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The episode opens just outside the vast waters of Lake Laogai. Team Avatar has stopped on a tiny islet in the center of the lake. Aang is embracing Appa, happy upon reuniting with him.
Aang I missed you more than you'll ever know, buddy. [Momo flies into Appa to hug him too. Appa licks Aang, which causes Aang to laugh.]
Sokka approaches Katara and Toph.
Sokka Look, we escaped from the Dai Li. We got Appa back. I'm telling you, we should go to the Earth King now and tell him our plan. We're on a roll.
Katara One good hour after weeks of trouble isn't much of a roll.
Sokka We can build on it. If we want to invade the Fire Nation when the eclipse happens, we'll need the Earth King's support.
Toph What makes you think we'll get it? I don't know if you've noticed, but things don't usually go that smoothly for our little gang.
Sokka I know, but I've got a good feeling about this. This time will be different.
Katara Sokka, Long Feng is in control of the city. His conspiracy with the Dai Li is too powerful. I think we should just keep flying and leave this horrible place behind us.
Toph I'm with Sweetness. I've seen enough of Ba Sing Se. [Raises arms and opens eyes wide.] And I can't even see!
Aang flies into the shot.
Aang But now that we have Appa back, there's nothing stopping us from telling the Earth King the truth. About the conspiracy and the War.
Sokka See? Aang's with me. [Puts his arm around Aang and smiles.] It's the whole reason we came here in the first place. We have to try.
Katara [Thinks for a moment.] Well, I guess if the Earth King knew the truth, things could change. [Sokka and Aang smile.]
Toph [Stands up.] I don't trust the new positive Sokka. [Points at Sokka in an accusing manner.] Long Feng brainwashed you, didn't he!?
Aang notices a few ships in the lake.
Sokka That's probably the Dai Li searching for us. [To Katara.] So?
Katara thinks for a moment before looking at Sokka.
Katara [Determined.] Let's fly!
They fly toward the Palace, now with no saddle, holding onto Appa's fur for dear life, especially Toph.
Toph Can we please buy a new saddle? Riding bareback is terrifying! [Buries face in Appa's back.]
They get closer to the palace.
Sokka There it is! That whole thing is the palace! The Earth King's chamber should be in the center!
Katara We have to be careful. Long Feng's probably warned the king that we're coming.
Sokka Why would you assume that? If you ask me, I think we're just gonna sail right in and- [A giant rock almost hits them.] Aahh!
Toph What was that?
Sokka Surface-to-air rocks! [Sees more being launched.] More incoming!
They dodge a few more rocks. One gets launched right at Aang, but he destroys it with his hand. Another is launched at them head on, but Aang slices it cleanly in two by swinging his staff at the rock to augment his earthbending. He launches himself from Appa to the front of the palace and slams his staff into the ground, generating a massive earthen wave to knock back the palace guards. Appa lands and roars at the captain's ostrich horse, which causes it to drop the captain and run off. As they continue toward the Earth King, more guards appear and launch earth cubes at the gang. Toph and Aang use earthbending to block the attacks, while Katara uses waterbending to subdue the guards.
Katara [Water whips two guards.] Sorry!
Katara turns around and strikes down more guards with her waterbending, though closes her right eye in a sympathetic flinch for a moment as she does so. As more guards rush toward them in an attempt to halt Team Avatar's progress, Toph uses her earthbending to flip the tiles of the walkway, trapping them between them and ensuring a clear passage for the team.
Katara Sorry! We just need to get through to see the Earth King!
More guards appear on the opposite end of a bridge and launch two giant statues at them. Toph and Aang create an earth igloo to block the statues. Katara creates an ice ramp to jump to the other side of the bridge and water-whips the guards into the water. Aang freezes them in the water as the rest all jump across. More surface-to-air rocks appear as guards are coming down a giant staircase. Toph uses earthbending to change the stairs into a ramp, causing them all to fall. She and Aang use earthbending to escalate themselves up the stairs.
