs out of the monorail. Mako and Bolin run to get off but the door closes.
Mako Hey! [Mako bangs his hands on the side window.]
Kai smiles and waves at Mako and Bolin as the train leaves the station.
Mako [Angrily.] Your little brother, huh?
Bolin Yeah ... just a lovable little scamp, isn't he?
Mako [Mako looks out the window.] Reminds me of my little brother.
Train conductor Designated express line to the lower ring. Next up, Poh Kong Station.
Scene shifts to monorail exiting the Upper Ring wall. Train track sounds created by monorail. Camera shows the side appearance of monorail going through the Upper Ring wall. The monorail arrives at Poh Kong Station, making a hard brake. After the monorail stops, everyone pushed Mako and Bolin out of the monorail.
Mako All right. Let's see if we can catch a train back to the Upper Ring.
Scene shifts to a woman showing her ticket to the ticket master. The ticket master lets her through. However, Mako and Bolin tries to barge through, but end up getting blocked.
Ticket master Passports and tickets.
Bolin We can pay, hold on. [Both Bolin and Mako check their pockets to find that Kai has robbed them as well.] Where's my money? [Bolin and Mako widen their eyes in realization and stare at each other in disbelief.] No, Kai wouldn't-- [Bolin's eyes widen. Mako stares at him.] Aww, man. [Bolin pulls an exaggerated expression of dismay.]
Ticket master Step aside, beat it you two, [Both boys yell after getting pushed by the ticket master.] before things get ugly.
Mako stares to the other side, looking at two Dai Li agents. Both of them stare back. Mako stares back at the ticket master and turns around. The next scene shifts to Mako and Bolin walking outside Poh Kong station, at the same time, a train leaves Poh Kong station. The scene shifts to a messed up lower ring street.
Bolin [Voice-over.] The bad news [Camera slowly pans down to reveal the back of the brothers' heads.] is we're stuck here. The good news is [Bolin puts his hand on Mako's shoulder and grins.] we can go the bathroom wherever we want.
Mako glares at Bolin with a blank stare and Bolin releases his hold on Mako, looking a little dejected.

The scene changes to Future Industries airship leaving the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace. The screen shows Asami piloting the airship.

Asami Are you sure we shouldn't have brought more people to collect the tax money?
Korra There are royal guards waiting at the vault. [Korra turns around and looks at Asami.] I doubt anything will happen. I think Her Majesty likes ordering me around.
Scene shifts to a Lower Ring street, showing an ostrich horse going past an alley way, where Mako and Bolin sleeping. Bolin is covered in newspaper and Mako is sleeping next to the trash.
Bolin Ohh man, aww I slipped a disc sleeping here. It's been awhile since we spent the night in a trash pile. It's about how I remembered.
Mako I bet everyone's freaking out that we've been gone all night. [Mako brushes off a banana on his head.]
Bolin I'm worried about Kai; he's just a little kid out there on his own. He's probably really scared.
Scene shifts to Kai in bed, ringing a bell. Waiter comes through a door with Kai's breakfast.
Waiter Your breakfast, Master Fong.
Kai [Kai flicks a gold coin to the waiter.] Keep the change. [Waiter moves out of the scene.] I love Ba Sing Se.
Kai reclines and gets back into bed, relaxed.

Scene changes to an overhead view of a neighborhood of Lower Ring houses and zooms in to show a hungry Bolin and Mako walking along the street. Cut to Mako and Bolin walking along the street as the latter holds his stomach.

