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The episode opens where several Fire Nation tanks rumble across the terrain, a large metal mechanism following close behind. The camera zooms out to a shot of the Fire Nation drill slowly moving its way toward the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se. Several sections of the drill extend forward, releasing steam as spikes are driven into the ground. The drill's command module ascends where inside are Princess Azula, her friends, Mai and Ty Lee, War Minister Qin and several operators of the drill.
Qin This drill is a feat of scientific ingenuity and raw destructive power. Once it tunnels through the wall, our troops will storm their city. The Earth Kingdom will finally fall, and you can claim Ba Sing Se in the name of your father. Nothing can stop us.
Ty Lee [Looking through the telescope.] Hmmm, what about those muscle-y guys down there?
She peers through a periscope at several Earth Kingdom troops using earthbending to create large trenches, Fire Nation forces following them in hot pursuit.
Qin [Strikes the periscope roughly alarming Ty Lee.] Please. The drill's metal shell is impervious to any earthbending attack.
Azula Oh, I'm sure it is, War Minister Qin, but just to be on the safe side ... [Sharply while looking at the two girls.] Mai and Ty Lee, take the earthbenders out!
Mai [Swinging a knife around her finger; relieved.] Finally, something to do. [Rises and walks out.]
The scene changes to where Katara, Sokka and Toph are escorting Than and his family to the city. Aang appears, flying in on his glider with Momo behind him. He lands, Momo perched on his shoulder.
Katara [Surprised.] Aang, what are you doing here? I thought you were looking for Appa.
Aang I was, but something stopped me. Something big.
The scene switches to the base of the Outer Wall where Aang and Toph use earthbending to transport everyone up the wall.
Sokka Now what's so big that Appa has to wait?
Aang [Camera zooms out to drill.] That.
The group arrives at the top of the Outer Wall.
Ying [Despairingly.] We made it to Ba Sing Se and we're still not safe. No one is! [Huddles with family members.]
Earthbender guard What are you people doing here? Civilians aren't allowed on the wall!
Aang I'm the Avatar. Take me to whoever is in charge.
The scene changes to a portion of the Outer Wall where a roof rises overhead, supported by tall arches. An Earth Kingdom general sits behind a desk.
General Sung [Happily.] It is an honor to welcome you to the Outer Wall, young Avatar, but your help is not needed.
Aang Not needed?
General Sung [Calmly.] Not needed. I have the situation under control. I assure you the Fire Nation cannot penetrate this wall. Many have tried to break through it, but none have succeeded.
Toph What about the Dragon of the West? He got in.
General Sung [Slightly taken aback.] Well ... uh, technically yes, but he was quickly expunged. [Confidently.] Nevertheless, that is why the city is named Ba Sing Se. It's the "impenetrable city". They don't call it Na Sing Se. [Laughs, but subsequently turns serious.] That means "penetrable city."
Toph Yeah, thanks for the tour, but we still got the drill problem.
General Sung Not for long. To stop it, I've sent an elite platoon of earthbenders called the Terra Team.
Sokka That's a good group name. Very catchy.
The scene cuts to where the Terra Team is launching their assault on the Fire Nation drill. They manage to overthrow one tank and get closer to the drill.
Terra Team leader Ready ... attack!
The earthbenders wedge large earth spikes into the metal shell of the drill to halt it. However, the drill's segments separate, reducing the columns to crumbles. The Terra Team narrowly manages to conjure earth shields to defend themselves against an assault of flying daggers hurled by Mai. She and Ty Lee are seen sliding down the shell of the drill. The scene cuts to the side of the drill where Ty Lee lands gracefully onto the ground. She effortlessly manages to defeat the earthbenders through an acrobatic display, utilizing chi-blocking.
General Sung [Upon witnessing the defeat of the Terra Team.] We're doomed! [Flails arms in panic.]
Sokka [Slaps him across the face.] Get a hold of yourself, man!
General Sung [Rubbing cheek.] You're right. I'm sorry.