Sokka Seriously, we're actually on your guys' side! [Pauses for a moment.] Sorry.
More guards come and Aang and Toph push them away with earthbending.
Sokka In there! [They enter the palace.]
They come to an area with three doors. More guards appear and Toph easily defeats them all.
Sokka Toph, which way to the Earth King?
Toph How should I know? I'm still voting we leave Ba Sing Se.
Toph defeats more guards while Sokka opens the doors to find the Earth King. The first room is empty, as is the second; outside the second door, a royal guard goes flying to the right off-screen. Sokka bursts into a third room, startling a woman.
Palace woman Burglar! [Tries to run, trips, and falls flat on her face.]
Sokka [Shuts the door.] Sorry. Wrong door.
Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh return from Lake Laogai. The former seems ill.
Iroh You did the right thing. Letting the Avatar's bison go free.
Zuko I don't feel right. [Gets dizzy and passes out.]
Iroh Zuko! [Rushes to him.]
Back at the palace, the team arrives at a pile of rubble. Sokka climbs atop it and sees a gigantic door.
Sokka Now that's an impressive door. It's gotta go somewhere. [Drops down from the rubble and attempts to kick the door open.] Yaaah! [The door does not move even slightly. Sokka starts trying to push it open, but to no avail. Toph and Aang jump in from behind and bust the door down, knocking Sokka forward in the process. He starts rubbing the back of his head.] A little warning next time?
They arrive in the Earth King's chamber with Kuei sitting in his throne. Long Feng and his Dai Li agents stand in their way. The team takes fighting stances against them.
Aang We need to talk to you.
Long Feng [Turns to face the Earth King.] They're here to overthrow you.
Sokka No, we're on your side. We're here to help.
Katara You have to trust us.
Kuei [Stands up with a rising aggravated tone.] You invade my palace, lay waste to all my guards, break down my fancy door, and you expect me to trust you?
Toph He has a good point.
Kuei If you are on my side, then drop your weapons and stand down!
They look at each other for a moment. Aang drops his staff, Katara puts her water whip back in her water skin, Sokka drops his machete, and Toph drops the boulder she is levitating.
Aang [Smiles.] See? We're friends, Your Earthiness. [Gives a slight nervous chuckle.]
The king says nothing and just continues to frown grimly. Long Feng signals the Dai Li to cuff their arms with rock gloves.
Long Feng [Smiles sinisterly.] Detain the assailants!
The Dai Li rush behind Team Avatar.
Sokka But we dropped our weapons. We're your allies.
Long Feng Make sure the Avatar and his friends never see daylight again. [The king looks at him shocked.]
Kuei The Avatar? [Points at Sokka.] You're the Avatar?
Sokka Uh, no. Him. [Nudges his head at Aang.]
Aang [Effortlessly breaks free of his earth cuffs and raises his arms.] Over here. [Re-attaches the cuffs.]
Long Feng What does it matter, Your Highness? They're enemies of the state.
Kuei Perhaps you're right. [Sees Bosco sniff and lick Aang, who laughs, and smiles at Long Feng.] Though Bosco seems to like him. [Looks back at the team.] I'll hear what he has to say. [Long Feng glares at Aang.]
Aang [Walks forward.] Well, sir, there's a war going on right now. For the past one hundred years in fact. The Dai Li's kept it secret from you. It's a conspiracy to control the city, and to control you.
Kuei A secret war? That's crazy!
Long Feng Completely!
Aang Long Feng didn't want us to tell you, so he stole our sky bison to blackmail us. And blackmail is the least of his crimes; he brainwashed our friend!
Long Feng [Quickly turns to face the king.] All lies. I've never even seen a sky bison, Your Majesty. Frankly, I thought they were extinct.
Kuei [Sits down.] Your claim is difficult to believe. Even from an Avatar.
Long Feng [Whispers in his ear.] These hooligans are part of an anarchist cell that my agents have been tracking for weeks. [Kuei looks shocked at what Long Feng is telling him.] If you listen to them, you're playing right into your own destruction.