Bolin Fwoo, I'm getting really hungry. [Gasps as a fruit stall comes into view behind them. Bolin looks at Mako.] Haah, we might have to hustle up a little breakfast with the old, [Gestures his hand out to the fruits.] fruit stand scam. Come on. [Bolin grabs a reluctant Mako by the arm and drags him to the fruit stand, where flies surround the fruit. Bolin wraps his arm around Mako.] You remember how it goes, [Does a shoving motion.] I push you into the stand, [Raises his voice a bit.] you scream. [Places a hand on his head dramatically.] I pretend to faint.
Mako I don't want any part of it. Besides, look at this fruit, [Cut to the bruised, moldy fruit with flies buzzing around it.] it's disgusting. We don't want to steal this.
Tu [Rises into sight from under the stand.] Hey, [Points to Mako.] you trying to steal my fruit?
Mako No, I just said I don't want any of this rotten fruit.
Tu [Eyes widens for a moment in surprise.] Oh, you're too good for my fruit? [Leans over and rests his hand on a stack of apples, several of which collapse into mush under the pressure.] This is the best fruit on the block.
Mako So you want me to steal it?
Tu [Tu shows his fist to Mako and Bolin.] Just try me, buddy. [Kisses his bicep.] Go ahead.
Bolin I'm confused. Are we stealing the fruit or not?
Tu I knew it. [Tu points his finger at Mako.] Thieves! [Mako and Bolin turn around and try to escape, but Tu jumps out of his fruit stand and tackles them.]
Chow What's going on here?
Tu [Tu looks at his dad.] Dad, these fruit thieves are insulting our fruit.
Chow [Chow looks down and takes a closer look at them.] Bolin? Mako?
Mako How do you know our names?
Bolin Yeah, I mean I'm famous so I get that, but how do you know his name?
Chow You look just like San. [Mako and Bolin opens their eyes wider.] Tu, you'll never believe who these guys are. They're your cousins! My brother San's kids. [Tu's eyes widen.]
Scene shifts to Zuko's dragon entering Agna Qel'a along with Zuko and Tonraq, riding on its back. Zuko's dragon roars. Zuko and Tonraq walks into Desna and Eska's throne room with the twins slouching on their thrones.
Desna Lord Zuko, Uncle, this is a surprise.
Eska Finally something exciting happens. Ruling the tribe is so tedious.
Zuko Then you should enjoy this. We need to check on a secret ice prison in the western tundra.
Desna and Eska, who are standing up now, pull a smile.

Scene shifts to some buildings in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se.