Toph Maybe you'd like the Avatar's help now?
General Sung [Meekly stands before the Avatar. Humbly.] Yes, please.
The scene changes to where Aang and the rest are overlooking the wall at the drill.
Aang The question is, how are we going to stop that thing? [All turn their heads to Sokka.]
Sokka Why are you all looking at me?
Aang You're the idea guy.
Sokka [Complaining.] So I'm the only one who can ever come up with a plan? That's a lot of pressure.
Katara And also the complaining guy.
Sokka That part I don't mind.
The scene changes to where a ticket woman is inspecting Zuko and Iroh's tickets.
Ticket woman So, Mr. Lee and Mr. ummm ... Mushy, is it?
Iroh It's pronounced Mushi.
Ticket woman [Annoyed.] You telling me how to do my job?
Iroh [Approaches the ticket booth.] Uh, no, no. But may I just say you're like a flower in bloom. Your beauty is intoxicating.
Ticket woman [Flirtatiously.] You're pretty easy on the eyes yourself, handsome. Raorr! Welcome to Ba Sing Se. [Stamps their tickets.]
Zuko [Disgusted.] I'm going to forget I saw that. [Grabs ticket and walks away.]
Camera changes to view of Jet, overlooking Zuko, now under the adopted alias, Lee.
Jet I think Lee would make a good Freedom Fighter. He's just trying to find his way in the world, like us.
Smellerbee You don't know anything about him, Jet.
Jet I know he didn't get that scar from a waterbender.
Smellerbee Besides, I thought we were going straight now.
Jet We are, and the new Freedom Fighters could use a guy like Lee. What do you think, Longshot?
Longshot looks over at him silently with a meaningful look on his face and blinks his eyes.
Jet I can respect that.
Meanwhile, back at the Outer Wall, Katara attempts to heal a member of the Terra Team.
General Sung What's wrong with him? He doesn't look injured.
Katara His chi is blocked. [Stops healing.] Who did this to you?
Terra Team member Two girls ambushed us. One of them hit me with a bunch of quick jabs and suddenly I couldn't earthbend anymore and I could barely move. Then she cartwheeled away.
Katara [Eyes widen in realization.] Ty Lee. She doesn't look dangerous, but she knows the human body and its weak points. It's like she takes you down from the inside.
Sokka [Excitedly.] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! Ooh!
Katara Yes?
Sokka What you just said! That's how we're going to take down the drill! The same way Ty Lee took down all those big earthbenders!
Toph By hitting its pressure points!
Aang [Looking out over the wall with a determined look.] We'll take it down from the inside.
The scene cuts to the Fire Nation drill. The camera pans to where Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph are crouching together in one of the abandoned trenches of the Terra Team.
Toph [Gesturing toward the drill.] Once I whip up some cover, you're not going to be able to see. So, stay close to me.
She steps outside the trench and with a powerful stomp of her foot, sending a mass of flying debris clouding toward the drill.
Toph Run!
The group races into the dust cloud behind Toph. The scene cuts to the command module where Ty Lee is peering at the cloud through the periscope.
Ty Lee Hey, look at that dust cloud. [Periscope view shows front of drill and billowing cloud.] It's so ... poofy. [Cut back to Ty Lee who looks away from the periscope with a spaced-out expression.] Poof.
Qin Don't worry, Princess. I'm sure it's nothing. [Azula casts a doubtful look.]
The scene changes to outside where the group is standing in the midst of the dust beside the drill. Toph earthbends a hole into the ground.
Toph Everyone into the hole!
She and the others jump into the hole and the ground above them closes shut. The camera pans to underground where it is pitch black.
Sokka It's so dark down here, I can't see a thing!
Toph [Sarcastically.] Oh no, what a nightmare!
Sokka [Sheepishly.] Sorry.
They make their way to the surface underneath the drill, where Sokka spots an opening.
Sokka There!