Kuei [Thinks for a moment.] I have to trust my advisor.
The agents start taking the team away, but Sokka stops for a moment.
Sokka Wait! [Turns to face the king with a big smile.] I can prove he's lying. Long Feng said he's never seen a sky bison. Ask him to lift his robe.
Long Feng What? I am not disrobing! [The king looks thoughtful before looking at Sokka suspiciously.]
Aang and Sokka smile slyly and nod at each other. Aang blows a large gust of air at Long Feng's legs, lifting his robe and revealing a bite mark left by Appa.
Aang Right there! Appa bit him!
Sokka Never met a sky bison, huh?
Long Feng [Lowers his robe.] That happens to be a large birth mark. [Sarcastically.] Thanks for showing everyone.
Kuei Well I suppose there's no way to prove where those marks came from.
Sokka Of course there is!
The group gets Appa and brings him in. He opens his mouth. Aang points at the bison's teeth and at Long Feng's mark.
Kuei Yup. That pretty much proves it. [Team Avatar cheers.] But it doesn't prove this crazy conspiracy theory. [Team Avatar becomes downcast.] Though, I suppose this matter's worth looking into. [Team Avatar look at each other approvingly, while Long Feng glares at the king before walking away with his agents.]
Back in Iroh and Zuko's apartment, Zuko is asleep. He wakes up.
Iroh You're burning up. [Dips a cloth in water.] You have an intense fever. [Places the cloth on Zuko's forehead.] This will help cool you down.
Zuko So thirsty. [Sits up, but Iroh makes him lie back down.]
Iroh [Grabs a bucket with a spoon in it; takes out the spoon.] Here's some clean water to drink. [Sits him up slightly.] Stay under the blankets and sweat this out.
Zuko grabs the spoon from Iroh and drinks the water. He tosses the spoon aside and grabs the bucket. He drinks from it, while spilling some out. He tosses the bucket aside and lies back down. Iroh pulls the covers more over him. Meanwhile, on a train, passengers are shocked to see the Earth King, who is standing in the middle of the cart surrounded by guards.
Kuei [Feeling strange from exposition.] So this is what a train is like? I didn't realize it would be this ... public.
Katara So you've never been outside the Upper Ring before?
Kuei I've never been outside the palace. [Katara and Sokka look at each other; the Earth King looks outside and sees Aang flying on Appa.] Now that's the way to travel. [Looks at Katara and Sokka.] So, may I ask where we're going?
Sokka Underneath Lake Laogai, Your Kingliness. To the Dai Li's secret headquarters. You're about to see where all the brainwashing and conspiring took place.
Cut to the shores of Lake Laogai. The team stand on the shore beside the Earth King and his guards. Toph steps to the edge of the water, and with a hop, reveals the the secret path to the hatch door entrance, though discovers it has been destroyed.
Toph It's gone!
Sokka Oh don't tell me- ! [Gives a thumbs up and a fake smile.] That's okay. Still got my positive attitude.
Katara The Dai Li must've known we were coming and destroyed the evidence!
Kuei [Looks suspicious.] Hm ... [Sarcastically.] That seems awfully convenient.
Sokka Hey, if anything, this proves the conspiracy exists even more. [Smiles and nods.]
Kuei Long Feng was right. This was a waste of time. [Turns to leave.] If you'll excuse me, I'm going back to the palace.
Katara [Smiles with realization.] The wall. They'll never be able to cover that up in time.
Aang Oh, yeah. [Hops to in front of the king.] If you come with us to the Outer Wall, we can prove to you that the secret war is real.
Kuei No Earth King has ever been to the Outer Wall. [Walks past Aang.] I don't have any more time for this nonsense. [Aang looks depressed.]
Sokka [Runs up to them.] If you come with us, this time you can ride on Appa. [The Earth King stops as Appa lows in the background. A pleased smile grows on his face.]
En route to the Outer Wall. The Earth King is riding on Appa, holding on for dear life and screaming at the top of his lungs in fear, his clothes flapping in the wind.