Chow Your father sent us a letter years ago with your names, but that was the last we heard from him. Then we saw your pictures in the sports magazine with your bending team, and Bolin, we love those Nuktuk movers. They're hilarious!
Bolin Yeah, they're not really comedies, but uh ...
Tu Yeah, I could probably be a pro-bender or an actor or something if I lived in a mansion in Republic City like you guys. You don't know what it's like on the streets. You got to be tough. [Flexes.]
Bolin Oh, Mako and I grew up on the streets. We were homeless, then we were kinda in a gang, then we lived in a gym ... [Chow drags Mako and Bolin into their home.]
Chow Hey everybody! Look who's here, San's kids: Mako and Bolin. [Everyone starts to smile.]
Male family member No way.
Female family member Come in.
Male family member #2 Welcome.
Yin Is it true? After all these years?
Chow Boys, this is your grandmother, Yin.
Yin Aw, it is so wonderful to meet my long lost grandchildren [Yin hugs Mako and Bolin.] Where is San and your mother?
Bolin Wait, you mean you don't know?
Mako I'm sorry, they were killed when we were little. [Cut to Yin, as tears well up in her eyes at the news.]
Scene shifts to a village in the desert with the Future Industries Airship. Korra and Asami approach a building where the tax money is stored. Korra looks around aimlessly. The villagers hide their faces away.
Korra I don't like the looks of this. Let's hurry up and get out of here.
Royal Earth Kingdom guard opens the door.
Royal Earth Kingdom guard You here to pick up the tax shipment?
Korra Go ahead and load it on the airship.
Scene shows four Royal Earth Kingdom guards bringing the tax money into the airship. Suddenly, a red light appears in the sky. The Royal Earth Kingdom guards look up in surprise, so does Korra and Asami. Four motorcycles jump up a ramp, two motorcycles accompanied the truck to the airship. Royal Earth Kingdom guards run away in fear, dropping one sack of gold.
Asami So much for our escorts.
Korra [All the motorcycles and the truck heads toward Korra and Asami.] Maybe we should have brought everybody else.
Motorcyclists circle around Korra and Asami, holding spears, clubs, and various other weapons.
Barbarians Woo hoo!
Gombo Step away from the gold ladies and you won't get hurt.
Korra Sorry to disappoint you, but we're taking this gold back to Ba Sing Se.
Gombo Aww, we love gals with spirit, suit yourself.
Gombo attacks Korra, but she evades all attacks and earthbends him to her left. She subsequently earthbends two motorcyclists, throwing them up in the air. Other motorcyclists try to retreat but Korra earthbends all the motorcycles. One motorcycle charges toward Asami, but she charges back and takes them down. Another motorcyclist charged toward Asami, but Korra earthbends them away from her. Another motorcyclist picks up one of the sack of gold with his spear, but Korra airbends them off their motorcycle. Asami charges to one of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist attempts to attack her with his spear, however, she evades with the backflip and stunned both people on the motorcycle. Gombo gets back up and attacks Korra with several kicks, but Korra earthbends him again. The barbarian leader runs away from Korra.
Gombo Retreat, retreat! [The barbarians drive away from the airship.] You're on the wrong side of this fight, Avatar. That gold belongs to the people, not the Queen.
Korra [To Asami.] Why do I get the feeling he's right?
Scene shifts to the Northern Water Tribe secret prison in the Western Tundra. Prison doors are opened by the members of the Order of the White Lotus. A strong blizzard rages on outside.
Eska Why didn't anyone tell us we have a secret prison we could have been throwing people in?
Desna I'd like to put my tailor in here. He never gets my cuffs right. They're so ... crease-y.
Lift comes up, fence gate opens as Zuko and the group walk toward it. The lift is going down to P'Li's prison cell.
Zuko We built this place secretly with your father to hold a very special prisoner. She's a powerful firebender named P'Li who can create explosions with her mind. Ironically, I hired a guy with a similar ability to kill the Avatar myself once. [As Zuko stops talking, Desna and Eska do not react at all and Tonraq merely glances at the old firebender. Zuko glances back at Tonraq and turns to him.] Didn't work.
Eska [After another short silence.] Don't feel bad. I tried to kill Korra [Tonraq glances over his shoulder at his niece.] after she ruined my wedding. It happens.
Tonraq [Turns to the others.] Let's just focus on keeping this woman in prison.
When the door of the lift opens, basking the foursome in light, Tonraq is the first to walk out. An overview shot reveals the foursome exiting the elevator and as the scene slowly pans up, a deep chasm comes into view with a prison, guarded by two White Lotus members, on the other side. Cut to another overview shot as the foursome stands at the front of an expandable metal bridge that is slowly being extended to the other side.
Zuko The intense cold prevents her from firebending.
Desna [Cut to a frontal shot of the foursome. Desna glances around and clouds form at his mouth as he speaks.] There's certainly no way anyone's breaking out of here.
Zuko That's what we thought about the other three prisons.
P'Li [P'Li shivering.] There must be something exciting going on [Retractable bridge stops extending.]. No one interesting has visited me in thirteen years.
Tonraq Don't get used to it.
P'Li He's out, isn't he? Mmm, I'm feeling warmer already [She smiles.].
Scene shifts back to Mako and Bolin's family's house. Everyone is grouped around the table with, eating.
Bolin This is so great! We never had a family before. Now we've got one, two, five ... eleven ... [Camera zooms out, showing a crowded room with dozens of people.] ... a big family! Yeah!
Mako So why did Dad leave Ba Sing Se?
Chow Oh, he always had big dreams. He couldn't wait to get out and see the world. Your grandfather thought it was ridiculous. He wanted San to stay home and work the fruit stand. But San was determined to leave, and they had a huge fight. [Yin looks sad and turns away.] And that was the last time they ever spoke. [Notices Yin's expression.] Oh, um ... sorry, Mom.
Yin [To Mako and Bolin.] Come with me. I have something to show you.
Scene cuts to outside of the building. Through the window Yin, Mako, and Bolin can be seen seated on a sofa.
Yin [As she speaks, the scene shifts into the room.] This is the only letter we ever got from San. It says he married a beautiful girl from the Fire Nation, and had two wonderful sons. He sent this picture of you all on his birthday. [Holds up picture of Mako and Bolin with their parents.]
Bolin Look, Mako! Dad's wearing your scarf!
Yin I'm so sad that I never got to meet your mother, [Speaking to Mako.] but you have her eyes. I know from looking at you two that she must have been a wonderful bride for my boy. [As she is speaking, Bolin sniffs and wipes away tears.]
Mako [Looks downcast; takes off his scarf and drapes it around his grandmother's neck.] I'm sure they would want you to have this.
Yin smiles and hugs Mako. Bolin joins in.