Aang leaps up to the bar hanging from the opening and, dangling upside-down from his legs, hoists himself and Katara into the drill. He realizes Toph is not following them. Sokka sticks his head out of the drill.
Sokka Toph, come on!
Toph No way am I going in that metal monster. I can't bend in there. I'll try to slow it down out here.
Sokka Okay, good luck! [He and Aang disappear into the drill.]
Toph earthbends a wedge of rock into the drill, however, it is proving to be a difficult task as it pushes her back. The scene changes to inside the drill where Sokka is leading the others through a tunnel of valves and pipes.
Sokka I need a plan of this machine. Some schematics that show what the inside looks like. Then we can find its weak points.
Aang Where are we going to get something like that? [Sokka unexpectedly cuts off a steam valve with his machete.] What are you doing? Someone's going to hear us!
Sokka That's the point. I figure a machine this big needs engineers to run it. And when something breaks ...
Katara They come to fix it!
Aang and Katara smile at each other. Moments later, an engineer wearing a mask is seen walking down the misty hallway to the site of the damage.
Katara [Appears behind him.] Hi.
She freezes the mist, covering the engineer in a thin layer of ice. Sokka runs up to the frozen engineer and takes his schematics.
Sokka This'll work. Thanks!
The trio runs off, leaving the helpless engineer who drops his spear unintentionally. The scene changes to where Sokka and the others are studying the plans.
Sokka It looks like the drill is made up of two main structures. There's the inner mechanism where we are now and the outer shell. The inner part and the outer part are connected by these braces. If we cut through them, the entire thing will collapse.
Aang and Katara nod in agreement. The scene changes to the train station where Zuko, Iroh and the three Freedom Fighters are awaiting their train. The camera focuses on Zuko and Iroh, who sit in the waiting area. Jet approaches and sits next to Zuko.
Jet So, you guys got plans once you're inside the city?
Tea seller Get your hot tea here! Finest tea in Ba Sing Se!
Iroh [Waves hand.] Ooh! Jasmine please.
The tea seller pours tea into a leaf cup for Iroh. Iroh sips the tea, but soon grimaces at its repulsive taste.
Iroh Blaugh! Ugh, coldest tea in Ba Sing Se is more like it! What a disgrace!
Jet Hey, can I talk to you for a second?
He motions for Zuko to follow him. Zuko sighs and reluctantly rises. The two walk several feet away from Iroh's spot.
Jet You and I have a much better chance of making it in the city if we stick together. You want to join the Freedom Fighters?
Zuko Thanks, but I don't think you want me in your gang.
Jet Come on, we made a great team looting that captain's food. Think of all the good we could do for these refugees.
Zuko [Walking away.] I said no.
Jet Have it your way.
He catches sight of Iroh, who is sipping his now steaming hot tea, causing his eyes to widen in shock and realization. Zuko, approaching Iroh, glances over his shoulder at Jet, who narrows his eyes and walks away. Angrily, he knocks the tea cup out of Iroh's hand.
Iroh Hey!
Zuko [Gritting in a whisper.] What are you doing firebending your tea? For a wise, old man, that was a pretty stupid move!
Iroh [Mourning.] I know you're not supposed to cry over spilled tea, but ... [Sniffs. The cup is shown overturned in a puddle.] it's just so sad!
The scene switches to the interior of the drill where Sokka is leading the others through a door onto a massive steel beam.
Sokka Wow, it looks a lot thicker in person than it does in the plans. We're going to have to work pretty hard to cut through that.
Katara [Crosses her arms.] What's this "we" stuff? Aang and I are going to have to do all the work.
Sokka [Turns and gestures to self.] Look, I'm the plan guy. You two [Makes rapid chop-chop gestures.] are the cut stuff up with waterbending guys. [Strikes a heroic pose.] Together, we're Team Avatar!
Katara and Aang shoot each other awkward looks. The scene cuts to one where the two are positioned on either side of one brace. Using waterbending, they slice through the metal sharply. The shot changes to when the brace is sliced halfway through. Both Katara and Aang are bent over and gasping in exhaustion.