Toph First time flying?
Kuei It's both thrilling and terrifying!
Toph Yeah. [Smiles.] I hate it, too.
Kuei I have to be honest with you: part of me really hopes that what you're telling me about this war isn't true.
Aang I wish it wasn't.
Meanwhile at the apartment, Iroh again places the moist cloth over his feverish nephew's forehead. Zuko is having a dream that he is the Fire Lord, with no scar on his eye. One red and one blue dragon appear and start circling around the pillars on each side of him. The blue dragon starts circling around Zuko.
Blue dragon [In Azula's voice.] It's getting late. Are you planning to retire soon, my lord?
Zuko I'm not tired.
Blue dragon [Into Zuko's ear.] Relax, Fire Lord Zuko. Just let go. Give in to it. Shut your eyes for a while.
Zuko slowly starts to shut his eyes but widely opens them upon hearing the other dragon.
Red dragon [In Iroh's voice.] No, Fire Lord Zuko! Do not listen to the blue dragon. You should get out of here right now. Go! Before it's too late! [Both dragons are poised to either side of Zuko.]
Blue dragon Sleep now, Fire Lord Zuko.
The dragons disappear, and the room they're in, as well as the guards watching Zuko, crumble to nothing. The blue dragon reappears in front of him. Two golden eyes appear, followed by the face of the blue dragon, which closes rapidly.
Blue dragon Sleep. [Voice grows louder and more hostile as it continues talking.] Just like mother!
Charges at Zuko and opens its mouth. Inside the dragon's mouth, Zuko sees his mother, Ursa. Within that darkness, the camera draws closer to Ursa, who drops her hood.
Ursa Zuko! Help me! [A distraught Zuko is seen in her eyes.]
Zuko disappears through the floor. The sleeping Zuko starts sweating. Meanwhile, Team Avatar arrives at the Outer Wall and sees the drill.
Aang [Points at the drill.] It's still there!
Kuei [Shocked.] What is that?
Sokka It's a drill. A giant drill [Cut to the drill.] made by the Fire Nation to break through your walls. [Cut to a close-up of the king who looks horrified.]
On top of the wall, they're looking down at the drill.
Kuei I can't believe I never knew. [He looks to his right as he hears something.]
Long Feng [Appears on an earth elevator with two Dai Li agents.] I can explain this, Your Majesty. [Walks toward the king.] This is nothing more than ... a construction project. [Gestures his hand to the drill.]
Katara [Sarcastically.] Really? Then perhaps you could explain why there's a [Points to the drill as Kuei follows to where she is pointing. Cut to the Fire Nation insignia clearly shown on the drill.] Fire Nation insignia on your "construction project".
Long Feng [The king looks at him suspiciously.] Well it's imported of course. You know you can't trust domestic machinery. [Looks at them worried.] Surely you don't believe these children instead of your most loyal attendant?
Kuei [Looks at Team Avatar, who stare back innocently, then at Long Feng, who is glaring back.] Dai Li! Arrest Long Feng! I want him to stand trial for crimes against the Earth Kingdom.
Long Feng and Team Avatar look shocked. The two agents behind Long Feng share glances, launch shackles onto his arms and pull him in.
Long Feng You can't arrest me! You all need me more than you know! [He is taken away.]
Sokka [Happily.] Looks like Long Feng is long gone! Ha! Ah, yeah, I've been waiting to use that one. [Aang smiles at him and Katara gives him an unimpressed look.]
That night at the Palace, the Earth King is talking with Team Avatar.
Kuei I want to thank you, young heroes, for opening my eyes. All this time, what I thought was a great metropolis was merely a city of fools. And that makes me the king fool. [Buries his face in one of his hands.] We're at war. With the Fire Nation.
Sokka That's why we came to Ba Sing Se, Your Highness: because we think you can help us end the war.
Aang [Momo climbs up Kuei's arm.] We don't have much time. There's a comet coming this summer. Its energy will give the firebenders unbelievable strength. They'll be unstoppable.