Scene shifts to the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace with Korra, Gun, and Hou-Ting.

Gun Your Majesty. The Avatar has returned with the tax payments.
Hou-Ting Finally. Secure it in the vault.
Gun It's being done as we speak.
Korra So now, Your Majesty, if I could start meeting some of the airbenders here in the city.
Hou-Ting The Dai Li thoroughly searched the city, but it seems your reports were incorrect. There are no airbenders in Ba Sing Se. So, you can gather your little band and be on your way tomorrow.
Korra You make me do your dirty work extorting your own citizens for your stupid palaces and topiaries and then you just want to send me away? We're not going anywhere until we find some airbenders! We know there are some here!
Hou-Ting [To Gun.] Get her out of my sight!
Korra and Gun start to walk away, but Korra turns back and points at the Earth Queen, inadvertently knocking Gun down.
Korra [To Hou-Ting.] This isn't over! I'm going to find the airbenders!
Korra walks out. Scene shifts back to Mako and Bolin at their family's home.
Chow [To Mako and Bolin.] You know, San would've been so proud of you guys! Traveling the world with the Avatar? He would've loved that!
Mako We actually need to get back to the Avatar in the Upper Ring. We're supposed to be helping her find airbenders in Ba Sing Se. [Everybody gasps.]
Bolin [Quickly looks around.] What? What happened?
Chow One of our neighbors started airbending about a week ago. A couple days later, two Dai Li agents come out of nowhere and snatch him up. No one's seen him since.
Tu They say the Earth Queen's locking all the airbenders up somewhere, and using them for experiments.
Yin Tu! Don't talk like that about Her Majesty! [She blows a kiss and bows to a portrait of Hou-Ting on the wall.] Long may she reign.
Mako [To Bolin.] We have to get back to the Upper Ring and tell Korra. [They get up from the table and start to leave.]
Bolin [Grabbing a stack of buns.] I hope Kai is okay.
Scene shifts to a street where a nobleman is walking, and a gush of air suddenly knocks his hat to the ground.
Kai [Picks up the man's hat.] Here, sir, let me help you.
Kai turns a corner and walks down a dark alley, holding a bag of gold, with a sly smile on his face. His eyes widen, as he sees a Dai Li agent standing at the end of the alley. Cut to shot of nervous-looking Kai with beads of sweat on his forehead, as he turn back around and sees another Dai Li agent blocking the path back. Runs to the right and out of view, as both Dai agents fire rock gloves to stop Kai from climbing over a door and escaping, trapping him.
Kai Hey! What's going on? [The bag of gold falls to the ground.] I didn't do anything! I'm with the Avatar.
Screen fades to black before revealing a rocky surface onto which Kai, who is now wearing different attire, is thrown. He glares at the two agents who have thrown him in. One of them starts to speak, as a bunch of people are seen sitting around the prison.
Dai Li agent Welcome to Her Majesty's army, First Airbending Regiment. From now on, you live to fight for the Earth Queen.
Cut to show Kai's anxious, shocked face, the light on which gets darker as the prison door closes. Fade to credits.






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