Sokka [Pumping arms in the air.] C'mon team. Don't quit now. [Katara grinds her teeth as she seethes with rage.] We're ...
Katara [Explodes with frustration.] Grrr!
Katara shoots a menacing glare while pulling out her water whip and threatening to strike him with it. Cut to Sokka, who stands wide-eyed, arms still in air.
Sokka I mean, [Recovers and points reassuringly.] you're almost there.
The two resume work slicing the brace. With every lash of the water whip, the cut through the brace enlarges and Sokka grows more and more eager. At last, a cut is made clean through the brace, however, to their disappointment, the brace budges mere inches from its position.
Katara [Panting in exhaustion.] At this rate, we won't do enough damage before the drill reaches the wall.
Aang I don't know how many more of those I have in me.
The drill suddenly creaks.
Sokka Do you hear that? We took it down! We better get out of here fast!
The trio run for the door, only to halt upon hearing an announcement being made through overhead speaking tubes.
Qin Congratulations, crew. The drill has made contact with the wall of Ba Sing Se. [Cuts to him standing in the command module.] Start the countdown to victory!
Cheers erupt from the crew. The camera cuts to Azula, a threatening look of determination on her face. Aang, Katara and Sokka look at each other in shock and dismay. The camera cuts to a scene of the drill hammering through the wall, sending loose boulders in every direction. The scene changes to one of a stream of a saturated rock and water solution traveling through tubes and making its way through the back entrance of the drill. Cuts to Sokka, who is desperately attempting to move the brace.
Sokka [Pushing against brace.] C'mon brace ... budge! [Makes several more attempts to move it.]
Katara This is bad, really bad.
Sokka We're putting everything we've got into busting these braces, but it's taking too long!
Aang [Struck with realization.] Maybe we don't need to cut all the way through. Toph has been teaching me that you shouldn't give one hundred percent of your energy into any one strike. [Rises.] Sokka, take a fighting stance. You've got to be quick and accurate. Hit a series of points and break your opponent's stance. [Strikes Sokka several times.] And when he's reeling back, you deliver the final blow. [Hits him softly on the head.] His own weight becomes his downfall, literally.
As Aang is speaking, Sokka kneels over.
Katara So we just need to weaken the braces, instead of cutting all the way through.
Aang Then I'll go to the top of this thing and deliver the final blow.
Sokka [Rising.] And boom! It all comes crashing down!
Aang Everyone inside that wall. The whole world is counting on us.
Sokka The whole world minus the Fire Nation that is.
Sokka grins, while the other two simply stare at each other exasperated. The scene cuts to Toph under the drill, putting all her strength into keeping the rock column stable as she is slowly pushed back by the force of the drill.
Toph [Straining as the drill continues to push her back.] C'mon, Twinkle Toes, hurry up!
The scene changes to where Aang and Katara are making rapid progress, slicing through several braces halfway to weaken them.
Aang That's enough! We need to get to the next one!
The scene changes to outside the drill, where earthbenders are sending boulders down at the drill from the wall. The scene changes to the command module where the War Minister receives shocking news from engineers communicating through speaking tubes.
Engineer War Minister, an engineer was ambushed! His schematics were stolen!
Qin is clearly surprised while Azula narrows her eyes in suspicion.
Second Engineer War Minister, a brace on the starboard side has been cut clean through! It's sabotage, sir!
Azula [Sharply.] Let's go, ladies!
The scene changes to where the trio continues to slice through the braces.
Sokka Good work, Team Avatar! Now Aang just needs to ... [Glances up in horror.] duck!
He ducks just in time to evade the blue fire blast sent his way by Azula, who runs out and stands on another brace followed by her friends.
Aang [Barely misses another fire blast.] Whoa!
Ty Lee Wow, Azula, you were right! It is the Avatar! [Cut to a close-up of Ty Lee; she smiles flirtatiously at Sokka.] ... and friends.