Sokka But there is hope. Before the comet comes, we have a window of opportunity: A solar eclipse is coming. The sun will be completely blocked out by the moon, and the firebenders will be helpless.
Kuei What are you suggesting, Sokka?
Sokka That's the day we need to invade the Fire Nation. [Cut to a close-up of the king. Cut back to Sokka.] The Day of Black Sun.
Kuei I don't know. That would require moving troops out of Ba Sing Se. We'd be completely vulnerable.
Sokka You're already vulnerable. The Fire Nation won't stop until Ba Sing Se falls. You can either sit back and wait for that to happen, or take the offensive and give yourself a fighting chance.
Kuei [Thinks for a moment as everyone waits anxiously.] Very well. You have my support.
Team Avatar celebrates. Someone else arrives.
General How Your Majesty. [Walks up to Team Avatar and bows to the king.] I apologize for the interruption.
Kuei [To Team Avatar.] This is General How. He's the leader of the Council of Five, my highest ranking generals.
General How We searched Long Feng's office. I think we found something that will interest everybody. [Team Avatar look at each other.]
In Long Feng's office, a soldier is carrying a box of papers to the desk.
General How There are secret files on everyone in Ba Sing Se. Including you kids.
Aang Secret files?
Kuei [Takes out a scroll and reads the side.] "Toph Beifong." [Hands the scroll to General How, who hands it to Toph, who hands it to Katara.]
Katara [Opens the scroll and reads it.] It's a letter from your mom. Your mom's here in the city. And she wants to see you. [Toph's eyes widen with shock.]
Toph Long Feng intercepted our letters from home? [Shakes her head.] That's just sad.
Kuei [Takes out another scroll and hands it to Aang.] Aang?
General How This scroll was attached to the horn of your bison when the Dai Li captured it.
Aang [Opens the scroll and reads it.] It's from the Eastern Air Temple.
Katara Is there a letter for me and Sokka by any chance?
Kuei [Looks in the box.] I'm afraid not.
Sokka [He and Katara become downcast.] Oh.
General How But there is an intelligence report that might interest you. [Hands a scroll to Katara.]
Katara [Opens the scroll and reads it.] "A small fleet of Water Tribe ships."
Sokka [Shocked. Appears on Katara's side.] What? That could be Dad!
Katara [Reads the report with excitement.] "Protecting the mouth of Chameleon Bay. [Her and Sokka's eyes widen.] Led by Hakoda." [Katara and Sokka turn to each other in excitement.] It is Dad!
Meanwhile at the apartment, Iroh is pouring tea.
Iroh You should know that this is not a natural sickness, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying tea. [Feeds Zuko the tea.]
Zuko What's happening?
Iroh Your critical decision. What you did beneath that lake. It was in such conflict with your image of yourself that you are now at war within your own mind and body. [Feeds Zuko more tea.]
Zuko What's that mean? [Coughs continuously and lies down.]
Iroh You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience, but when you come out of it, [Takes a cloth and wipes Zuko's head.] you will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be.
Back in Long Feng's office.
Aang I can't believe it. There's a man living at the Eastern Air Temple. He says he's a guru.
Sokka What's a guru? Some kind of poisonous blow fish?
Aang No, a spiritual expert. He wants to help me take the next step in the Avatar journey. He says he can teach me to control the Avatar State.
Katara And I can't believe we know where our dad is now.
Toph I know what you mean. My mom's in the city. And from her letter it sounds like she finally understands me.
Sokka This is all such big news! Where do we even start?
Katara I hate to say it, but we have to split up.
Aang [Worriedly.] Split up? We just found Appa and got the family back together! Now you want us to separate?
Katara You have to meet this guru, Aang. If we're going to invade the Fire Nation, you need to be ready.
Aang Well, if I'm going to the Eastern Air Temple, Appa and I can drop you off at Chameleon Bay to see your dad.
Sokka Someone has to stay here with the Earth King and help him plan for the invasion. [Stands up.] I guess that's me.
Katara No, Sokka. I know how badly you wanna help Dad. You go to Chameleon Bay. I'll stay here with the king.
Sokka [Overjoyed with tears welling in his eyes. Stands up and dances happily.] You are the nicest ... sister ... ever! [Throws his arms around Katara and kisses her on the cheek.]
Katara Easy there, big brother ... [Gives a slight chuckle.] Though you're right. I am.
Outside the Palace, Team Avatar is preparing to leave. The king walks down to them. Katara is petting Appa. Aang turns to face her.
Aang Katara? I need to tell you something. [Starts blushing.] I've been wanting to say it for a long time.
Katara What is it, Aang?
Aang [Rubs the back of his head.] Katara, I- [He is cut off by Sokka.]
Sokka [Throws Aang in a headlock.] All right. Who's ready to get going on our little men-only man trip? [Noogies Aang. Katara looks at him, annoyed.]
Kuei Aang and Sokka, [They look at him.] I wish you a good journey. Ba Sing Se owes you its thanks. We look forward to your safe return. [Aang, Katara, and Sokka bow.]
Sokka starts climbing atop Appa. A soldier walks up to the king.
Soldier Your Majesty. There are three female warriors to see you. They're from the island of Kyoshi.
Sokka [Shocked.] That's Suki! [Falls off Appa.]
Kuei You know these warriors?
Sokka [Gets up.] Oh yeah. The Kyoshi Warriors are a skilled group of fighters. Trustworthy too. They're good friends of ours.
Kuei Then we shall welcome them as honored guests.
Katara [Aang turns to Appa.] Wait. Aang. [She hugs him, which startles him, then kisses him on the cheek, causing him to blush.]
Toph I'm really gonna miss you guys.
Katara [Hugs Toph with Aang. Sokka looks away, crossing his arms.] Me too.
Aang Yeah.
Sokka [Everyone goes to hug him.] Aahh! Great. That's enough. [Smiles.] Okay, we love each other. [Pats Aang and Katara on the head.] Seriously.
Appa flies off. Back at the apartment, Iroh and Zuko are asleep. Zuko wakes up and walks into the bathroom. He washes his face with water. When he looks in the mirror, he sees himself with no scar, no hair and an arrow tattoo on his head, resembling Aang. He looks horrified. He screams himself awake and breathes heavily. He touches the scar on his face and closes his eyes. Meanwhile, Appa is flying Sokka and Aang. Sokka is resting across Appa's back.
Sokka You see, Aang? A little positive thinking works wonders. We got the king on our side, we got Long Feng arrested, and when we get back, Suki's waiting for me.
Aang [Dreamily.] Yeah. Girls are waiting for us. Thanks, positive attitude.
Sokka Everything is gonna work out perfectly. From now on and forever. [Aang turns around and smiles at him.]
In a prison, Long Feng is sitting in his cell. A Dai Li agent appears outside of the cell.
Agent [Slides a tray of food underneath the door.] Dinner. [Long Feng grabs some food.] The Council of Five and the military are loyal to the Earth King, [Long Feng looks at him.] but the Dai Li remains loyal to you, Long Feng, sir. [Walks away as Long Feng eats his food while smiling sinisterly.]
Meanwhile, at a random house, Toph is outside. She exhales deeply and knocks on the door. It opens on its own.
Toph [Enters.] Hello? Mom? Anyone home? [Walks to the center of the room. She senses something, but is quickly captured in a metal box. In a scared voice.] Hey! Who do you think you're dealing with!?
Xin Fu and Master Yu appear.
Xin Fu One loud-mouthed little brat who strayed too far from home.
Back at the palace, three Kyoshi Warriors are walking up to the king and bow.
Kuei In our hour of need, it is with the highest honor that I welcome our esteemed allies, the Kyoshi Warriors!
The warriors look up.
Azula We are the Earth King's humble servants.
The middle warrior is shown to have gold eyes, showing that it is really Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee disguised as Kyoshi Warriors, whom they have previously defeated.
Fade to credits.






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