Sokka [Smiles and waves.] Hey.
Katara approaches her brother and drags him away, clearly annoyed. Ty Lee swings herself forward toward Aang who quickly airbends her away. The trio escape the scene and race through the drill's hallways. They come to an intersection.
Aang Guys, get out of here. I know what I need to do.
Katara Wait. [Throws him her water skin.] You need this water more than I do!
Aang catches the water skin and starts running again. Azula and her team reach the intersection.
Azula Follow them! The Avatar's mine!
Mai and Ty Lee begin chasing Katara and Sokka while Azula chases after Aang. Meanwhile, the two siblings have arrived at the end of the hallway where there is a closed hatch.
Katara [Reads a sign nearby, while Sokka struggles to open the hatch.] Slurry pipeline? What does that mean?
Sokka [Having successfully opened hatch which leads to a canal channeling slurry.] It's rock and water mixed together. It means our way out!
The two begin descending into the pipe when Mai and Ty Lee arrive. They manage to escape into the canal just as a flurry of daggers is sent their way. The camera cuts to a shot of them floating through the slurry. Mai and Ty Lee run over and peer into the pipeline.
Mai [Holds her hands over the slurry.] Ugh, disgusting!
Ty Lee C'mon! You heard Azula. We have to follow them!
Mai She can shoot all the lightning she wants at me. I am not going in that wall sludge juice. [Shivers in disgust.]
Ty Lee shrugs and leaps through the pipeline into the slurry. Mai shudders with a final expression of disgust and closes the hatch. The scene cuts to where Aang races past several engineers through the drill. The camera cuts to the rear of the drill where a flood of slurry is continually being released. Katara and Sokka slide through the slurry onto the ground with Ty Lee following them in hot pursuit. Katara uses waterbending to stop the flow of slurry and plug up the back entrance of the drill, thus trapping Ty Lee.
Katara [Hatefully and tauntingly.] Why don't you try blocking my chi now, circus freak?
Sokka Katara, keep that up. The pressure will build up in the drill. Then when Aang delivers the final blow, it'll be ready to pop!
The scene changes to where Aang and Momo have made their way to the top of the drill.
Aang [Halting.] This looks like a good spot, Momo. [Looks up to find boulders being hurtled down the wall, nearly crushing him. Yelling.] General Sung, tell your soldiers to stop shooting rocks down here!
General Sung [Frantically.] Soldiers, whatever you do, don't stop shooting rocks down there!
The soldiers nod and launch another round of rocks toward the drill. Aang leaps out of the way of the oncoming boulders and begins slicing at the hull of the metal using water from Katara's water skin. The scene changes to where Katara continues to hold Ty Lee captive in the slurry.
Sokka Good technique, little sister! Keep it up! Don't forget to breathe!
Katara [Irritated.] You know, I'm just about sick and tired of you telling me what to do all day! You're like a chattering hog-monkey!
Sokka [Screaming.] Just bend the slurry, woman!
Frustrated, Katara bends a wave of slurry into her brother with her free hand, knocking him down into the foul muck.
Toph [Approaching Katara.] You guys need some help?
Katara Toph, help me plug up this drain.
The two cooperate with each other to bend the slurry, sending Ty Lee farther into the drill and causing the pipes to begin to expand under the pressure. The scene cuts to where Aang continues to slice the metal of the drill.
Aang [Exhausted.] What I'd give to be a metalbender.
Momo suddenly shrieks and Aang deflects a blue fire blast just in time.
Aang [Assuming a fighting stance.] Momo, get out of here!
Azula appears before the Avatar and a battle ensues between the two. Azula shoots fire blasts at Aang, who manages to block them using airbending. She continues the fire attacks only to have each one of her strikes deterred by water whips. She eventually manages to vaporize the water, sending Aang back. The two narrowly dodge the several boulders that are hurtled toward them at that moment. Aang uses earthbending and airbending to send rocks at Azula, who manages to avoid them all. Azula sends another powerful firebending assault that slams Aang into the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se, leaving him unconscious.

The camera view briefly changes to where the front of the drill is seen having completely dug its way through the Outer Wall. Camera changes to Azula as she walks over to him with fire in her right hand, preparing to deal a deadly final strike, but Aang awakens and sends her skidding back using an earthbending gauntlet. A flood of slurry is released as the drill bores deeper into the wall, coating the two. Azula slides toward a helpless Aang, attempting to halt herself by windmilling only to collide with him. The force of the collision sends both sliding off opposite sides of the drill. Azula is able to stop her descent by grinding her feet into the drill's side while Momo drags Aang up to the top with the help of Aang's airbending.

Aang Thanks, Momo. I owe you one. [Runs over to the wedge he sliced in the drill.] Now all I need ... [A boulder falls before him.] Actually, that is what I need for once.
He uses airbending to position the boulder over the X mark in the drill. Using earthbending, he cuts the rock several times, creating a wedge that fits inside the middle of the hole. He begins sprinting toward the wall, scales up its side by riding an air scooter and, once he arrives at his highest point, rockets at lightning speed toward the bottom. As he propels himself downward, Azula catches sight of him and fires at him. She misses by mere seconds and is sent back forcefully as Aang leaps and slams down on the wedge, creating a large ripple effect. The impact of the blow causes the sliced braces inside the drill to collapse and the pipes to burst, releasing a torrent of slurry. Slurry begins to seep from the drill. The scene cuts to Katara and Toph, who remain in their bending stances.
Sokka Woohoo!
Toph Here it comes!
She earthbends Katara, Sokka, and herself onto a rock pillar to avoid the flood of slurry. Slurry gushes from the rear of the drill, and Ty Lee slams into the wall of the rock pillar as she is forcefully pushed forward by the flood. The drill begins to release steam and its segments begin to collapse. On the other side of the wall, the drill is seen coming to a halt.

The camera zooms out on the destroyed drill. The scene cuts to Aang covered in slurry, Momo licking him as he wipes it away near his face, a huge smile spread across his face. Cut to War Minister Qin, who stares at the slurry from inside the command module, completely shocked. Cuts to General Sung atop the Outer Wall, covered in the muck. Cuts to Ty Lee as she attempts to clear away the mess. Cut to shot of Azula, skidding down the drill also covered in slurry. She lands by Ty Lee, causing the acrobat to be covered in slurry once again. A hatch opens, revealing Mai, who is completely clean.

Mai [Dryly.] We lost.
The scene changes to the train station.
Train conductor Last call for Ba Sing Se!
Scene shifts to Jet, who is storming toward the train, Longshot and Smellerbee following close behind.
Smellerbee Jet, relax. So the old guy had some hot tea. Big deal.
Jet He heated it himself! [Darkly.] Those guys are firebenders!
Iroh and Zuko board the train, Jet and his groups eying them. Iroh and Zuko seat themselves next to Than and his family. Iroh notices Hope.
Iroh What a handsome baby. [Strokes the infant.]
Ying Thank you.
Camera closes up on Hope, who is sleeping. Scene cuts to outside where two earthbenders begin moving the train out of the station. Scene changes to Team Avatar standing at the top of the wall, overlooking the sunset.
Sokka I just want to say, good effort out there today, Team Avatar!
Katara [Unamused.] Enough with the Team Avatar stuff. No matter how many times you say it, it's not going to catch on.
Sokka How about ... [Pulls out boomerang.] the Boomeraang Squad! See it's good because it's got "Aang" in it. Boomeraang.
Aang [Grins.] I kind of like that one.
Katara [Begins walking away.] Let's talk about this on our way into the city.
Sokka The Aang Gang?
Katara Sokka ...
Sokka The Fearsome Foursome?
Toph [Also walking away.] You're crazy.
Sokka Why? We're fearsome!
He runs after them.
Fades to credits.






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